Chapter 841: Stardust

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Chapter 841: Stardust

Jian Chen, the Heavenly Enchantress and Hei Yu were astonished by Rui Jin’s words and immediately focused on it with their senses. They discovered that the energy created when the extremely hot and extremely cold energies fused was indeed extremely similar to the energy in the island’s sky. They seemed to be the same.

“So the weird energy on the island is formed like this and these two extremely hot and extremely cold energies only exist in the Lunastron Pit. Moreover, the appearance of the pit is an oddity, as if it was created from the crater of a meteor. Do the changes of the island really originate from here?” Hei Yu deduced.

“The two energies can’t have appeared out of nowhere. There must be an origin for them,” Rui Jin said gruffly, before beginning to search the surroundings. Jian Chen, the Heavenly Enchantress and Hei Yu also began to search the bottom of the pit, hoping to find the source of the two energies.

“This presence really is so familiar, yet it’s not at the same time…” Qing Suo’s chime-like voice suddenly rang out in Jian Chen’s head.

“Qing Suo, do you recognize this energy?” Jian Chen communicated with Qing Suo with his thoughts.

“Master, we are indeed slightly familiar with the energy here but it’s not this type of energy,” Zi Ying who replied.

A thoughtful look appeared in Jian Chen’s eyes. He did not say anything and continued to search his surroundings instead. After he traveled a hundred meters, some dust that glimmered slightly on the ground caught Jian Chen’s attention.

Jian Chen squatted down and gently grabbed a handful of the glimmering dust and closely examined it Afterward, a smile appeared on his face. “Stardust, this is stardust. I’ve finally found it. I never thought that stardust really would originate from the Lunastron Pit.”

Casting his gaze out, he saw the glimmering stardust scattered on the ground like a thin layer of sand. It covered the entire region, stretching as far as his eyes could see.

Jian Chen did not hesitate at all after finding the stardust. He immediately pulled out a bag from his Space Ring and began to collect the stardust handful after handful.

In other worlds, stardust was known as an energy-gathering dust. Other than forging the Azulet swords, it could also gather the energy of the world. It was extremely helpful to fighters. If someone had enough stardust to place into a sect, the sect’s energy of the world would immediately skyrocket, increasing the cultivation rate of everyone there. It would forge a solid foundation for a large organization in the future.

“This stardust is very useful to the Changyang clan. Now that I’ve come here after so much trouble, I need to collect more of it.” Jian Chen thought.

“Master, the stardust on the ground is all junk-quality. Don’t collect that. Collect the stardust floating in the air.” Suddenly, Zi Ying’s voice appeared in Jian Chen’s head.

“What? Junk?” Jian Chen was shocked. He glanced at his half-full bag of stardust and then looked toward the glimmering lights that floated in mid-air like stars. He saw that every glimmer of light was the size of a rice grain, much larger than the sand-like stardust on the ground. Additionally, they glowed with a much brighter light. They were extremely beautiful.

Jian Chen asked out of curiosity, “Zi Ying, are those also stardust?”

“Yes master. Those are also stardust floating in the sky and are all of higher quality. They are much better than the junk-like stardust on the ground.” Zi Ying’s confident voice sounded in Jian Chen’s head.

Glancing at the bag of stardust again, Jian Chen hesitated slightly. He did not throw it away and instead tied up the bag and placed it into his Space Ring. Afterward, he pulled out another bag, beginning to collect the stardust floating in the sky.

As the stardust in the air was extremely well-dispersed, Jian Chen’s collection was extremely slow. He needed to grab them grain by grain with his hands.

“All of you come over right now.”

At that very moment, the Heavenly Enchantress’s voice came from the distance. Hearing it, Jian Chen immediately stopped his collection, running in the Heavenly Enchantress’s direction with quick strides.

When he got there, he realized that Rui Jin and Hei Yu were one step faster and had already arrived. Right before the three of them lay a human corpse. They did not know how long it had been dead for but its appearance had not changed at all.

Jian Chen examined the corpse curiously. He could feel the weird energy in the surroundings constantly entering the corpse and slowly fusing into its bones. This weird energy just happened to be produced when the extremely hot and extremely cold energies fused.

“It’s a Saint Ruler. Looking at it, he’s already been dead for thousands of years but there’s no sign of decomposition at all,” Rui Jin said with a deep voice.

Hei Yu stared at the corpse with interest. “I can feel that there are some changes currently occurring in its body. It’s currently transforming into something like the living corpses. Look, it’s the weird energy here that made those who had passed away gain an unkillable body and with a weird method, it reanimates them.”

At this very moment, the corpse on the ground snapped open its eyes without any prior signs. Its eyes were dull without any signs of life. It immediately produced a great roar, echoing through the entire pit. Afterward, it immediately stood up from the ground and hurled a fist to Rui Jin, who was the closest.

Rui Jin’s lips curled into a sneer of disdain. His palm struck the corpse’s chest with lightning speed and the powerful energy directly shook the corpse to dust and scattered it in the air.

However, the scattered dusk immediately began to reform mid-air after a short while. It actually condensed into its previous form, throwing a strike at Rui Jin.

Rui Jin remained expressionless. He struck out with his palm once again, turning the corpse into dust. This happened six times in total before the corpse finally consumed all its energy and was unable to reform itself. It turned into a pile of white dust on the ground.

“Looks like the transformation of the island really does originate from here,” Rui Jin said gruffly. His face was overcast. He had basically confirmed that the Lunastron Pit was the culprit of the changes to the island.

“But, just where have my clansmen gone?”Rui Jin’s face was filled with loneliness. In this world, as of today, perhaps he was the only dragon left in existence.


At this very moment, a great beast roar boomed in the distance. Combined with the sound of many footsteps, countless living corpses rushed over from all directions. In the vast combined presence, there were even a dozen or so supreme Saint Kings.

The Heavenly Enchantress and Jian Chen became rather stern. However, Rui Jin and Hei Yu remained as usual, they were calm and unperturbed.

Soon afterward, a dense crowd of corpses appeared before them. The Lunastron Pit was where the living corpses were formed, so there were even more of them here than on the island. They were all drawn here by the roars of the first corpse.

“I never thought there would actually be so many here. It looks like there’s at least a few thousand. Trying to kill these unkillable monsters will be quite tiring. Rui Jin, you handle it.” Hei Yu turned to Rui Jin.

Rui Jin swept his gaze across the surroundings. “Beating them to the point where their bodies can no longer reform will indeed be quite tiring. Whatever, leave it to me.” As he spoke, Rui Jin’s hand varied from seal to seal in front of him, before bellowing, “Secret technique of the Dragon clan, seal!”

An invisible energy spread out in all directions in a circular fashion with Rui Jin as its center. It spread out for several kilometers before gradually disappearing. As it expanded, all the corpses that rushed over from the surroundings came to a screeching halt, immobiliszd and frozen in their running postures. Even the Saint King corpses were no exceptions.

In the blink of an eye, the surroundings became extremely quiet. It was so quiet that even if a needle was dropped, it could be heard clearly.

Jian Chen’s heart was filled with shock when he saw this. He had observed Rui Jin’s terrifying strength once again.

“The power of the seal cannot last for too long, two hours at most. We should quickly find the source of the weird energy,” Rui Jin said.

The four of them did not scatter, traveling into the distance together in search of the weird energy’s source. Jian Chen had a bag hanging by his waist, collecting the floating stardust as he followed the three others. His hands moved about in a flurry, they had almost become blurs. He was currently collecting the nearby stardust at an extremely terrifying speed.

The Heavenly Enchantress noticed Jian Chen’s collection of stardust. She immediately remembered that Jian Chen had given her twelve precious Dragon’s Saliva in the saint artifact and after some hesitation, she said, “Let me help you out.” With that, the Zither of the Demonic Cry disappeared from her hands and she began to grab at the stardust in the air with her hands.

“Thank you, Heavenly Enchantress.” Jian Chen smiled gratefully at her.

The Heavenly Enchantress said nothing in reply. Her hands danced about quickly and flexibly, grabbing the stardust around her before throwing it into the bag on Jian Chen’s waist.

In front, Hei Yu turned around and saw their actions. He chuckled. “I wonder when you will finally grab all the glimmers of light if you keep going at them like this. Whatever, let me help you out.” With that, Hei Yu immediately gaped open his mouth and bellowed, “Cosmic Vacuum, suck!”

A great suction force appeared from Hei Yu’s mouth. Immediately, wild gusts of wind appeared in the pit and all the stardust floating in the air was drawn right in front of Hei Yu. In just a few seconds, a large pile of stardust had already appeared in front of him. The quantity was immeasurable. Each grain of stardust was closely stuck to the others, without any air in between. It had essentially formed a meter wide ball.

Seeing this, Jian Chen became tongue-tied. With just his Cosmic Vacuum, Hei Yu had sucked up all the stardust in a radius of several kilometers. If he were to collect all of it by hand, it would have taken him at least a day.

“Thank your senior.” Returning to his senses, Jian Chen hurriedly expressed his gratitude by clasping his fist.

Hei Yu smiled uncaringly. “This is all just a small matter. It’s as simple as lifting a finger. Of course, if you really do want to show your gratitude, you should let me use the artifact spirit when I search for it to heal my wounds in the future, should I be heavily injured.”

“Of course. You don’t need to worry about that. If there’s any place that junior can help out through the artifact spirit, junior will definitely do so,” Jian Chen said. He too understood that Hei Yu would not just provide assistance for nothing.

Afterward, Jian Chen stored all the stardust sucked over by Hei Yu into bags excitedly. Only after filling up three large bags did he finally store away all the stardust.

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