Chapter 782: Breaking the Ancient Vow

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Chapter 782: Breaking the Ancient Vow

The ancestors of the eight clans all became sheet-white before leaving with darkened complexions.

The people from the Zaar family never appeared. After seeing that no one from their clan returned from the artifact, they had left without a sound. Many Zaar family people had died in the artifact, but they were the ones in the wrong after all. They had already violated the rules severely by bringing in the power of a Saint King into the artifact. Even if anything happened to their own clan members, they could not say anything. They could only accept the losses as bad luck.

However, after so many incidents the strength and extraordinary characteristics of the white tiger had already been witnessed by many people. As a magical beast that had just reached Class 6, it had injured a Saint Ruler. While the Saint Ruler was careless when it all happened it would still make the white tiger extremely well-known, receiving the attention and admiration of countless people.

In the crowd, old man Situ’s group stared fixedly at the white tiger on Jian Chen’s shoulder. Their eyes flickered with a weird light.

“No wonder the tiger king wants us to get this beast of antiquity. It really is very powerful.” Old man Mateng sighed gently.

Old man Situ glanced at the white tiger one last time before turning around and leaving, “Let’s go. It’d be useless if we stayed here. Let’s go according to the plan. And never leak out Jian Chen’s identity as a fighter unless you need to. None of us know how the Radiant Saint Master Union will treat him after they learn this. If they continue treating him as a member of the union, Jian Chen would be able to use the power of the union to handle us without needing to hide anything. That’d be extremely disadvantageous to us. If they treat him as an enemy, Jian Chen will definitely not be able to escape with the union’s power, and that beast of antiquity will naturally end up in the hands of the union. That’s something I definitely do not wish to see. So right now, the best thing we can do is wait until Jian Chen comes out of the union before we move against him.”


Jian Chen returned to the castle without paying any attention to the matters outside. Currently he sat on the bed with his eyes closed, while his presence had already enveloped the entire union.

A while later, Jian Chen opened his eyes slowly. He murmured, “There seems to be some changes to the entire city. I can’t clearly sense the presence of those experts, and Yun Tian’s not actually in the castle. I wonder where he’s hiding.”

“Whatever. There’s one more year until the seal of the artifact opens. I can only absorb the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force to reach Class 7 at that time, so I’ll just stay here peacefully for the next year.”

In a hidden basement within the simple courtyard of the Zaar family, Yun Tian was currently discussing some things in secret with an internal elder of the Zaar family.

“Yun Tian, are you sure you want to do this?” The internal elder sat opposite of Yun Tian, looking at him with a smile.

Resolution appeared in Yun Tian’s eyes, “As long as your Zaar family eliminates Yang Yutian, I, Yun Tian, will immediately lead the union to join your Zaar family after I become president. But if there are any people who object at that time, I hope your Zaar family can help me handle it.”

“Sure, sure. This definitely won’t become a problem. Yun Tian, as they say, those who react pragmatically are wise. You’ve done very well in this aspect, much better than your master. Don’t worry. Since you want to join my Zaar family whole-heartedly, my Zaar family will definitely treat you well. In the future you’ll still maintain full power over the union, but other than the identity of union president you’ll have a second one – that of a member of the Zaar family. I hope you can remember this,” the internal elder said with a smile.

“The fourth elder does not need to worry at all. We need to eliminate Yang Yutian as soon as possible. Otherwise, once he reaches Class 7 it’ll be much more harder to eliminate him.” Yun Tian said.

“Our Zaar family has its own plans. You do not need to worry.” The fourth elder said.

Yun Tian did not return to the union after leaving the Zaar family. Instead he settled down in an inn relatively far away from the headquarters. He no longer dared to return to the union with what he had done to Jian Chen. He was afraid of Jian Chen shaming and taking revenge on him.

Yun Tian sat on a bed within a luxurious bed while his lips curled into an icy smile. He thought, “Zaar family, although you’re powerful, it won’t be easy for you to control me. I’m only using you to eliminate Yang Yutian.”

Within the saint artifact the white-robed artifact spirit currently stood at the highest point of his palace, staring down at the Six-Colored Star Formation with a mixed expression.

The Six-Colored Star Formation was the vow he had made very, very long ago with a powerful Radiant Saint Master. The ancient vow restricted his movements, which had made him protect the Radiant Saint Master Union silently for countless years.

If it was before the competition, the artifact spirit would not have even imagined breaking the vow. However, after he discovered the sword spirits and the terrifyingly-powerful corpses that were felled by the sword spirits in the void, his mind began to change.

This was because the images showed him an even wider world and made him understand that there would always be greater things elsewhere. He was no longer willing to stay here and dwell in narrow-mindedness. As a result, other thoughts invaded his mind. He was unwilling to stay alone, unwilling to remain all by himself. He wanted to find even vaster lands.

The artifact spirit stood in front of the formation silently for a very long time while his eyes became brighter and brighter. Clenching his fists tightly, he said huskily, “I need to destroy this seal that’s binded me for countless years so I can regain my freedom.” With that, the energy within the entire space became extremely wild, gathering towards the hall with an unbelievable speed. In the blink of an eye the majestic hall was filled with energy ripples of destruction.

With the devastating amount of energy, the entire hall just disintegrated. All that was left behind was a huge formation floating in the sky, while the surrounding land of a hundred meters had become a nine-meter-deep ditch

This shocked all the living organisms within the space. All the magical beasts could feel the difference, whether strong or weak.

On the very peak of a sword-shaped mountain, a burly, bare-chested middle-aged man stood up. He gazed into the distance and cried out in surprise, “Is this spirit going crazy? What is he doing?”

In an underground cavern, an old man that was cross-legged and cultivating slowly opened his eyes. Two streaks of light shot from his eyes off to the distance and he mumbled curiously, “Just what does this spirit want to do? Why did it suddenly move so much energy? Is he insane?”


Suddenly, an earth-shaking sound rumbled from the distance. A storm of destructive energy wreaked havoc in the distance, causing the entire space to shake. It was as if the world was going to collapse.

“Damn, has this spirit gone insane? Does he want to destroy the entire space?’ Within a forest, a burly, middle-aged man in tight robes called out. His face was extremely stern.

“This ancient vow is too powerful. I can’t break it all by myself. All Class 8 Magical Beasts help me out. After it’s broken, I’ll let you all free!”

A great voice boomed through every corner of the artifact space. All the Class 8 Magical Beasts were at first stunned from hearing it, before immediately becoming overjoyed. Without the slightest hesitation they traveled towards the centre of the space with their greatest speed. Meanwhile, the Class 7 Magical Beasts could only watch on enviously.

Very soon, a dozen or so people of varying ages and attires gathered before the artifact spirit. They all stared curiously at the huge formation floating before them.

“Sir artifact spirit, is it true with what you said? If we help you break this ancient vow, we’ll recover our freedom?” The bare-chested man said gruffly, his voice filled with unconcealable excitement.

“Correct. As long as you help me break this vow, I will send you all out immediately. You’ll regain your freedom.” The artifact spirit said seriously.

“Alright, let’s start then.”

All the Class 8 Magical Beasts displayed expressions of unconcealable excitement.

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