Chapter 794: The Artifact Takes a Master

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Chapter 794: The Artifact Takes a Master

After a few seconds, the surrounding space began to ripple violently like the ripples of a lake. Soon afterwards, eleven spatial cracks suddenly opened up, quickly forming Space Gates. Immediately, many people stepped out, all from the ten protector clans and Mercenary City. To no surprise, the person leading the Mercenary City group was Tian Jian, the grand elder of the city.

Suddenly, another crack opened up. An old man in simple clothes walked out. He was by himself, but despite his appearance no one present dared to belittle him. Even the strongest people from the ten protector clans looked at the old man seriously.

“Bloodsword sect sect master, Houston. I never thought you’d come too.” Tian Jian smiled at the old man.

“The presences of over ten Class 8 Magical Beasts suddenly appeared. As a human, is there a principle where I don’t come for something so important?” Houston said expressionlessly; his voice was very calm. However, he was far from the calmness he displayed inside.

“What’s happened here? Why did the presences of over ten Class 8 Magical Beasts suddenly appear here?” An ordinary-looking middle-aged woman asked. She was the pavilion master of the Pure Heart Pavilion.

“And this region of space seemed to be sealed by a mysterious power just then. My Space Gate was unable to connect here, which delayed me very much. Otherwise, those magical beasts would definitely not have been able to flee so quickly,” said a middle-aged man. He too was an expert from the ten protector clans.

The middle-aged woman from the Zaar family did not hide anything at all. She narrated everything that had happened before in detail, and did not even hide the news about the Winged Tiger God.

“What!? The Winged Tiger God is with a junior who’s both a fighter and a Radiant Saint Master!? How can people be Radiant Saint Masters and fighters at the same time!?” Hearing that, the ten protector clans all questioned it immediately.

This was because on the Tian Yuan Continent, a fighter could not be a Radiant Saint Master and a Radiant Saint Master could not be a fighter at the same time. This was an almost undebatable fact as no one had ever appeared as both of them, not even during the ancient times.

“I’d never think that all the Class 8 Magical Beasts trapped in the Radiant Saint Master Union’s artifact would all come out at once. This is something extremely bad for our continent. If they work together with the experts of the Beast God Continent, then the Beast God Continent will power up significantly.” The speaker was an ancestor of the Changyang clan, Changyang Qing Yun.

“Let’s not talk about these matters first. Finding the Winged Tiger God is the priority. We can’t let the experts of the Beast God Continent obtain it before us, or after it reaches its peak it’ll be the end of our Tian Yuan Continent,” another person said.

“Why don’t we work together and search the entire continent with a secret technique? We’ll find his whereabouts.” Another suggested.

Afterwards, a Saint King stood out from each of the protector clans. Pooling their strength together, they cast a secret technique to search the entire continent.

The Mercenary City group did not participate in it. The grand elder, Tian Jian, floated in the space as he watched the people cast the technique, and he was rather anxious inside, scared of them finding where Jian Chen was.

Houston also worried. He treated Jian Chen as his successor, and even watched on personally as Jian Chen matured to such a level from an Earth Saint Master with a broken Saint Weapon. He naturally did not wish for Jian Chen to die young as an unprecedented prodigy.

This was because he knew very well that if Jian Chen successfully made it all the way, his achievements would definitely not be any lower than his own. Jian Chen could even exceed him, becoming a second Saint Emperor on the continent.

The search went on for roughly half an hour before finally ending. However, the people who did the searching all displayed rather ugly expressions. One of them said, “We’ve already searched the entire continent, but we can’t find the presence of the Winged Tiger God. However, we found some Class 8 Magical Beasts from the artifact space.”

Hearing that, all the people of the ten protector clans darkened in complexion, while both Tian Jian and Houston relaxed slightly.

“Since we can’t find the Winged Tiger God, why don’t we slaughter all those Class 8 Magical Beasts who escaped from the artifact? It’ll weaken the Beast God Continent’s force.” An old woman suggested with a hoarse voice.

“We mustn’t. If we kill those magical beasts, it might weaken the Beast God Continent slightly, but it’ll just fan the Beast God Continent’s flames of rage. It’ll just speed up the war between the two continents. This would be extremely bad for us.” Objections appeared as soon as the old woman put forward her suggestion.

“Correct. We, the Tian Yuan Continent, are weaker than the Beast God Continent. It’s disadvantageous to go to war against them early. We still need some buffering time. We can only fight them after we’ve condensed all the power we have. The priority is still finding the Winged Tiger God.” 


Several millions of kilometers away from the Holy Empire, Jian Chen currently sat on the ground in some grassy plains, moving about to look at the palm-sized, golden tower.

The craftsmanship of the tiny tower was extremely exquisite. There were a total of nine floors and was very pretty glittering with golden light before him.

“So the artifact of the union is like this. Though, artifact spirit, why did you want to leave the union?” Jian Chen moved the golden tower around as he looked at it and spoke as if he was talking to himself. His injuries from the Saint Ruler of the eight clans had already completely healed from the insane recovery rate of the Chaotic Body.

“Overlord, this one has already stayed in the union for hundreds of thousands of years. I don’t want to always remain in this world. This one is willing to follow the overlord. I only wish to see vaster worlds.” The artifact spirit’s voice appeared in Jian Chen’s head; his tone was extremely sincere.

“Artifact spirit, you’re smart for knowing to follow master. Don’t worry, master’s future accomplishments is immeasurable. Once master becomes powerful, you’ll be swimming in benefits. He’ll only need to collect some materials to upgrade your artifact and your strength will increase by hundredfold.” Zi Ying’s voice suddenly appeared.

Jian Chen could clearly feel the golden tower in his hand tremble extremely slightly, as if what Zi Ying had said caused the artifact spirit to become extremely excited.

“Artifact spirit, just how powerful are you right now? Can you assist me in fending off the experts of the ten protector clans?”

“Master, don’t count on the spirit of this artifact. It’s not an offensive artifact, but rather an auxiliary artifact. Though it can be used to store some stuff, its ability to battle is pitiful. If you want it to fight enemies, it might not even be able to harm master.” Zi Ying’s voice resounded in Jian Chen’s head.

Hearing that, Jian Chen immediately became slightly surprised. He did not believe it, “How is this possible? Didn’t the artifact spirit seal those Class 8 Magical Beasts? Why is it so weak?”

“Overlord, you may not know, but this one is indeed a auxiliary artifact. My purpose is to convert the Radiant Saint Force in the surroundings into origin energy. This one can display the strength of a Saint Emperor within the artifact space, but outside this one’s strength is greatly reduced. It will be difficult for this one to fight a Saint Ruler,” the artifact spirit said bitterly.

Jian Chen secretly sighed. Originally he planned on just using the artifact spirit to fend off the ten protector clans, but now it seemed to all be imagination.

“Artifact spirit, why don’t you hurry up and accept him as your master?” Zi Ying’s dignified voice resounded in the artifact spirit’s head.

Hearing that, the artifact spirit immediately jerked. After a slight hesitation, he took Jian Chen as his master all by his own accord before disappearing into the centre of Jian Chen’s eyebrows as a streak of golden light. It had already arrived in Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness, floating obediently between the sword spirits that were currently absorbing the Multicolored Stone.

“Master, now that this one has accepted you as my master, master can place the Winged Tiger God into the saint artifact.” The artifact spirit’s voice appeared in Jian Chen’s head.

With that, Jian Chen hesitated slightly before finally placing the white tiger into the space after seeing that the white tiger agreed. It was easier to conceal his identity this and could help avoid quite a lot of trouble.

With the artifact spirit submitting himself, Jian Chen also finally relaxed slightly. Now that the artifact followed him at all times, no matter where he went reaching Class 7 was no longer a problem. He only needed to wait a year before the seal on the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force was released, allowing him to reach Class 7. Then he would possess the ability to revive the dead.

Standing up, Jian Chen fished out a set of tight blue robes and wore them. He then left after fitting himself like a fighter.

Two hours later, Jian Chen had already traversed thousands of kilometers. He then entered a first class city to buy a map, to find his way back home.

As soon as he entered the city, Jian Chen heard about the news of the search for the Winged Tiger God everywhere. Even ordinary people knew about the Winged Tiger God.

Jian Chen listened to the people’s discussions about the tiger as he walked towards the largest general store in the city. He bought the largest map available.

“I never thought I’d have come here.” Jian Chen immediately smiled bitterly after seeing the markings on the map. This was because he was currently in the Felicity Empire of the three great empires, already millions of kilometers away from the Holy Empire.

“Why have I come to somewhere so far away? It’s terrible. Without a Space Gate, I have no idea how much time I’d need to spend on the road before I get back to the Gesun Kingdom.” Jian Chen smiled bitterly, immediately pained by the thought.

“Whatever, let’s see if I can find a Space Gate first or not.” Jian Chen put the map away and left the city to see if he could find a Space Gate and leave the empire with it. It would save a lot of traveling time.

Three days later, Jian Chen flew in the sky towards a rather powerful sect that he had learned of. He wanted to see if there was a public Space Gate anywhere nearby.

At that very moment, the space in front of him cracked open and a Space Gate quickly formed. A white-robed, middle-aged man stepped out.

“Senior!” Seeing the man, Jian Chen immediately rejoiced. It was Tian Jian, the grand elder of Mercenary City.

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