Chapter 849: Second Layer of the Chaotic Body

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Chapter 849: Second Layer of the Chaotic Body

The surging Chaotic Force rampaged inside Jian Chen’s body. His body also seemed to be greatly shaken too, beginning to tremble violently before slowly bulging. He was like a balloon currently filling up with air, constantly increasing in size.

Jian Chen remained focused and maintained his calm mind without panicking at all. The secret technique recorded in the Azulet Sword Law appeared in his head and he began attempting to control the Chaotic Force and circulated according to the special method in the Azulet Sword Law.

However, things did not go as he wished. There was an extremely great quantity of Chaotic Force stored in the chaotic neidan. Now that it had cracked open, the powerful Chaotic Force immediately broke out and lost control as he struggled to put under control.

In this situation, Jian Chen felt cold at heart. The power of the soul in his sea of consciousness surged out at full power and soon formed a powerful pressure in his body that forcefully suppressed the out-of-control Chaotic Force.

With the suppression from the soul, the Chaotic Force gradually settled down and slowly fell back into Jian Chen’s control.

Completely grasping the control of the Chaotic Force within him again, Jian Chen immediately followed the secret technique and guided it along a special route in his body. The speed increased more and more, before finally reaching an unimaginable velocity.

As the Chaotic Force moved about at great speeds, Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body also faced great pressures, with some vague signs of falling apart. He seemed to have already reached the limit that he could endure and his body was constantly cracking. Meanwhile, the Chaotic Force became purer and more powerful bit by bit, taking qualitative leaps. However, the amount of Chaotic Force reduced quickly. It was currently going through the process of compression.

With the decrease of Chaotic Force, his bulging body also slowly returned to how it was before, completely recovering without much time.

The strengthening of the Chaotic Force broke the balance inside his body. Under the collisions from the strengthened Chaotic Force, his Chaotic Body was currently falling apart from the inside out. Whether it was his organs or tendons, they were all heavily injured. The pain that he had not experienced for quite some time attacked his body once again and mercilessly tortured Jian Chen’s mind.

Jian Chen’s body became to tremble even more violently. His teeth chattered while beads of sweat appeared on his determined face. He currently endured great pains.

The Chaotic Body may have been powerful but the pain and sweat from cultivating it was not something any person could endure. When Jian Chen first began cultivating the Chaotic Body, his willpower was tortured horribly by the heart-wrenching pain. It was so agonizing that he even lost the ability to faint. As a result, it could be seen that the difficulty in cultivating the Chaotic Body was far beyond anybody cultivating method found on the Tian Yuan Continent.

Currently, he was breaking through from the first layer to the second layer of the Chaotic Body. With the balance between the Chaotic Force and the Chaotic Body now broken, he needed to go through the step of refining his body once again to attain a new balance with the Chaotic Force. Only like this could he use the strengthened Chaotic Force as he wished afterward.

The Chaotic Body had eighteen layers. If Jian Chen wanted to reach its true form, he needed to refine his body eighteen times. Only through eighteen times of painful torture could he truly reach the apex.

Jian Chen’s clothes were already moist with large quantities of sweat. The rampaging Chaotic Force became more and more powerful. At the same time, a part of it melded into his body, strengthening it. It allowed his body to grow with the Chaotic Force and prevented an overwhelming disparity between the two.

After who knows how long, the wracking pain in Jian Chen’s body finally disappeared. The Chaotic Force within him had already turned from a tempestuous ocean into a thin river that slowly flowed around in his body before gathering in his dantian. It formed a soybean-sized chaotic neidan.

This new chaotic neidan was compressed from the fist-sized chaotic neidan from before. Although it had shrunken greatly, the Chaotic Energy hidden within became even more powerful. It was a qualitative improvement.

With this, Jian Chen’s Chaotic Force had finally broken through the first layer and reached the second. His Chaotic Body had also strengthened by several folds; even though there were no changes in his stature, the defensive ability of his body had increased by at least several times.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes as he sat on the floor. He silently inspected the chaotic neidan within him and could clearly feel the strength of the second layer. Unconcealable joy filled his face.

“Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, my current strength has reached the Seventh Heavenly Layer of a Saint Ruler.” Jian Chen was ecstatic. Reaching the second layer, his strength directly rose from the Third Heavenly Layer to the seventh. He had improved by four whole layers.

“Now, even if I encounter that ancestor from the Fire God clan, I will have no need to fear. With my Ruler Armament, killing him should be a piece of cake.” Jian Chen thought to himself. He remembered the scene where the old man from the Fire God clan had forced him to use large quantities of Chaotic Force to produce an earth-shaking strike back in the City of God.

“The first layer of the Chaotic Body was equivalent to the Third Heavenly Layer. Coupled with a Ruler Armament, I could kill Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers. Now that my Chaotic Body has reached the second layer and increased my strength to the Seventh Heavenly Layer, I wonder if I can kill Ninth Heavenly Layer experts when I use my Ruler Armament.”

“According to my current rate of growth, when I reach the third layer, I might just be able to break through Saint Ruler entirely and become a supreme Saint King.” Jian Chen had already began to look forward to it because only by reaching Saint King would he have the ability to negotiate with the ten protector clans.

This was because each protector clans had at least several Saint Kings. They would not regard mere Saint Rulers as they were experts who stood at the very apex of the Tian Yuan Continent. They naturally would not bother with listening to Saint Rulers.

 Jian Chen calmed down very quickly, dismissing his emotions. He closed his eyes once again and began to absorb more Supreme Yang Qi for cultivation.

 Although he had reached the second layer, his chaotic neidan was still too small. He needed to replenish some of it quickly. The Supreme Yang Qi here was the best for that; he could not waste it. As for the monster cores in the artifact space, there would still be a day where they would be all consumed despite being so plentiful.

 In the next period of time, Jian Chen forgot about the concept of time and became submerged in selflessness. He cast everything aside and devoted all his attention to cultivating. He only wanted to increase his strength as fast as possible.

 However, after reaching the second layer of Chaotic Force, his speed of cultivation also slowed down as a result. This was because for every strand of Chaotic Force he wanted to gain, he needed even more energy. During the first layer, a strand of Chaotic Force could be refined from one Ruler Armament but at the second layer, he would need a total of ten Ruler Armaments. The vast amounts of energy he needed was tenfold compared to the first layer.


 After a lengthy period of time, the Supreme Yin Qi and Supreme Yang Qi on the surface of the Yinyang Saint Rock were finally all absorbed.

 Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress both awoke from their cultivation. They both inspected their strength and unconcealable joy flooded their faces. Clearly, it was quite the harvest. The chaotic neidan in Jian Chen’s dantian had also increased to the size of a thumb.

 Emerging from their cultivation, both of them stared at the floating Yinyang Saint Rock with the feeling of not being completely satisfied. Just the thin layer of energy on the surface of the rock was so beneficial to them. They could anticipate just how great the energy hidden within the rock was.

 Jian Chen stared at the head-sized rock with a slavering gaze. He sighed secretly, before looking toward the Heavenly Enchantress. “Heavenly Enchantress, we should leave. We still don’t have the strength to meddle with the Yinyang Saint Rock. Once we get powerful enough, I’ll call you to come here with me again.”

 The Heavenly Enchantress glanced at Jian Chen. She forcefully restrained her voice and did not say anything. Turning around, she walked silently out of the ditch.

 Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress left the ditch in which the Yinyang Saint Rock was in together. They quickly found the teleportation formation cast down by Mo Tianyun long ago.

 The teleportation formation was a small stone hut that could house ten people. The surrounding walls, floor and roof were all covered in complicated formation engravings.

 Standing before the formation, Jian Chen looked back at the timeless, independent world. He knew that from now onward, he had another memory that would be engraved into his brain. The Heavenly Enchantress’s stunning figure was fated to be deeply embedded in his mind.

 With the teleportation formation activated, Jian Chen disappeared with the Heavenly Enchantress, filled with mixed feelings.

 At the very bottom of the Lunastron Pit in the Fantasy Star Ocean, a white light appeared in the empty space without any forewarning. As it disappeared, it revealed the figures of Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress.

 The two of them had returned to the dragon’s island through the formation left behind by Mo Tianyun all those years ago.


 Perhaps their sudden appearance had alarmed the living corpses at the bottom of the pit as powerful roars immediately echoed. Large numbers of living corpses all charged at the two from the surroundings.

 Both of their expressions changed. Although their strength had increased substantially, they were still not Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings like Hei Yu. Moreover, there were quite a few Saint Kings among the corpses; if they were surrounded, they would be faced with a tough battle.

 “Let’s leave here quickly!” The exit to the pit was right above them. Jian Chen called out to the Heavenly Enchantress, before immediately rising up, quickly flying toward the outside along the tunnel.

 The Heavenly Enchantress did not hesitate either and left the bottom of the pit at almost the same time as Jian Chen.

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