Chapter 806: The Arctic Ice Goddess Hall

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Chapter 806: The Arctic Ice Goddess Hall

After a while of speechlessness, the authoritative great elders of the Changyang clan all chuckled aloud. They all felt extremely at ease.

Initially, the ten protector clans had all learned some information about the Winged Tiger God from the grand elder of Mercenary City, Tian Jian. They all knew that it was currently with a talented young man, but none of them had ever imagined that it would be someone from the Changyang clan of the ten protector clans.

Since the Winged Tiger God was with a disciple of their clan, who it belonged to in the end had already become undebatable. Perhaps they did not even need to force it into a contract, either. The Changyang clan already had the right to raise it.

This was because the Winged Tiger God following someone on its own, as well as developing such close feelings with that person, was akin to it already accepting an owner.

Right now the great elders of the Changyang clan were not stupid enough to ask who founded Lore City’s Changyang clan, or if the clan really was a branch or not. It was like raining pies for their Changyang clan; they were not stupid enough to just miss out on it.

“Haha, what an absurd joke. Changyang clan, this story woven by you is just too hilarious. Other than your Zu, Yuan and Qing three branches, there aren’t any other side-branches. Why wouldn’t we know that? This Changyang clan here clearly only has the same name. It has no other connections to your protector clan.” Loud laughter erupted from above. A young man approaching his late twenties stared at the people from the Changyang clan with a sneer.

“Correct, and Changyang Xiangtian’s name isn’t from any of your three branches.” The middle-aged man beside the young man said with a face full of ridicule. They both were great elders from the Moyuan clan.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao stared coldly at the two people and sneered, “This Changyang clan was founded by my son Changyang Zu Yunkong. The power of the Changyang clan bloodline flows in the veins of all the descendents in there, so they’re naturally people from the protector Changyang clan.”

“I think I’ve heard about this Changyang Zu Yunkong. Isn’t he the person who intruded on the forbidden grounds of the Changyang clan, disturbed the Emperor Armament, and almost caused the space your Changyang clan inhabits to collapse? If I recall correctly, that person seems to have already been expelled by the clan. He’s no longer a member of your Changyang clan.” The young man from the Moyuan clan giggled.

All the people from the Changyang clan became ugly. Shortly afterwards, Changyang Qing Yun immediately spoke out, “Right now, I, Changyang Qing Yun, declare in the name of a great elder of the Changyang clan that Changyang Zu Yunkong’s punishment shall be annulled and that he shall be reaccepted into the clan.”

Changyang Zu Yunxiao rejoiced. He said, “I, Changyang Zu Yunxiao, declare in the name of a great elder of the Changyang clan that Changyang Zu Yunkong’s punishment shall be annulled and that he shall be reaccepted into the clan.”

“I, Changyang Zu Xiao, declare in the name of a great elder of the Changyang clan that Changyang Zu Yunkong’s punishment shall be annulled and that he shall be reaccepted into the clan.”

“I, Changyang…”

All the great elders annulled Changyang Zu Yunkong’s punishment, one after another. The seven of them held the highest positions in the clan. If they all reached an agreement, they could make decisions for the entire clan.

Changyang Zu Yeyun became extremely excited while turbid tears flowed from her eyes. She sobbed, “Kong’er, Kong’er, are you seeing this? The clan’s annulled your punishment. You’ve returned back to the clan. They’re no longer persecuting you for your mistakes all those years ago. Kong’er, where are you?”

“So what if your Changyang clan drops the punishments for Changyang Zu Yunkong? Does your Changyang clan really think you can take the Winged Tiger God for yourselves so easily? In addition, your clansman Changyang Xiangtian wiped out a branch sect established by my Yangji sect. You must provide us with a satisfying explanation.” Chun Yangzi spoke aloud.

“Changyang Qing Yun, the Winged Tiger God might be with a descendent from the Changyang clan, but it’s impossible if your clan wants to take the Winged Tiger God for yourselves just because of this. The ancient beast god is related to a lot of extremely important matters, so it should be raised by all ten of the protector clans. We should raise it into the guardian beast of the Tian Yuan Continent. It will not belong to any of us.” A white-robed, graceful-looking, middle-aged man said. He was a great elder from the Potian sect.

“You’re right. I completely support that suggestion. The Winged Tiger God should be raised by all ten protector clans. It must not become a guardian beast for just one of the clans among us.” The speaker was a sage-like old man. He was one of the ancestors of the Heaven’s Incense school.

Other than the people from the Pure Heart Pavilion, who remained quiet, the nine other clans all began arguing fiercely. They all wanted their own clans to obtain the right to raise the Winged Tiger God, but they did not want it to be controlled by the other clans.

This was because once the Winged Tiger God truly matured, it would definitely surpass Saint Emperor. At that time, perhaps no one within the entire world would be able to fight it. The owner could sweep away the entire world, and even wiping out the protector clans would be as easy as pie.

As a result, the protector clans definitely could not let any other person come into control of it so easily. Whoever controlled the Winged Tiger God would become the overlord of this world in the future.

The Changyang clan faced the powerful opposition of the eight clans and immediately felt a headache. They knew quite well that if they took the Winged Tiger God for themselves, the resistance they faced would become an unspoken disaster.

Suddenly, the surrounding temperature abruptly dropped. A cold aura descended from the sky, immediately turning the surrounding area into a land of extreme cold.

Flakes of snow filled the entire sky, covering the sun and suppressing its scorching rays. Meanwhile, the ground of the Changyang Manor was covered in a layer of silvery-white frost in an extremely short amount of time, causing the guards and servants to shiver. They all stared at the sky full of snow that had suddenly appeared, tongue-tied, with disbelief flooding their eyes.

The sudden snowstorm enveloped a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers. Within that area, the scorching weather immediately became ice-cold, stunning countless people. Because it was currently a sweltering summer, the scorching sun would bake the earth everyday like an oven to a stifling level. Why would there suddenly be snow in a season like this?

The ten clans gathered at the manor were also stunned by the sudden snow. Everyone looked up as a light flickered through their eyes. They seemed to be able to see through the obstructing snowflakes and pierce through the void, while every single one of them became extremely grim.

“This is the arctic Ice Goddess Hall!” The pavilion master of the Pure Heart Pavilion eyed the sky sternly and said with a deep voice.

As soon as the pavilion master finished what she was saying, a humongous divine hall slowly materialised in the vast expanse of whiteness. It exceeded tens of thousands of meters in both length and width, and it seemed to have appeared by ripping through space. Received by the sky full of snow, it slowly descended with a shocking bearing.

“It really is the arctic Ice Goddess Hall. Doesn’t this Ice Goddess Hall never interfere in anything to do with the Tian Yuan Continent? Even the war between the three races in the ancient times did not alarm it, so why has their divine hall descended here right now? Perhaps they’ve also come for the Winged Tiger God?” A great elder from the Heaven’s Incense school said gruffly. He was extremely solemn.

The huge divine hall slowly descended from the sky, falling towards the manor. With its descent, a huge shadow loomed over half of the city, causing all those in it to pale in fear. Various cries with terror erupted from various places.

Uncle Chang and the others were stunned by this site. Each one of them stared blankly at the sky. None of them returned to them senses, as this scene had already completely exceeded what many of them could bear psychologically.

The huge divine hall stopped a thousand meters above the manor. The snow danced about happily around the hall, forming a hazy-white fog that partially concealed it. The hall would come in and out of sight from time to time, producing an additional mysterious feel.

Soon afterwards, a large group of people slowly floated down from the hall in the snowy air, like gods descending from heaven. The person leading the group was a female dressed in white. She seemed to be in her twenties, and possessed alluring beauty. Her snow-white long hair floated about in the bone-chilling air, while behind her several dozen people of various ages stood courteously. All of their gazes towards the lady were filled with a respect stemming from the depths of their hearts.

As the people from the hall slowly landed onto the land of the manor, the leading lady’s eyes were filled with sparkling tears. Her face was filled with an unconcealable excitement as she observed the Changyang Manor.

The group of people from the Ice Goddess Hall naturally became the focus of everyone present. Especially the leading lady, she became someone that even the ten protector clans paid great attention to.

Uncle Chang and all the old members of the Changyang clan all focused on the girl. When Uncle Chang recognised her, his eyes narrowed abruptly and disbelief immediately flooded his eyes.

“Thi- thi- thi- im- im- im- this is definitely impossible. I must have seen wrong.” A huge billowing formed in Uncle Chang’s heart, disrupting all calmness he had.

Not only was it Uncle Chang, but even the relatively-senior guards and a few clansmen were all astounded when they saw the lady’s face. Disbelief also overwhelmed them.

When Ling Long, Yu Fengyan and Bai Yushuang saw the lady from within the crowd, they too narrowed their eyes abruptly. Afterwards, they paled in shock, disbelief overwhelming them. Yun Fengyan was particularly affected; her small body began to shake uncontrollably while tears welled up in her eyes, pouring out like a surging fountain and flowing down her long face. As they fell they were blown by the chilly wind, turning into droplets of crystal-like ice. 

With pouring tears, Yu Fengyan staggered out from the crowd, step by step. Her eyes towards the girl were filled with powerful yearning, and she said with a trembling voice, “Yue- Yue- Yue’er.”

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