Chapter 784: The Beast God Continent Invades (Two)

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Chapter 784: The Beast God Continent Invades (Two)

“Yes, this one obeys!” The tiger king immediately relaxed slightly after seeing that the ruler had no intention of punishing him.

“Any particular movements from the man drowned in earthly pleasures and desires?” The black shadow continued.

“Replying to the ruler, the lord of carnal desires has undergone a very great change. According to the news I’ve received, he’s already broken through many desires. Right now there’s only rage, desire and lust bounding him.” The tiger king said courteously.

“Only he has some ability on the Tian Yuan Continent. At first he practised the Pure Heart Secrets from the Pure Heart Pavilion, but then he was expelled from the sect. He sank into the seven emotions and six pleasures and, with that, he took off on a path practised by no one ever before. In the end, he successfully reached Saint Emperor.”

“Afterwards, he attempted to break free from the chains of the seven emotions and six pleasures in order to exceed Saint Emperor. I just wonder if he’ll really be able to reach the cultivation level he wants after severing himself from the chains of emotions and pleasures.” The black shadow mumbled to himself, but soon after, he mocked, “No one understands Saint Emperors better than me. How would it be easy to exceed Saint Emperor and become like the four great experts of the ancient times? Once this path lord frees himself from those carnal boundings he’ll grow much stronger, but he won’t exceed Saint Emperor.” With that, the shadow slowly disappeared while the flickering formation began to dull.

Very far away from the Tian Yuan Continent was a similar piece of land. The continent was not any smaller than Tian Yuan, but the difference was that almost eighty percent of it was covered in dense forests and vast mountain ranges with the remaining land as flat plains.

Countless organisms lived on the continent. There were no humans – every organism, without exception, was a magical beast..

The continent was originally inhabited by the Hundred Races in the ancient times before it was invaded by a group of magical beasts under the ancient Winged Tiger God’s command. They chased out the Hundred Races and hence renamed it as the Beast God Continent.

In the very centre of the continent a majestic palace hung at an altitude of over ten kilometers, radiating with light in all directions. It was extremely large, reaching into tens of kilometers in both length and width. It seemed more like a small city. 

This palace was called the Beast God Hall and was something that was irreplaceable in the Beast God Continent. It was personally forged by the ancient Winged Tiger God from the essence of the ground and became a holy land to all the magical beasts on the continent. At the same time, it was where all the experts of the continent cultivated.

The palace had a total of ninety-nine floors and each floor had a height of hundreds of meters. There were many rooms within it with passageways stretched throughout it. The entire system was extremely complicated, like a huge maze.

Inside the ninety-nine floored palace was a total of ninety-eight people who cultivated there. They were the nine-eight strongest beings of the Beast God Continent with even the weakest being a Saint King. They each took up a floor and were divided according to strength; the stronger one was, the higher one’s floor would be. The ruler of the continent, the most powerful person in the entire land, lived on the ninety-eighth floor.

The ninety-ninth floor was where the ancient Winged Tiger God lived. No one could enter it. It was said that the ninety-ninth floor possessed the legacy of the ancient Winged Tiger God and only beast gods with the blood of the Winged Tiger God could enter it.

Currently, a black-robed, middle-aged man levitated in the air. He was on the ninety-sixth floor sitting with his legs crossed.

Suddenly, an imposing voice boomed in the space. “Lankyros, the news of the Winged Tiger God has broken out. I’m currently in a crucial moment of my seclusion so I can’t leave. Immediately gather the experts of the hall and go to the Tian Yuan Continent for the Winged Tiger God.”

The man slowly opened his eyes. “Ruler, do we have to destroy the agreement set down by the ancient beast god and Mo Tianyun?”

“The Winged Tiger God itself belongs to the Beast God Continent. You’re only going to the Tian Yuan Continent to bring back what belongs to the beast race. Nothing like this would’ve occurred if the Tian Yuan Continent had cooperated. Since they’re not cooperating, we can only destroy that ancient agreement.” The heavy and imposing voice boomed in the room.

The man paused for a while before continuing, “Alright, I’ll immediately lead people there.” With that, the man disappeared.

When he appeared once again, he was already standing before the main entrance to the ninety-seventh floor of the palace. He said, “Cangqiong, my old friend, perhaps I’m unwelcome?”

A while later, the door slowly opened. The man directly walked in.

In the room of the ninety-seventh floor sat a ruddy old man. His eyes were currently closed as he floated in mid-air with a thick layer of golden light covering him.

The black-robed man stopped a hundred meters away and looked calmly at the old man, “Cangqiong, I’m paying a visit to the Tian Yuan Continent. You might as well come with me.”

“The Tian Yuan Continent only has a single Saint Emperor, the path lord. You by yourself is enough, so why do you need me?” The old man remained with his eyes closed as he spoke indifferently.

The black-robed man sighed lightly, “Cangqiong, you should know why I’m going there. You need to choose a side for the future of your Peng clan.”

“The Winged Tiger God is the god of the Beast God Continent. The only reason why our Beast God Continent has been prosperous until even today is all because of the beast god. As a citizen of the continent, I would never do anything that disrespects the beast god. The Peng clan will not be participating.” The old man said.

“Cangqiong, is this your decision?” A sliver of impatience appeared in the man’s eyes.

Cangqiong slowly opened his eyes. He gazed calmly at the middle-aged man and said, “Lankyros, if you really do do this, my Peng clan and your Tiger clan will immediately draw clear lines between each other. It’s not too late to change your mind.”

The middle-aged man sighed lightly before turning around and leaving.

Cangqiong watched as the man disappeared into the distance. He said, “Lankyros, you must never forget that you are also a member of the Tiger clan. You know exactly what the Winged Tiger God means to your clan. Don’t become a traitor for some small gains.”

The man’s expression did not change at all as he immediately left the ninety-seventh floor.

“Cangqiong, how would you know about the secrets of my Tiger clan? The Winged Tiger God is a member of my clan. My understanding of it is better than anyone else’s. Entering the ninety-ninth floor doesn’t need the bloodline power of the beast god at all. I only need a drop of its essence blood.”

“There is indeed the legacy of the ancient Winged Tiger God on the ninety-ninth floor, but it’s not just Winged Tiger Gods that can obtain it. As long as you’re a member of the Tiger clan, you can obtain a part of it depending on your strength. I know the ruler wants to take the Winged Tiger God for himself, but he won’t succeed because he’s not a member of my clan. He’ll be at his very weakest at the very moment he attempts to take it for himself, and that’s when I’ll strike. It’ll still belong to me in the end.”

No one knew about these other thoughts in Lankyros’s mind. As the strongest in his clan, he understood the Winged Tiger God the best. He knew so much that even the ruler of the Beast God Continent paled in comparison. After all, he was still a member of the same clan as the beast god.

The Beast God Continent moved very quickly. Several dozen experts already followed Lankryos as he left the hall. They were all experts who cultivated in the tower.

They all departed from their continent. Although the Beast God Continent was extremely far away from the Tian Yuan Continent, it was nothing to Saint Kings.

With his strength as a Saint Emperor, Lankyros directly cut open a hole in space and created a long distance Space Gate leading them to the Tian Yuan Continent.

In the sky above the Cross Mountains, the cloudless skies suddenly began to twist and turn violently. Shortly afterwards, a mottled Space Gate suddenly appeared before around fifty or sixty people of varying ages and attires stepped out.

With their arrival an extremely powerful presence immediately began to spread in all directions, covering a radius of over several million kilometers. There was also an even vaster presence that suppressed all of the that, enveloping the entire continent and alerting the countless experts of the Tian Yuan Continent.

In the outer regions of the Cross Mountains was a village by the name of Longevity Valley. Uncle Xiu, currently planting vegetables in the fields, suddenly jerked while his originally plain eyes turned into a glare. He stared fixedly into the depths of the mountain range, towards where the Gilligan clan inhabited. He became extremely stern and mumbled, “They’ve finally come. Never thought they’d come so fast.”

At the same time, in another space at Mercenary City, Tian Jian, who levitated in the air as he cultivated, snapped open his eyes. Immediately, two streaks of seemingly-tangible golden light shot from his eyes. He seemed to be able to see through the void, able to see what was going on outside the space.

With a slight shift Tian Jian immediately appeared outside the palace, floating in the air. He said with a clear voice, “The Beast God Continent has come. All elders gather immediately with me to go meet the enemies.”

In the City of God, the middle-aged beauty who levitated in an underground palace snapped open her eyes. She gazed into the distance in shock, while her expression was extremely stern.

“This is the presence of Class 8 Magical Beasts. The Beast God Continent has intruded into our Tian Yuan Continent, and there’s even a Class 9 Magical Beast equal to a Saint Emperor among them.” An old voice boomed from the side while an old man had already appeared before the woman soundlessly.

Several tens of thousand kilometers away from the City of God, a middle-aged man stood in a small wooden hut staring at the faraway sky. He too carried an extremely serious expression. With a heavy voice, he said, “They’re all presences of magical beasts, and there’s even one that makes me feel fear. It should be a Class 9 Magical Beast. Has the Beast God Continent come invading?”

He was Hao Wu, the person who had traveled to a continent inhabited by the Hundred Races and obtained the essence blood of a Class 8 beast of antiquity for the grand elder of the Radiant Saint Master Union.

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