Chapter 793: Escaping from the City of God

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Chapter 793: Escaping from the City of God

In the City of God, the ancestors of the eight clans and the middle-aged woman from the Zaar family floated in mid-air, stunned. The sudden appearance of the presence of over ten Class 8 Magical Beasts dealt a very powerful psychological blow to them.

A Class 8 Magical Beast was equivalent to a human Saint King. In addition, due to their innate abilities these magical beasts would be extremely tough in battle with very few humans at a similar level that could be their opponents. The sudden appearance of a dozen or so Class 8 Magical Beasts was equal to a dozen or so Saint Kings, and one of them had even reached the very peak of Class 8.

A group like this was capable of making even the protector clans feel frightened. Together they were more powerful than any single protector clan, so if the clans wanted to deal with them they would have to work together.

“Are you from the Beast God Continent? Haven’t the ten protector clans come to an agreement with your tiger emperor where you can’t enter the continent for the next three months? Why would you break the agreement so soon?” The woman from the Zaar family growled. Even she felt fear before so many Class 8 Magical Beasts.

The liberated magical beasts all roared at the sky carefreely. Their voices were filled with joy, as if they were venting all the grievances of thousands of years.

Their ancestors were all sucked into the saint artifact in the ancient times. After countless years their ancestors had reproduced and given birth to generations and generations, all of whom lived in the artifact space. They matured and became powerful before finally dying in there.

All their ancestors knew that the sky outside was vaster, but they could do nothing as they were unable to break free from the bindings of the artifact and escape. As a result, escaping to the outside world was basically the life-long dream of every high class magical beast inside. And finally, this dream which they had carried for so long came true. It filled all of them with unconcealable joy, to the point that they all could not help but tear up.

Not only was this day a day they had anticipated for a very long time, it was the greatest wish of their ancestors. They had yearned for this day for far too long.

A long while later, the magical beasts finally calmed down and looked around curiously to explore this world. The Golden Divine Dragon in human form looked at the woman and could not help but remember what the woman had said. He asked, “What did you say? What Beast God Continent?”

“You’re not magical beasts from the Beast God Continent?” The woman displayed a weird light before glancing at the saint artifact in Jian Chen’s hand.

“The Beast God Continent.” The dragon murmured to himself, but there was a sliver of confusion in his eyes. This was because there was nothing about a Beast God Continent in his inherited memories. When his ancestor was first sucked into the artifact space, the Winged Tiger God had yet to attack the Hundred Races with all the magical beasts under his command. At that time, the Beast God Continent was still the Hundred Races’ territory.

The golden dragon glanced at the two people behind him and sighed emotionally, “With so many years, it looks like the world’s changed greatly. It’s no longer the world remembered by our ancestors.”

The two people behind him were the mutated Divine Alligator and Scorching Divine Phoenix in human forms. They took the appearances of a black-robed old man and a red-clothed young woman.

The alligator and phoenix’s gazes became rather complicated. They were very excited with their return to their home world, but after calming down they instead felt like they had come to an extremely unfamiliar world.

A lonesome and depressed light also flashed across the phoenix’s eyes. However, she hid it very quickly and said, “The energy of the world here is much richer than inside the artifact. I reached the peak of the Eighth Heavenly Layer three hundred years ago, so I’m just a step away from the ninth. I need to find a place to go into seclusion immediately.”

Shortly afterwards, the phoenix glanced at the white tiger on Jian Chen’s shoulder and a sliver of surprise flashed across her eyes. Afterwards, she eyed the golden tower in Jian Chen’s hands and said, “Artifact spirit, I’ve already helped you break the ancient vow. According to our agreement, you will no longer restrict us of our freedom. Hong Lian will be bidding farewell first.” With that, the phoenix glanced at the white tiger one last time before disappearing as a red streak of light.

The dragon looked towards the Winged Tiger God on Jian Chen’s shoulder, his expression filled with complexity. He said, “I never thought I’d meet a Winged Tiger God the moment I came out. It’s a pity it’s too weak.” The dragon sighed and murmured, “After so many years, I wonder if my clansmen are still around. I need to go to the Dragon clan. According to my inherited memories, the Dragon clan’s positioned on an island in the ocean.”

“The Dragon clan? Are you talking about the Dragon clan of the four ancient great magical beast clans?” The woman asked in surprise.

The dragon’s interest was piqued. He looked at the woman with glowing eyes and asked, “You actually know about my Dragon clan? How is the Dragon clan right now?”

The woman immediately gasped upon gaining confirmation. Her gaze towards the dragon experienced an extremely great changed and she said, “The Dragon clan’s ceased existing very, very long ago. They’ve vanished. Including the ancient Divine Phoenix clan, they’ve all vanished. The Beast God Continent not had a Dragon or Divine Phoenix clan for a long time.”

“What? Vanished? How is that possible?” The dragon stared blankly while a sliver of disbelief appeared in his eyes. According to his inherited memories, his Dragon clan was an extremely powerful clan, the emperors of the magical beasts.

The woman was now completely certain of the Class 8 Magical Beasts’ identities. She said, “I do know a little about the matters of the ancient times. Apparently, the Dragon clan and the Divine Phoenix clan disappeared at the same time, as well as the ancient Winged Tiger God.”

“Vanished, vanished. My Dragon clan’s already vanished.” The dragon displayed indescribable pain and loneliness. When he heard what the woman had said, he reacted like he had just lost all of his relatives.

“I want to go back to Dragon Island to have a look.” The dragon murmured gently.

“Rui Jin, I’ll go with you.” The black-clothed old man said beside the dragon.

The dragon nodded slightly. He was not familiar with a lot of people from the artifact space, only two. They were the Scorching Divine Phoenix who had just departed and the mutated Divine Alligator beside him.

Suddenly, the dragon’s expression changed slightly. Two rays of light immediately shot out from his eyes, piercing the fabric of space, and he growled, “Crap, there’s quite a few experts currently tearing open the space. They… they… they seem to be from the ten protector clans of the Tian Yuan Continent.”

“According to my memories, the ancient magical beasts were oil and water with the humans. We hated each other, so we definitely can’t let them come. With my race’s abilities, I can seal up the space within a radius of ten million kilometers so that they can’t tear through it. Everyone quickly disperse during this time.”

The dragon suddenly began to glow with an extremely powerful light. It illuminated the entire space, dyeing the world golden. It formed a miraculous scene rarely seen, even in several millenia, above the City of God, stunning countless people below.

The golden light that illuminated the surroundings all gathered into his two hands, and they quickly changed into different seals with the light. As the hands moved, the surrounding space seemed to become something like a heart, beating with a rhythm.

“Dragon clan secret technique, Worldlock!” The golden dragon cried out and produced a seal from his hands, shoving it at the empty void. Immediately a few slight, wondrous changes occurred to the space in a radius of ten million kilometers, as if it had turned into a separate domain with different laws of the world in that very moment.

The woman and the Saint Ruler’s all reacted greatly. They felt like they could no longer control Spatial Force, not even to simply move it. At that moment it seemed like they were forcefully ripped away from the laws of the world and no longer in the world they were in before.

“What- what- what is this ability!? Why is it so terrifying!?” They were all overwhelmed by shock. They had never even heard of an ability that could influence the laws of the world, much less witness it themselves. Even Saint Emperors were probably not capable of this.

“With my secret technique, I’ve sealed the space within a radius of ten million kilometers. It can only last for ten seconds. Everyone, leave quickly.” The dragon said to his companions behind him.

The Class 8 Magical Beasts did not hesitate at all. They all ripped open the space to create Space Gates, traversing an extremely great distance with a single step. They departed from the City of God.

“Farewell, artifact spirit! I hope we never meet again in the future!” The dragon spoke towards the saint artifact with gritted teeth, with a voice that still carried some anger. It was impossible to not have any hatred towards the artifact spirit after being trapped for thousands of years. However, he understood that the artifact spirit too was bounded by the ancient vow, and that he had his own miseries.

“Rui Jin, the overlord’s currently in great danger. You might as well take him along with you when you leave.” The artifact spirit’s voice appeared in the dragon’s head.

“Alright, I’ll help you this time.” The dragon gnashed his teeth. Afterwards, with a swing of his hand, space was ripped open to form a Space Gate.

As soon as the Space Gate formed, Jian Chen experienced an powerful, irresistible force wrap around him that sent him into the Space Gate.

Seeing Jian Chen flee, the woman immediately became anxious. Just when she wanted to chase after him, she saw the dragon in the corner of her eyes and immediately suppressed the impulse in her heart.

“The saint artifact. Yang Yutian, return the saint artifact to us.” The president of the Radiant Saint Master Union became unsettled as he watched Jian Chen disappear into the Space Gate. The saint artifact was the treasure of the union. It was extremely important, and if he lost the artifact the union would no longer have any meaning for its existence.

The reason why they were able to gather almost all the high class Radiant Saint Masters of the continent was because the union possessed the saint artifact, possessing the secret to reaching Class 7 at the same time. This was why they had their current status.

“Hei Yu, we should also go.” After sending Jian Chen off, the dragon ripped open the space again to create a Space Gate before departing with the mutated Divine Alligator.

In the blink of an eye, the dozen or so Class 8 Magical Beasts that had come out of the artifact all departed. No one knew where they went, and even Jian Chen, amidst a disaster, escaped under the help of the dragon, taking away the saint artifact of the union with him.

With the artifact taken away, all the people from the union darkened in complexion. Even the grand elder, who originally viewed Jian Chen extremely importantly, became ugly, as the artifact was just too important to the union. They definitely could not afford losing it.

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