Chapter 796: Healing Missing Limbs

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Chapter 796: Healing Missing Limbs

“Recover my limbs?” Changyang Hu stared blankly at Jian Chen and smiled, “Brother, have you already become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master?” What Jian Chen had said did not cause his brother to display any emotions of happiness. Perhaps, to him his missing limbs were no longer a matter of importance.

Jian Chen shook his head, “Brother, I still haven’t reached Class 7 yet, but I do have the ability to recover your limbs. Brother, don’t move. I’ll send you to a certain place. Your limbs can be healed there.” Jian Chen opened his hand and a palm-sized golden tower suddenly appeared. A white streak of light shot out from it, enveloping Changyang Hu and disappearing with him.

Afterwards, Jian Chen was also enveloped by the white light and sent into the artifact space. Only the tiny golden tower was left floating in the empty room.

The reason why Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters could regrow missing limbs or even revive the dead was because of the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force. Only the origin energy could do all that.

Although Jian Chen had yet to reach Class 7 or obtain the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force, he had the saint artifact. If his brother was taken into the artifact space, the artifact spirit could easily heal him.

Within the artifact, the hall that was destroyed in the process of breaking the ancient vow had already reappeared. Suddenly, there was a white flash of light inside and Changyang Hu, on his wheelchair and all, appeared in the grand hall from out of nowhere.

Changyang Hu looked around the unfamiliar place. His eyes carried a sliver of blankness and curiosity. Before he could carefully look around there was another flash of light and Jian Chen, in his fighter-like tight blue robes, had appeared beside him.

“Brother, where is this?” Changyang Hu asked out of curiosity.

“Brother, this is another space. Only in here can your limbs be healed.” Jian Chen smiled.

“Master!” A heavy voice resounded from his side. The artifact spirit had already appeared right next to Jian Chen like a ghost, without a single sound or sign.

Jian Chen looked at the artifact spirit and said, “Artifact spirit, you’ll be responsible for my brother’s injuries.”

“Master, don’t worry. Although my origin energy of Radiant Saint Force can’t be absorbed by master, it can be used to heal other people. Also, your brother’s not very powerful and his body’s rather fragile. If I want to heal his limbs, I will only need half a strand of the origin energy.” With that, the artifact spirit made a pointing gesture. A strand of origin energy quickly condensed, shining with a dazzling white light.

“Is this the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force?” Jian Chen could not help but narrow his eyes. This was the first time he had seen it with his own eyes. He felt that there were no major differences between the origin energy and Radiant Saint Force; both were of similar characteristics. However, he could feel an extraordinarily rich force of life in the origin energy, countless times more powerful than inside the Radiant Saint Force he could control.

This was a leap in quality. The disparity between the two was like a chasm.

After the origin energy entered Changyang Hu, a dazzling white light immediately rose up from his body, enveloping him inside it completely.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed in interest. He stared fixedly at Changyang Hu wrapped in the white light. He seemed to be able to see through the extremely dense Radiant Saint Force to see exactly what was going on inside.

Gradually, a sliver of joy appeared on Jian Chen’s face from his excitement. Even his hands were tightly clenched. He could clearly see his brother’s missing limbs regrow at a visible rate with the help of the origin energy.

It lasted for roughly half an hour. The light around Changyang Hu slowly dispersed, revealing his burly body.

Currently Changyang Hu remained on the wheelchair, but his sleeves and trousers were no longer empty. New legs and arms had grown.

The new limbs had skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom and were very thick, fitting extremely well with Changyang Hu’s burly body. On the surface of his new limbs was the faint glow of white light. It was left-over, unused Radiant Saint Force.

The origin energy remained in his body. It could not be used by him, nor was it controlled by him, but it would bring unbelievable benefits. If he was heavily injured again in the future, this residue would come into great use.

Changyang Hu looked at his newly-grown limbs, but he did not become excited. Instead, his gaze became rather complicated. He stood up from the wheelchair with some stiff movements, and walked around a few times in the hall. He sighed softly, “Having it healed is good too. At least, in the future I can take care of myself. I don’t need to be served by people. It’ll be much more convenient.”

Having his limbs healed only seemed to be helpful to Changyang Hu’s everyday life. That was the limit of it.

“Brother, you can keep cultivating in the future,” Jian Chen said softly. He could not tell how his brother was feeling from how he was acting.

Changyang Hu gently shook his head, “No, I don’t plan on cultivating anymore in the future. Brother, I’ve seen through life these days. From your brother’s perspective, even powerful fighters may not be able to lead lives as happy as ordinary people. Also, no matter how strong you are, don’t you still end up the same as those ordinary people? Everything turns to dust, dissipating along with the wind and disappearing forever. Even the four champions of the ancient times could not escape the corrosion of time. They’ve already vanished from this world.”

Jian Chen sighed secretly. He knew that there was a great change to his eldest brother after being traumatised this badly. He even doubted if the Changyang Hu currently before him was still the same brother who studied with him at Kargath Academy.

His brother’s limbs had all healed; this was supposed to be something that was worth celebrating over. However, with his brother like this he could not become happy no matter what.

Jian Chen turned to the artifact spirit, “Artifact spirit, can you revive people from the dead?”

“Master, my limit is regrowing limbs. Reviving people from the dead is not something I, an artifact spirit, can do. This is because there’s a need to learn the three soul-controlling techniques. One must use those techniques to gather the deceased’s soul fragments, nourish and condense them together with the origin energy and then fuse it into the body. That is how the dead can be revived.” The artifact spirit explained.

Hearing that, Jian Chen furrowed his eyebrows slightly. He had stayed at the union for quite some time, but he had never thought that there was a need for three soul-controlling techniques to bring back the deceased.

“Are you unable to learn the three techniques, even with your ability?” Jian Chen asked again.

The artifact spirit was bitter-faced and smiled bitterly, “Master, there’s a need to have a soul to practise the three techniques. This one is only the spirit from an artifact. I don’t have a soul, so naturally I can’t learn them.”

“However, this one knows the way to learn the techniques. But only Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters with the origin energy can learn them. Once master reaches Class 7, this one will tell master the way to practise these techniques.”

A sliver of disappointment appeared in Jian Chen’s eyes. He originally thought he could borrow the artifact spirit’s power to revive his parents. However, he had never thought that three soul-controlling techniques needed to be mastered before any reviving could happen.

“Whatever, I’ll put the matter of reviving my parents to the side for now,” Jian Chen thought before taking his brother out of the artifact space with him. They returned to the small, lonely building.

The two of them talked for two hours before Jian Chen bid farewell. During that time, Changyang Hu did not ask about the saint artifact at all. Perhaps some things were no longer able to cause him to become curious.

Afterwards, Jian Chen visited his first aunt, Ling Long, and his second aunt, Yu Fengyang. After that, he left the manor.

An hour later, Jian Chen arrived at a grand inn in the center of the city. The inn had only been opened for a few years, but it was the largest and most luxurious in the city. It was also the safest inn in the entire Lore City. No one in the entire kingdom, even the large clans, dared to make any trouble for the inn, let alone the people in the city.

This was because all the people knew that the owner of the inn had an extremely deep relationship with the number one clan of the kingdom, the Changyang clan. Also, her connection with the Imperial Protector of the clan, the fourth young master of the Changyang clan, was something else. If she was offended, it would be indirectly offending Changyang Xiangtian as well.

As a result, the inn was famous across the entire kingdom even with only a few years of being run. Even outsider mercenaries and merchants would obediently hide away their arrogance, unwilling to act wildly while they were in the inn.

Jian Chen found the owner and Sans in the inn, people whom he had not met for a very long time. He departed straight away after some casual conversation.

Departing from the inn, Jian Chen directly left the city. Immediately, a voice boomed in his head, “Have you dealt with the matters at home?”

“I’ve done it all, but I need to pop into where the Flame Mercenaries are,” Jian Chen said with a rather gruff voice.

“I’ll take you there. Try to deal with everything within a day. I need to send you off the continent today. I fear that once it’s been dragged out, the situation will develop more and more against you. The ten protector clans are deeply-rooted great clans. Although you are hiding your presence, which prevents them from finding you temporarily, you must not drag it out for too long. Once they use the secret techniques from ancient times, it doesn’t matter where you hide.” With that, Tian Jian directly split open the space to form a crack, taking Jian Chen away.

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