Chapter 770: Yang Yutian’s Strength (One)

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Chapter 770: Yang Yutian’s Strength (One)

At the same time, in an unknown region within the artifact space, there was a sword-shaped mountain peak sealed up by the saint artifact’s energy. A middle-aged man in beast skins currently laid on the very peak of the mountain, staring blankly at the white, misty sky with dull eyes.

A while later, the man’s eyes slowly became more lively. He gave out a loud sigh and cursed angrily, “Bloody artifact spirit, you’ve actually trapped me here again. Hmph, that abominable Radiant Saint Master Union actually sends a group of ant-like Radiant Saint Masters here for trials every fifty years, forcing me to be chained up by that bloody artifact spirit. This is just preposterous! Why must I, an actual Class 8 Magical Beast, be trapped here like I’m in prison? This is a huge humiliation.”

The man clenched his fists tightly and said with gritted teeth, “Too bad the artifact spirit’s too strong. Even though I’m a Class 8 beast of antiquity, I’m not that bloody artifact spirit’s opponent. In this space, I don’t even have the ability to counterattack. Hmph, wait till I reach Class 9, I’ll definitely break out of this space. And that goddamn artifact spirit, trapping me for so long, I’ll definitely teach him a solid lesson and vent my anger.”

Speaking up to there, the man seemed to remember something. His expression became gloomy and he muttered, “It’s a pity that it’s absolutely impossible to break through to Class 9 in this space. Do I have to stay trapped in this bloody space until I die?”

“Ai.” The middle-aged man gave out a long sigh, while his expression was filled with helplessness. Just at this moment, the middle-aged man’s face suddenly froze, while his eyes shone with a dumbstruck light.

“Wha- what- what is this presence!” The man’s face was filled with shock. He had already stood up from the ground. Standing on the peak of the mountain, he stared at the horizon far away, while his expression fluctuated between shock and doubt.

“Just what is this presence? It actually makes the depths of my soul tremble. No… this is impossible. There cannot be any presence within the artifact space that can make me tremble, not even that powerful artifact spirit. And this presence is clearly so weak.” The man was absolutely astounded, but even after a lot of thought, he could not reach a conclusion. He just did not understand why such a weak presence would cause the depths of his soul to shake.

Suddenly, an ancient piece of inherited memory slowly appeared in the man’s head. It immediately turned the man sheet-white, completely overwhelming him with disbelief.

“It’s the ancient beast god, the Winged Tiger God, it’s the presence of the Winged Tiger God.” The man cried out involuntarily, completely astounded.

“My inherited memories clearly records some information of the Winged Tiger God. This Winged Tiger God is the god of the beast race, a paramount existence that once surpassed Saint Emperor. Even the war god Aergyns of the ancient Hundred Races fell to its hands. And I’m actually sensing its presence in the saint artifact right now. Ho- how- how is that possible? How did a Winged Tiger God appear here?”


All the powerful magical beasts sealed up within the saint artifact sensed the presence from the Winged Tiger God as the tiger’s presence pervaded the region, each changing greatly in expression. They all began guessing at what it was.

Other than the powerful magical beasts, even the competitors hunting beasts felt it. Between them, there were plenty of people with broad knowledge, immediately recognising that the presence was from a beast of antiquity in its break through. They all traveled towards the origin of the presence with various different thoughts and feelings.

The disturbance from the white tiger’s sudden breakthrough was extremely great. Not only did it alert the powerful sealed-up magical beasts, even all the competitors were attracted towards it. From all directions, large numbers of white-robed Radiant Saint Masters flew towards where the tiger was. They had temporarily abandoned all battles under the temptation of a beast of antiquity.

Very soon, a few Radiant Saint Masters arrived outside the cave Jian Chen had carved open.

“This presence originates from inside. The magical beast should be inside the cave.” A Radiant Saint Master remarked as he pointed at the dark cave.

“The beast’s only just started breaking through, and it seems to be amidst its breakthrough. It should be at its weakest. Everyone rush in and tame that beast. Once we tame a beast of antiquity, our strength will increase greatly.” A Radiant Saint Master called out in the crowd of people, attempting to push some people into the cave to see what was going on inside.

However, what he said had no effect at all. The Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters present were all people of great age, so how could they be tricked so easily? None of them dared to charge in brashly before understanding the situation within the cave. Who knew, perhaps unknown dangers awaited right in front of them.

Also, the Class 5 magical beasts were beasts that had essentially reached adulthood. How could they be so easily tamed?

The presence from the cave constantly grew stronger. Going from Class 5 to Class 6 was a qualitative leap for the white tiger. The energy in its body was currently being converted at great speeds to Class 6, but as it was a Winged Tiger God, breaking through was much more difficult than normal magical beasts. But once it did succeed, its strength would take a similar qualitative leap, reaching something beyond regular magical beasts and those beasts of antiquity.

Currently, Jian Chen continued to use his blood to speed up the white tiger’s breakthrough. He knew exactly what was going on outside, but he did not have the power to prevent it. His face also began to turn sheet-white from the loss of blood.

Very soon, another two hours passed. The number of Radiant Saint Masters gathered outside had already reached into the triple digits. They all stared at the cave and discussed about it, but no one was willing to go in and scout it out.

At this moment, another group of over twenty people flew over from the distance with a great commotion. They directly flew over the people’s heads, arriving thirty meters away from the cave.

“It’s people of the Zaar family, they’re people of the Zaar family…”

“The people of the Zaar family have also come, and their numbers are quite plenty. Looks like the beast of antiquity is probably going to end up with the Zaar family…”

“Whatever, since the Zaar family is also participating, let’s give up on it. This Zaar family must never be offended.”

The arrival of the group immediately caused quite a large hubbub among the crowd below, and a small portion of people immediately squashed out the sliver of greed within them. Although the Zaar family was only one of the three great clans of the Holy Empire, they were the most powerful clan among the three. They were even capable of staving off the other two clans just by itself! The family was so powerful that even ancient clans did not dare to provoke them for certain things.

“The old man at the very front seems to be Zaar Tilos. He’s researched Radiant Artes for several centuries and has already reached a great level of proficiency with its use. He’s extremely strong, as well as ranked fourth among the ten great Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters.”

“Hmm? That person beside Zaar Tilos seems to be the second disciple of the Radiant Saint Master Union, Yun Tian. He’s ranked fifth among the top ten.”

At this very moment, another dozen or so Radiant Saint Masters flew over from the distance in a group. Their arrival immediately raised the attention of many people.

“It’s the Kazda clan of the empire’s three great clans. They must’ve come for the magical beast breaking through in the cave as well.”

“Now that two of the three great clans have come, only the Kara clan isn’t here.”

“The Kara clan should come very soon. I heard that the first young lady of the Kara clan, Kara Liwei, is first among the ten great Radiant Saint Masters. She’s already reached the very peak of Class 6, and is known as the strongest below Class 7.”

In the blink of an eye, the originally desolate mountain range became bustling with noise and activity with the arrival of people. There were at least five hundred Radiant Saint Masters that had gathered outside the cave; not only did all the famous people of the Holy Empire come, even two of the three great clans came.

People of the Zaar family and the Kazda clan stood at the very front, closest to the cave. As soon as the two groups saw each other, they glared at one another, as if they were water and fire, groups that would clash as soon as a disagreement occurred.

The leading elder, Zaar Tilos, of the Zaar family eyed the people from the Kazda clan coldly. He sneered, “Kazda De, perhaps you want to steal the beast of antiquity from our Zaar family?”

The person who lead the Kazda clan group was also a ruddy old man. Hearing Zaar Tilos’ words, the old man, Kazda De, also replied with a sneer, “This beast of antiquity’s already reached Class 6, so how can it be so easily tamed? Zaar Tilos, it’s not that I look down on you lot, but even if your whole group goes in, you won’t be able to seize a beast of antiquity that’s reached Class 6, and even if you do succeed, it definitely won’t yield to your Zaar family with its pride.”

Zaar Tilos snorted coldly, “Whether we can take and tame the beast is the Zaar family’s problem. It’s not something you members of the Kazda clan can decide.”

Kazda De laughed coldly, “Since you put it like that, let’s all personally see if your Zaar clan can take this beast of antiquity. If you can’t even seize it, taming it would be an absolute joke.”

Zaar Tilos harrumphed coldly, before no longer paying anymore attention to Kazda De. He stared fixedly at the cave before him, while a rare sliver of sternness appeared on his face, “Zaar Siluo, Zaar Sike, Zaar Yunhai, you three go in and have a look at what’s going on inside.” They had no idea what was going on inside the cave. Although Zaar Tilos was confident in his strength, he did not dare to act too unbridledly within the artifact space.

“Yes, elder!” Three middle-aged men immediately replied with soft voices from behind Zaar Tilos. They then condensed Radiant Saint Armor to protect their bodies, carefully approaching the cave.

They were protected by the artifact’s energy in this space. They had no idea of the potential dangers ahead, but they felt no fear at all, because they knew that once their lives were truly threatened, they would just be expelled from the competition at most.

All the people there immediately focused their attention on the three as they approached the cave carefully. The people all held their breaths, staring without even blinking, while many people had already donned Radiant Saint Armors just in case something sudden occurred.

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