Chapter 789: Battling the Eight Clans (Two)

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Chapter 789: Battling the Eight Clans (Two)

What Yun Tian said piqued the interests of the ancestors from the eight clans. Whether Yang Yutian was a fighter or Radiant Saint Master, there was already enmity between them from when he killed the competitors from their eight clans. Though Yang Yutian could no longer remain at the union, their resolution to eliminate him did not weaken at all.

This was because all the competitors who had died in the artifact space were important members of the eight clans and possessed very special statuses. This loss was a huge blow to the eight clans, one that they would struggle to accept.

They still had not completely confirmed that the Class 6 beast of antiquity Jian Chen had was the Winged Tiger God that the protector clans were looking for. They only held a grudge against Yang Yutian, which was why they used it as an excuse to pressure Yang Yutian and take the beast of antiquity in a justifiable way.

One person immediately called out from the group of ancestors, “Correct, the beast of antiquity of Yang Yutian’s shoulder is the Winged Tiger God. He’s protecting the god of the Beast God Continent and even helped it grow. It’s already severely threatened the safety of our continent. This is a treasonous act. Everyone, execute the traitor!”

“Let’s all execute the traitor!” The ancestors all called out together. With a blur, they arrived before Jian Chen and attacked him simultaneously. Their hands were immediately enveloped in layers of thick World Force as they swung them towards Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s gaze was icy-cold. The Chaotic Force in his dantian surged like a storm into the Dragon Slaying Sword and the hazy light was immediately suppressed. It was soon replaced by a pretty, dark light that shot out from the sword and permeated the surroundings with a presence of destruction. The pupils of all the Saint Rulers present constricted.

With a few flashes of light, the Dragon Slaying Sword was swung several times with lightning speed. The powerful sword Qi collided with the World Force-clad hands of the eight clans Saint Rulers, directly nullifying their attacks.

“Everyone be careful, Yang Yutian’s not weak,” a Saint Ruler attacking Jian Chen bellowed. Vast amounts of Saint Force violently surged from his body, condensing a huge, three-meter-long sickle in his hand instantly. He had already produced his Saint Weapon.

Shortly afterwards, the four other Saint Rulers that attacked Jian Chen stopped taking the situation lightly and also condensed their Saint Weapons. Invisible World Force quickly condensed around the weapons before they were raised and swung at Jian Chen. Wherever the Saint Weapons passed by the powerful energy ripples would cause space to distort, producing tiny cracks.

Jian Chen remained expressionless. With an unbelievable speed he struck out five times with his Ruler Armament, colliding with the five Saint Weapons with extremely great power.


Five powerful booms rang out like one, exploding through the air like a strike of thunder. The violent energy wreaked havoc in the surroundings, tearing the space to pieces.

The five Saint Rulers were knocked back by Jian Chen’s strikes and flew backwards for a whole three kilometers before regaining stability. Afterwards, a sliver of shock flashed across their eyes.

“Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler!” An ancestor of the eight clans bellowed, while his gaze towards Jian Chen was filled with disbelief.

The president of the Radiant Saint Master Union spectating from afar also eyed Jian Chen in absolute surprise. He was extremely shocked from Yang Yutian’s strength.

“Twenty-four, twenty-four, it must be him. I haven’t seen him in so many years, but he’s already grown to such a level. Inconceivable.” The grand elder murmured beside the president. He was melancholic.

“Ho- how- how is Yang Yutian so powerful!? Not only has he learned the three great Radiant Artes as a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, he’s also a very powerful fighter, a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler!” Already hiding behind the president, Yun Tian became sheet-white. He had actually had malice towards a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. He only felt a wave of unsuppressable fear and great horror. He knew extremely well that experts like that could wipe him out like crushing an ant.

“But Yang Yutian has already offended the eight clans and the Zaar family, and now he even carries a beast of antiquity that is suspected to be the Winged Tiger God. It’s extremely possible that he’ll attract the attention of the protector clans. So what if he’s at the Fifth Heavenly Layer? He’s still doomed in the end.” Arriving at this conclusion after some more thought, Yun Tian immediately relaxed slightly.

Even Yun Tian himself could not confirm the white tiger’s identity. However, with his envy and hatred for Jian Chen, he would still find ways to name it the Winged Tiger God, even if it was just a normal beast of antiquity, because then the eight clans and the Zaar family would have the right to move against Jian Chen. Even the Radiant Saint Master Union would not be able to protect Jian Chen.

This was because the Winged Tiger God was connected to matters that were just too important.

Not far away, the five old men surrounded by the four protectors of the Bloodsword sect also gazed over. Their expressions was rather grim and, with a soft voice, one of them said, “I never thought that Jian Chen would be able to display the strength of a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler when he has a Ruler Armament.”

The five Saint Rulers that were knocked away by a single attack from Jian Chen all looked at each other sternly. They too had not thought that Yang Yutian would be so strong. The five of them were only in the Third and Fourth Heavenly Layers and could not take on a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler.

Jian Chen did not pursue the people of the eight clans. He collected his sword and stood straight, glaring at the five old men who had suddenly appeared. Powerful killing intent radiated from him without any form of concealment, and he yelled out coldly, “I will deal with our enmity later. Please allow me to first kill the murderers of my parents.” With that, Jian Chen used Spatial Force to fuse with the surrounding space. He shot towards the five old men with unbelievable speed in the form of a vague streak of light.

A light flickered through the eyes of the ancestors, but they did not stop Jian Chen. They could borrow the five old men to first confirm Jian Chen’s exact strength, as well as getting them to exhaust some of his strength to make it easier when they needed to deal with him.

A Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler was enough for the eight clans to pay close attention to. This was because they did not know what powerful cards Jian Chen was holding back.

The five old men became rather ugly. Right now, not only did they need to fend off the four protectors but they also had to deal with Jian Chen, who was similarly strong. Their situation was extremely bad.

“Eight clans, that cub on Jian Chen’s shoulder is the Winged Tiger God that the protector clans are after. If you kill him and offer up the tiger to the protector clans, they definitely won’t mistreat you. They’ll definitely give you a Saint Tier Battle Skill as a reward, so why don’t you hurry up and move! Do you want this deed to be accomplished by the Bloodsword sect instead!?” Old man Mateng had quick wits, attempting to urge the eight clans into dealing with Jian Chen. They knew that if Jian Chen worked with the four protectors, the five of them would struggle to leave here today.

A gleam of light immediately flashed across the dozen or so members of the eight clans’ eyes. What old man Mateng had said clearly tempted them slightly, and hesitation appeared on their faces.

“Pay for my mother and father’s lives!” Jian Chen had already traversed several kilometers when he said that, quickly approaching the five old men. Clad in dense Chaotic Force, he thrust the Dragon Slaying Sword towards one of the people with lightning speed.

The strike was ordinary. It did not contain any fancy technique, but it contained the powerful killing intent and flames of hatred Jian Chen had hid in his heart for a very long time.

That strike contained all of Jian Chen’s power. It was the strongest attack he could deal. As the sword cut through the air, the devastating Chaotic Force cut open the space, causing a black streak of light to appear in the space.

The five old men looked at each other and nodded slightly. They then attacked Jian Chen at the same time, attempting to kill him off with a single blow.

As soon as they began to move, the four protectors also reacted. Four balls of red light disappeared with a flash and shot towards four of the people in the form of four long, blood-red awls. Among these four people targeted by the protector’s attacks included the two most powerful, old man Situ and Mateng, who had already reached the Sixth Heavenly Layer.

With no other choice the four people could only give up on their attacks towards Jian Chen, using all their strength to block the four protectors. To them, while Jian Chen was very strong, also a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, the threat of the four protectors was much greater than Jian Chen.

Old man Situ and Mateng, as well as two other old men, were kept busy by the four protectors, leaving behind just a single person to block Jian Chen’s attacks.

The old man was not weak either, also being in the Fifth Heavenly Layer. With a powerful roar, the giant sword in his two hands immediately began to shine with a dazzling light, and he swung it forwards with lightning speed, combining vast amounts of Saint Force and World Force. Immediately, the space before him began to distort violently and opened up a pitch-black crack.

When the Dragon Slaying Sword collided with the old man’s Saint Weapon, it was akin to the collision of two great energies. With a large boom, vast amounts of energy ripples burst forth, destroying the surroundings and forming a violent storm that wreaked havoc in the sky.

Both Jian Chen and the old man were knocked backwards from the collision and the violent energy ripples. A cold light flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes and the Chaotic Force in his body immediately burst forth. It actually forcefully halted his retreating body before rushing at the old man again against the wind.

The old man’s expression changed slightly. Without the slightest hesitation, he lifted his Saint Weapon high up and swung it towards Jian Chen.

Jian Chen had already arrived before the old man. He did not dodge the man’s attack at all and directly thrust the Dragon Slaying Sword, still glowing with a dark light, towards the old man’s chest with an aura of destruction.

“A life for a life!” The old man’s expression changed slightly and immediately recognised what Jian Chen was thinking. Soon afterwards a vicious light flashed across his eyes and he thought, “Jian Chen, you mad man, since you wanna act madly I’ll act madly with you. Let’s see who laughs in the end.”

The old man’s giant sword chopped towards Jian Chen’s shoulder with a great might, while Jian Chen’s Dragon Slaying Sword pierced the old man’s chest.

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