Chapter 792: The Saint Artifact Breaks Free

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Chapter 792: The Saint Artifact Breaks Free

With a trail of blood flowing from the corner of his lips, Jian Chen eyed the dozen or so Saint Rulers coldly. He had already switched to wielding the Dragon Slaying Blade with his two hands with Chaotic Force steadily pouring into the sword.

He knew that it was going to be very difficult for him to flee today. He did not have the ability to escape from an Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. The only choice he had was a fight to the death.

“Eight clans, even if I die today, you won’t be having it easy.” Jian Chen’s voice was extremely cold. The Dragon Slaying Sword was already radiating with extremely bright dark light, and the presence of destruction became more and more powerful

Forced into dire straits, Jian Chen no longer held back in consuming large amounts of Chaotic Force for his most powerful strike. As the Chaotic Force steadily streamed into the Dragon Slaying Sword from his dantian, his thumb-sized chaotic neidan also shrank at a visible rate.

The chaotic neidan was the fountain of Jian Chen’s power. If the neidan dispersed due to overuse of Chaotic Force, Jian Chen would lose the usage of Chaotic Force.

Feeling the ever-increasing energy of destruction in the Ruler Armament, the ancestors of the eight clans all became rather grim. Immediately, someone bellowed, “We can’t let him continue like this! Senior Heras, it’d be best if you quickly finished Yang Yutian off completely before anything happens.”

Heras said indifferently, “No problem. Although Yang Yutian’s power is weird, he’s too weak. He can only display the strength of a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler even with a Ruler Arnament. He’s not a threat to me. Just let me see what Yang Yutian’s final card is and how powerful it is.” Heras eyed Jian Chen as a sliver of vague disdain appeared. He said coldly, “Yang Yutian, I give you one chance to attack. After that, I will be taking your life.”

Jian Chen said nothing in reply. He controlled all the Chaotic Force in his dantian, pouring it into the sword. As the large quantities of Chaotic Force was consumed, the chaotic neidan in his dantian also quickly shrank, from being thumb-sized at the beginning to being the size of a soybean.

The Dragon Slaying Sword in Jian Chen’s two hands was already enveloped in a powerful layer of chaotic gas completely shrouding the sword. The extremely powerful energy ripples pressed against the space, causing into to distort as black cracks constantly appeared.


Suddenly, there was a sudden rupturing sound. Jian Chen immediately narrowed his eyes. Although he was unable to see it, he could clearly feel that a tiny crack had formed on the sword. The amount of Chaotic Force gathered in the sword had already exceeded what the Ruler Armament could endure.

A sliver of ruthlessness flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes. He did not stop and instead forced the Chaotic Force to surge into the sword even more violently. The power of the sword increased even more.

With constant cracking sounds, the cracks on the sword grew closer. Just as they covered a small portion of the sword, Jian Chen finally struck out with the attack he had charged up for a long time. He wielded the sword with two hands and raised it high up above his head, before slashing down with the power to split mountains.

The sword ripped through space easily, annihilating the void. Before the slash space was as weak as tofu, ripped to a point where it could not mend up easily. Shortly afterwards, a huge sword ray completely condensed from vast amounts of Chaotic Force broke free from the sword, shooting out as a terrifying sword Qi.

The slash was not just Jian Chen’s strongest strike, but it also contained a large portion of the Chaotic Force in his body. The slash was so powerful that it completely exceeded the Ninth Heavenly Layer in terms of strength, such that even the Ruler Armament was unable to endure it.

The huge sword Qi rushed forwards with the aura of destruction, enveloping all the Saint Rulers of the eight clans. It overwhelmed them with shock.

“Goddammit! Work together to block it!” Heras cried out, calling all the Saint Rulers to work together in resisting it. Currently, they were all extremely ugly in the face; the power of Jian Chen’s slash had completely exceeded their expectations. They could not understand how Jian Chen was able to produce such a powerful strike, no matter how they thought. Even they were unable to hit so hard.

Over ten people raised their hand to form a barrier. In the very moment the barrier was formed, the giant sword Qi collided loudly with it. It began trembling violently before being shattered very quickly.

Spurt! A mouthful of blood sprayed from the Saint Ruler’s mouths. The power of the slash was formed from a large portion of Jian Chen’s Chaotic Force, so its strength had reached a terrifying level. It had completely exceeded the Ninth Heavenly Layer and was on par to a strike from a Saint King. Heras was the most powerful among them, and the only person at his level. They were unable to block it even when they worked together.

The great sword Qi shattered the barrier like a hot knife through butter and shot towards the Saint Rulers. They were completely unable to dodge it.

In that crucial moment, a giant palm suddenly appeared. Like a wall hanging in the sky, it stood before the Saint Rulers and protected them.

Boom! The giant sword Qi condensed from Chaotic Force collided with the palm and caused a great rumble. The great ripples of energy wreaked havoc in the region, destroying the space and sucking everything into a pitch-black void.

The palm was like an impenetrable shield. It completely blocked the sword Qi attack, saving all the Saint Rulers of the eight clans.

In the end, the sword Qi’s energy was all consumed and it disappeared in mid-air. Afterwards, the giant palm also slowly faded away before fully dissipating. It revealed a blue-robed old man and a purple-robed, middle-aged woman in a posture with her hand extended.

“We greet the two seniors!”

As soon as they say the two people appear, the Saint Rulers all knelt down in the sky. Their faces were filled with respect.

The woman slowly pulled back her slender hand and looked around uncaringly. She said with a cold voice, “I never thought that during a visit to the protector clans the city would turn into such a mess. If I didn’t get back in time, perhaps you would all have been doomed.”

“It’s exactly as the way senior has put it. We thank the senior for saving us,” the ancestors all said; a sliver of paleness appeared on their faces. The strike from before had frightened them all, causing them to experience a moment of life-or-death that had not happened to them for many years already.

The woman eyed Jian Chen before seeing the white tiger on Jian Chen’s neck. Her interest was piqued, and she said indifferently, “You must be Yang Yutian?”

Jian Chen said nothing. He felt extremely grim. The woman had easily blocked the attack that had consumed most of his Chaotic Force, so without a doubt she was a Saint King, and one of the strongest Saint Kings there was at that.

“Senior, he is Yang Yutian.” A Saint Ruler said with a gentle voice from behind her.

“I didn’t think you’d actually be a fighter as well. But no matter what you are, you need to leave behind the beast of antiquity that might be the Winged Tiger God.” As soon as the woman finished speaking, the space around Jian Chen immediately froze. The frozen space was much tougher than any other ones he had encountered in the past. It seemed to have become a block of extremely tough essence iron, tightly trapping him inside. He could not even move a finger.

The woman appeared before Jian Chen without a sound and extended her white, slender hand towards the white tiger.


At this very moment, a violent rumble suddenly resounded in the distance. The sound was thunderous and earth-shaking, causing the entire city to tremble violently.

The woman’s hand reaching towards the white tiger was forcefully stopped mid-air. She turned her head abruptly towards the union headquarters, while her indifferent eyes narrowed.

The sudden sound had attracted everyone’s attention. The president and grand elder also turned their heads towards the origins of the sound, and, to no surprise, towards where the union headquarters was.

Suddenly, the president’s expression changed greatly. He cried out, “It’s the saint artifact. Crap, the saint artifact’s come out.” With that, a golden streak of light shot over from the distance. It directly landed into Jian Chen’s hand. It was a golden tower, only three inches in height.

“It’s the saint artifact. It’s the saint artifact of our union. Why has the saint artifact come out?” The president’s expression changed greatly and stared at it in disbelief.

The woman was also stunned by the sudden change to the situation. However, she returned to her senses soon after and stared at the palm-sized golden tower that had flown by itself into Jian Chen’s hand. A weird light flashed across her eyes, and she immediately extended her right hand towards it.

As soon as her hand approached it, a rather large fist suddenly appeared out of nowhere and directly flew towards the woman.

Her expression changed greatly and her hand reaching towards the tower halted. It accepted the punch with a thick layer of World Force.


With a sudden thunder-like sound, the fist collided with the woman’s hand, causing the surrounding space to shake violently.

After the strike, the woman’s face changed abruptly. She immediately shot backwards and stared at the fist in shock. She cried out, “Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King!”

A bare-chested, middle-aged man slowly appeared. He was burly, wide and thick, and his body radiated with a certain aura of toughness. He glanced at the woman indifferently before losing interest. Raising his head at the sky before quickly lowering it to look at the ground, he became more and more excited. He trembled gently and said with a shaking voice, “I’m out, I’m out, I’m finally out. I’ve finally returned to my ancestor’s world!”

The middle-aged man was the strongest magical beast within the artifact, the three-hundred meter long Golden Divine Dragon.

After the man, another dozen or so figures slowly emerged into the sky. They all radiated with a bold aura, pressuring the Saint Rulers present to the point where they struggled to breathe.

“Finally out, we’re finally out. From now onwards, we’re free. We don’t need to be trapped in that bloody space any longer.”

“I’ve finally come out. I’m free…”

“I’ve finally returned to the world where my ancestors came from…”

The Class 8 Magical Beasts that were just liberated from the artifact space produced earth-shaking roars at the sky. Their voices were filled with emotion, and a few people had even began crying. Those were the tears of joy.

The woman’s face became extremely ugly and she cried out softly, “Why have over ten Saint Kings appeared here? One of them is even in the Ninth Heavenly Layer. No, that’s not right, this isn’t the presence of humans. They’re actually all high class magical beasts.” The woman immediately became rather pale.

At the same time the tiger king, who was currently resting on a small island in the northern ocean, stood up abruptly. He stared in the direction of the Tian Yuan Continent with glowing eyes and said, “Why have the presence of a dozen or so Class 8 Magical Beasts appeared suddenly? Who are they?”

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