Chapter 781: The Nitpicking Eight Clans

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Chapter 781: The Nitpicking Eight Clans

“What!? What did you say? Yang Yutian is Jian Chen?” The person behind old man Situ said in surprise. He was filled with disbelief.

“Correct. It’s him, he’s Jian Chen. It can’t be wrong because when I used the blood from Jian Chen’s parents as a guide for the Great Divination Technique, I could sense a strong presence of the bloodline on Yang Yutian. He must be Jian Chen.” Old man Situ was both overjoyed and surprised. He was overjoyed by the fact that they had finally found Jian Chen after searching for so long and they could finally complete the mission from the tiger king for the two remaining Class 7 Monster Cores, while he was surprised by the fact that Jian Chen, a fighter who had participated in the Gathering of Mercenaries, had suddenly become a prodigious Class 6 Radiant Saint Master. Even old man Situ felt rather overwhelmed with disbelief.

If it were not for the fact that he had felt a strong presence of bloodline on Jian Chen, he would not have been able to connect Yang Yutian to Jian Chen at all.

This was due to the fact that Radiant Saint Masters could not be fighters, and vice versa, on the Tian Yuan Continent. It was an almost undeniable fact.

“Weird. Jian Chen is clearly a fighter, so how’s he a Radiant Saint Master now?” Another old man said. He too struggled to believe it.

The five old men communicated using a communication technique so no one around them could hear what they were saying.

Old man Mateng stared at Jian Chen with a complicated gaze; he was also very surprised by the fact that a fighter was also a Radiant Saint Master. After a period of silence, his mouth moved slightly, “Since we’ve found Jian Chen, that beast of antiquity on his shoulder must be the cub that the tiger king wants.”

“Yeah, it must be that tiger cub. It’s exactly the same as how the tiger king described it. Situ, Mateng, it’s such a great opportunity so what’re we waiting for? We might as well just all go for it; steal that beast cub and then leave immediately.” An old man said rather excitedly. He had already waited too long for this day.

“We mustn’t!” Old man Situ shook his head without any hesitation, “This is the City of God and the headquarters of the Radiant Saint Master Union. Also, Jian Chen is regarded as very important in the union. If we do it now, we’ll be the ones who suffer a loss. Not only will we fail to take the cub, our lives might even end up on the line.”

“You’re right. Experts are extremely plentiful in the City of God. The Zaar family in particular still has powerful Saint Kings hidden away. We cannot be careless or we’ll be doomed forever. We can only try to get the beast of antiquity through smart means, not by force, and if we do want to do it by force we definitely cannot do it here.” Old man Mateng said gruffly.

“Anyways, the four protectors won’t be able to find us too any time soon with the concealing array of the city and our additional disguising of our presence. We might as well just settle down somewhere near the headquarters. I don’t think Jian Chen will stay in the headquarters forever. Even if he doesn’t come out, I’ll figure out ideas on how to lure him out. Things will be much easier after he’s far away from the union.”

“I think that’ll work. Let’s do that then. If push comes to shove, we still have one final card to play. Jian Chen is a fighter, after all… heh…”


The victors in the final top ten slowly descended in the rainbow light while all the other Radiant Saint Masters around looked at them in admiration and envy.

Quan Youcai also managed to place within the top ten. Currently, he was overjoyed and constantly thanking Jian Chen. Of the ten people, Quan Youcai was probably the one who had it the easiest. He just collected the points that originally belonged to Jian Chen for free.

The president strided out of the castle as several elders followed behind them. He glanced at the ten people in rainbow light with a smile, “Good, good, good. You’re the most outstanding Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters for this competition. I hope some of you reach Class 7 in a year’s time.”

The president looked towards Jian Chen, “Yang Yutian, your performance is extremely outstanding. I feel proud to be your master. Though that little beast on your shoulder has fooled me well. I never thought it was actually an extremely rare beast of antiquity. Even your master feels shocked.”

“President, Yang Yutian has experienced many battles in the artifact. He must be exhausted. Why don’t you quickly get him to rest?” The grand elder said with a smile from the side, while his gaze towards Jian Chen carried a mix of emotions.

“You’re right. Yang Yutian, you should quickly go rest.” The president chuckled, clearly extremely happy.

“Yes master!” Jian Chen clasped his hands, before bidding farewell to Kara Liwei and Quan Youcai. He walked directly towards the castle.


Suddenly, there was a loud voice from within the crowd. Over ten people of different ages walked over to Jian Chen.

Seeing this, Jian Chen frowned slightly. He was not unfamiliar with the people. They were the ancestors of the eight clans.

The president and grand elder also frowned slightly. A sliver of displeasure appeared in their eyes.

The people arrived before Jian Chen and all glared at him. One of them growled, “Yang Yutian, all the people of the eight clans died to your hands except for one. You need to provide us with an explanation.”

Jian Chen’s complexion darkened. He did not show any fear even before a dozen or so Saint Rulers. He said with a sneer, “They wanted to kill me first before ending up like this. All you can say is that they have themselves to blame. You can’t blame anyone else.”

Hearing Jian Chen’s tone and attitude, all the ancestors darkened in expression immediately, narrowing their eyes at Jian Chen. A mere junior was speaking to them like that. That could not be forgiven.

If it were not for the fact that the president was present, they would definitely have taught Jian Chen a solid lesson.

A red-robed, middle-aged man growled, “Yang Yutian, we of the eight clans are not unreasonable people. We know that the our people fell to a beast of antiquity, not you, so we won’t be troubling you. We only need to punish the murderer as retribution for what happened with the eight clans.” With that, the man arrived before Jian Chen with a flash and extended his hands towards the white tiger with lightning speed. He wanted to take Jian Chen by surprise and take the beast of antiquity.

It was no different from daylight robbery, but the eight clans had enough reasons to justify it.

A sliver of grim light flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes. Just as he was about to react, a transparent barrier suddenly appeared, enveloping Jian Chen inside.

The man’s hand was unable to continue any further after it touched the barrier. He was unable to break the barrier protecting Jian Chen with his strength.

Roar! At the same time, the white tiger suddenly stood up on Jian Chen’s shoulder. Its originally bright and innocent eyes became flooded with viciousness instantly. The tightly-folded wings suddenly opened and, with a flash of white light, the white tiger had already passed through the barrier to arrive in front of the man. It swung its sharp claws at the man’s face.

The man sneered and said with disdain, “Even a mere Class 6 Magical Beast dares to act so recklessly before me. So what if you’re a beast of antiquity? You’re still as insignificant as an ant.” With that, the surrounding space immediately began to solidify. He attempted to use Spatial Force to forcefully trap the tiger in the air. He completely looked down on it with his pride as a Saint Ruler.

After all, the difference of strength between the two of them was just too great. Those below Saint Ruler were ants.

However, what happened next shocked everybody. The white tiger was not affected by the solidifying space at all, arriving before the man without faltering in speed at all. As the man stared at it in shock, it left behind two deep claw marks with lightning speed before returning to Jian Chen’s shoulder as a streak of white light once again, without even becoming perturbed during the process.

The frozen space did not seem to even exist for the white tiger.

The surroundings fell into a deathly silence. Everyone stared at the deep claw marks on the man’s face blankly, the president and Saint Rulers of the eight clans included. Their expressions were overwhelmed with disbelief.

Not only did a Class 6 Magical Beast just injured a Saint Ruler, it had injured the person’s face. This was like a solid slap to the Saint Ruler, an embarrassment that would stick with the person for the rest of his life.

The red-robed man remained stunned for a while before returning to his senses. He felt a burning pain on his face and immediately exploded with anger. A dignified Saint Ruler just had his face raked by a Class 6 Magical Beast before everyone. It was so shameful that he even had the thought of killing himself.

“You- you- you- you goddamn beast. You’re not going to be making it past today.” Under his roaring rage and great embarrassment, the man fell into irrationality. With a roar, he struck at the white tiger with his full strength with no concern for the consequences whatsoever.

“How dare you!” Suddenly, a weak, ancient voice boomed in the sky. With it, the space around the man immediately froze. Even with his strength as a Saint Ruler, he was helpless against the frozen space. He was caught tightly and immobilised completely.

Suddenly, the frozen space shook. The man caught inside it immediately sprayed out a mouthful of blood and flew backwards. He was caught by a few Saint Rulers from the eight clans behind him.

The Saint Ruler ancestors of the eight clans all became ugly in expression. The Saint King of the Radiant Saint Master Union had struck out. Unless the ancestor of the Zaar family was here it would be extremely difficult for them to benefit from the situation at all, but the ancestor was extremely fearful of the Radiant Saint Master Union president. It was impossible for him to appear.

“Eight clans, do you still want my disciple to provide you retribution for what happened in the artifact?” The president said expressionlessly.

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