Chapter 777: Yun Tian’s Fear

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Chapter 777: Yun Tian’s Fear

The surroundings of the huge square outside the Radiant Saint Master Union headquarters was already filled with quite a lot of people. These people were waiting there since the artifact space opened ten days ago. Most of them belonged to the clans of competitors, with even some seniors of the competitors present.

The square flashed with white light from time to time, and at almost every moment competing Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters would be sent out. The people were all pale-faced and covered in blood without any exception. It was clear they had all experienced a big battle within the space.

In a group of people at the edge of the square, a middle-aged man stood with a gloomy face behind an old man. He stared fixedly at the white light that flashed from time to time.

“Why hasn’t that bastard come out yet? Did he perhaps escape from the first miss’s hands?” The middle-aged man swore with a low voice, extremely angered. He was a member of the Kara clan, the same middle-aged man that was struck in the chest by Jian Chen’s Radiant Saint Sword and sent out.

“Kara Fu, does the person you’re talking about carry a snow-white beast cub with him?” At this moment, the old man standing in front of him spoke. He stared at the man with bright eyes and an extremely stern expression.

Kara Fu immediately became courteous before the old man. He said, “Elder Liu, that person was all alone without any magical beasts.”

Hearing that, elder Liu relaxed slightly, “Then we will all wait here. I also want to see the young man that killed you.”

With that, the two people stayed there quietly.

Time passed slowly and quietly. Suddenly, the empty square flashed a few more times and three Radiant Saint Masters appeared in it. They were pale-faced, and the clothes on their chests were already dyed with blood. However, they had already fully recovered from their injuries due to the  artifact’s power.

“They’re from the Zaar family. Who would’ve thought that even people of the Zaar family would have been forced out…”

“There aren’t many people who’d dare to offend the Zaar family within the Holy Empire. Perhaps the Zaar family has begun fighting with the other two clans inside…”


As soon as the three people appeared, they were recognised by many people in and around the square who all spoke in surprise.

Several old men in tight clothes hurried to the three people. One of them said with a dark complexion, “What happened? How were you expelled with your strength? Did you fight with the people of the other two clans?”

“Elder Hong, we met and were killed by Yang Yutian,” one of the men said with a trembling voice while his eyes were filled with fear. Even under the group attack of so many people, Yang Yutian still managed to kill three of them. Yang Yutian’s strength was just stunning.

He knew that if they were not in the artifact, the three of them would already have died to Yang Yutian.

Although the three of them did not speak loudly, none of the people present were weak. Their words were heard clearly by the people present, which caused many of them to shudder slightly in great admiration for Yang Yutian’s courage. Going against the Zaar family was not something ordinary people could do.

“What about Zaar Tilos and the others? Perhaps even with so many people, they weren’t able to fend off Yang Yutian?” Elder Hong’s voice carried an endless amount of anger.

“Elder Hong, this Yang Yutian is just too powerful. We worked with the people of the eight clans to handle him, yet we were still unable to achieve victory.” A Radiant Saint Master said.

“You pieces of trash!” Elder Hong was clearly enraged.

At that moment, the square flashed with three white lights once again. Another three competitors were sent out of the space.

When Elder Hong recognized the three people, his already overcast face turned even uglier as the three of them belonged to the Zaar family.

“I greet Elder Hong!” Seeing the elder, the three people all clasped their hands to greet him with expressions of courtesy.

“Were you all also sent out by Yang Yutian?” Elder Hong said with a cold voice.

Hearing that, the three people looked at each other before all nodding with bitter faces.

Elder Hong looked at one of the people and said gruffly, “Cheng Jian, your strength is only less than those of the ten great Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters. Who would’ve thought that even you weren’t Yang Yutian’s opponent? Just what is the situation in the artifact? Who’s helping Yang Yutian?”

“Elder Hong, this Yang Yutian’s strength is very great. He could fight over twenty of us just by himself. The situation inside the space is not very good, and a beast of antiquity has appeared in the artifact.” Cheng Jian said.

“What!? A beast of antiquity!?” Elder Hong was rather surprised, while his eyes immediately shone with a light. He was not the only one; hearing the words ‘beast of antiquity’, a sliver of light flashed through the eyes of quite a few people surrounding the square.

“Elder Hong, this beast of antiquity has already reached Class 6, and Yang Yutian is its master,” an old man beside Cheng Jian said. In his eyes was an unconcealable jealousy.

“A Class 6 beast of antiquity that already has a master.” Even with Elder Hong’s ability to remain calm, he could not help but suck in a breath after hearing the news. A sliver of envy appeared in the very depths of his eyes.

As for the surrounding people, they felt absolutely astounded. The news of Yang Yutian possessing a beast of antiquity that had already reached Class 6 spread like wildfire, causing many people to turn green with greed.

Beasts of antiquity were extremely rare magical beasts on the Tian Yuan Continent. They were richly endowed by nature and possessed extremely great fighting power, making them invincible among same class beasts. Even king beasts were unable to match up to beasts of antiquity. Even one that had just reached Class 6 was no weaker than a Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, and even possessed the power to fight a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master 

An example would be Nubis, the Silver Striped Golden Snake beast of antiquity. Just with its naturally endowed advantages it could, with its strength as a Third Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, fight on equal ground with a Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. This was the terrifying aspect of beast of antiquities.

Afterwards, there were another three flashes of white light. This time, the people were from the eight clans of the City of God.

Seeing that, Elder Hong’s complexion became sheet-white. He was driven so mad that he could no longer speak. He finally understood that Yang Yutian purposefully wanted to go against his Zaar family. If the people sent out were not from his Zaar family, they would be people from the subsidiary clans of his Zaar family.

Soon afterwards came another flash of white. A pale-faced competitor was sent out by the artifact’s energy. The competitor seemed to be in a horrible state and collapsed heavily on the ground. He spurted out a mouthful of blood, and was clearly heavily injured.

Elder Hong looked over solemnly. When he saw who the person was, his sheet-white face finally recovered slightly. A sneer formed on his lips, “Yun Tian, who would’ve thought that even you’d be sent out?”

Yun Tian’s face was extremely pale, while his eyes were filled with powerful fear. He immediately climbed up from the ground, and ran towards the union castle with a face full of terror.

“Yun Tian? Isn’t that Yun Tian? Who would’ve thought that even he’s out?”

“Yun Tian is the second disciple of the union president. His talent’s extremely great, and he has already reached an extremely strong level in his practice of Radiant Artes. He is among the top ten Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters. I’d never thought he’d be sent out too.”

“Seeing Yun Tian’s horrible state and panic-stricken appearance, he seems to have been frightened by something. Just what did he encounter in the artifact space?”

Yun Tian’s appearance caused the surrounding people to fall into a commotion of discussion once again.

At that moment, a white bolt of light shot out from the castle. It arrived before Yun Tian. To no surprise, it was the Radiant Saint Master Union president.

“Yun Tian, what happened? Why are you so panic-stricken?” The president’s eyebrows were tightly furrowed as he spoke with a deep voice. He was extremely unhappy with Yun Tian’s expression.

“Master, it- it- it’s Yang Yutian… bea- beast of antiquity.” Yun Tian spoke with a trembling voice. Although the white tiger’s roar was weakened due to the distance and did not wipe out his soul, it absolutely terrified Yun Tian, making him unable to speak clearly.

With his eyebrows furrowed, the president mumbled to himself, “A beast of antiquity? Perhaps it’s that little tiger always sleeping on Yang Yutian’s shoulder?” After pondering for a while, he glanced at the people from the Zaar family at the square. He said, “Yun Tian, you should return.”

The president of the union did not even ask a single word about what happened between Yun Tian and Jian Chen. He was able to tell with his experience in life.

“Yang Yutian, you really do make me feel more and more shocked. Not only did you kill off people from the Zaar family, you even have a Class 6 beast of antiquity accompanying you. You really have exceeded all my expectations. I just wonder if, with your talent, you’re able to successfully reach Class 7 this time.” The president spoke with a voice so soft that only he could hear. Shortly afterwards, he furrowed his eyebrows tightly again and sighed gently, “Though, the Zaar family is a problem.”

At the same time, five figures shot through the sky outside the City of God. They quickly approached the city from somewhere far away.

“We’re almost at the City of God. This is one of the seven capital cities of the Tian Yuan Continent and has the ancient Zaar family guarding it. The Zaar family has a Saint King, and he’s much more powerful than the tiger king. We need to act carefully, and we must not provoke those clans there.”

“Situ, don’t worry. We know how we should act. We would never act so recklessly in the City of God like we did before. Let’s keep a low profile and enter the city by foot.”

The five figures stopped ten kilometers from the city before heading towards the city on foot. Even with the change in the way they travelled, their speed was not slow. With every step they traversed over a hundred meters.

The five of them successfully entered the City of God and quickly found an inn to settle down in. Currently, the five of them gathered in one room, sitting cross-legged in a circle. The entire room was covered up by a transparent barrier.

“Situ, have you sensed Jian Chen’s presence? Is he still in the City of God?” An old man asked sternly.

Old man Situ immediately closed his eyes and only after half an hour did he open them again. He shook his head, “From the feeling of the blood I’ve already confirmed that Jian Chen’s in the City of God, but I can’t find his whereabouts now.”

Old man Situ said with furrowed eyebrows, “We don’t have much time left. Although we can use a secret technique to hide our presence, we can’t fool the four protectors of the Bloodsword sect. They’ll catch up soon. We need to find Jian Chen and finish the mission from the tiger king as soon as possible.”

“Don’t worry, this is the City of God. With how dense their Baleful Yin Force is, they won’t be able to hide no matter what. I can guarantee you that once the four protectors come to the city, they’ll immediately alarm the experts of the City of God. Even the ancestors of the Zaar family will be alarmed.” An old man sneered.

“You’re right, though we should still speed up our operations. Otherwise something unexpected might happen again. We need to find Jian Chen as soon as possible. How about this: we’ll all go looking for information and see if we can find anything regarding Jian Chen.”

“It’s a pity we don’t know what Jian Chen looks like. Otherwise, if we just drew a few pictures, it would be very easy to find his whereabouts.”

The five of them removed the barrier around the room and departed from the inn.

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