Chapter 868: The Incoming Storm

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Chapter 868: The Incoming Storm

“There’s no hurry. The Octoterra Map fragment is directly connected to the legacy of a Saint Emperor. It will definitely cause many large organizations to become green with greed. All these Saint Kings are within my expectations. Right now, what we need to do is wait and watch, before finding an opportunity to take it while the others fight. Since the mysterious woman told us to fight over the map fragment, we need to try our best,” Jian Chen replied with a mental message. He remained unperturbed.

“Jian Chen, we don’t even know who that woman is. Are we supposed to just trust her like this? What if she’s scheming something by telling us to obtain the map fragment?” Nubis was rather worried.

Jian Chen thought in silence for a while before he replied with another message, “I may not know who that woman is but she’s extremely powerful. That is an undoubtable fact. She also knows everything about my situation on the Tian Yuan Continent, including my matters with the ten protector clans and my enmity with the Beast God Continent. If she wants to harm us, all she needs to do is make our identities public but she has not done that. Moreover, from the conversation I had with her before, I learned that she isn’t helping us for nothing this time.”

“Fair enough. That woman did say that she would help you now and you would need to help her in the future. She probably won’t harm us.” Nubis nodded in agreement as he found it rather reasonable too.

The two of them communicated with private messages, so their voices did not leak out at all. As a result, the patriarch of the Dare tribe beside them had no idea that they were conversing.

“Eighty five million grand quality crystal coins…”

“Eighty six million grand quality crystal coins…”

The prices called out in the hall did not stop; the intense battle for the map fragment continued. There were over ten large organizations participating in this fight for the map fragment.

This lasted for roughly fifteen minutes. The price of the map fragment had already reached a hundred million crystal coins; the price was so great that even some large organizations were unable to continue and they all backed out one by one. However, there were still many wealthy groups unwilling to let go of the map fragment, so the price continued to increase over time.

The battle for the map fragment only concluded after four whole hours. It was purchased by a peak-level clan from the territory of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall for a great price of three hundred and eighty million.

With the sale of the map fragment, the Jass Auction also officially reached its conclusion. Afterward, Jian Chen and Nubis went to the backstage of the auction to deal with the procedures for the divine water of the world.

The divine water of the world was a name used by people of the Sea race. Its true name was holy water of the spirit sea. Jian Chen accepted the bottle of holy water excitedly, carefully placing it into his Space Ring before leaving with Nubis and the patriarch.

As soon as he left the area where the items were distributed, a malicious-looking young man in tight, blue robes blocked Jian Chen’s path. His eyes were cold, the depths of his eyes concealing a stern killing intent.

“Xie Wang!” The patriarch’s expression immediately changed when he saw the young man and he cried out uncontrollably.

Jian Chen and Nubis studied the young man who seemed to be about the same age as Jian Chen with interest. Jian Chen said with a slight smile, “You must be Xie Wang?”

“Cut the bullshit. Give me the divine water of the world and I’ll leave your lives intact.” Xie Wang stared at Jian Chen coldly while his voice was extremely icy. It contained no emotions whatsoever.

Xie Wang was the same as Nubis, both Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers. With Nubis’s  prideful nature, how could he endure someone who was only as powerful as him act so arrogantly? He immediately became enraged and took a step forward. A powerful presence began to radiate from his body and tightly pressured Xie Wang. He replied coldly, “What dogshit Xie Wang? You still don’t have the right to be arrogant before me. Piss off or it won’t be my fault for being impolite.”

Nubis had an extremely great control over his presence. The vast presence of a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler only locked onto Xie Wang. It did not pervade into the surroundings and affect the other people at the auction.

Under the suppression of Nubis’s pressure, a gleam of light flashed over Xie Wang’s eyes. He glared at Nubis and finally revealed a sliver of seriousness. Although they had not physically fought it out, he could feel Nubis’s strength. Nubis was definitely an expert not any weaker than himself.

“Who’re you?” Xie Wang growled. At that very moment, he seemed to ignore Jian Chen and the patriarch of the Dare tribe completely. He only had his eyes on Nubis.

“I am the great Nubis. Didn’t you hear me speak before?” Nubis growled back. Vicious light shone in his eyes; the wildness and bloodlust from his bloodline as a magical beast had been involuntarily agitated.

“Guests, do not fight within the auction center. If there is any enmity, go resolve it outside the city.” An old voice rang out suddenly at this very moment. An extremely ordinary-looking old man strode over from afar. With a slight wave of his hand, an invisible energy immediately surged over and only suppressed Nubis’s presence.

A sliver of interest flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes. This old man had suppressed Nubis’s presence so simply; he was definitely a supreme Saint King and one that was at least of the Fifth Heavenly Layer. He was no weaker than Bi Yifei and Ling Yuanzi.

“The Sea race really is a place that has great people hiding. I never thought that there would be such an expert hidden in this puny auction. The Sea race really is powerful. Not only do they have more Saint Emperors than the Tian Yuan Continent, they have many more Saint Emperors and Saint Rulers too,” thought Jian Chen. His understandings of the Sea race’s strength was renewed once again.

Nubis also sensed the old man’s strength. A deep fear that rarely appeared covered his face and he immediately retracted his presence. He did not do anything overboard.

Even though Xie Wang feared nothing, his complexion finally changed too when he saw the old man. His gaze toward the old man was mixed with both shock and fear. He clasped his hands toward the old man courteously and said, “I greet old senior Jad.”

The old man looked at the three of them normally and a warm smile appeared on his face. “No matter who it is, since you’ve come to my Jass Auction, you are a guest of my auction center. Guests, I don’t care about the matters between the two of you nor do I want to care but please do not break the rules of Jass City. If you want to resolve your problems, please go fight outside the city. Do not break the rules of the city.”

“Yes old senior Jad. Junior will never break the rules of Jass City on purpose.” Xie Wang immediately became like an obedient child. He feared and admired the old man.

The old man said to Xie Wang, “You destroyed a table of my auction center. Go pay the fees.”

“Yes!” Xie Wang did not dare to resist at all. He stared at both Nubis and Jian Chen then growled, “I will be looking for you two in the future.” With that, Xie Wang immediately left to go pay the compensation fees for the auction center.

The old man paid no attention to Jian Chen’s group. He directly walked away from three of them, disappearing around a corner very quickly.

“Jass City, Jass Auction, old senior Jad. Is there some connection between the three of them? Was that old man perhaps the expert who protects the Jass Auction?” Jian Chen thought as he watched the old man disappear into the distance.

In a sealed secret room in the auction center, old senior Jad was currently in discussion with a few other old men.

“Jad, the journey where we deliver the Octoterra Map fragment will definitely be extremely dangerous. Many experts will come and fight for it. We hope you’re able to assist us,” said an old man.

Old senior Jad thought in silence for a while before nodding sternly. “Three thousand years ago, a great elder of your Hao family saved my life. I’ve never been able to return that favor and the great elder has already passed away from old age. I won’t be able to see him ever again in this life, so I will be helping you since your Hao family needs help. It’ll be returning the great elder’s favor of saving my life.”

“Fantastic! With old senior Jad assisting us, our chance of returning with the map fragment successfully has increased by quite a bit.” The old men from the Hao family were overjoyed and became excited.

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