Chapter 788: Battling the Eight Clans (One)

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Chapter 788: Battling the Eight Clans (One)

“Hahahaha, of course we know your name. Jian Chen, be obedient and hand over the tiger.” An old man sneered, already extending his hands towards the white tiger in Jian Chen’s bosom. His hands were covered with an invisible layer of World Force to prevent the white tiger from harming him.

“You’re the people who work with the Gilligan clan, the murderers who killed my parents.” Killing intent exploded in Jian Chen’s eyes. He was no longer able to control himself against his parents’ murderers. His chaotic neidan in his dantian spat out strands of Chaotic Force, filling up every corner of his body. His pushed his Chaotic Body to the utmost limit.

Jian Chen’s body shook and the frozen space in the surroundings immediately shattered. He threw a punch directly at the two hands approaching him from the old man. The fist concealed powerful Chaotic Force; the space in front of the fist was compressed by the vast energy as it flew out.

Although the five old man had pursued Jian Chen for a very long time, they were unfamiliar with his strength. The old man was already a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, but he had only casually applied World Force to his hands without much effort in it to grab the Winged Tiger God. 

Crack! As Jian Chen’s fist collided with the old man’s hands, the thin layer of World Force was dispersed by the punch and there was a clear crack of bones breaking shortly afterwards. The old man’s hands were shattered by Jian Chen’s punch and the old man could not help but grunt from the great pain.

Jian Chen retreated with just a single strike and immediately opened up a distance of several hundred meters between them after a slight shake of his body. He was extremely mad, but he did not lose his rationality. He knew that he was unable to fend off the five old man all by himself as two of them were already Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers.

“Be careful. This Jian Chen’s not weak and we don’t have much time left. Use all your strength to take the tiger and leave here immediately.” Old man Situ growled. He did not hold back, immediately attacking Jian Chen first.

Following him, the three other people also stopped taking it lightly. They all rushed at Jian Chen. They had to take the Winged Tiger God as soon as possible. 

At this very moment, a grey-clothed, middle aged man shot in front of Jian Chen like a lightning bolt and threw four palms towards them.

“Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler!” Old man Situ and Mateng cried out weirdly, and they immediately became stern. They condensed their Saint Weapons without any hesitation, and the weapons erupted with powerful energy ripples as they poured vast amounts of Saint Force into them. They swung their weapons.

Wherever their Saint Weapons past by, a black slit would form in the surrounding space. Old man Situ and Mateng were only one Heavenly Layer weaker than the grey-robed man, so under their full strength strikes the attack from the man was destroyed without any risk.

The other two Fifth Heavenly Layer old men were not so fortunate. In the very moment their Saint Weapons collided with the man’s attack, a powerful energy ripple erupted in mid-air that knocked the two of them backwards. They became rather pale in the face.

The four protectors of the Bloodsword sect were currently walking twenty-five kilometers away from Jian Chen, and they suddenly paused together. They all looked at Jian Chen’s direction; the energy ripples between the battle of the grey-clothed man and old man Situ’s group had alerted them.

“It’s them! We finally found them!” A protector growled, before the four of them turned into streaks of red light shooting off into the distance.

The four palms from the middle-aged man knocked old man Situ’s group backwards. He glared at them and said with a heavy voice, “You outsiders have no right to act so brazenly in the City of God.”

The old men’s expressions all darkened. They never thought that even after being so far from the union they would still alert the experts of the union, especially a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler.

At the same time, powerful Baleful Yin Force appeared in the distance. Four streaks of blood-red light shot over like lightning bolts, arriving before old man Situ in a flash. They surrounded the old men.

“People of the Bloodsword sect!” The grey-clothed man furrowed his eyebrows slightly. Even though the four protectors were weaker than him, he still looked at the four of them with a sliver of fearfulness.

The arrival of the four protectors confirmed Jian Chen’s thought that the five Saint Rulers that had come for the white tiger were the murderers of his parents. It strengthened the killing intent in his heart. Shortly afterwards, he looked towards the grey-clothed man and then the four protectors. With a slight hesitation, he did not stay but instead immediately flew off into the distance.

Although the murderers of his parents were right before him, it was not the time for revenge. He could not throw himself into danger from following his impulse. The most important matter right now was leaving the City of God, and then leaving the Holy Empire. Only like that would he become slightly safer. He was no longer considering just himself, but also for the safety of the white tiger.

“Yang Yutian, leave behind that beast of antiquity on your shoulder. Otherwise, don’t think that you’ll be leaving this city.” Suddenly, an old voiced boomed in the sky. Around Jian Chen, over ten ancestors of the eight clans ran over; they were fused with space and traversed hundreds of meters with each step. They approached Jian Chen in just a few seconds, surrounding Jian Chen and trapping him inside.

One of the ancestors eyed the grey-clothed man and clasped his hands, “Xiang Long, we eight clans aren’t trying to work against the union. It’s just that it’s extremely possible that Yang Yutian’s beast of antiquity is the Winged Tiger God that the protector clans are searching for. As a result, he needs to leave the beast behind.”

The grey-clothed person remained silent. The eight clans had even mentioned the protector clans, so he was powerless. After all, he understood just how logical their words were because even he himself wondered if the beast on Jian Chen’s shoulder was the Winged Tiger God the protector clans were looking for.

Jian Chen eyed all the people coldly. He already understood that it would not be easy for him to leave here today; even the union that stood on his side could do nothing. This matter related to the Winged Tiger God, which could lead to even the ten protector clans interfering. No organisation dared to work against the protector clans. He only could rely on himself to leave this place.

Jian Chen placed the white tiger behind his neck, where it clung on, and he drew the Ruler Armament Dragon Slaying Sword from his Space Ring. With the sword in hand, Jian Chen’s entire presence underwent a complete change. Currently he was like a sharp sword drawn from a sheath, radiating with a sword Qi that shot into the sky. He seemed like a completely different person from the graceful and scholarly Radiant Saint Master he was before.

The grey-clothed man stared at Jian Chen fixedly with bell-sized eyes. He was filled with disbelief, as if he had just seen a ghost.

“How- how is this possible!? Yang Yutian, you- you’re- are you a fighter or a Radiant Saint Master!?” The ancestors of the clans all sucked in a breath. In that very moment, their hearts which had remained calm for countless years began beating uncontrollably. All of them were overwhelmed by shock from what they saw, struggling to believe what they had seen.

“Yang Yutian, I never thought you’d be the ultimate prodigy in history, to be both a fighter and a Radiant Saint Master. And you’ve already reached Saint Ruler as a fighter,” a member of the eight clans said in surprise. He eyed Jian Chen like he was looking at a monster.

At that very moment, several streaks of white light flew over from the distance. The president, grand elder and several elders hurried over from the headquarters at the same time, before all stopping far away and gaping at Jian Chen in absolute shock. Only the grand elder seemed to remain rather calm and without much change, though his gaze towards Jian Chen was also filled with some complexity.

“Yang Yutian, never in the world did I think you’re also a fighter. I- is this real? A person that’s both a fighter and a Radiant Saint Master, wha- what does this mean?” The president of the Radiant Saint Master Union remarked. His voice was filled with disbelief; it was like he had just seen a miracle.

The grand elder paused for a while, before speaking out clearly, “Yang Yutian, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fighter or a Radiant Saint Master. I only want to ask you one thing: have you ever regarded yourself as a member of the union?”

Jian Chen looked towards the president and grand elder with a complicated gaze. With his hands clasped, he said, “Mr. president, grand elder, I thank you for the care and concern in these days. Yang Yutian will never dare to forget your kindness. If there is a chance in the future, I will definitely return the favor.”

“Master, don’t believe his bullsh*t. This Yang Yutian wormed his way into our union with ill intentions. Don’t fall for his tricks!” Yun Tian flew over from the distance, looking at Jian Chen with a gaze of joy. He was overjoyed by Jian Chen’s misfortunes. He had also learned about the Winged Tiger God. Originally, he had planned on returning to the union headquarters to tell this to the president, but he never thought he would encounter such an incident along the way, as well as accidentally discover Jian Chen’s fighter identity.

“Yang Yutian, now that you’ve offended the ten protector clans, I wanna see how you survive. This time, the Zaar family doesn’t even need to do anything. You’ll die under the hands of the protector clans,” Yun Tian thought. He was extremely excited. He was already certain that Jian Chen would die, with no one able to help him.

Jian Chen glanced over Yun Tian. His ice-cold glare, sharp like a sword, caused Yun Tian’s heart to tremble violently. Unconsciously, he took several steps back. Just the gaze of Jian Chen caused Yun Tian to become nervous.

However, Yun Tian recovered very quickly. As soon as he realized that he was scared into retreat by the glare of a dead man, his embarrassment immediately fueled his rage. He bellowed, “Seniors, Yang Yutian took in the Winged Tiger God and even assisted its growth. He’s already become a traitor of the continent. May the seniors execute Yang Yutian right here, right now, and do an extremely meritorious deed!”

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