Chapter 767: The White Tiger’s Breakthrough (Two)

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Chapter 767: The White Tiger’s Breakthrough (Two)

The woman in front was an alluring beauty. She was the first young lady of the Kara clan, the person ranked first among the ten great Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters, Kara Liwei.

She seemed as though in thought as she used her right hand to gently play around with her slightly messy hair, which was blown about by the wind. She said with a soft voice, “Although I’ve never seen Yang Yutian, I’ve learnt quite a lot about his deeds from elder Liu. If we really do compare him with Yun Tian, I obviously will lean more towards him. But, I have no idea what type of person this Yang Yutian is, and whether he will achieve great things. As for Yun Tian, his conditions are tempting, but I don’t trust him much at all. I’m not going to choose who to support until I see Yang Yutian myself.”

“Miss is right. The Radiant Saint Master Union is a force to be reckoned with, while both Yang Yutian and Yun Tian may become the successor of the organisation. However, the two of them have already turned on each other. Once one of them fails, they’ll be utterly doomed. We shouldn’t be careless right now. Once we leap to the wrong side, our Kara clan may become enemies of the Radiant Saint Master Union.” A middle-aged man agreed with her. Although they had no need to meddle with the internal affairs of the union , it was a great opportunity to pull the union to their side at the same time. This was a chance that their Kara clan could not just give up so easily.

As they spoke, the group flew over a mountain range. But at that very moment, a gleam of light flashed across Kara Liwei’s eyes. She immediately stopped flying and glared downwards.

The people behind her all stopped soon after. They too stared downwards in interest. They knew that once the first young lady of their clan displayed such an expression, she had discovered something.

However, after looking for quite a long time but still unable to find anything out of place, they could not help but become doubtful. Immediately, someone could bear it any longer and asked, “Miss, have you discovered something?”

Kara Liwei’s expression slowly became stern, “I feel a weird energy down below. It seems to be the energy of barriers that only Saint Rulers can use.”

Hearing that, the seven Radiant Saint Masters all piqued in interest. They did not find it weird that Kara Liwei could sense the energy of barriers, because they all knew very well that the young lady before them was special. Not only could she sense Radiant Saint Force, she could also sense the energy of other attributes as a Radiant Saint Master, and even more unbelievable, she became able to sense World Force only used by Saint Rulers after she had reached Class 6. The only shortcoming was that she could only feel the energies and World Force, and not control or manipulate it.

The barrier energy cast down by Saint Rulers was transformed from World Force, so naturally, Kara Liwei was able to sense it clearly.

“Wait here for a while, I’ll go down and have a look!” Kara Liwei descended from the air into the dense forest. Following the feeling in her heart, she discovered a cave covered up by branches in the end.

Kara Liwei carefully looked around. Her eyes flowed with interest and she mumbled to herself, “These branches haven’t dry yet, so they were clearly broken off not too long ago. And this cave, looking at the marks, it was only dug out a while ago. Just who did this?”

Kara Liwei furrowed her eyebrows tightly. Shortly afterwards, she seemed to think of something and her expression changed slightly. She mumbled to herself, “There’s a barrier around this newly-carved cave. Perhaps there’s Saint Rulers in the saint artifact?” Although she had reached such a conclusion, she did not feel any fear at all. It was not like she had never seen Saint Rulers; she had even come in contact with Saint Kings several times before. As a result, Saint Rulers trouble her at all.

She stared at the pitch-black cave and hesitated for a while. Afterwards, she raised her slender arm, and a powerful Radiant Saint Sword immediately condensed in her jade-white hand. With a wave, the sword transformed into a streak of white light, shooting into the cave.

Bang! A powerful sound immediately resounded from the cave, while surging energy began to leak from the cave entrance. The two-meter-tall entrance was increased by one-fold in size, while the entire mountain shook slightly from the strike.

The barrier was hidden within the cave, but Kara Liwei’s strike on the barrier did not even shake it.

At the same time, hundreds of kilometers away, the white-clothed Jian Chen had just slaughtered a Class 6 Poison Magic Scorpion. Just as he wanted to place the beast corpse into his Space Ring, a gleam of light suddenly flashed across his eyes. He said with a deep voice, “Crap, the barrier’s been attacked. Looks like where the white tiger is hiding has been exposed. I need to hurry back immediately.” Jian Chen no longer remained as leisurely as before. With a wave of his hand, the huge corpse of the scorpion was placed clearly into the Space Ring, and then he hurried away at his greatest speed.

Outside the cave, the commotion caused by Kara Liwei alerted the Radiant Saint Masters in the sky. They immediately descended and arrived beside Kara Liwei. They asked, “Miss, what’s happened?”

Kara Liwei remained silent. She stared fixedly at the barrier hidden deep within the cave, and she clasped her fist at the entrance. She said, “This one is from the Kara clan. I wonder which senior is cultivating in seclusion here.” Kara Liwei did not intend on breaking the barrier with the strike before. She only intended on alerting the person inside. It seemed rather impolite, Kara Liwei did not have to worry about a single Saint Ruler at all. Also, with her status and identity within the Kara clan, she did not need to stoop so low when facing a Saint Ruler.

“Perhaps there really are Saint Rulers here?” The other Radiant Saint Masters all stared at the cave, displaying shocked expressions. This was the first time they had heard that there were Saint Rulers within the saint artifact.

The people waited outside the cave for a while, but they did not get any reply.

“Miss, let’s just leave. Perhaps this senior just doesn’t want to see us. We don’t need to be wasting time here.” A long while later, a middle-aged man finally became impatient and suggested on the side.

Hearing that, Kara Liwei thought quietly for a while, before sighing gently, “Then let’s leave.” With that, they turned around, ready to depart.

However, at that very moment, a powerful presence suddenly appeared in the cave. The presence was filled with utmost prestige and power, like the descent of a paramount lord. It broke through the obstruction of the barrier, spreading outwards quickly, enveloping the entire mountain range very soon.

The group of people came to a screeching stop. They all floated in the sky on white clouds, staring closely at the cave.

“No, although this presence is powerful, it’s far from the power of Saint Rulers. There’s a peculiarity here.” An old man said with a deep voice as he stared at the cave.

“This presence is filled with prestige and power, and I also seem to vaguely feel sliver of violence within it. Perhaps the person within it is a bloodthirsty person?” A middle-aged man said with a dark complexion.

“No.” Kara Liwei shook her head gently. She stared at the cave with a weird glint in her beautiful eyes and said slowly, “If I haven’t guessed wrongly, this presence is actually from a magical beast.”

“What!? A magical beast!?” That had shocked all other seven Radiant Saint Masters. However, after thinking it over carefully, they felt like it was indeed very logical.

“This magical beast isn’t strong, so how can it cast a barrier to protect itself? Also, looking at it, it seems to be breaking through, and from Class 5 to Class 6. If it was Class 7, the presence definitely would not be something we can cope with.” An old man analysed carefully, but he was filled with doubt.

“Let’s just wait here and see.” Kara Liwei remained calm, but the light in her eyes constantly flickered.

Afterwards, they waited quietly outside in the air. They all wanted to see just what would happen.

An hour later, a streak of white light suddenly flew over from the distance. To no surprise, it headed towards where Kara Liwei’s group was.

The arrival of the person immediately attracted the group’s attention. A cold light flashed across many of their eyes and immediately, a person sneered, “That person dares to run around recklessly all by himself. He must be quite strong, and he probably has quite a few points on him.”

“Haha, the young miss just happens to be lacking in some points. Why don’t we take it all from that person? I just hope the amount he has won’t disappoint us.” An old man chuckled.

The figure in the distance arrived in front of them very soon, stood twenty meters away. Only at that moment could Kara Liwei see the person’s appearance. He was in his twenties, an extremely handsome young man. However, what shocked Kara Liwei was that the young man’s handsome face was actually rather resolute.

It was a type of resoluteness would only appear on fighters who had experienced the wind and the rain and countless life-threatening situations. But, it was currently appeared on a Radiant Saint Master, people who always lead comfortable lives. This amazed Kara Liwei greatly. Along with the man’s cold gaze, Kara Liwei even had a wrong impression that the young man before her was a fighter and not a Radiant Saint Master, someone who had been through thick and thin.

However, what surprised Kara Liwei the most was that her own appearance had no effect on the young man. His cold gaze did not even pause on her face, only glancing past indifferently.

Thinking back, if a person did not become infatuated when they saw her face, they would be fully flushed. Even when old Saint Ruler monsters saw her, a vague sliver of admiration would flash across their eyes. There was no one who was able to keep their calm after seeing her for the first time, or even exchange glances so coldly. To Kara Liwei, she felt that this man before her was clearly differently when compared to the other people. 

“Brat, hand over your points obediently and then forfeit yourself if you want to avoid some pain.” Behind Kara Liwei, a middle-aged man bellowed as he stared at Jian Chen coldly.

Hearing that, a cold light flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes. He raised his hand and a Radiant Saint Sword immediately condensed.

“What great condensing speed!” When the people witnessed what Jian Chen had done, they were all stunned. Even Kara Liwei’s eyes constricted abruptly; her gaze towards Jian Chen already began to experience some minute changes. This was because Jian Chen’s speed at condensing Radiant Saint Force was just too quick, so fast that even she fell short by a little.

“Radiant Saint Armor!” The Radiant Saint Masters of the Kara clan were battle-worn people, so they reacted very quickly. They immediately condensed Radiant Saint Armors to protect themselves at their greatest speed, as well as to prepare for battle.

At the same time, the sword in Jian Chen’s had shot towards the person who spoke. It directly dispersed the armor that had not completely condensed, before landing heavily on the person’s chest.

The Radiant Saint Master gave out a cry in pain, before a huge pillar of light descended from the sky, taking him away. He was sent out of the competition.

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