Chapter 785: The Beast God Continent Invades (Three)

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Chapter 785: The Beast God Continent Invades (Three)

The experts of the Beast God Continent invading alerted all the powerful experts of the Tian Yuan Continent, especially due to the fact that Lankyros’s presence as a Saint Emperor enveloped the entire continent. All those that were Saint Rulers could feel the trembling of their souls and the fear from deep within.

In the headquarters of the City of God Jian Chen was currently discussing everything he had encountered in the artifact space with the president and grand elder.

Suddenly, the expressions of the closely-listening president and grand elder changed dramatically. They stood up without any warning and hurried to the window. They stared into the distance in shock and extremely solemn.

“What vast presence! Thi- thi- this is the presence from many Class 8 Magical Beasts!” The grand elder said gruffly, overwhelmed in shock. As soon as he finished, an even vaster presence that made the very depths of his soul tremble swept across the sky in an overbearing manner. It caused the grand elder’s expression to change once again, because before this terrifying presence he could not even think of resisting. Just the presence itself had already defeated him.

“Thi- this- this might be the presence of a Saint Emperor.” The president said in astoundment.

“Those must be experts from the Beast God Continent. Is the Beast God Continent invading our continent?” The grand elder said hoarsely.

Sitting to one side, Jian Chen could also feel the assault of countless powerful presences from faraway. He became extremely grim, his complexion becoming as dark as well water. He knew that the experts of the Beast God Continent had come, and that they were here for the white tiger.

“There aren’t many who can recognise the white tiger, but its special characteristics just stand out too much. If they announce the news of the Winged Tiger God, I’ll become the center of attention for many people very soon.” A light flickered across Jian Chen’s eyes and he became uneasy. The Beast God Continent had come too far, far beyond his expectations.

He was no longer afraid of exposing his identity; now he only worried that he was no longer able to wait a year for Class 7. He needed to reach Class 7 to revive his parents.

In an unknown space in the Tian Yuan Continent, a plain-looking middle-aged woman slowly opened her eyes. She slowly spoke with a calm voice which reverberated through the entire space.

“The Beast God Continent has invaded our Tian Yuan Continent. Immediately contact the Shenxiao sect, the Potian sect, the Yangji sect, the Yiyuan sect, the Tyrant’s Blade school, the Heartless school, the Heaven’s Incense school, the Changyang clan and the Moyuan clan. Tell them to prepare to face the enemies. All disciples that are Saint Ruler or above, follow me to the Tian Yuan Continent.

“Yes, pavilion master!” One voice resounded in the space, but it originated from various places.

The ten protector clans of the Tian Yuan Continent released the seals on their spaces and countless experts entered the Tian Yuan Continent to repel the Beast God Continent’s invasion.

“Spread the word of the ten protector clans: all human experts of the continent gather at the Cross Mountains.” In the very moment that the ten protector clans appeared, a gathering was also called by them to gather all the powerful people of the continent.

Currently, in an ancient mountain range, an old man sat cultivating in a cave. He was not very strong as he was only a Heaven Saint Master.

At that moment, a giant space gate quickly formed in the sky above the mountain range. Countless figures with monstrous presences shot out from it before disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Inside the cave, the old man seemed to sense it and suddenly opened his eyes. His excitement could no longer be concealed and he said, “Fantastic! The Yangji sect’s finally unsealed the space. The branch sect created under the elder’s instructions was destroyed, and now I’ll report it. No matter who it is, my Yangji sect will never let him live. They’ll massacre his whole family!”

With that, the old man immediately left the cave. Using the surrounding energy of the world he dragged himself towards the huge Space Gate as he bit his thumb. Out shot a droplet of blood towards the Space Gate, and he said courteously, “Disciple of the Yangji sect has returned. I have important matters to report to the elders!”

A huge pillar of light wrapped around the old man, sucking him into the Space Gate.

In the depths of the Cross Mountains the several dozen experts from the Beast God Continent all hung in the air, staring into the distance at the endless land. Meanwhile, all the magical beasts of the Gilligan clan appeared from various areas in the form of humans, standing to one side courteously.

The arrival of the experts had alerted all the powerful people of the Tian Yuan Continent. The reactions of the ten protector clans and the Mercenary City were extremely quick; the space above the Cross Mountains began to distort violently after a few mere seconds. Space Gates constantly appeared as people of varying ages and attires walked out. Each of them radiated with a vast presence, causing the space to tremble.

In a short period of time, hundreds of human experts had appeared above the Cross Mountains. They all stood in many groups and factions, facing the outsiders from the Beast God Continent.

There were eleven groups with the most people. Each group had around twenty to thirty people; they were either from Mercenary City or the ten protector clans.

The other three groups were relatively fewer in people; they were from the three empires of the continent. Without any surprise the middle-aged woman from the Zaar family was also there.

Beside the woman stood a ruddy old man. He was the other Saint King of the Zaar family.

Around the two people from the Zaar family stood another four elderly people. They were the ancestors of the Kara clan and the Kazda clan.

On the other side, Uncle Xiu stood in his simple clothes, followed by an old man in red robes. Behind the two of them were another six people also in red robes, radiating with a powerful Baleful Yin Force from all over.

Other than them, a few hidden ancient clans and individuals who never joined any particular organisations had also gathered to help repel the invading Beast God Continent.

Although there were not many human experts, it was essentially a gathering of the peak existences of the entire Tian Yuan Continent.

Lankyros eyed the people calmly. Even though the humans had completely exceeded the force he had brought from the Beast God Continent, he did not become grim at all and instead smiled icily. He said, “You experts of the Tian Yuan Continent move pretty fast. So many have gathered so quickly.”

“Your Beast God Continent has already broken the agreement of not intruding set down by the city lord and the Winged Tiger God from years before. Please quickly leave the continent.” The white-clothed Tian Jian spoke gruffly. According to the agreement between the city lord of Mercenary City and the Winged Tiger God of the Beast God Continent, it was he who had the most right to speak out.

Lankyros sneered and said coldly, “Everyone, you must know of the intentions of our Beast God Continent. The ancient Winged Tiger God is the beast god of magical beasts, yet the experts of the Tian Yuan Continent instead obstruct my people from taking it back. Why do you do that?”

“What, the Winged Tiger God?”

What Lankyros said caused all the people present to be greatly surprised. A sliver of doubt and confusion appeared in their eyes. Only a few elders of the Mercenary City and Uncle Xiu remained as normal as they had already learned about the existence of the Winged Tiger God.

“Has the ancient Winged Tiger God appeared on our Tian Yuan Continent?” All the people present were monsters that had lived for thousands of years. Their intelligence was on a devilish level, quickly understanding everything. Thoughts immediately began to flicker across the eyes of everyone present.

Witnessing this, Lankyros’ heart jerked slightly. He sneered, “Looks like there’s still not many people who know about the Winged Tiger God. Whatever, my Beast God Continent also does not wish to break the agreement from all those years ago. We only hope that your continent does not obstruct our search for the Winged Tiger God. We’ll leave immediately after we find it.”

“The Tian Yuan Continent is territory of the humans. It’s not a place for your Beast God Continent to behave wildly. We hope you can leave the continent. The ten protector clans and Mercenary City will deal with the matter about the Winged Tiger God.” The speaker was a plain, middle-aged woman: the pavilion master of the Pure Heart Pavilion.

“Correct, the matters of the Tian Yuan Continent does not require interference from your Beast God Continent. Please quickly leave the continent. We will give you an explanation for the Winged Tiger God after we confirm it.” The speaker was an old man, an ancestor of a protector clan. He had reached the peak of Saint King long ago and was only an inch away from Saint Emperor.

Lankyros sneered, “Since you don’t intend to oblige, don’t blame me for going too far.” As he spoke, Lankyros pointed towards the old man. A huge tiger claw condensed in that very moment, swinging at the old man with an earth-shaking force.

The claw seemed ordinary, yet it carried the laws of the world and concealed countless mysteries. Inside it rippled a terrifying energy capable of destroying worlds. As the claw fell it destroyed the surrounding space, turning it all pitch-black.

The peak Saint King from the protector clans became extremely grim. Just the claw brought an immeasurable pressure to him. He could not even conjure the thought of resisting the strike.

Only an inch separated the very peak of Saint King and Saint Emperor, yet this inch was a bottomless chasm.

“My Tian Yuan Continent is not somewhere you Beast God Continent experts can act recklessly in. Saint Emperor of the Tiger clan, I am your opponent. Why move against juniors?” A scholarly, graceful voice resounded in the sky. With the voice, a ten-meter-wide fist quickly condensed, shooting towards the claw at a devastating speed.

A sliver of light flickered across Lankyros’s eyes and he spoke with a clear voice, “Path lord of carnal desires, you’ve finally come. As the only Saint Emperor of the Tian Yuan Continent, allow me to try you.” The trajectory of the claw changed, rushing towards the giant fist with an sky-shattering presence as it ripped through the void.

The collision of the fist and claw did not produce any world-shaking explosions. Instead, the space turned into pitch-black. The strike from the two Saint Emperors had completely destroyed the space there.

“Path lord, this place is too small. Let’s fight outside the atmosphere!” Lankyros laughed aloud. He turned into a streak of light, shooting off into the sky and disappearing in the blink of an eye.

“Everyone, chase them out of the Tian Yuan Continent!” After the two Saint Emperors departed, a devastating battle also exploded between the ten protector clans and the magical beasts of the Beast God Continent.

Although there was a huge disparity between the strength of the two continents, the experts of the Tian Yuan Continent did not feel any fear at all.

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