Chapter 775: Roar of the Beast God

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Chapter 775: Roar of the Beast God

Zaar Tilos’ piece of jade contained a single strike from a Saint King. After the attack, the huge finger disappeared, but the effects from it were massive. Not only did it heavily injure Jian Chen, even the ground within a radius of a hundred meters sank by a meter. This all still occurred despite the fact that the Saint King’s energy was extremely concentrated, which did not leak out in the slightest. If all the power of the finger was released, nothingness would be all that remained within the area of sunken ground. No one would have been able to escape death.

The surrounding people all stood stupefied, stunned by the might of a Saint King’s strike. They were not the targets, but it left behind an everlasting mark of shock in their hearts.

Faraway, Yun Tian also stopped fleeing. He was overwhelmed by surprise and remarked with a trembling voice, “Who would’ve thought that the ancestor of the Zaar family actually gave Zaar Tilos an attack of his. Looks like they’re even more determined to eliminate Yang Yutian than I am.” Afterwards, a sliver of excitement appeared on his face, and he thought in joy, “Yang Yutian must be dead no matter what this time. No matter how strong his defensive treasure is, it can’t be enough to block a Saint King’s blow. This defensive treasure definitely cannot end up in the hands of the Zaar family.” With that, Yun Tian immediately gave up on his escape, rushing towards Jian Chen as fast as he could.

“Yang Yutian, with a blow from the ancestor, you couldn’t possibly survive even with your treasured mail. Just the force of collision is enough to turn you to smithereens. Your treasure is now the Zaar family’s.” Zaar Tilos chuckled aloud, before quickly flying into the tunnel created by Jian Chen’s body. He was certain that Jian Chen had fallen to his ancestor’s attack, that even the saint artifact was not enough to protect him.

Zaar Tilos directly charged into the tunnel created when Jian Chen was knocked flying. A hundred meters in, he finally found Jian Chen. Currently, Jian Chen was sheet-white while his eyes were closed. He was already unconscious while the blood from his mouth had dyed the silkmail red.

“From now onwards, this treasure belongs to my Zaar family. I have the merit of killing Yang Yutian, and with my position in the family, the ancestor will definitely reward it to me.” Surging joy and greed appeared in Zaar Tilos’ eyes as he knelt down and extended his hands towards the golden silkmail on Jian Chen.


Suddenly, an earth-shaking sound resounded. Its loudness reverberated through the entire region, actually extending outwards in all directions in the form of visible sound waves.

The entire mountain range trembled violently from the roar. Thick cracks immediately appeared on the mountains that had stood for tens of thousands of years, spreading out like spiderwebs. It soon covered the entire mountain range, causing many mountains to directly collapse and fall apart.

The ground shook violently, with huge cracks immediately crisscrossing the ground where the terrifying sound waves passed by. Countless vegetation and trees turned to dust, scattering in the air. Even the misty-white sky was affected greatly.

The power of the roar was nothing below a full-powered strike from a Saint Ruler. With just a single roar, mountains collapsed and the ground cracked while the sky shook, as if it was the end of the world.

Zaar Tilos, who was just about to take Jian Chen’s silkmail, jerked suddenly. Soon afterwards, his eyes dulled, instantly becoming lifeless. His entire body collapsed on the floor with a loud sound, as if he had lost all power to his body. The great roar shook Zaar Tilos’ soul directly, to the point it had dispersed, killing him instantly.

The great roar seemed to be able to target specific people. All the Radiant Saint Masters who attacked Jian Chen together outside the cave also jerked, before their eyes dulled. In just a moment they went from standing to collapsed on the ground, following Zaar Tilos’ footsteps. The roar had dispersed their souls, killing them instantly. Even the power of the saint artifact was unable to prevent it.

As for Kara Liwei’s group who assisted Jian Chen, as well as the other people who watched on as bystanders, they too were greatly affected. All of them stared blankly at that moment, their minds already ceasing any thoughts. The powerful shockwaves of the roar deeply shook their soul, causing them to feel fear from the very depths of their existence.

“Argh!” Suddenly, a painful cry appeared in the distance. It was Yun Tian’s cry of pain, who was currently flying over on a white cloud from the distance. He clutched his head with his hands tightly, his face filled with pain. Soon after, he dropped out of the sky, landing heavily on the ground and snapping several bones in his body.

As Yun Tian was further away, the killing force of the roar had already great decreased when it reached his ears. It only made him feel like his head was exploding, as if his very soul was being sliced at by someone. If he was where Zaar Tilos was, so close to the roar, his soul would have collapsed just like Zaar Tilos, dying instantly.

From the cave Jian Chen had defended, a huge three-meter tall and nine-meter long white tiger emerged with its chest high, like a lord carrying the bearing of a king. On the back of the tiger was a pair of feathered, tightly-furled, snow-white wings—filled with nobility and sacredness—signifying that it was vastly different from others.

The white tiger walked out of the cave with slow steps. Its gaze was locked onto Yun Tian who was several kilometers away, and a powerful killing intent appeared in its eyes.

Yun Tian endured the head-splitting pain as he stood up from the ground. He stared blankly at the huge tiger by the cave and immediately understood where the earth-shaking roar originated from. He said with a trembling voice, “B- bea- beast of antiquity…” Feeling the powerful killing intent from the white tiger, the very depths of Yun Tian’s heart shivered. He was overwhelmed by fear as soon as he remembered the force of the white tiger’s roar, and without any hesitation, he pulled out his ancient jade pendant from his bosom. He cried out, “I forfeit!”

As soon as he finished, a giant pillar of light fell from the sky and sucked Yun Tian away.

Just as Yun Tian disappeared, the white tiger several kilometers away appeared right next to where he was standing before. With great strength seemingly capable of ripping open space, a paw of sharp claws swiped through, hitting only empty air.

Roar! The white tiger gave out another earth-shaking roar at the sky. Its voice was filled with insuppressible rage. It immediately leapt high into the sky, directly catching up to Yun Tian who was being pulled into the sky by the white light, unwilling to let him go.


At this moment, a helpless sigh appeared in the sky. Shortly afterwards, a huge palm quickly condensed, covering the sky and blotting out the sun. It created a wall in the sky, separating Yun Tian from the giant tiger.

The tiger collided heavily with the palm blocking its way, immediately producing a thunderous sound. The powerful collision knocked the huge tiger backwards, while the giant palm remained where it was, unaffected at all.

Roar! The white tiger looked at the sky in aggression, actually charging at the giant palm once again.

However, Yun Tian had already disappeared from the artifact space in the white light after it was obstructed the first time. Since he was gone already, the huge hand also turned back into nothingness, causing the white tiger to just hit empty air.

The tiger gave out a roar of unwillingness. It shook the world with the aura of a beast god radiating from it. All the Class 7 and 8 Magical Beasts trapped within the artifact space became stern, and even fear appeared in the depths of a few Class 7 Magical Beasts’ eyes. 

A while later, the white tiger slowly calmed down. With a flash, it arrived before the tunnel that Jian Chen was embedded in with an unbelievable speed. It quickly shrunk smaller, before entering the tunnel with another flash.

The tiger emerged from the tunnel with the unconscious Jian Chen in his mouth soon after. It eyed all the other Radiant Saint Masters with a glare filled with menace, before disappearing into the cave that Jian Chen had carved out.

All the Radiant Saint Masters represent shivered from the white tiger’s glance, and could not help but retreat a certain distance backwards. They were all sheet-white, without a trace of blood in their face. The white tiger had just reached Class 6, yet its powerful aura caused people to even suspect it was Class 7 instead.

When everyone slowly calmed down, they discovered that the people on the floor, unable to get up, were dead. It stunned them all, while their fear for the giant white tiger only increased.

Within the cave, Jian Chen lay on the ground unconscious. Beside him was the tiger that had shrunken to a meter in size who paced about anxiously and gave out deep growls from time to time. It seemed to be worrying for Jian Chen.

At this very moment, the white tiger’s gaze froze. It suddenly turned around and looked backwards, only to find that a white-robed, middle-aged man had appeared without a sound.

The white tiger narrowed its eyes as it stared fixedly at the man. Hostility poured from its eyes. Somehow it seemed to know that the giant palm that had obstructed him before was from this man.

The middle-aged man gave out a soft sigh. With a bitter face, it looked at the white tiger and said, “Winged Tiger God, the overlord is injured very heavily. Even though the overlord’s body is extremely tough, it’ll take at least two or three days for him to recover. With my help, the overlord can wake up very quickly.” As he spoke, the man pointed with his finger. The origin energy of Radiant Saint Force shot out, directly entering Jian Chen’s body.

The origin energy of Radiant Saint Force was the energy of the saint artifact itself, something that had an owner. It could be used to heal people, but it could not be absorbed and used by others.

As the strand of origin energy entered Jian Chen’s body, his heavy injuries began to heal at an unbelievable rate. In just a few short seconds, his destroyed organs were completely healed, and with another few more seconds his shattered bones slowly mended. Jian Chen was completely healed in the matter of a dozen or so seconds.

The healing effect of the origin energy was something far beyond Radiant Saint Force.

As he healed, the unconscious Jian Chen slowly woke up. He immediately discovered the adult-sized tiger and the artifact spirit in the moment he opened his eyes.

The artifact spirit knelt on one knee and said earnestly, “Please forgive me, overlord. Due to the ancient vow with Argenti, this one must ensure the safety of all competitors, which was why this one had prevented the Winged Tiger God’s pursuit. When the several dozen competitors fell to the Winged Tiger God’s previous roar, this one already broke the ancient vow once. This one absolutely cannot break it a second time, because once the vow is broken thrice, this one will cease to exist.

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