Chapter 801: Gathering at Changyang Manor (One)

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Chapter 801: Gathering at the Changyang Manor (One)

Inside the Yangji sect of the ten protector clans, the current sect master sat on a raised throne in a majestic hall. Sitting below to his sides were a dozen or so old men. They were all Saint Rulers.

Although they were not the most powerful in the sect, they were all high-ranking members. The entire sect was managed by these people who possessed a status similar to caretakers.

“We’ve already found out that Yang Yutian is Jian Chen. His home is in Lore City of the Gesun Kingdom. He is from a small clan under the name of Changyang. His name in the clan is Changyang Xiangtian.” The sect master on the throne spoke indifferently as he glanced around.

“What? The Changyang clan? The Changyang clan of the protector clans?” As soon as the sect master said that, many people below immediately began to exclaim in surprise.

The sect master smiled indifferently, “The Changyang clan of the protector clans has three main branches: the Zu branch, the Yuan branch and the Qing branch. Xiang is not one of them. In my opinion, the Changyang clan in Lore City is just happens to bear the same name and is not actually the Changyang clan from the protector clans.”

“That’s true. Just how big is the Tian Yuan Continent? Encountering clans with the same names is something very common. The sect master should have analysed it correctly. The Changyang clan of Lore City must only bear the same name as the protector clan.” The sect master’s words immediately prompted many to agree.

At that very moment, an old man stood up. He said, with clasped hands, “Sect master, a few days ago, when the sect reopened its spatial seal, a disciple from a sect side branch established outside returned. At the same time, he brought back news that the side branch had been destroyed by someone. That person was Jian Chen with the Winged Tiger God.”

A gleam of light flashed across the sect master’s eyes, and he immediately stood up from his throne. He narrowed his eyes at the old man and asked, “Elder Ling Yuanzi, is that true?”

Elder Ling Yuanzi clasped his hands at the sect master and said confidently, “Sect master, I have already sent people to investigate this. This is all completely true, without the slightest inaccuracy.”

The sect master immediately began to laugh aloud, “God is smiling at my Yangji sect. God really is smiling on my Yangji sect. The question of who will form the contract with the Winged Tiger God after we obtain it has always been the most troublesome matter between the ten protector clans. Since Jian Chen has actually wiped out one of our outside side branches, doesn’t it mean that my Yangji sect has all the right in the world to take him? Us capturing Jian Chen would be equivalent to controlling the Winged Tiger God.”

“Even if he’s captured by the other protector clans first, the fact that he wiped out one of our side branches still holds true. It just happen to function as a bargaining trip and, with some more string-pulling, it’ll become a great opportunity to obtain the Winged Tiger God and force it into a contract with us.”

The sect master’s eyes glowed brighter and brighter. He soon sped out of the hall and said, “We can’t delay this. I will contact the ancestors immediately and see if there is any need to control Jian Chen’s family members or close relatives. All elders, make preparations to be ready to set out at any moment.”


A dozen or so people currently soared through the skies in the Gesun Kingdom. The two leading people were a young woman who seemed to be in her twenties and a young man who seemed to be just a little older. The man was handsome while the woman was pretty. They were clearly born and raised in a powerful clan, naturally radiating with an aura of nobility. Due to their rather similar appearances, they seemed like a pair of siblings.

Behind the two of them were twelve black-clothed, middle-aged men. They each wore expressionless faces with cold eyes.

“There’s actually a small clan around here that’s taken the name of Changyang. This is absolutely absurd! How can our Changyang clan’s name be used so casually by others? This time, we need to properly punish these impudent people,” the young lady said resentfully. She was extremely angry.

The young man beside her smiled bitterly, “Sister, don’t mind these things too much. The continent is so vast and there are countless people with the same names and surnames. It’s not impossible to encounter a clan that’s also taken up Changyang as its name. We only need to change their names when we go there this time. Don’t go overboard.”

The woman’s anger finally subsided slightly with what the man had said. After a slight hesitation, she said, “Brother, you’re right. Alright. We only need to get them to change their names. We don’t need to punish them.”

“Also, sister, our main mission heading out this time was to look for information on the Winged Tiger God. Don’t get too absorbed in messing around along the way. Look at you, all you’ve done ever since we left the clan is to go sightseeing. How have you focused on the mission at all?” The man said heavy-heartedly. His gaze towards the lady was filled with affection, as well as some helplessness.

The lady immediately became down, and dejectedly said, “I understand brother. You don’t need to say it. While I only seemed to be sightseeing along the way, wasn’t I still looking for information on the Winged Tiger God?”

The two people headed in the direction of Lore City as they chatted. Although they were all only Heaven Saint Masters, their flying speed still greatly exceeded that of an ordinary Heaven Saint Master. As a result, they reached Lore City very quickly.

By this time the half a million soldiers from the Eastern Deity Swords had already disappeared, all returned to the Qinhuang Kingdom.

“Sister, below us is the Changyang clan’s manor. Let’s head down.” The young man said as he pointed towards the rather large estate below.

The lady furrowed her fine eyebrows when she saw the grand estate. A sliver of dissatisfaction immediately appeared in her eyes and, with a soft sneer, she descended with the man.

The dozen or so Heaven Saint Masters descended from the sky, radiating with a powerful aura. They landed directly inside the estate, alerting everyone there.

Immediately, a large group of guards surrounded them from all directions. They all stared vigilantly at the unwelcomed guests with stern expressions.

“How dare you intrude the Changyang Manor. Are you tired of living? Hurry up and name yourselves.” The captain of the guards called out. Even though there were fourteen powerful Heaven Saint Masters, the captain showed no fear as the fourth young master of the clan was a true Saint Ruler.

“Hmph, you’re the ones who’re tired of living, to actually use the name of the Changyang clan without permission. How are you! And then you act so disrespectful towards me! Do you believe that I wouldn’t immediately cut off your tongue?” The lady placed her hands on her hips and eyed the captain threateningly. She was extremely unruly.

The captain’s face drooped. Just as he was about to speak, he discovered Chang Wuji walking over from the other side. His expression immediately became courteous, and he said, “I greet the head caretaker!”

Chang Wuji grimly walked over from behind. He observed the Heaven Saint Masters that had suddenly appeared with narrowed eyes, but he immediately jerked when he saw the sun-like image on the chests of the black-clothed men. In that instant, his expression became a complicated mix of emotions.

The siblings also discovered Chang Wuji’s arrival. They immediately turned their attention to him, and the woman’s rude voice rang out once again, “Bring out the patriarch for me.”

Chang Wuji stared complicatedly at the rude young lady and the prudent young man. He said, “What’re your names?” Chang Wuji’s voice was actually carried an extremely rare slight trembling.

The lady remained expressionless and glared at uncle Chang. She said, “Hmph, you still don’t have the right to learn my name. Immediately bring your patriarch here. I don’t have that much time…”

Before the lady could finish speaking, she was interrupted by the young man extending his hand. The man eyed the lady helplessly, and smiled bitterly, “Sister, that’s enough. Stop playing around. Just how many times have you thrown your weight around? Haven’t you played enough?”

The lady’s rude expression immediately disappeared, “Brother, can’t you just let me play around a bit more? I’ve heard long ago that as long as you have strength on the Tian Yuan Continent, you can casually bully other people. I’ve come out finally after so much difficulty; can’t you just let me try it out a little more?”

“Sister, we’ve come out to handle matters, not to play.” The young man’s expression was filled with helplessness. He really was powerless over his sister.

“Alright, I understand!” The lady turned around depressedly. She was very unhappy.

The man no longer paid any more attention to the lady. He turned to Chang Wuji, and asked, “Is the head of the clan here?”

“The patriarch has recently passed away and a new patriarch has not been designated yet. All matters of the clan are temporarily handled by this old servant.” Uncle Chang said.

“Alright, then I’ll cut to the chase and say it directly. You can’t use the Changyang clan as the name of your clan. You should change it,” the young man said calmly.

The surrounding guards were all stunned as soon as they heard what was said. Soon they stared at the man like they were staring at an idiot.

“Presumptuous brat, you’re the first person who’s ever dared to tell us to change names since my Changyang clan’s been established.” An old voice boomed angrily. Several dozen founding members walked out, all staring at the man angrily.

The lady furrowed her eyebrows. Just when she was going to speak out, what Uncle Chang said next completely stunned the two of them.

“I wonder which branch of the Zu, Yuan and Qing branches you are from?” Uncle Chang said with a rather trembling voice.

After staring blankly for a while, the lady immediately became wide-eyed. She stared at Uncle Chang in disbelief and cried out, “I- im- impossible, h- ho- how do you know about the matters of our Changyang clan?”

“Just who are you? Are you perhaps a member of my Changyang clan?” The young man was also filled with shock.

Their Changyang clan was a protector clan, one that stayed within an alternate space and was kept sealed all year-round. Very few people knew about their existence in the outside world. Yet, the old man before him, a mere Heaven Saint Master, had mentioned the matter of the three branches as soon as he began speaking. This absolutely astounded the young man, as this was an internal matter of the clan. Other than a few clans which also protected the Tian Yuan Continent, very few people knew about it.

Uncle Chang sighed gently. A sliver of reminiscence appeared in his eyes, and he said, “I wonder what old madam Changyang Zu Yeyun is to the two of you?”

“Changyang Zu Yeyun. That’s the name of grandma Ye. H- ho- how do you know the name of my grandma Ye?” The lady brought her hands to her lips, while her eyes had already become the size of bronze bells staring fixedly at Uncle Chang. She was extremely shocked.

 Even the young man’s calmness currently had ripples appear. He stared at Uncle Chang in disbelief. He was completely speechless.

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