Chapter 834: Infusing Origin Energy

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Chapter 834: Infusing Origin Energy

The artifact spirit’s voice passed through the many obstructions and was heard clearly by Jian Chen.

Jian Chen sat with his legs crossed in the center of the completely sealed hall. Above his head, the sword spirits radiated with purple and azure lights, illuminating the entire hall. Right between them, there was a fist-sized monster core that was disappearing at a visible rate. It turned into a strand of Chaotic Force which radiated with destructive energy, entering Jian Chen.

After refining the Class 7 Monster Core, Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes. “Zi Ying, Qing Suo, let’s stop for now. We’ll put the matter of refining Chaotic Force on the side temporarily.”

Zi Ying and Qing Suo stopped their refinement of Chaotic Force. They sensed the chaotic neidan in Jian Chen’s dantian and they revealed a sliver of joy.

Zi Ying said, “Master, if we continue with this speed, you’ll reach the second layer of the Chaotic Body in just a few more years.”

A happy smile also formed on Jian Chen’s face. “Let’s continue the refinement after I absorb the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force and reach Class 7. If it’s possible, I really do hope to be able to raise the Chaotic Body to the second layer. I wonder just how strong I will become after reaching the second layer.”

Jian Chen slowly stood up. After close to a year of secluded cultivation, he had refined several hundred Class 7 Monster Cores, adding hundreds of strands of Chaotic Force to his chaotic neidan, which made it grow larger once again. It was already the size of a dove’s egg.

Now that the problem of energy source was resolved, Jian Chen required time. If he had another year, he would be able to increase the chaotic neidan to the size of an egg, returning it to how it was before. When the chaotic neidan reached fist-sized, it would be the time he would break through to the second layer.

Jian Chen exited the place that he had stayed for close to a year, before arriving at a side hall under the artifact spirit’s guidance.

As soon as he entered the side hall, Jian Chen’s eyes lit up. His heart lost control and began to beat heavily because within the hall, he felt the vast and boundless origin energy of Radiant Saint Force. It was all gathered in the very center of the building, and sealed in there by an extremely powerful seal. None of it was able to leak out.

The Tian Yuan Continent did not have any of the origin energy. The reason why it would exist in the saint artifact of the Radiant Saint Master Union was because it absorbed the surrounding Radiant Saint Force and then refined it into origin energy all by itself. This was the only reason why there would be Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters on the Tian Yuan Continent.

If the saint artifact did not exist, no Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters would ever appear on the Tian Yuan Continent.

The artifact spirit stared at the seal with mixed emotions. He had control over everything in the artifact space. Here, he was as great as a god. He was the absolute ruler here, able to control everything. However, only the seal before him lied beyond his powers.

Even the artifact spirit had no idea when the seal was forged because when he had gained intelligence, the seal had already existed for an unknown number of years. Even after so many years, he was still unsure of the origins of the seal even though he had become extremely powerful. He had tried to break it, but even when he used all he had, the seal did not even budge. He felt like he was bombarding a rock with eggs.

Standing before the seal, Jian Chen’s emotions fluctuated quickly. Reaching Class 7 as a Radiant Saint Master was extremely important to him. Once he reached Class 7, not only would he be able to revive his parents, he would even possess the strength to face off against Saint Kings.

If Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters used the forbidden arte God’s Descent, they could slaughter any and all Saint Rulers. Even supreme Saint Kings would feel greatly threatened.

In the legends, the only Class 8 Heaven Saint Master in all of history cast the God’s Descent once in the ancient times. He directly slaughtered two Saint Emperors. Meanwhile, if the president of the Radiant Saint Union cast the technique at the peak of Class 7, he had absolute confidence that he could slaughter the Saint King ancestor of the Zaar family. It could be perceived just how powerful and terrifying the God’s Descent was. It was a heaven-defying arte.

However, casting the arte would come with an extremely great price. Although Jian Chen had used it once before, it was not the real thing; only the form was there but not the intent, so he did not need to pay any great price. But after reaching Class 7, he would be able to cast the true version of the arte. However, he would need to offer up at least a century of his life every time he used it.

The stronger the God’s Descent, the greater number of years was needed to be offered. It could cost up to several centuries, or a millennia, or even more than that.

This was the reason why the arte was classified as forbidden by the union. Unless one was at the end of the line, no one would ever want to cast the arte.

Jian Chen waited silently for two hours and the seal for the origin energy finally began to release by itself. A crack appeared and, white light immediately shot out from the seal, illuminating the entire hall.

Shortly afterward, origin energy of Radiant Saint Force floated out from the seal as visible white mist, slowly permeating the empty hall.

“Master, you only have three days to absorb the origin energy. After three days, it will be sucked into the seal again, before being sealed away once again,” the artifact spirit said to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen nodded. He forcefully suppressed his excitement and immediately sat down, beginning to absorb the origin energy.

Jian Chen had learned the method of absorbing origin energy and breaking through to Class 7 from the artifact spirit long ago. He needed to infuse the origin energy into his soul, using it to change his soul, allowing the soul to morph.

Once the soul morphed successfully, it would become more compatible with Radiant Saint Force. Not only would the speed for condensing Radiant Saint Force increase greatly, the strength when casting Radiant Artes would take a qualitative leap. Other than that, even the most basic healing power would improve vastly.

Also, after the morphing of the soul, it would be able to hold the origin energy. With a strand of origin energy as a medium, it could absorb the surrounding Radiant Saint Force and slowly refine it into origin energy, allowing the origin energy to increase. This was how a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master’s strength was measured.

However, this origin energy refined by individuals could not be absorbed by other Radiant Saint Masters. As result, all Class 7 breakthroughs required the use of this artifact.

Jian Chen sat cross-legged on the ground. He relaxed his mind, putting his effort into an attempt to infuse a strand of origin energy. Currently, he was going through an extremely crucial step in reaching Class 7. Only by infusing some origin energy into his soul could he begin absorbing it. He needed the origin energy to morph his soul.

This was the most crucial part for breaking through to Class 7. Throughout history, there were many Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters who had reached this step but were unable to infuse origin energy into their souls and hence lost their opportunity of reaching Class 7.

Jian Chen focused his concentration and his presence burst out from his body. He worked hard to infuse the origin energy. However, the origin energy seemed to reject the approach of Jian Chen’s presence very much. No matter how he tried, he was unable to infuse even a single strand of it.

Jian Chen did not become anxious at all. Currently, only two hours had passed, so there was still plenty of time. He constantly tried various methods to form a connection with the origin energy, persistently attempting to understand it.

Finally, after half a day, Jian Chen successfully infused a strand of origin energy into his soul. Roping it in with his presence, the origin energy slowly approached his head, before entering his brain through the very top.


Suddenly, Jian Chen’s mind rumbled. As soon as the origin energy entered Jian Chen’s mind, it transformed into a vast energy, filling up Jian Chen’s entire sea of consciousness. It was beginning to change Jian Chen’s soul with its property. However, two rays of light, one azure and one purple, sprang out immediately, blocking the movements of the origin energy.

“This power might be useless in the future but it’s of great use to master with his current strength. Qing Suo, let’s give way.” Zi Ying’s voice sounded in the sea of consciousness and soon afterward, the two obstructing rays of light disappeared.

Without the obstruction of the purple and azure rays of light, the origin energy immediately began to infuse into Jian Chen’s soul. His soul changed bit by bit, currently undergoing a metamorphosis.

Jian Chen was drowned in the euphoria of his soul being refined. Currently, he could clearly feel his soul strengthening with lightning speed. Not only did his control and ability to sense Radiant Saint Force increase, even his presence strengthened quickly. It may not have directly increased Jian Chen’s strength but it brought great benefits.

After some time, the first strand of origin energy was finally consumed entirely. Jian Chen could distinctly feel that his presence was now several folds greater than before, while the radius of it had increased from the previous twenty kilometers to a hundred kilometers.

Jian Chen did not pause at all after refining the first strand of origin energy, immediately attempting to infuse a second strand. Due to the fact that Jian Chen had already refined a strand, it was extremely smooth this time. Very soon, the second strand of origin energy had also entered his mind.

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