Chapter 795: Eve of Departure

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Chapter 795: Eve of Departure

Tian Jian had come all by himself. He seemed like an ordinary person, but his white clothes seemed to give off a celestial aura. The wind was violent high up in the sky, causing his robes to be buffeted about wildly and his long, black hair to float in the air.

Tian Jian looked at Jian Chen with a complicated look, “I never thought you’d actually come to somewhere so far away. Jian Chen, it’s fortunate that I still left that mark on you or finding you really wouldn’t have been easy. Jian Chen, now that the ten protector clans are searching the entire continent to find you, it’s no longer suitable for you to stay on the Tian Yuan Continent. You should quickly leave.”

Hearing that, Jian Chen’s expression changed slightly. He said hurriedly, “Senior, the white tiger now has somewhere to hide. There’s no worry for it being found anymore. Also, the Tian Yuan Continent is huge; if I hide well, it’ll be very difficult for them to find me.”

“The place of hiding you mentioned must be the saint artifact of the Radiant Saint Master Union.” Tian Jian stared deeply at Jian Chen. Currently, the shock in his heart brought on by Jian Chen was only increasing. Not only did he earn the companionship of the Winged Tiger God, forming an extremely deep bond with the tiger since it was young, even the barrier spirit of Mercenary City that rarely appeared seemed to have a mysterious, unknown bond with him.

And now, even the saint artifact that had existed for countless years in the union followed Jian Chen on its own accord. This type of behavior seemed to tell Tian Jian that the young man in front of him could not be compared to other, ordinary prodigies.

Jian Chen nodded, “Senior’s correct. It’s indeed the artifact space. The protector clans shouldn’t be able to find him if the tiger stays in there.”

“No, it’s not as simple as you think.” Tian Jian gently shook his head, “Jian Chen, you once stayed at the union so you should understand what the saint artifact means to them. Now that you’ve taken away the saint artifact, you’ve basically stolen the lifeblood of the union. In the future, those searching for you probably won’t just be the protector clans. The union won’t let you go either, because the artifact’s just too important to them.”

Jian Chen said nothing. How could he not understand what Tian Jian was saying? It was just that the saint artifact’s help was currently too valuable to him. Not only was it his only hope to reach Class 7, it was where the white tiger hid. It was indeed extremely difficult for Jian Chen to now return the artifact.

Also, the artifact now had a consciousness. It had its own thoughts, and it was the artifact itself that wanted to follow him. It had even taken him on as a master. Jian Chen would struggle to do it even if he wanted to return it.

The figures of the president and grand elder flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes. He could not help but feel rather ashamed and uneasy. Not only did he fail their expectations, he even created an extremely big problem for the union.

“President, grand elder, in the future Jian Chen will definitely make a compensation of several fold for your losses,” Jian Chen thought.

“Jian Chen, the saint artifact’s already existed with the union for countless years. Even I have no idea if the union has any way to search for the artifact, and the protector clans are already using the entire continent’s power to search for you. They’ve also already collected drawings of you, so perhaps in the not-so-distant future those images will spread throughout the continent. When that times comes, the Tian Yuan Continent is no longer somewhere you can stay.”

“Senior, what should I do? Do I really have to leave the continent? Even if I leave, the experts of the Beast God Continent will come searching for me as well.” Jian Chen’s heart was extremely heavy.

After some thought, Tian Jian mumbled, “Perhaps there’s only one more place you can go now. Only that place can protect your from both the protector clans and the Beast God Continent.”

“Where’s that?” Jian Chen asked curiously.

“To the Sea race!” Tian Jian said slowly.

“The Sea race of the four ancient races?” Jian Chen asked in astonishment.

Tian Jian nodded and confirmed, “Correct, the Sea race of the four ancient races. Today, only the Sea race possesses the power that can cause both the protector clans and the Beast God Continent to become fearful. This is because the sea god of the ancient times is still not dead. A thousand years ago, I sensed the presence of the sea god. He’s still alive.”

Hearing that, Jian Chen jerked violently. He was greatly shocked and unsettled.

The four champions of the ancient times were the strongest human, Mo Tianyun, the ancient Winged Tiger God, the war god of the ancient Hundred Races, Aergyns, and the sea god of the sea abyss. The four of them were all at a level where all forms of life could look up to, existences that had surpassed Saint Emperor.

“Jian Chen, I’ll take you back. You can’t stay any longer on the Tian Yuan Continent. I’ll send you off after you handle the miscellaneous matters you need to deal with.” Tian Jian sighed gently. This was the only way to protect Jian Chen. Soon afterwards, he gently waved his hand and an invisible force wrapped around Jian Chen, sucking him into the Space Gate.

When Jian Chen reappeared, he was already outside Lore City in the Gesun Kingdom. Tian Jian also followed along with him.

“Jian Chen, go deal with what you need to at home. I’ll wait for you here,” Tian Jian said indifferently.

Jian Chen said nothing in reply. He was about to leave the Tian Yuan Continent, and he became unhappy as a result because he knew he would have to leave behind all his friends and family. Once he left, he had no idea when he could return again. Perhaps he would only return after he possessed the strength to fend off both the protector clans and the Beast God Continent. However, he had no idea how far away that day was.

Perhaps he would need thousands of years before he could return. By then, all the people would have changed.

Jian Chen carried an indescribable loneliness, flying towards the Changyang Manor of Lore City with a heavy heart.

Currently in Lore City, the matter about finding the Winged Tiger God had already spread from mouth to mouth. Currently it had reached a level where almost all the people on the Tian Yuan Continent knew about the Winged Tiger God.

Jian Chen returned to the manor. His arrival immediately caused the place to become lively as many elders all rushed out and surrounded him like the stars around a moon, asking about how he was. Their expression were both courteous and filled with concern, with some pride sandwiched in between.

After some small conversation with all the old people of the manor, he called Uncle Chang to his room. He set up a transparent barrier around the room with a wave of his hand.

Looking at Jian Chen’s behaviour, Uncle Chang knew that Jian Chen was in a bad mood. Perhaps something bad had happened? Compounded by how careful Jian Chen was, Uncle Chang immediately became rather stern and asked, “Fourth young master, why are you being so cautious? Has something happened?”

Jian Chen turned around to look at his room. He could not help but have images of the past flash across his eyes and, with a soft sigh, he said, “Uncle Chang, I need to leave here for some time, and that time may be very long.”

“Young master, has something big happened?” Uncle Chang’s face was filled with worry.

Jian Chen nodded slightly, “A few things have occurred. Uncle Chang, after I leave the clan will be in your care.”

“Young master, you don’t need to worry about the clan. Just be extra careful.” Uncle Chang’s voice was filled with concern. He could already guess that Jian Chen had probably once more provoked powerful opponents outside.

Jian Chen produced a dozen or so Class 6 Monster Cores from his Space Ring and placed the handful on the table. He said, “Uncle Chang, these Class 6 Monster Cores will assist your cultivation greatly. I don’t need them anymore, so you should take them. I hope the next time we meet, Uncle Chang will have already reached Saint Ruler.”

Jian Chen told Uncle Chang a few more things before leaving the room. He then proceeded to the manor’s back courtyard, the small quiet building where his eldest brother, Changyang Hu, stayed.

Uncle Chang eyed the monster cores left behind by Jian Chen with a complicated gaze before slowly putting them away, one by one, into his Space Ring. Afterwards, he looked out the window absent-mindedly, as if he had dug up some ancient memories.

After a very long while did Uncle Chang murmur quickly, “Now that all ten protector clans of the continent have emerged, the news of finding the Winged Tiger God has spread everywhere. And that tiger cub that once accompanied the fourth young master seems extremely similar to it. Perhaps it actually is the Winged Tiger God? Otherwise, with his strength, young master wouldn’t be forced into such a situation.”

“Master, you’ve already left for hundreds of years. There’s not much time until the end of your life. Just where are you? If the ancestors learned that you left behind an unprecedented prodigy for the Changyang clan, I think those ancestors would forgive you and remove your punishment. They’ll let you successfully become a Saint Ruler.”

As Uncle Chang murmured, two turbid tears rolled down his face.

Jian Chen arrived at the small individual building where his eldest brother stayed. He saw his brother half-lying in a wheelchair, being slowly pushed around the yard by a servant girl.

“Big brother!” Jian Chen called out, directly making his way for Changyang Hu.

“Ah, it’s the fourth you master. This servant greets the fourth young master.” As soon as the servant girl saw Jian Chen, she was surprised and hurriedly bowed towards Jian Chen.

“Fourth brother, you’re finally back.” Changyang Hu looked towards Jian Chen. An indifferent smile appeared on his face, yet his voice was extremely calm and without any emotions.

Jian Chen quickly made his way to Changyang Hu and dismissed the servant girl. Afterwards, he pushed the wheelchair himself, taking Changyang Hu around the yard.

Jian Chen glanced past the flowering shrubs and said softly, “Brother, I’ve come this time to say farewell.”

Changyang Hu smiled slightly, “Brother, why don’t you stay for a few more days this time instead of hurrying off. Just how many days of these past years have you spent in the manor?”

Hearing that, Jian Chen laughed dryly before pushing the wheelchair into the building. He said, “Brother, other than to bid farewell, I’ve come for something else this time. And that’s to heal your limbs.”

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