Chapter 857: Heavily Injuring Two Saint Kings

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Chapter 857: Heavily Injuring Two Saint Kings

God’s Descent!

At this very moment, these two words were slowly pronounced by Jian Chen. His voice seemed to be filled with infinite mysteries, reverberating with the world. This plain voice directly pierced the nine heavens and beyond.

A visible ripple quickly expanded in all directions with Jian Chen as the center. Wherever it passed by, space would freeze instantly. Even the two great Saint Kings, Bi Yifei and Ling Yuanzi, were immobilized.

Other than them, Nubis and Bi Jian were affected too. They also became locked up in the frozen space and unable to move.

At that very moment, everything became silent. Air stopped moving; time stopped flowing; even the surging seas beneath them became extremely quiet.

The white light in the sky shone brighter and brighter, becoming more and more blinding. A vast pressure from the surroundings appeared, as if it originated from the nine heavens. The pressure seemed to be from a god, descending from the sky with a lofty aura. It deeply shocked the two Saint Kings.


Two long howls enveloped the surroundings. Bi Yifei and Ling Yuanzi had actually used their powerful bodies to forcefully break free from the restraints. They did not hold back at all, rushing at Jian Chen with soaring auras. They wanted to interrupt his arte.

At this very moment, a great pillar of white light descended from the skies. It completely enveloped a radius of fifty kilometers and the laws of the world in that region began to immediately distort violently. In that very moment, the region encased by the pillar of light seemed to become its own, independent world.

The expressions of both Bi Yifei and Ling Yuanzi greatly changed. They felt that they had completely lost their powers as Saint Kings; their control over the mysteries of space and World Force seemed to have vaporized completely in this moment. They could not feel it at all. Other than that, they became restrained once again. This time, the restraint was not space but an indescribable, weird energy, as if it was the power of laws completely unfamiliar to them.

Jian Chen closed his eyes and maintained the hand seal, floating in mid-air just like before. At that very moment, his soul stretched toward infinity and completely fused with the space enveloped by the white pillar of light. A wondrous feeling rose from the bottom of his heart as if he had already become God, a prominent, omnipotent god, able to control all life within this region of space. He was the absolute ruler of this world.


With a violent rumble, Bi Yifei and Ling Yuanzi broke free from the restraints of the laws with their powerful strengths once again. Surrounded by powerful and tremendous Saint Force, they struck out viciously at Jian Chen with their palms.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes. Right now, he could clearly feel his greatness as if he had really fused with a god. It made him feel that the two Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings were not necessarily undefeatable.

Jian Chen slowly raised his right hand and pushed forward gently. A white, visible ripple shook the space as it expanded in the direction of Bi Yifei and Ling Yuanzi.

This strike was not from Chaotic Force. It was not from any power he controlled but the special powers of the laws in the domain.

The powers of the laws collided with Bi Yifei and Ling Yuanzi’s hands and immediately produced a violent rumble. Their expressions changed suddenly and they shot backward with lightning speed. On their palms, a blood-red mark had already appeared. They were injured by the power of the laws.

Jian Chen coldly stared at the two of them. He felt like he had really fused with a god and gained a terrifyingly powerful strength. He now controlled everything. He extended a finger at the two of them and murmured gently, “Annihilate.”

With a single word, Bi Yifei and Ling Yuanzi’s clothes immediately turned to dust. Cracks also appeared on their skin and they bled out with bright red blood. They seemed like cracking pottery.

Both of them were greatly shocked. They did not hold back at all and with a violent roar, vast Saint Force poured from their bodies. A robust energy barrier blocked the destruction from the power of the laws. Right now, they had each entered their own domain. Without their abilities as Saint Kings, all they could use was the Saint Force that they had not touched for a long time.

“This God’s Descent is too terrifying. If it were First or Second Heavenly Layer Saint Kings who ended up in this place, they would definitely be doomed. Bi Yifei, let’s attack Jian Chen with our full strength. He can’t last for long.” Ling Yuanzi growled. Shortly afterward, a palm-width curved blade appeared in his hand and he directly attacked Jian Chen with it. He had already used his Saint Weapon.

Bi Yifei brandished his Saint Weapon at the same time. His strength as a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings burst out without any restraint, shooting toward Jian Chen as a lightning bolt.

Jian Chen remained expressionless. All he did was extend a finger and immediately, inexhaustible light quickly condensed around it. It was all the power of the laws.

Jian Chen pointed gently twice. Two specks of white light immediately shot toward the pair with lightning speed. These lights were completely formed from the power of the laws.

The white specks of light directly passed through their Saint Weapons, breaking through their defenses formed from Radiant Saint Force to directly strike their bodies. It passed through both of them and left behind two bloody, thumb-sized holes that spurted with blood.

Injured by the power of the laws, their injuries were definitely not as light as it seemed. They immediately vomited a mouthful of blood and became sheet-white.

“Crap, that attack is illusionary yet corporeal. It’s impossible to guard against. This arte is just too terrifying,” Bi Yifei cried out. He had already become a mess, no longer bearing the demeanor from before.

At this very moment, another two specks of power of the laws shot from Jian Chen’s hand, directly traveling toward the center of their eyebrows.

Their expressions changed greatly. The center of the eyebrows was where the origin soul resided. It was the most important part; if they suffered any injuries there, they would suffer an unendurable blow as well.

Bi Yifei and Ling Yuanzi’s foreheads were instantly wet with cold sweat. They pushed all their strength into fleeing but at that crucial moment, they became immobilized by the invisible power of the laws once again.


The power of the laws broke through their external defenses and struck the center of their eyebrows accurately. Afterward, it broke out from the back of their heads and punched a hole through their brains.


The two of them immediately produced chilling cries. Clutching their heads tightly with their hands, their faces were filled with pain.

The origin souls of Saint Kings were extremely powerful. Wiping them out was not very easy; the power of the laws had pierced through the center of their eyebrows and heavily injured their origin souls but it did not wipe them out.

The injury to their origin souls caused them overwhelming pain. Without their control, the Saint Force that guarded their bodies slowly dispersed.

Without the Saint Force, the power of the laws that seemed to be able to annihilate everything appeared once again. It wreaked havoc on their bodies mercilessly and caused every part of them to crack constantly. It covered them with blood.

If they were not powerful Saint Kings and instead Saint Rulers, they would not be able to resist this terrifying destructive power at all. They would instantly turn into dust and be destroyed. It would be impossible for them to last this long.

The surface of Bi Yifei and Ling Yuanzi’s bodies had cracked completely. Their flesh turned into streaks of dust, currently being eaten away bit by bit.

“Argh! Jian Chen, I will break your God’s Descent! Saint Tier Battle Skill, Sky-upholding Finger!” Ling Yuanzi roared painfully. The Saint Force within him quickly began to surge, all condensing around his right index finger. Afterward, he pointed out with it.

Immediately, a huge, ten-meter long finger suddenly appeared. It radiated with powerful energy ripples that caused space completely formed from the forbidden Radiant Arte to tremble violently. It was like it was cracking as it was unable to endure the pressure brought on by the finger.

As soon as the huge finger condensed, it rushed toward Jian Chen with an unstoppable presence. Wherever it passed by, the snow-white world would immediately shatter and reveal pitch-black cracks in space.

The power of the finger was enough to destroy this world. It exceeded the limit that the region of space could withstand, annihilating it.

The giant finger locked onto Jian Chen’s presence, enveloping the entire surroundings. Jian Chen was unable to flee; all he could do was devote all his strength to resisting it. He became stern, using all he had to control the power of the laws to resist the Saint Tier Battle Skill cast by Ling Yuanzi.


With the collision of the laws and the finger, a great rumble immediately shook the region. In that instant, the region of space turned to blackness and Jian Chen’s Radiant Arte was also broken through by the finger. He was sent flying backward as he vomited blood, while the powerful energy brought on by the God’s Descent disappeared too.

With the arte broken, the surrounding space recovered to how it was before. The violent energy from the Saint Tier Battle Skill wreaked havoc mid-air and caused violent winds to blow through the surroundings. Furious tsunamis formed on the surface of the sea, raising waves as high as several hundred meters.

“Jian Chen!”

Seeing Jian Chen fly backward from afar, Nubis cried out in shock, immediately flying over to catch him.

“Leave quickly!” Jian Chen became as pale as snow. His expression was drained and he spat out two words with great difficulty. He had failed to cast the God’s Descent completely, as it was forcefully broken through halfway by absolute power. It made Jian Chen receive great backlashes too. Additionally, he had been hit with a small portion of the Saint Tier Battle Skill and was greatly injured. 

Nubis did not waste any more time speaking, immediately fleeing toward the distance as he carried Jian Chen.

“Jian Chen, you’ve injured my origin soul so greatly that it’ll even be difficult to recover completely with a thousand years. How can I let you leave?” Ling Yuanzi was disheveled and covered in blood, currently in a complete mess. His hatred for Jian Chen had already reached an unprecedented level. Jian Chen had heavily injured his origin soul, something that was extremely difficult to heal. He would no longer be able to make any more breakthroughs in the future. His cultivation would come to a halt if he could not rejuvenate his injured origin soul.

“Jian Chen, I want to obliterate you!” The bloody Bi Yifei also roared angrily. He pursued in soaring rage; he had almost descended into madness.

Bi Yifei did not have an organization as great as the ten protector clans supporting him, so it was even more difficult for him to heal his injured origin soul. It was possible that he could not rejuvenate it at all in this lifetime. From now onward, it was extremely possible that he would remain as a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King for all of eternity.

Even though they were both heavily injured, they possessed terrifying strength. Along with the fact that the Radiant Arte was broken, they had regained their abilities as Saint Kings, catching up to Nubis instantly. They directly struck Nubis’s back with a palm strike, causing him to vomit blood with no end.

“Enter the saint artifact.” Jian Chen’s voice was extremely weak. Soon afterward, a white light suddenly appeared and it enveloped the two of them before it sucked them away. A fist-sized golden tower hung in the middle of the air, before turning into a golden streak of light, beginning its flight.

“It’s useless no matter where you hide. I will take that tower back to the clan. I’d like to see how’d you leave it then.” Ling Yuanzi seemed to have become an enraged lion. He prevented the saint artifact’s escape by restraining it with the surrounding space before grabbing it. No matter how the artifact struggled, it was unable to break free from Ling Yuanzi’s grasp.

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