Chapter 843: Yinyang Qi

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Chapter 843: Yinyang Qi

Jian Chen calmed down very quickly. He looked around and realized that he was currently in an endless wasteland. It was desolate, without any grass or signs of life. There was no sun or stars in the sky; it was a hazy-grey and did not even have clouds.

The Heavenly Enchantress stood up. She looked about sternly and said with a soft voice, “How do we return?”

After some silence in thought, Jian Chen replied, “I don’t know either. However, since that person put so much effort into constructing a spatial tunnel that crosses through the stars on the dragon’s island leading up to here, I believe there’s definitely some secret hidden here. It definitely won’t be that simple. Let’s go and see if we can obtain something unexpectedly over there.” Jian Chen led the way.

The Heavenly Enchantress hesitated slightly, before closely following Jian Chen. She had no clue where they had come to and now, the only thing she could do was follow Jian Chen, in hopes that he could find the way out.

At this very moment, an ancient, desolate presence appeared in the far off distance. It was vast and boundless, quickly expanding into the distance with a soul-shaking might.

Feeling the presence, the expressions of two changed greatly. Before the presence, they felt exactly how puny they were, as if they currently facing an endless starry sky. They felt like even an ant was more significant than them. The pair could not even think of resisting before the presence.

Short;y afterward, two colors, black and white, appeared beyond the horizon. They plunged into the sky like two pillars, radiating with an ancient and desolate presence.

Both of them unconsciously looked at the two pillars of light. Afterward, their minds rumbled. Currently, they simultaneously envisioned a foreign scene. They witnessed the chaos before everything, as well as the birth of worlds.

“Wake up!”

At this very moment, a powerful shout reverberated through Jian Chen’s head. It woke him up and the previous scene of chaos completely disappeared. He returned to reality. Above his head, the two sword spirits had already appeared.

Jian Chen was not the only one awakened. Even the Heavenly Enchantress beside him returned to her senses from the powerful shouts of the sword spirits.

Waking up, the Heavenly Enchantress immediately noticed Zi Ying and Qing Suo, who floated above Jian Chen. Shock and curiosity immediately appeared in her beautiful eyes.

“Zi Ying, Qing Suo, what did I just see?” Jian Chen asked. In his head, the scene with the primordial chaos constantly flashed through his head.

“Master, don’t think about that for now. Right now, your cultivation level is too low. The stuff on that level is not something you should meddle with. If I didn’t wake you up, your consciousness would have been forever lost in the scene of primordial chaos until your consciousness dispersed and your soul was wiped out,” Zi Ying said sternly.

“Zi Ying’s right. Master, you can’t meddle with that right now, otherwise, it’ll be certain death.” Qing Suo agreed.

“The primordial chaos. Did I just witness the scene where this world was created?” The Heavenly Enchantress also heard the sword spirits’ voices and murmured gently.

Qing Suo looked toward the Heavenly Enchantress. “It’s not the creation of this world but the entire space and universe. Anyway, stuff on that level is far from anything you should ever meddle with. Knowing more is not beneficial in this case.”

“Then why do you understand it so well? Who are you?” The Heavenly Enchantress asked curiously. Currently, she was unable to tell whether the sword spirits were human or ghosts.

Zi Ying and Qing Suo did not continue to pay any attention to her. They all looked at the two pillars of light that surged toward the sky in the distance. Their expressions were mixed, grim while also pleasantly surprised.

“That’s a strand of Yinyang Qi transformed from chaos. So it was that. No wonder I felt like the energy in the Lunastron Pit was rather familiar. The energies there were affected by the presence from here. That was why it carried a sliver of familiarity,” Zi Ying mumbled to himself.

“What!? Yinyang Qi?” Jian Chen was astounded. He understood the origins of the sword spirits quite well. They themselves were created from a strand of Yinyang Qi and had gained intelligence after countless years.

“Is this Yinyang Qi the same as the energy within the two of you?” Jian Chen followed up closely with a question.

When the Heavenly Enchantress heard his words, she was immediately stunned. She stared at Zi Ying in shock. She had never thought that the two ethereal forms would be transformed from a mysterious energy.

The sword spirits nodded together and Zi Ying said, “Correct, it’s just like that. Master, go over there quickly. If we can absorb that Yinyang Qi, we should be able to recover much of our strength.” Zi Ying’s voice carried a sliver of excitement.

With that, Jian Chen also rejoiced. Afterward, he rushed off into the distance without any hesitation. The Heavenly Enchantress stood where she was for a short while, before also rushing off and following Jian Chen closely.

As soon as Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress approached the Yinyang Qi, an extremely cold energy and an extremely hot energy suddenly appeared, permeating into the surroundings. Jian Chen’s body suddenly jolted and his steps came to a screeching halt. His face immediately became bright-red, while a terrifying heat began to radiate from his body.

Jian Chen immediately sat down with his legs crossed. His face was boiling-red with heat. He could only feel that a scorching energy had entered his body, like a red-hot branding iron. It radiated with a terrifying heat that was destroying his body. Even with the strength of his Chaotic Body, he was unable to withstand it; even Chaotic Force was unable to wipe it out. Instead, it slowly trickled into his sea of consciousness.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Enchantress’s expression also changed abruptly. She immediately became sheet-white. An extremely cold aura began to radiate from her and there were vague signs of the ground freezing. She had also encountered a situation like Jian Chen, though the energy within her was frigid rather than scorching. Wherever the energy passed by, her body would be frozen. The energy currently flowed toward her sea of consciousness as if even her soul was about to be frozen.

 “Zi Ying, Qing Suo, what is this energy? Even my Chaotic Force can’t repel it.” Jian Chen frantically communicated with the sword spirits. Currently, he had no way at all to stop the advance of the scorching energy. Once it entered his sea of consciousness, he did not know whether it would burn his soul or not.

 “Crap, this is the Supreme Yin and Supreme Yang Qi from the Yinyang Qi. It’s extremely pure and not something master can resist right now,” Zi Ying cried out.

 “The Yinyang Qi is formed from the Chaotic Force present before the universe. Does that mean my Chaotic Force is unable to restrain it?” Jian Chen’s voice carried a sliver of anxiety.

 “Master, your Chaotic Force is too weak. It can’t even be considered as true Chaotic Force. It’s unable to match up with this Supreme Yang Qi.” Qing Suo explained.

 “Then what should I do? Is there any way to stop this Supreme Yang Qi?” Jian Chen voice became more and more worried. The Supreme Yang Qi radiated with a terrifying heat in his body. His Chaotic Body would not be able to withstand it for too long. His organs felt like they were on fire, producing waves of violent pain.

 Outside Jian Chen’s body, red ripples of air that were vaguely visible spread out. It was heat from his body and it caused the surrounding temperature to skyrocket.

But beside him, the Heavenly Enchantress sat on the ground with her eyes closed. Pain appeared on her face. She radiated with an extremely frigid coldness that formed a thick layer of ice in a meter radius around her.

Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress were each absorbing the Supreme Yang and Supreme Yin Qi; they radiated with either heat or coldness. The characteristics of the two Qi were polar opposites, contrasting sharply with one another.

 Zi Ying floated above Jian Chen. He glanced at the Heavenly Enchantress, who radiated with coldness. After some hesitation, he said, “Master, there is a method but it might be difficult for you.”

 “Just what method is it!? Say it, I can’t last much longer!” Jian Chen said hurriedly. The Supreme Yang Qi in his body was like a burning flame that slowly inched its way toward his mind.

 “Master, you and that girl beside you each absorbed the Supreme Yang and Supreme Yin Qi. If you want to neutralize this energy, both of you must cooperate. You must cancel it through using a method to balance the yin and the yang and then absorb it. This will bring great benefits along with it,” Zi Ying said. He carried a rather weird expression.

 “Tell me exactly what I need to do,” Jian Chen ordered frantically.

 “The exact method is to…” Zi Ying immediately explained it to Jian Chen.

 After learning the way to balance the yin and the yang, Jian Chen’s expression became weird too. He said with a forced smile, “Zi Ying, are you joking? How can I do that? Is there no other way?”

“Master, there’s no other way except this. This is the only way you can neutralize the Supreme Yin and Supreme Yang Qi. The two Qi are extremely pure, so once you cancel it out and absorb it, not only will it bring great benefits by increasing your strength, your body and soul will also adapt to the energy. If you ever encounter the Supreme Yin or Supreme Yang Qi in the future, you won’t become like this,” Zi Ying said sternly. However, he hid one thing from Jian Chen; even if the Supreme Yang Qi reached his sea of consciousness, it would pose no harm to him because Zi Ying himself was formed from the Supreme Yang Qi of the Yinyang Qi.

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