Chapter 853: Departure

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Chapter 853: Departure

The five-colored clouds radiated with a gentle and magnificent light that flooded the entire sky. It spread out grandly in all directions, enveloping a radius of a hundred thousand kilometers from the initial five kilometers before stopping. The light shone on the surface of the sea and dyed the water rainbow. The entire world seemed to be filled with the five colors as if it was a dream.

Jian Chen floated in the sky. He stared excitedly at the colorful clouds in the sky and murmured, “He broke through. Grandpa broke through successfully. He has finally overcome the seal in his sea of consciousness and reached Saint Ruler.” Afterward, Jian Chen turned into a faint blur, shooting toward Three Saint Island with lightning speed. He quietly guarded outside the cave to protect his grandfather.

At this very moment, a dozen or so figures soared from below Three Saint Island and they flickered with the light of special attributes. They were the residents of Three Saint Island who had already reached Heaven Saint Master and they were clearly alarmed by the appearance of the rainbow clouds in the sky.

Other than them, close to a hundred figures flickered at the foot of Three Saint Island. They were Earth Saint Master residents who could not fly and they all used various techniques to travel through the forests and hurried toward the top of the mountain.

Whether it was the Heaven Saint Masters flying in the sky or the Earth Saint Master traversing over land, they all stopped as soon as they approached the mountain peak. Afterward, they all bowed courteously towards the mountain top and said, “This fisherman of the island wishes to see the island mistress and the two saintesses. May I ask just what is happening regarding the sudden phenomenon in the sky?”

These people all carried expressions of extreme respect. To them, the mistress of the island and her two disciples were like gods. They were sacred and inviolable. 

This was because a thousand years ago, Three Saint Island was still an ordinary island. The fishermen inhabitants were normal and ordinary people, with no connection to the Tian Yuan Continent. They lived lives of solitude and did not know how to cultivate at all. Even if there were experts who passed by from time to time, they would receive no attention at all.

However, ever since the Heavenly Enchantress settled here, the lives of the fishermen had changed. Not only did she pass on the method of cultivation, she even directed them and assisted their cultivation. As a result, the residents of the island were freed from their ordinary lives, embarking on the path of obtaining great power as fighters.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Enchantress and her two disciples naturally became divine gods to the residents. For this reason, the originally ordinary island was named Three Saint Island.

With a thought, Jian Chen suddenly created a transparent barrier around the top of the mountain as he guarded the cave. He said, “You can leave. Don’t worry about the phenomenon in the sky.”

Jian Chen’s voice was not loud but all the fishermen around the mountain heard it clearly.

Hearing this unfamiliar voice, the Heaven Saint Master fishermen all became stunned. Immediately, a brave person asked, “May I ask who senior is?”

“All of you leave. You don’t need to pay any attention to the phenomenon in the sky.” Xiao Qian voice appeared from the cave, clearly heard by all the fishermen.

“Yes, saintess!”

Only after hearing Xiao Qian’s familiar voice did the fishermen finally leave. However, each of them were extremely skeptical. Clearly, this was the first time they had ever seen these rainbow clouds in the sky.

At the same time, over twenty elders of the Radiant Saint Master Union sat cross-legged in a secret room in the headquarters at Mercenary City. They were casting a secret technique to search for the saint artifact.

In the four years since the saint artifact had been lost, they had worked together to cast the secret technique to scour the continent in search of the artifact’s presence from time to time. They would not even miss the ocean. Although they ended in failure every time, they did not show any intentions of giving up.

Meanwhile, the news that the artifact was lost had been kept a secret by the union and the three great clans. It had been concealed perfectly. Extremely few people knew about it but they were all told to stay quiet about it by the three great clans. This was because as soon as the union collapsed, the entire empire would suffer a loss.

Suddenly, all twenty-odd elders snapped open their eyes at the same time. They all revealed expressions of joy.

“We found it. It’s in the ocean.”

“We found the precise location of the communication jade on Yang Yutian.”

“I never thought that Yang Yutian would keep the communication jade on him. Fantastic. We haven’t found the presence of the artifact but we found the communication jade instead.”

“The whereabouts of the communication jade will definitely be Yang Yutian’s location. We need to go there quickly.”

“Contact elder Jia immediately. Get him to rip open space and create a Space Gate to the ocean. He’ll come with us, we must reclaim the saint artifact.”


The rainbow clouds lasted for six whole hours before slowly dispersing. A while later, the surroundings recovered its peace.

“Hahahahahaha…” Shortly afterward, a loud series of laughter resounded from a cave on the mountain peak. Changyang Zu Yunkong excitedly walked out from it in long, white robes.

Breaking through to Saint Ruler, Changyang Zu Yunxiao’s bearings also underwent a great change. Although he was still an old man, his haggardness had disappeared and he seemed normal again. His face had a healthy glow and he was in high spirits. Compared to his sickly appearance from before, he seemed like a completely different person.

“I’ve finally broken through! Finally broken through! Never would I’ve thought that I, Changyang Zu Yunkong, would have a day where I reach Saint Ruler,” Changyang Zu Yunkong said excitedly. The joy and emotions he currently experienced had already reached the absolute limit.

“Congratulations on reaching Saint Ruler. You don’t need to suffer pain like in the past anymore.” Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue walked out of the cave with their zithers in their hands. They both congratulated Changyang Zu Yunkong with smiles.

“Grandfather, congratulations on your breakthrough.” Jian Chen also came up to congratulate his grandfather. He too was filled with joy for saving Changyang Zu Yunkong’s life.

“It’s all because I have such a great grandson. If it weren’t for grandson’s Dragon’s Saliva, I probably would not have been able to survive for another thirty years.” Changyang Zu Yunkong was emotional and his gaze toward Jian Chen was filled with gratitude.

“Grandfather, now that your problem has been temporarily resolved, I wonder what you want to do in the future?” Jian Chen asked.

When Jian Chen mentioned this, Changyang Zu Yunkong gradually calmed down. After a period of silence, he said, “So many years have passed and I don’t even know how well the Changyang clan is doing now. I left the clan previously in search of a method to breakthrough. Now that I have broken through, it’s about time for me to return.”

Xiao Qian said on one side, “Changyang Zu Yunkong, master said your talent is rather great. When you were just a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, it was enough for the laws of the world to descend by themselves. In the future, you will definitely improve extremely quickly in your cultivation. But you must keep in mind that the seal in your mind has only been temporarily suppressed. It has not been resolved completely, so you must not power up too quickly. Otherwise, you will only be faced with a similar pain in the future.”

Changyang Zu Yunkong nodded prudently, showing that he had understood. He clasped his hands at Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue. “I thank you for looking after me for all these years. I wonder where the island mistress is? I would like to see her and personally thank her for saving my life.” 

“No need to do that. Our mistress is currently in seclusion. It’s best if you don’t disturb her for something like that,” Xiao Yue said.

“Fair enough. But I will always remember the mistress’s kindness for saving me forever. If there is the chance in the future, I will definitely return it several times over.” Changyang Zu Yunkong said with determination. After that, he looked toward Jian Chen and said, “Grandson, grandfather misses the Changyang clan. I want to return immediately. You should come with grandfather.”

“No grandfather, I still have important matters to attend to. I won’t be going back to the continent with you,” Jian Chen said hurriedly. He did not dare to return to the continent as of right now.

“That’s fine! Since you have things to attend to, I’ll be returning first,” Changyang Zu Yunkong said, before bidding farewell to the group. He left all by himself.

He had already spent too much time away from the Changyang clan. He missed the people there very much so he left in haste as soon as he recovered.

With Changyang Zu Yunkong’s matter resolved, Jian Chen no longer needed to stay on the island. He also bid farewell to Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue. “Ladies, I still have matters to attend to so I can’t stay on the island for too long. I shall be leaving.”

After conversing with Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue some more, Jian Chen found where the Heavenly Enchantress had gone into seclusion with his powerful presence. He directly flew over there.

The Heavenly Enchantress went into seclusion in one of the caves at the back of the mountain. Currently, the cave was tightly closed, blocked up by a huge rock door.

Standing before the door, Jian Chen became slightly mixed with emotions. After some hesitation, he pulled out a large pile of Dragon’s Saliva from his Space Ring and placed it gently on the ground. “I know this Dragon’s Saliva is very helpful to you. You need it more than me. I’ll only keep ten of them from all of the ones obtained from Fantasy Star Ocean. I’ll give the rest to you.”

After he placed down the Dragon’s Saliva, Jian Chen left silently. He flew toward the faraway distance but from the very start till the end, the Heavenly Enchantress never appeared. She did not even say anything.

Jian Chen flew off the island with mixed emotions. Afterward, he expanded his powerful presence, immediately enveloping a radius of five thousand kilometers, finally finding Nubis who was a thousand kilometers under the ocean.

Nubis immediately shot through the ocean and arrived in the sky above the region where he had gone into seclusion. He immediately began to radiate with a powerful aura which spread outward in all directions. It immediately caused the calm ocean surface below him to turn stormy.


Suddenly, the sea surface beneath him exploded. A figure radiating with a powerful golden light shot out from the sea, accompanied by a powerfully vast and boundless presence.

“Hahahahaha, kiddo Jian Chen. You’ve finally come out. If you didn’t come out, I, the great Nubis, would’ve gone into the Fantasy Star Ocean in search of you.”

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