Chapter 839: Obtaining the Dragon’s Saliva

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Chapter 839: Obtaining the Dragon’s Saliva

The artifact spirit pointed and a strand of origin energy immediately appeared out of nowhere. It turned into a white streak of light before disappearing into Hei Yu’s body.

As the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force entered Hei Yu’s body, a powerful white light immediately began to radiate from him, enveloping him entirely. Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters could heal missing limbs or even revive the dead because of the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force that they controlled. Only this origin energy had such heaven-defying abilities to heal the limbs of anybody.

When Jian Chen had initially entered the City of God, the white tiger inflicted a minor injury on a young master of a clan there when it bit off his finger. Since the finger was kept after being bitten off, just a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master was enough to heal it. That was not regrowing limbs.

Enveloped by the thick Radiant Saint Force, Hei Yu’s empty left sleeve could be seen moving slightly through the bright white light. His severed left arm was currently regrowing at a visible rate.

Two hours later, the white light around Hei Yu disappeared. At the same time, a new, abnormally white and soft arm had reappeared in his left arm socket. The skin was silky smooth, like that of an infant’s.

Hei Yu moved his new arm and his expression was filled with joy. Shortly afterward, he clasped his fist toward the artifact and said gratefully, “I thank sir artifact spirit. Hei Yu will not forget this good deed. If there is the chance in the future, I will return it.”

The artifact spirit smiled slightly. Healing Hei Yu’s arm only needed a twitch of a finger for him. He had basically watched Hei Yu grow up, so he naturally held a special attachment to Hei Yu.

With his arm back, Hei Yu’s mood clearly took a great turn. He looked toward Jian Chen and actually asked on own accord, “I wonder how I should refer to this brother?” Hei Yu did not hold any arrogance. Ever since the artifact spirit called Jian Chen master, Jian Chen had already been elevated to a status equivalent to his own in Hei Yu’s heart.

“I’m Jian Chen.” Jian Chen clasped his hands.

“So it’s brother Jian Chen. Right, so why has brother Jian Chen come to the island of dragons?” Hei Yu’s tone was extremely indifferent. He did not look down on Jian Chen but with Jian Chen’s current strength, he still did not deserve the respect of a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King.

After a slight pause, Jian Chen replied, “Actually, we came here in search of the Dragon’s Saliva. The grass grows in the depths of the Fantasy Star Ocean but unfortunately, we encountered those dragon souls as soon as we reached the deeper parts. We were soon forced to hide in the saint artifact. Senior, have you found where the Dragon’s Saliva grows?”

“Dragon’s Saliva.” Hei Yu furrowed his eyebrows. “Right now, the outside has already become an utter mess from the Class 9 dragon souls. It’s like an ancient battlefield with no signs of life. Even if there was Dragon’s Saliva, it would no longer exist.”

With that, Jian Chen’s expression changed. His heart immediately became heavy. If he was unable to find hundred-thousand-year Dragon’s Saliva, his grandfather Changyang Zu Yunkong would not be able to reach Saint Ruler. He would pass away very soon.

Seeing Jian Chen’s sudden change in expression, Hei Yu guessed that perhaps the Dragon’s Saliva was extremely important to Jian Chen. After a slight hesitation, he said, “Now, there’s perhaps only one place that Dragon’s Saliva still grow.”

Jian Chen eyes flowed. He looked at Hei Yu hopefully and asked, “Please tell me senior.”

“The graveyard of the Dragon clan. The dragon’s necropolis,” Hei Yu said gruffly.

“The dragon’s necropolis!” Jian Chen murmured softly. His face was bitter. He had never seen the necropolis but he did not even need to think to know that it was extremely dangerous. It was the home of the dragon souls. It was not a place that he could intrude.

“The necropolis is indeed extremely dangerous. Inside, there are Class 9 dragon souls. Entering without the strength of a Saint Emperor would just be seeking death. However, Rui Jin would be an exception. He’s a Golden Divine Dragon, the kings of the Dragon clan. He is able to come in and out as he pleases. Perhaps, you can get Rui Jin to assist you in obtaining Dragon’s Saliva.” Hei Yu continued.

Hei Yu’s words reignited the flames of hope in Jian Chen’s despaired heart. He immediately ordered the artifact spirit to communicate with Rui Jin outside, to request his assistance in searching for the Dragon’s Saliva.

After a slight deliberation, Rui Jin agreed to Jian Chen’s request in the end.

Afterward, Rui Jin re-entered the necropolis with the artifact in his hand. He picked six grasses and passed them through the artifact to Jian Chen. These Dragon’s Salivas would slowly grow after the saliva of dragons fell on the ground. All of the grasses in the necropolis were planted in the ancient times. Before the Dragon clan had disappeared, these grasses were left behind by a few old dragons who had come to the necropolis right before they passed away. Countless years had passed since then and every piece of the grass was a priceless treasure. If brought outside, it would raise a storm of blood. Not only would it attract many Saint Rulers to fight for it, even a few Saint Kings would be unable to resist its enticement.

Inside the artifact space, Jian Chen carried the grass in his hand. He was filled with joy. He had no idea at all just how valuable the Dragon’s Saliva was, and all he thought about was how his grandfather could finally reach Saint Ruler.

Standing beside Jian Chen, the Heavenly Enchantress would glance at the grasses in Jian Chen’s hand from time to time. A sliver of desire appeared in her beautiful eyes. She knew some things about the Dragon’s Saliva and she could already tell that these grasses had aged for a long time. They were beyond a hundred thousand years in age, which even made her show great interest. However, the grasses were obtained through Jian Chen’s own connections. She had not helped out at all, so she could not ask for some.

Jian Chen carried the Dragon’s Saliva like a valuable treasure but the excitement in his heart calmed down very quickly. Noticing the Heavenly Enchantress’s gaze, he immediately understood. Keeping two grasses for himself, he passed the four other grasses to the Heavenly Enchantress and said, “Senior, you probably need these grasses more than me. You should take all the remaining ones.”

The Heavenly Enchantress stared blankly at the four grasses in Jian Chen’s hand. All the grasses from Rui Jin were a hundred thousand years old or even older. She knew very well just how valuable and precious Dragon’s Saliva was. Right now, Jian Chen was giving her four of them in one go; this filled her with disbelief, forming waves in her heart.

After a while of hesitation, the Heavenly Enchantress did not decline it. She extended her hand to take the grasses from Jian Chen’s hand and thanked him softly. She was unable to resist the enticement of the grasses. Each of the four Dragon’s Saliva contained vast amounts of the three vital energies. It was too helpful for her to turn down.

The Heavenly Enchantress carefully placed the grasses into a jade box, before depositing it into her Space Ring. After some hesitation, she secretly sent Jian Chen a message. “The Dragon’s Saliva is extremely valuable. It’s a holy resource that virtually only exists in legends. If it’s possible, you might as well ask for some more.”

The Heavenly Enchantress’s voice was extremely soft and carried a beautiful, nature-like tone. Unconsciously, her voice carried an odd charm. It made Jian Chen’s heart feel numb when he heard it.

Jian Chen looked at the Heavenly Enchantress with an odd light. Even her voice was so charming; he struggled to imagine just how beautiful she was underneath the veil.

Feeling Jian Chen’s odd look, the Heavenly Enchantress also seemed to realize something. She hurriedly avoided his attention and quickly becoming as composed as before. Her bewitching gaze soon became cold.

Jian Chen hesitated slightly, before finally following through with the Heavenly Enchantress’s suggestion. He said to the sky, “Senior, is it possible for you to give me some more Dragon’s Saliva? It’s of great use to me.”

Jian Chen did not get a reply. After a while, another six grasses appeared in the artifact space, surrounded by white light. Each grass was extremely aged.

“Is that enough?” Through the assistance of the artifact spirit, Rui Jin’s voice was clearly broadcasted into the artifact space.

Jian Chen looked toward the Heavenly Enchantress in question.

Noticing Jian Chen’s look, she gently stamped her feet. Internally, she called him an idiot. She gritted her teeth before sending a message once again. “The more the better!”

Jian Chen spoke out immediately, “It’s not enough. The more the better.”

“What!? The more the better? You really have insatiable greed.” Rui Jin’s angry voice sounded from outside.

Hearing Jian Chen’s reply, the Heavenly Enchantress swore secretly once again. She did not think that Jian Chen would be so direct.

Hei Yu’s deep gaze swept past Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress. He chuckled. “Rui Jin’s right. You really do have insatiable greed. Each grass approaches a million years in maturity. Rui Jin’s gifted you a dozen of them and you still don’t feel like it’s enough. You really don’t know how to appreciate things. It’s pity that I’m now of the Ninth Heavenly Layer, so these grasses are useless to me. Otherwise, I really would ask for a grass or two from Rui Jin.”

Jian Chen laughed awkwardly. He did not say anything in reply.

A while later, Rui Jin’s voice finally came again from outside. “Whatever. The island’s already become like this. Leaving behind these Dragon’s Saliva is useless. I’ll pick some of it for you because of sir artifact spirit and the Winged Tiger God.”

Soon afterward, another white light flashed in the artifact space. A pile of several dozen grasses appeared before Jian Chen, each approaching a million years in maturity.

“Thank you senior!” Jian Chen expressed his gratitude before immediately sucking the pile of Dragon’s Saliva into his Space Ring. Afterward, he magnanimously gifted the twelve grasses he had obtained earlier to the Heavenly Enchantress, which caused her hands to tremble slightly.

The next few days were extremely peaceful. Rui Jin waited for the dragon souls on the island to calm down, before finding a remote place to release the people within the artifact.

“Something’s happened to the island. I want to remain here to search for the reason. Are you staying or leaving?” Rui Jin said to them.

“Rui Jin, I, Hei Yu, am a friend of yours. My strength has now skyrocketed. At the very least, it’s enough to not hold you back. I’ll stay here with you to find the reason for the changes,” Hei Yu said without any hesitation.

“There’s still something else I need to find in the Fantasy Star Ocean. I will be staying behind. Before I find it, I don’t want to leave,” Jian Chen said.

After some hesitation, the Heavenly Enchantress said, “The change to the dragon’s island has always been a great mystery. Experts from the ten protector clans had come in many times in the past to attempt to find the reason for the change but they all returned in despair. Since you want to search for the reason, I will accompany you. Although I’m not as powerful as the two seniors, I am well versed in the path of the zither. It has some unique aspects, which may be of help to the two seniors at crucial times.”

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