Chapter 772: Yang Yutian’s Strength (Three)

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Chapter 772: Yang Yutian’s Strength (Three)

With a huge boom, the Radiant Saint Swords collided like a white ball of flame exploding. The thick Radiant Saint Force turned into a ball of dazzling light, illuminating the entire space. The sharpened Radiant Saint Force wreaked havoc in the surroundings like a storm, kicking up stones, creating a dust clouds. Several boulders exploded, sending shrapnel flying in all directions.

The twenty-odd Radiant Saint Masters all used their Radiant Saint Armors and the Radiant Saint Shields to receive the havoc-wreaking energy ripples and loose flying rubble.

Jian Chen grabbed at the empty space with a hand, and a huge Radiant Saint Shield quickly formed. He then placed it behind him, blocking the entrance of the cave to prevent the energy ripples from surging into the cave and affecting the white tiger. He did not have any protection for himself, allowing the violent energy to smash wildly against his body.

Jian Chen’s body was like a pillar separating the sky and the earth. Not only did the violent energy ripples fail to harm him when they collided with his body, it did not even shake him.

As the group of people from the Zaar family fended off the energy ripples of Radiant Saint Force, Jian Chen had already extended his two hands. With a soft murmur, he said, “Radiant Saint Sword!”

Suddenly, the energy ripples travelling towards Jian Chen came to a sudden halt. It became gentle under the gazes of disbelief from countless Radiant Saint Masters. It quickly condensed into nine Radiant Saint Swords under Jian Chen’s forceful control.

Swish! Swish! Swish… 

With nine sounds of piercing air, the nine swords all transformed into streaks of white light, shooting towards three Radiant Saint Masters in three waves. The first wave destroyed their Radiant Saint Shields, and the second wave soon followed. It obliterated the Radiant Saint Armor they wore, knocking them flying as they spurted blood, while the final, third wave of Radiant Saint Swords arrived, piercing through the people’s chests like knives through hot butter.

“Argh!” The three people could not help but call out in great pain. Blood spurted from their wounds, dyeing their white clothes a bloody red. In the very moment the swords entered their bodies, an extremely sharp Radiant Saint Force residue began to wreak havoc wildly inside their bodies, attacking all signs of life. If they were fighters, they could at least extinguish it with the vast Saint Force within them. Too bad they were Radiant Saint Masters. Radiant Saint Force had extremely powerful regenerative abilities, but it was unable to remove the sharp Radiant Saint Force in their bodies.

Just as the three of them were overwhelmed by shock, three giant pillars of light descended from the sky, enveloping their bodies and taking them away.

In just a flash, Zaar Tilos’ group had lost three Class 6 Radiant Saint Master. Zaar Tilos’s complexion darkened immediately as a result while his expression was extremely ugly. He had learned long ago that Yang Yutian was very powerful, but he had never thought that he would be this strong, killing three Radiant Saint Masters so easily.

“Yang Yutian, how dare you injure the people of the Zaar family!?” Zaar Tilos cried out. Yang Yutian’s strength astounded him, but he felt no fear within the artifact space since it was impossible for his life to be endangered there. And even if he did leave the saint artifact, he had the entire Zaar family supporting him. Yang Yutian was someone the Zaar family needed to eliminate anyway, so Zaar Tilos did not fear offending him at all.

All those present witnessed Jian Chen easily slaughtering three Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters. It stunned them all, while various sounds of exclamations appeared unendingly.

“Not only is he completely unharmed from the group attack of over twenty Radiant Saint Masters, he even killed off three of them in return instantly. Is this Yang Yutian’s strength?”

“This Yang Yutian is just too powerful. The rumors are indeed true…”

“Looks like it’s true that Yang Yutian killed over thirty Heaven Saint Masters on Fragrance River. He really does have that strength…”

“This Yang Yutian is undebatably the strongest below Class 7. With such strength, probably even Kara Liwei, isn’t his opponent.”


“Members of the Zaar family, don’t think any of you will be placing within the top ten in this competition.” Jian Chen roared at the sky. The surrounding Radiant Saint Force began to surge quickly, gathering towards Jian Chen at an unbelievable speed. Afterwards, under Jian Chen’s full control, he shot Radiant Saint Swords towards the group of people, one after another.

Zaar Tilos’ expression became stern. They worked together and began an intense battle with Jian Chen. Due to the lesson earlier, they no longer dared to be careless even in the slightest, all using all they had to attack.

“Radiance Burst!” Jian Chen roared. Countless droplets condensed in front of him, before spraying towards the surrounding members of the Zaar family. Not only did it repel their swords, it even greatly damaged the Radiant Saint Shields protecting them. The light from the shields quickly dulled, while two even broken. The sky full of droplets directly collided with their bodies, punching white dents in the Radiant Saint Armor they wore.

“This Radiance Burst is so powerful.” Witnessing it, a few Radiant Saint Masters spectating the battle remarked dumbfoundedly.

“Probably only Yang Yutian’s Radiance Burst can be this powerful.” An old man in the crowd mumbled.

Jian Chen used the Radiance Burst to keep the people of the Zaar family at bay, before condensing nine more dazzling Radiant Saint Swords. He shot them at another three people in the group.

With three cries of pain, three more people had their chests punctured by Radiant Saint Swords, before being taken away by the power of the saint artifact, dropping out of the competition.

In the blink of an eye, the original twenty-odd people of the Zaar family and the eight great clans decreased by six. Only a dozen or so people remained, still embroiled in an intense battle against Jian Chen.

Zaar Tilos suddenly turned around and looked at Yun Tian. He bellowed, “Yun Tian, hurry up and do it! What are you waiting for?!”

Hearing that, a light flickered through his eyes. Yun Tian displayed an expression of hesitance. Jian Chen’s strength had greatly exceeded what he had anticipated. Without even using the three great artes, he was so strong, absolutely unstoppable. If he did cast the three great artes, who could be his opponent?

Yun Tian hesitated for a small moment, before a sliver of determination appeared in his eyes. He thought, “I can only go all out this time if I want to become president in the future. Also, Kara Liwei should be arriving very soon. When they come, we’ll have the ability to resist even if Yang Yutian casts the three great artes.”

Making up his mind, Yun Tian moved immediately. He quickly donned a suit of Radiant Saint Armor, before condensing a Radiant Saint Shield in front of him.

Sensing Yun Tian’s actions, the cold light in Jian Chen’s eyes shone. He growled, “Senior Yun Tian, you dare to move against me.”

“Yang Yutian, you can’t blame your senior. You can only blame that you appeared at a very wrong time. This time, senior needs to prevent you from placing in the top ten no matter what.” Yun Tian said gruffly. With a swing of his hand, a Radiant Saint Sword immediately condensed, shooting towards Jian Chen with lightning speed.

Jian Chen condensed a Radiant Saint Sword in return, smashing the one from Yun Tian. He said expressionlessly, “Then don’t blame me for being merciless. Senior Yun Tian, you won’t be placing within the top ten no matter what this time.”

Yun Tian complexion darkened and he yelled out coldly, “Yang Yutian, I must admit that you are very strong, but it’s still too early for you to say that.” As soon as he finished what he was saying, Yun Tian suddenly turned towards the group of people behind him and cried out, “Everyone, when are you going to move? After the deed is done, I’ll accept a request from everyone, no one excluded.”

As soon as Yun Tian finished speaking, another thirty-odd people stepped forwards from the crowd of spectators behind. One of them looked towards Yun Tian, “Yun Tian, I hope you keep your word.” Throwing out that, the person directly participated in the group attack against Jian Chen.

The other people also entered the group fight. In the blink of an eye, those surrounding and attacking Jian Chen multiplied from a dozen or so to four dozen or so, greatly increasing Jian Chen’s pressure.

The situation was going downhill, yet there was not even a sliver of bewilderment on Jian Chen’s face. Suddenly, Jian Chen’s eyes glowed and with a finger pointing towards the sky, he cried out, “Judgement’s Sword!”

Hearing the two words, all the people attacking Jian Chen changed greatly in expression.

“We can’t let him cast the arte no matter what! Hurry up and interrupt it!” Zaar Tilos cried out. Radiant Saint Swords shot from his hand constantly at lightning speed, not at Jian Chen, but at the ever-condensing shape of a sword above him.

Just as the swords approached the shape, they exploded with a loud bang, turning into violent ripples of energy which disturbed the condensation of the sword.

Afterwards, the expressions of the fifty-odd Radiant Saint Masters all reached a rare sternness. They all attacked the sword shape corporealized above Jian Chen without pause. With the endless booms, the sword shape above Jian Chen began to tremble from the consecutive attacks, before slowly disappearing.

Jian Chen’s Judgement Sword was disrupted during the charge-up phase.

“Junior, I’d like to see how you would repel us without the advantage of the three great artes.” Yun Tian laughed aloud. He was complacent, and he seemed to have already seen the light of victory. 

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