Chapter 845: A Great Increase in Strength

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Chapter 845: A Great Increase in Strength

Shortly afterward, all the images from a few days ago flashed through their heads like a film. It woke them up immediately and the Heavenly Enchantress’s expression immediately became torn between rage and shame.

At this moment, she pushed Jian Chen far, far away with an energy of unknown origins. She immediately climbed up. When she saw that she was completely naked under the sky, without anything covering her jade-like body and the droplets of blood on the ground, tears immediately began to well up in her beautiful eyes. They were filled with rage and grievance.

Forcefully resisting her anger, the Heavenly Enchantress pulled out a new purple dress from her Space Ring and quickly draped it over herself. She stared viciously at Jian Chen with flames of rage, while more and more tears welled up. Her eyes were filled with misery.

Jian Chen hurriedly pulled out a set of white, tight robes and wore them. Seeing the Heavenly Enchantress’s indescribable beauty, he became lost. He had never seen such a beautiful woman before. It could be said that she was the most beautiful out of all the women he had seen. Her beauty already superseded the fairies in heaven like the goddess beyond the nine heavens. She was that flawless and perfect.

However, he also understood that this was not the time to appreciate the Heavenly Enchantress’s beauty. He explained hurriedly. “Heavenly Enchantress, I hope you can understand. Under those circumstances, I had no choice either. Otherwise, both of us would’ve died. Only like this can we survive.”

“Shut up!” The Heavenly Enchantress cut off Jian Chen. She stared at Jian Chen with infuriation and roared, “You bastard, you beast, taking advantage of people. You actually used such despicable means to take my body. I will never forgive you. After I kill you, I’ll kill myself.” The Heavenly Enchantress was a woman who seemed gentle on the outside but she was actually tough on the inside. She seemed to be a rather gentle and quiet person but her personality was extremely staunch. She was unable to endure being defiled like this.

The Zither of the Demonic Cry appeared in her hands. She placed it mid-air and quickly began to play it with both hands. Every time she struck a note gently, it would shoot out a powerful sound wave at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen would not just stand there and get hit for nothing. The Heavenly Enchantress’s strength was already greater than his. Even though his Chaotic Body had a powerful defense, he did not dare to just receive the sound wave attack. He immediately turned into a blur, quickly moving away, dodging the sound wave from the Heavenly Enchantress.

“Heavenly Enchantress, calm down. Why must you be so stubborn? You know that I had no other choice under those circumstances too.” Jian Chen explained as he dodged, attempting to convince the Heavenly Enchantress.

The Heavenly Enchantress’s eyes had returned to the coldness from before and she quickly played the zither with her two hands. Each note produced was filled with killing intent and shot toward Jian Chen. The sound waves grew denser and denser, blotting out the surroundings. Gradually, it formed a cage that locked down Jian Chen and cut off any route of escape.

The light in Jian Chen’s eyes flickered. Chaotic Force surged about in his body, pushing the Chaotic Body to the limit. Afterward, he directly hurled out a punch, opening up an exit and escaping with the Illusionary Flash. However, faced with the densely-packed sound wave attacks, he was unable to come to out unscathed and was hit by several sound waves.

However, the sound waves strangely transformed into an energy when they collided with Jian Chen, silently entering his body. Afterward, it was assimilated by the Chaotic Force and turned into his own power.

Feeling the difference in his body, Jian Chen was immediately astounded. The light in his eyes flickered a few more times and he soon stopped running. He let the dense sound waves in the surroundings strike his body as he stood where he was.

The sound waves struck Jian Chen like moths flying to a flame. However, with no exceptions whatsoever, the sound waves were unable to harm him. All of it was assimilated by the Chaotic Force in him as soon as they came into contact with his body, converting into Jian Chen’s own power. However, this energy was just too little to Jian Chen and made almost no difference at all.

“Just what’s happening?” Jian Chen was filled with skepticism. He had no idea what had happened to his body that allowed him to absorb the sound wave attacks from the Heavenly Enchantress.

“How is this possible!” Seeing that her attacks were unable to harm Jian Chen, she also revealed a shocked expression. Afterward, the melody she played changed and she cried out, “Soul-devouring of the Heavenly Demon!”

The Soul-devouring of the Heavenly Demon was one of the relatively more powerful melodies that the Heavenly Enchantress knew. It used the zither to confuse people, causing their souls to vanish and disperse into the surroundings unknowingly. It was a terrifying melody that killed without any signs and it was impossible to guard against.

The gentle zither notes resounded through the surroundings. It seemed to be filled with a certain charm, calming down everything in the world at that very moment. Even the gentle breeze in the area stopped.

Jian Chen stood thirty meters away, quietly listening to the melody. He revealed an expression of anxiety. He could naturally feel that the zither notes concealed a killing intent but when he heard it, he did not feel anything. It was as if they could not affect him at all and posed no harm.

 Very soon, the melody progressed to its half-way point. Seeing how Jian Chen did not experience anything, not even a change in expression, the Heavenly Enchantress became shocked and her face became filled with disbelief.

The melody stopped. The Heavenly Enchantress stopped playing the zither and stared blankly at Jian Chen. She struggled to accept this.

“No… no… no… this is impossible… impossible. How is it like this? How? Why is my zither unable to affect you?” The Heavenly Enchantress became rather despaired. Not only did Jian Chen take her chastity, he was now immune to her zither. This prevented her from every taking revenge. She could not accept this.

The Heavenly Enchantress did not believe it. She began playing again but no matter what she tried, it was unable to harm Jian Chen at all. He really did seem to be completely immune to her zither.

“Impossible, how is it like this? How? Why? Why? Why is it like this?” The Heavenly Enchantress shook her head. More and more tears welled up in her eyes, before finally rolling down her beautiful face as two streaks of crystal-like tears. She was in misery.

“Just why is it like this?” Jian Chen also felt extremely strange over the fact that he was now immune to the Heavenly Enchantress’s sound attacks. He had no idea just what had happened.

“Master, three days ago, when the two of you embraced each other and balanced your yin and yang, you also absorbed the energy that came out of the balancing afterward. As a result, a few changes occurred to your bodies. Now, if the two of you fight, it would be equivalent to Supreme Yang Qi encountering Supreme Yin Qi. It would be nullified instantly, prevent the two of you from harming each other. “ Zi Ying explained for Jian Chen.

This was the first time that Jian Chen had ever heard of something like this. He found it to be extremely novel but it just happened to answer his doubts. Afterward, he looked toward the sorrowful Heavenly Enchantress and his expression became a great mix of emotions.

What happened between him and the Heavenly Enchantress was definitely not an accident. However, at that time, he had no choice. He needed to survive. Even if he could travel back in time, he would have still done the same thing.

“Sigh…” Jian Chen sighed gently in his head. He sat down where he stood. He knew that the Heavenly Enchantress needed to calm down right now, so he did not disturb her. He had no real way to deal with this. He could only let matters take its course and develop as it would.

He was not stupid enough to mention matters such as taking responsibility. The Heavenly Enchantress was a powerful Saint Ruler, not an untouched girl from an ordinary family. It could not be compared to secular matters.

Quieting down, Jian Chen immediately checked the conditions of his own body. He discovered that his soul had strengthened by several folds, it was now extremely powerful. If his previous soul was a finger-sized flame, his soul right now would be a small but extraordinarily bright light bulb, radiating with dazzling light. This was a qualitative increase, far greater than any quantitative increase.

With the strengthening of his soul, Jian Chen’s presence had also greatly increased. Unfortunately, his presence was suppressed here, preventing him from expanding it. Otherwise, he would really be keen to see just how much his presence had increased.

Afterward, Jian Chen began to inspect his dantian. He immediately felt extremely serendipitous after a single glance, as he saw that the chaotic neidan had already increased to the size of a fist from the chicken egg size of before. He had almost reached the peak of the first layer of the Chaotic Body.

The growth of the chaotic neidan excited Jian Chen for some reason. At the same time, he was secretly shocked by the strength of the Supreme Yin Qi and Supreme Yang Qi. He never thought that he would gain so many benefits in a few short days through the balancing and absorption of energies. Ignoring the changes in the soul, just growth the of the chaotic neidan was equivalent to three years of work. It also saved him large quantities of monster cores, which moved Jian Chen very much.

“I’ve already reached the peak of the first layer with my Chaotic Body. I only need to find some time to go into seclusion and I’ll be able to reach the second layer.” Jian Chen itched to try it, he was tempted to go into seclusion immediately.

Jian Chen opened his eyes and looked toward the Heavenly Enchantress. “Heavenly Enchantress, we both may have paid something this time but the benefits we have gained is extraordinary at the same time. After balancing the Yin and Yang and absorbing the energies, we both should have reaped great benefits. If you carefully examine the condition of your body, your strength should have increased greatly.”

Currently, the Heavenly Enchantress had already begun to calm down gradually. Hearing what Jian Chen had said, her expression remained the same. She closed her eyes skeptically, silently sensing any changes in her body.

A second later, the Heavenly Enchantress’s eyes abruptly snapped open. They were filled with an unconcealable shock but very soon, it turned into pain. She gently bit her bottom lip and she seemed down.

Her strength had indeed increased, just as Jian Chen had said. However, compared to the price she had paid, she would have rather not gained this increase.

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