Chapter 861: The Mysterious Woman

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Chapter 861: The Mysterious Woman

“What? You’ve found another material?” Jian Chen rejoiced, immediately speeding up his footsteps as he walked forward.

Travelling ten kilometers, Jian Chen arrived before a grand castle. He already knew that the material for the Azulet swords was inside this castle from Zi Ying.

“The Jass Auction!” Staring at the grand words on the castle, Jian Chen realized that the materials for the Azulet swords would likely be sold off in the form of an auction.

Every material for the Azulet swords was extremely rare and unique. It would be very hard to destroy them. Other than the materials with some particular, miscellaneous uses, the others were not object that could be used by people of this world. However, due to their rarity and unique characteristics, they possessed a certain price and were collected as treasures by many wealthy people.

“Master, this is the holy water of the spirit sea. It is a liquid that only forms in a spirit sea after countless years and possesses wondrous effects. When people below Saint King consume it, not only will it greatly increase their strength, it also has the effect of refining their soul,” sounded Zi Ying’s voice. He provided a detailed explanation of the uses of the holy water.

“Zi Ying, why do I feel like this holy water is something for increasing strength and not for forging items?” Jian Chen asked curiously.

“Master, you may not know that the holy water is filled with natural world essence. When you forge the swords, the quality will be greatly increased if you add in the holy water. It can even raise the quality of the Azulet swords directly from a low quality immortal artifact to peak quality.” explained Zi Ying.

Jian Chen reached an understanding and thought, “This holy water is actually even useful for Saint Rulers. There must be a lot of people fighting over for it. I need to get my hands on some of this place’s currency. Anyway, I can’t let anyone else win the holy water. If someone else ingests it, wouldn’t that mean I missed an opportunity to obtain it?”

Although Jian Chen had large quantities of purple coins, they were worth nothing to the Sea race. They were completely useless here.

“Jian Chen, what’re you standing there blankly for?” Nubis could not help but ask out of curiosity as he saw Jian Chen standing there blankly.

Jian Chen looked towards the auction center. “There’s something I need in there. I need to find a way to get some crystal coins.”

“That won’t be easy. You might as well head into the wilderness and rob some people,” Nubis said boldly.

With that, Jian Chen broke into laughter. “Nubis, so much for being a great snake emperor. You actually want to go do those things as an impressive Class 7 Magical Beast.”

Nubis scratched his head and chuckled. “Isn’t it just the strong eating the weak? That’s the principle for survival in this world. There’s nothing embarrassing about it, though to rob others just for some crystal coins is indeed rather embarrassing with our status. Whatever, Jian Chen, let me hear your suggestion. Do you have any method to make money?”

After a period of thought, Jian Chen said, “There’s still half a month’s time before the auction begins. We have time. Let’s first settle down in an inn and think of a way to make crystal coins. If push really comes to shove, I can only auction off some of the valuable heavenly resources in my Space Ring.” Jian Chen really did not want to sell off the things in his Space Ring unless he had to. This was because probably only the ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources and stalks of Dragon’s Saliva would be accepted by the Sea race out of all his valuable possessions. Just selling them would be rather regretful.

As for monster cores, they were not as effective to the Sea race compared to humans. They were not worth much and the energy in many of his high class monster cores had solidified and leaked away, so they were worth even less.

At that very moment, a conversation from some passersby attracted Jian Chen’s attention.

“The Dare tribe really has screwed up this time. They actually offended the Menghuang tribe. The Menghuang tribe’s well-renowned in this area within a radius of a hundred thousand kilometers. Apparently, they have three 13th Star Seasoul Warriors with them.”

“Three Seasoul Warriors who have reached the 13th Star is enough to make a clean sweep of all organizations in this area. They’re invincible and I heard one of the former patriarchs is still alive. He’s reached the 14th Star long ago and is one of the peak experts in this region.”

“I also heard that the former patriarch has a pretty good relationship with an emissary from the Serpent God Hall. Many of the other large tribes to not dare to offend him.”

“The Dare tribe only has one person who has reached the 13th Star. I want to see how they repel the attacks from the Menghuang tribe.”

“I heard that there’s a spiritual vein that’s rich with crystal coins in the territory of the Dare tribe. They mine a lot of crystal coins from it and it has made several tribes in the surrounding region green with envy. The Menghuang tribe seems to have their eyes on this spiritual vein in the Dare tribe’s control and want to take it.”

“Looks like this vein of crystal coins is fated to end up with the Menghuang tribe.”

“That might not be the case. I heard that the Dare tribe is offering great prices everywhere to recruit powerful people. They plan to have a battle to the death with the Menghuang tribe.”

“Becoming enemies with the Menghuang tribe is not a smart choice. I don’t think there’s anyone who’ll take up the offer.”


Hearing this, Jian Chen immediately began to ponder while his eyes constantly flickered with light.

“Jian Chen, surely you don’t plan on helping that Dare tribe repel the Menghuang tribe?” Nubis could not help but ask after seeing how Jian Chen behaved.

“The Dare tribe only has one 13th Star Seasoul Warrior. They should be below the Fifth Heavenly Layer as a Saint Ruler and are much weaker than the Menghuang tribe. They’re looking for experts to fend off the Menghuang tribe, so the price would definitely be quite large. Maybe we could give that a try and make some crystal coins in the meantime,” said Jian Chen in thought.

“It’s extremely likely for our presences to be discovered by them in a battle with Saint Rulers of the Sea race. If they find out that we are foreigners, we might encounter many problems in the future,” said Nubis.

“Let’s find an inn to settle down first. We can think over this slowly,” suggested Jian Chen.

Afterward, the two of them found quite an extravagant inn to stay in. The pair gathered in a large, comfortable room, discussing over matters.

They had just arrived in the territory of the Sea race and only the Sea race possessed the strength to repel the ten protector clans and the Beast God Continent. As a result, they would definitely stay with the Sea race for quite some time, so they needed to keep a relatively low profile when they did things in order to not cause too much trouble and be marked as public enemies.

“Members of the Sea race have rather similar bodies to humans. The only troubling thing would be our presences. If we can conceal it, then we wouldn’t need to keep such a low profile,” murmured Jian Chen.

When Jian Chen reached this point, his complexion suddenly changed. He turned around to look behind himself abruptly and his eyes narrowed instantly.

Sensing Jian Chen’s actions, Nubis also looked behind him, which immediately made his expression change greatly as well. His eyes instantly became extremely narrowed, while vast energy surged within him. He had already made preparations to attack at any moment.

A faint figure quickly condensed in the direction that they looked at, floating half a meter above the ground.

It was a lady with long, blue hair who wore a blue dress. She possessed a devilish body, while her face was a blur, without anything that could be made out.

“Who are you?” Jian Chen growled. He was stern. If it were not for that fact that his soul had strengthened from the absorption of the Yinyang Qi, he would not have been able to detect this lady’s appearance at all. He could clearly feel that her figure was an image completely condensed from the soul.

“Jian Chen, who I am is not important. You just need to know that I have no ill intentions to you.” A clear, eloquent voice sounded, which was as pleasant to the ear as a lark’s cry.

“How do you know my name?” Jian Chen’s face became extremely ugly.

Nubis’s complexion also changed drastically. The lady had mentioned Jian Chen’s name right from the start. Wouldn’t that mean she knew all about the matters regarding Jian Chen on the Tian Yuan Continent?

“I bear no ill intentions, so you have no need to be cautious. I have come specially to help you this time,” the woman said gently. Afterward, without any movements from her, two blue, thumb-sized pearls appeared suddenly and hung in the air before them.

“These are Water Spirit’s Pearls. They’re forged by me from the neidan of members of the Sea race. You only need to ingest them and it’ll be able to conceal your presence as an outsider completely. They are of no harm to you.”

“Just who are you? Why are you helping us?” Jian Chen and Nubis did not accept the neidans straight away. They felt extremely curious about the lady’s identity.

“You will know of my identity naturally in the future. Jian Chen, I’ve helped you twice. You need to help me too in the future,” said the lady.

“You’ve helped me twice?” Jian Chen was greatly confused.

“If it weren’t for me, how would you escape from the human experts? That was the first time I helped you and gifting you the Water Spirit’s Pearls would be my second time assisting you.”

“Jian Chen, as long as you remain with the Sea race, I will help you block the outside experts of the Beast God Continent and the Tian Yuan Continent. You will have no worries about that. In the future, when you’re strong enough, you need to help me with something.”

“What do you want me to help you with? If it’s beyond my capabilities, you might end up disappointed,” said Jian Chen.

“I’ve searched the entire world and probably only you have the ability. If even you are unable, then there would be no one else in the world. You will naturally learn of exactly what you need to do in the future.” The woman’s voice was clear and eloquent and carried an unfathomable effect.

“Also, there is the eight fragments of the Octoterra Map. The seven other fragments have all ended up in the hands of seven great tribes. The last fragment is in this auction. You must obtain it, it’s of great use to you in the future.”

“Right now, you’re in the territory of the Serpent God Hall. You won’t be able to stay here in the future. Go to the Sea Goddess Hall. You’ll be safe there.”

“Remember, you must obtain a fragment of the Octoterra Map. Inside it contains the wealth of the Octoterror Emperor…” With that, the illusionary woman disappeared.

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