Chapter 771: Yang Yutian’s Strength (Two)

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Chapter 771: Yang Yutian’s Strength (Two)

Just as the three of them approached the entrance of the cave, three streaks of white light suddenly shot out and arrived before them in a flash. It was extremely fast.

The three people who had gone ahead to scout out the cave changed greatly in expression. They had been extremely careful and cautious, but they struggled to dodge the three streaks of white light. They were struck in the chest.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The three of them were immediately thrown backwards by the powerful force with three muffled sounds. Their Radiant Saint Armor were already covered with cracks at the chest region. Although the armor had blocked the entire attack for them, the powerful collision was still not something their bodies could resist. They struggled to suppress the spurt of blood from their mouths as they flew backwards, turning sheet-white.

“Radiant Saint Swords, those are Radiant Saint Swords. There’s Radiant Saint Masters in the cave.”

Immediately, many people in the crowd cried out in surprise. The three streaks of light traveled extremely quickly, but the Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters still sensed the dense Radiant Saint Force.

Zaar Tilos’ complexion immediately darkened. He said with a deep voice, “Who’d think that there’s someone a step ahead, already inside the cave. Those three swords were extremely well condensed, and were pretty powerful. There are few with such strength among all the Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters. He’s definitely someone well known.”

“Judging from that strike, he should at least be within the top ten Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters.” Yun Tian remarked from beside Zaar Tilos while his eyes flickered with an uncertain light.

“He heavily injured three Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters and destroyed their Radiant Saint Armor with just three Radiant Saint Swords. Even I cannot display such strength with a single strike. The person inside is definitely stronger than me.” Zaar Tilos said with a deep voice. His complexion was very unpleasant.

Hearing that, Yun Tian’s heart jerked; he remembered something, “Only the Kara clan isn’t here among the three great clans, while Kara Liwei is placed first among the top ten. Perhaps it’s them?”

Thinking up to there, Yun Tian spoke in the direction of the cave, “I wonder which brother is in the cave. It would be nice if I could see you.”

There was no reply at all for a long time after Yun Tian had said that, which he took as rather offensive. His complexion darkened and he said coldly, “Since brother doesn’t want to come out, I can only go in myself.” Yun Tian did not approach the cave; instead, he condensed a Radiant Saint Sword and shot it at the cave.

Bang! With a loud noise, the cave was opened up by quite a lot from the strike.

In the very depths of the cave, a two-meter-wide Radiant Saint Shield slowly disappeared. Jian Chen slowly pulled back his still-bleeding hand, while the Dragon Slaying Sword in his right hand had disappeared; he had already stored it away in his Space Ring. Afterwards, he slowly walked towards the outside with an overcast expression.

The barrier guarding the cave had already been removed by Jian Chen. There were already too many people that had gathered outside, and he did not want too many people to know about his secret of being able to cast down barriers. Otherwise, even if his Saint Ruler identity remained unexposed, it would still raise some unneeded problems and thoughts.

The time it took for the white tiger to break through decreased dramatically after absorbing Jian Chen’s blood. He could feel that it had reached its final stages to breaking through, so with just another few hours, it would reach Class 6. But before any breakthroughs were happening, he needed to devote all his strength to stop the people outside to prevent any dangers to the tiger.

Outside the cave, Zaar Tilos could feel the ever-increasing presence, yet his expression instead became more and more stern. He said gruffly, “That beast of antiquity is almost done with breaking through. After it succeeds, it’ll become much more harder to tame it. We can’t wait any longer. Everyone come with me, let’s rush in.” As soon as Zaar Tilos finished speaking, he lead the Zaar family group, ready to charge in forcefully.

“Those who enter the cave will die!”

At that very moment, an icy-cold voice reverberated from the cave. The voice was extremely powerful, actually aching the eardrums of all Radiant Saint Masters present. With that, a white-robed young man who seemed to be in his twenties appeared before everyone at the cave entrance.

Seeing the young man, the Zaar family people’s pupil constricted abruptly. Even Yun Tian’s complexion changed slightly.

“Yang Yutian, it’s you!” Zaar Tilos stared at Jian Chen with a cold gaze while his tone was gruff. Accompanying it was a powerful killing intent.

“Junior Yang Yutian, I never thought it’d actually be you.” Yun Tian stared at Jian Chen with some surprise, before sneering soon after.

“Yang Yutian, is he the rumored Yang Yutian?” The people in the Zaar family group all observed Jian Chen curiously. The name, Yang Yutian, was like thunder to their ears after they had come to the City of God, but this was their first time seeing Yang Yutian.

“Yang Yutian, is he Yang Yutian? I heard he’s already reached Class 6 despite being just twenty-four this year.”

“This Yang Yutian is an unprecedented genius. I heard that he’s the most outstanding prodigy in all of history on the Tian Yuan Continent, that not only did he reach Class 6 when he was twenty-four, his grasp for Radiant Artes has also reached an extremely high level.

“This Yang Yutian killed over thirty Heaven Saint Masters all by himself on Fragrance River, and then survived the attack from a Saint Ruler. His strength far exceeds Kara Liwei.”

“I heard Yang Yutian is the reincarnation of that Class 8 Radiant Saint Master from the ancient times. He’ll definitely reach Class 8 in the future.”


As the name spread through the people present, it immediately caused a commotion, where the crowd buzzed with discussions.

Zaar Tilos stared indifferently at Jian Chen and said with a deep voice, “Yang Yutian, is that beast of antiquity currently making a breakthrough yours?”

Jian Chen looked at Zaar Tilos. Although he had never seen him, he was familiar with the eight clans standing behind him. As a result, he knew very well that the person speaking was definitely from the Zaar family from how they stood, and that his status was not low in the family.

The matter of being targeted by the two great assassination organisations in the City of God quickly flashed through Jian Chen’s mind. It lead to a sliver of coldness in his eyes, which he then said icily, “Correct, the magical beast indeed belongs to me. Everyone, please stay a certain distance away to not interrupt the breakthrough. Otherwise, you are my enemy.”

The surrounding people hesitated slightly. A portion of them immediately retreated to a certain distance, clearly unwilling to provoke Yang Yutian.

Kazda De, the person in charge of the Kazda clan, hesitated slightly, before clasping his hands at Jian Chen, “Since brother Yang Yutian’s beast of antiquity is making a breakthrough, we, the Kazda clan, will not be interrupting.” With that, Kazda De retreated to a distance of two kilometers away with his group to look on. They clearly did not intend on going against Jian Chen.

“A beast of antiquity, who’d have thought that the cub’s a beast of antiquity, and it’s already reached Class 6.” Deep envy appeared in Yun Tian’s eyes. Beasts of antiquity were extremely rare on the Tian Yuan Continent, but once they matured they were extremely powerful, known to be invincible among the same class. If there was a beast of antiquity accompanying a person, the person would be able to act with no regard to rules at all on the entire continent in the future. Yun Tian just never thought that the always-sleeping white tiger on Jian Chen’s shoulder was a beast of antiquity, which made him feel both admiration and envy.

“Yang Yutian, I’m extremely curious about that beast of antiquity making a breakthrough in the cave. Why don’t you let us in and have a look?” Zaar Tilos stared at Jian Chen with a smile, yet his eyes flashed with cold light.

Jian Chen replied, “The white tiger is currently amidst a breakthrough. Whoever approaches the cave will become my enemy, and I will use all my strength to kill them. No one is an exception.” Perhaps intentional or otherwise, Jian Chen eyed Yun Tian.

“Yang Yutian, you’re too cocky. Do you know who you’re talking to? Even the president of the union can’t protect you when you’ve offended the Zaar family.” A middle-aged man behind Zaar Tilos yelled out.

Jian Chen scanned past all the people coldly, before sitting down cross-legged at the entrance of the cave. He said, “I will kill those who come within a radius of thirty meters mercilessly!”

The group from the Zaar family all became sheet-white in the face. They were actually threatened by someone younger than them, which was a burning insult. Yet Zaar Tilos smiled even wider from anger, “I want to see if you, Yang Yutian, are really as strong as the rumors describe you.” The surrounding Radiant Saint Force immediately began to gather quickly, condensing a suit of silvery-white Radiant Saint Armor on Zaar Tilos. In his left hand, a Radiant Saint Shield also formed.

“Radiant Saint Armor!” The twenty-odd people behind Zaar Tilos all called out together. With a powerful light enveloping them all, they all donned Radiant Saint Armors.

Zaar Tilos gave out a sneer, before taking a step forwards, directly towards the cave. Behind him, all the people followed close, each with cautious expressions. Many of them had already condensed Radiant Saint Swords, ready for battle.

Just when Zaar Tilos crossed the thirty-meter boundary, a powerful sliver of killing intent flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes. He said with a cold smile, “I just happen to be lacking in some points. Since you’ve come delivering them obediently, I won’t hold back.” Several Radiant Saint Swords condensed before Jian Chen at the same time, shooting towards the people at the very front of the group like lightning bolts.

“Radiant Saint Sword! Go!” The reaction of the Zaar family members were not slow either. Just when Jian Chen struck out, the swords before them also flew out, colliding with Jian Chen’s Radiant Saint Swords.

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