Chapter 821: Saint King Living Corpse

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Chapter 821: Saint King Living Corpse

After the Heavenly Enchantress departed, Jian Chen remained where he was, embroiled in an intense battle with the Saint Rulers. Meanwhile, the presences from the surroundings were currently approaching where he was quickly.

Jian Chen kept the Saint Rulers before him busy all by himself. He moved about and around them using the Illusionary Flash, stabbing out with the Dragon Slaying Sword again and again. He constantly dealt terrifying sword wounds to the Saint Rulers, but these injuries did not affect them at all.

They battled for just a few seconds, and five of the seven Saint Rulers were already diced up by Jian Chen. However, their bodies rebuilt themselves immediately, continuing their great battle against Jian Chen with great boldness. They were completely indestructible.

Dragon Slaying Sword turned into a black streak of light as Jian Chen lashed out with it. It turned into a great sword-shaped ray of light, completely condensed from Chaotic Force, and collided with the seven Saint Rulers. It directly landed struck the waists of the seven people, severing their bodies into two portions. The remaining sword Qi collided with the rocks behind, immediately producing a powerful boom, sending loose rubble everywhere.

Jian Chen had purposely made such a great commotion, to attract the attention of all the living corpses and help make time for the Heavenly Enchantress’s escape.

The great activity and vast presence from Jian Chen was like a bright lantern in a dark night. It was so eye-catching. The living corpses from the surroundings all rushed at Jian Chen. All their attention was focused on Jian Chen; they could not feel the existence of the Heavenly Enchantress at all. Even those that flew over her sensed nothing.

Very soon, the dozen or so closer living corpses arrived before Jian Chen. They surrounded Jian Chen and struck out mercilessly. All their methods for attack similar; nothing more than punches and kicks. They had completely forgotten the techniques and skills they had learnt in their former lives. Otherwise, Jian Chen definitely would not have been able to hold off over twenty opponents of the same level with his current strength. 

Jian Chen was stern. With a stream of blurry figures, he shuffled between the cracks of the attacks from over twenty living corpses. Although he had been surrounded, he moved skillfully and at ease.

Currently, there were great uses for the Illusionary Flash that he had learnt.

More and more living corpses carried over from the surroundings. In just a few short seconds, the living corpses surrounding Jian Chen increased from twenty-odd Saint Rulers to over fifty.

Constantly flickering about, Jian Chen gradually headed for the distance, attracting the group of living corpses in the opposite direction of the Heavenly Enchantress. Along the way, he made a big commotion, just to attract the living corpses’ attention. He could not let them sense the Heavenly Enchantress.

Currently, the purple-dressed Heavenly Enchantress stood several kilometers away, staring in Jian Chen’s direction with an extremely mixed expression. She could clearly hear the noise of intense battle, which then gradually became more distant. The living corpses currently chased Jian Chen, getting further and further away before leaving the region all together.

“I hope you come back alive.” The Heavenly Enchantress murmured gently. Afterwards, she went off quickly into the distance with her zither, gradually disappearing into the darkness.

Jian Chen was currently surrounded, and the number of living corpses attacking him had already increased to over a hundred. Most of them were humans, with a few magical beasts. They all constantly threw punches at Jian Chen as they produced angry, beast-like roars.

Jian Chen had already turned into a blur. Even though he was surrounded by over a hundred Saint Ruler corpses, he did not receive many injuries. The Illusionary Flash was an extremely profound movement battle skill; it may have paled greatly in comparison to the Saint Ruler’s Spatial Force for travelling, but there were almost no other movement battle skills in the world that could be compared to it for dodging. As a result, the living corpses had not even touched the corner of Jian Chen’s clothes even after moving about the hundred living corpses for so long.

Jian Chen travelled into the distance with the living corpses. Along the way, all he did was constantly dodge their attacks; he did not attack the corpses. These living corpses were all indestructible. It was virtually impossible for him to attack all the corpses to the point where they could no longer rebuild their bodies with his current strength and amount of Chaotic Force. Also, the longer the battle lasted, the more living corpses would arrive from the surroundings. It would only make the situation he faced more and more dangerous.

Right now, Jian Chen only wanted to shake off these living corpses. He had no intention to fight at all.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang… 

Punches from the living corpses were constantly thrown towards the quickly-moving Jian Chen, but with no exception, they all missed. Some landed on the blurs created from the Illusionary Flash, while the other portion would strike the bodies of their companions after passing through the blurs. It would immediately produce muffled sounds of collisions, where the powerful energy directly sent them flying into the distance.


At this very moment, an earthshaking roar resounded from far away. An aura countless times more powerful than the Saint Ruler living corpses currently approaching Jian Chen quickly. As it approached him, the vast energy it radiated with caused the thick mist in the sky above the Fantasy Star Ocean to churn violently. It was extremely terrifying.

A sliver of shock immediately flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes. He became extremely stern and growled, “Crap, that must be a supreme Saint King!” Jian Chen did not hesitate at all, immediately shooting off into the distance to flee. Behind him closely followed the hundred-odd Saint Ruler living corpses.

The Saint King living corpse shot over from the distance at a low altitude with a monstrous aura. It was extremely fast. Even though it was just flying, it was already equivalent to the speed at which Saint Rulers travelled at with Spatial Force. In just a few seconds, it had arrived above Jian Chen, directly throwing a palm strike at Jian Chen.

A terrifying energy whistled towards Jian Chen. Although the strike from the Saint King did not carry any special characteristics, the powerful force from a Saint King was still enough to astound Jian Chen.

Jian Chen felt extremely grim, but he did not become perturbed at all. It was no longer his first time facing up against a Saint King, and even though the Saint King living corpse before him had terrifying strength, it was completely different from its former self. This was because it was unable to prevent Jian Chen from dodging using spatial locks, only able attack blankly with simple moves. 

Jian Chen pushed the Illusionary Flash to the utmost limit, immediately turning into a blur and shooting towards one side with an unbelievable speed. The palm full of great, terrifying energy from the Saint King corpse had basically brushed past Jian Chen, collided with the ground. Jian Chen had dodged it under the utmost danger.


Following it was a violent boom, which almost echoed through the entire Fantasy Star Ocean. The palm strike from the living corpse had caused the entire region of earth to shake violently. Within a radius of several dozen kilometers, the ground cracked, forming huge, spiderweb-like fissures.

Meanwhile the violent energy ripples wreaked havoc, expanding in all directions as a shock wave. Jian Chen, being closest to it, was immediately sent flying backwards, struggling to regain control. Even the clothes he wore was ripped to smithereens, revealing the golden silkmail created from the Primordial Godsilk.

The disparity between Saint Kings and Saint Rulers was just too great. Not only did the great energy of a mere palm strike from the Saint Ruler corpse send Jian Chen flying off quickly, it even knocked the hundred-odd Saint Ruler corpses backwards.

Not only did the power of the strike send all the Saint Rulers flying, it even broke through several formations hidden around the area with its great energy ripples as it wreaked havoc. Many complicated and profound drawings appeared in the surroundings, on the cracked ground.

Jian Chen flew for several kilometers before finally crashing into the ground in a horrible condition. He immediately climbed up in shot, immediately using the Illusionary Flash to flee into the distance without paying any attention to his shredded clothes.

At this very moment, another powerful energy attacked from behind. Jian Chen did not hesitate at all, immediately pushing the Illusionary Flash to the limit again. He instantly appeared twenty meters away, leaving behind a blur.

With a great boom, the ground began to shake once again, while Jian Chen was sent flying by the violent energy ripples once again.

As he flew backwards, Jian Chen quickly regained control, before borrowing the force of the knock-back to accelerate into the distance to flee. He knew that as long as he pulled a certain distance from the living corpses and then carefully concealed his presence, it would be possible for him to hide from them.

However, in the end, things did not go as Jian Chen wished. With an ear-piercing whistle, the Saint King corpse had already caught up to Jian Chen from behind with a speed several times faster, arriving before Jian Chen and blocking his path in the blink of an eye. It hurled another fist full of power, directly towards Jian Chen.

Although the punch contained no special abilities, its great power caused the surrounding space to distort violently.

Jian Chen’s expression changed greatly. He was currently mid-air with nothing around him that he could borrow. He was unable to use the advantage of the Illusory Flash perfectly; he had also devoted all his strength into fleeing, currently burnt out. He no longer had the power to dodge the punch rushing over.

Jian Chen gritted his teeth and Chaotic Force immediately filled his body. He pushed the power of the Chaotic Body to the limit, while he used the Dragon Slaying Sword in his right hand to stab the Saint King’s fist with lightning speed.

The Dragon Slaying Sword stabbed deeply into the Saint King’s fist with a destructive aura of Chaotic Force, before skewering the living corpse’s entire right arm. The sharp point of the sword had directly reappeared from around the corpse’s shoulder. At the same time, the corpse’s fish had also struck Jian Chen’s chest.

The golden silkmail on Jian Chen immediately shone with a layer of hazy golden light to block the fist. Although the silkmail could block attacks from Saint Rulers, it was still unable to do anything against a strike from a Saint King. The golden light was suppressed by the first very quickly, and the fist landed heavily on Jian Chen’s chest.

Spurt! Jian Chen immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and his face instantly became sheet-white. A strike from a Saint King was just too powerful. Even after being weakened by the silkmail, it was not something Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body could currently withstand.

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