Chapter 851: Battling Bi Jian

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Chapter 851: Battling Bi Jian

Bi Jian no longer wanted to talk with Jian Chen. He directly threw a wind-like punch at Jian Chen that whistled through the air with an ear-piercing sound. The powerful driving force seemed to compress the space it passed.

Jian Chen had made his preparations to battle against Bi Jian long ago. Facing Bi Jian’s sudden attack, he did not panic at all, remaining calm and unperturbed. His eyes were cold; he had no intention of dodging, immediately filling up every corner of his body with Chaotic Force. He pushed the second layer of his Chaotic Body to the limit, he planned to use Bi Jian’s punch to measure the strength of his Chaotic Force.


With a muffled sound, Bi Jian’s steel-hard fist struck Jian Chen’s chest mercilessly. A powerful force exploded, forming visible ripples that radiated outward.

Jian Chen’s body shook violently. He lost control and was sent flying backward for hundreds of meters by the power of the fist. However, Jian Chen’s expression remained the same. He was clearly uninjured.

Bi Jian was also knocked backward by a hundred meters by the reactive force. When his fist hit Jian Chen’s body, he felt like he had hit an extremely tough steel board that had even made his arm go numb.

“What a powerful body.” Bi Jian was secretly shocked and he looked toward Jian Chen. He saw that Jian Chen had not even flinch and was completely unharmed. Bi Jian was astounded and disbelief flooded his face.

“How is that possible? He used his body to withstand a blow from me and he’s not injured at all! Even the powerful bodies of beasts of antiquities cannot do this. How did he do it?” Bi Jian finally became rather stern, no longer looking down on Jian Chen.

Several hundred meters away, Jian Chen stared into Bi Jian’s eyes as he floated above the sea. He rubbed his chest that had become slightly painful from the attack and asked, “What heavenly layer are you on?” Although Jian Chen’s powerful presence could detect Bi Jian’s strength, he was unable to determine Bi Jian’s exact cultivation.

“The Seventh Heavenly Layer. I wonder what method you cultivate to have such a powerful body? Is there perhaps some protective treasure?” Bi Jian asked with a deep voice. From Jian Chen’s presence, he could tell that he was a human from a single glance and not a magical beast. He struggled to believe that a human could have a body as tough as a beast of antiquity.

“The Seventh Heavenly Layer is only so much?” Jian Chen chuckled to himself. He was extremely satisfied with the defense of the second layer. It was actually able to receive a blow from a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler and come out unscathed. Even though it was just a casual strike, it was enough to indicate just how powerful and terrifying the Chaotic Body was.

With what Jian Chen had said, Bi Jian’s dignity seemed to be greatly offended. He immediately fell into a rage and roared out, “Your powerful body doesn’t mean that you have the same strength. Since you dare to talk big, I’ll let you see my true strength.”

Surging ripples of energy began to pour turbulently from Bi Jian. It quickly coalesced into a light blue great sword of a palm’s width; he had materialized his Saint Weapon. Shortly afterward, Bi Jian moved, shooting toward Jian Chen like a lightning bolt and stabbing the sword in his hand at Jian Chen with the ripples of energy. Wherever the sword passed by, space would be cut open and form a pitch-black crack.

This time, Bi Jian had used all his strength. He did not hold back at all.

Jian Chen’s expression became stern; strands of Chaotic Force began to spew out from his chaotic neidan and gathered in his right fist. He threw his fist toward Bi Jian’s sword, using his body to fend off an attack from a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler.

“You dare to use your fist to match my Saint Weapon? Such arrogance.” Bi Jian sneered. He knew that Jian Chen’s body was extremely powerful but he did not believe that Jian Chen was able to block his attack with the Saint Weapon with just his body. This was because the fist from before was only a test. Now that he used his full strength, the power produced was definitely something beyond the fist from before.


Jian Chen’s punch collided intensely with Bi Jian’s Saint Weapon. With a boom, vast ripples of energy burst forth, causing the surroundings space to distort and constantly shake. Hundred-meter waves formed on the now turbulent ocean beneath them.

Bi Jian’s Saint Weapon broke through Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body. The sharp end of the sword pierced through his flesh but it only entered by an inch before coming to a halt, unable to advance any further.

Fresh blood flowed from Jian Chen’s fist. A drop of it fell into the ocean below and immediately dyed the blue seawater red. It expanded into a radius of five kilometers and caused the seawater to be filled with a sliver of pure and powerful energy.

Although he had injured Jian Chen, Bi Jian could not become happy at all. He stared at Jian Chen with his eyes bulging, while waves of shock brewed in his heart. “How is that possible? My full-powered strike with my Saint Weapon only caused him some skin-deep wounds. Just what body does he have? It’s unbelievably tough.”

While Bi Jian was stunned, Jian Chen had already pulled back his fist. Ignoring the blood on it, he threw it at Bi Jian again with the sharp whistling of wind.

Bi Jian’s expression changed slightly and he immediately tried to block the fist with his Saint Weapon held horizontally. When Jian Chen’s fist collided with it, the power of the Chaotic Body was displayed perfectly. The fist directly knocked Bi Jian backward and he only stabilized after he flew for a dozen or so kilometers. He immediately paled slightly, while his right hand which held the Saint Weapon constantly trembled.

Jian Chen did not follow up, slowly pulling fist back. The wound on his fist was healing at a visible rate and even the blood that had flowed out reentered the injury, returning to his body.

In just a few seconds, the injury had healed completely. It did not even leave behind a scar or mark. If one looked at his fist now, it would be difficult to imagine that he had been injured just before.

“Sir, please wait here for a few days. You cannot enter the island right now,” Jian Chen said indifferently as he looked at Bi Jian.

Bi Jian stared grimly at Jian Chen and growled, “You are indeed very powerful. You have that powerful body, so it’s extremely difficult for me to injure you. But if you want to stop me from entering the island, that’s impossible. I’ve only left the holy lands of Mercenary City recently; after a period of comprehension in seclusion, I’ve grasped the basics of a Saint Tier Battle Skill. Since you want to stop me, I can only show you how powerful the battle skill is.”

As soon as he heard ‘Saint Tier Battle Skill’, Jian Chen became grim. If it was cast with Bi Jian’s strength as a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, it would definitely possess the power to destroy the surroundings. He had no confidence that he could block it successfully. On the other hand, Saint Tier Battle Skills were also the most powerful battle skills on the continent; Jian Chen was also eager to see the power of one very much. For a moment, Jian Chen felt both fear and anticipation toward Bi Jian’s Saint Tier Battle Skill.

A vast aura radiated from Bi Jian. It enveloped the surroundings with its might, causing the wind and clouds in the sky to change. Vaguely, there was even the muffled rumbling of thunder. Bi Jian had entered the charging-up phase for his battle skill.

“Bi Jian!”

At this very moment, an illusionary voice echoed through the surroundings. It was filled with a boundless charm, as if it could lure the souls of people away from them.  

The sudden voice caused Bi Jian to beam. He looked toward the Three Saint Island over ten kilometers away and called out, “Heavenly Enchantress, are you fine? I, Bi Jian, have come to visit you.” At the same time, Bi Jian stopped his casting of the Saint Tier Battle Skill.

“Bi Jian, stay your hand!” The Heavenly Enchantress’s voice boomed. No one could tell where the voice came from.

Bi Jian looked around in doubt. He became astonished and said, “Heavenly Enchantress, I haven’t seen you in so many years and your strength has increased once again. I can’t feel your presence at all now. Oh right, Heavenly Enchantress, who is this person? Why does he stop me from entering the island? Has something happened to the island?”

Only after a period a silence did the Heavenly Enchantress’s voice boom out once again. “Bi Jian, leave. Three Saint Island does not welcome you.”

With that, Bi Jian began to panic. He said, “Heavenly Enchantress, I’ve journeyed thousands of kilometers to Three Saint Island to see you. Are you just going to reject me at the doorsteps?” Soon afterward, Bi Jian seemed to think of Jian Chen. He immediately pointed at Jian Chen and said angrily, “Heavenly Enchantress, tell me exactly who he is. Why can he enter the island while I can’t? Am I not as good as him to you?”

Random thoughts began to crop up uncontrollably in Bi Jian’s head. Envy and irrationality immediately sprang up in his heart as soon as he thought of the possibility that Jian Chen spent every day on the island interacting with the Heavenly Enchantress. He imagined them being on a close basis and doing some things he had no clues of.

“Heavenly Enchantress, tell me exactly who this person is. Why have I never heard about his existence from you before? Why has he appeared on Three Saint Island and why is he obstructing my entry to the island? Why are you unwilling to see me?” Bi Jian’s eyes became bloodshot. As he spoke, he became madder and madder, more and more irrational. In the end, he even believed he had touched on the truth.

“Bi Jian, you don’t need to stick your nose in my matters. What does his identity have anything to do with you?” The Heavenly Enchantress’s cold voice reverberated once again.

Bi Jian began to laugh aloud out of anger. “Not for me to care about? Nothing to do with me? Alright, alright, alright, Heavenly Enchantress. I won’t be leaving exactly because you want me to leave. I swear I will not leave if I don’t enter Three Saint Island and see you.” 

Jian Chen’s face darkened. If Bi Jian entered the island so emotionally, he would definitely create a very great commotion, disturbing his grandfather’s breakthrough. He could not allow something like that to happen.

“Pass through me first if you want to enter the island.” Jian Chen blocked Bi Jian’s path.

Bi Jian said nothing. He fused with the surrounding space and used Spatial Force to transform into a blurry afterimage that shot toward Three Saint Island with lightning speed. He instantly passed by Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s expression changed greatly. He had never thought that Bi Jian would actually use a method like this to try and enter Three Saint Island. Bi Jian’s comprehension of the mysteries of the world completely superseded Jian Chen’s; his explosive speed from Spatial Force completely exceeded Jian Chen’s travel speed, preventing Jian Chen from blocking him in time.

Although Jian Chen had reached the second layer of the Chaotic Body which was equivalent to the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler, his comprehension of the mysteries of the world remained at the First Heavenly Layer.

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