Chapter 869: Meeting Kai Ya Again

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Chapter 869: Meeting Kai Ya Again

Jian Chen and Nubis left the Jass Auction and directly traveled toward the exit of the city. Along the way, Jian Chen discovered many experts hidden in the surroundings of the streets; some of them had come to participate in the auction this time, while others had come with different objectives and were waiting patiently.

At this very moment, a tremendous presence appeared far away. There were over ten people of various ages flying out of the auction center, directly traveling out of the city.

“That’s the renowned Hao family from the territory of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall. Even among the entire sea realm, the Hao family’s strength is highly ranked.”

“They’re people from the Hao family. I heard it was the Hao family who bought the Octoterra Map fragment for a huge price.”

“So many experts from the Hao family have come. They must be leaving with the map fragment.”

“Hm? Isn’t that the city lord, Jad? Why is he with the people of the Hao family?”

“Not only is Jad the city lord, he’s also the boss behind the scenes of the Jass Auction and the previous patriarch of the number one clan in the city, the Jass clan. Since he is with the Hao family, is he perhaps assisting the Hao family in leaving with the map fragment?”

“Jad’s strength is already at the 16th Star. I don’t think there’ll be many people who will want to try to get their hands on the map fragment with him accompanying them.”

“That might not be the case. I’ve heard that many experts from all three territories have gathered here. There are plenty of other 16th Star Seasoul Warriors among them.”

A series of discussions rang out from the streets. A few experts conversed with one another as they all watched the group fly over them. Jad was a renowned expert in this region; his appearance had caused many to dismiss their ill intentions.

The group from the Hao family flew extremely quickly with Jad. They zoomed through the sky like a comet and disappeared into the distance in the blink of an eye. They left the city very quickly.

As the sea realm was enveloped by a powerful barrier, it was like a separate world. Saint Kings would not be able to rip open space here, so the group from the Hao family could only deliver the map fragment back to the clan by flying.

Not too long after they left, figures flickered within the city. Many experts who hid in the surroundings all began to tail the group; almost all of them were Saint Rulers and there were even some Saint Kings.

Jian Chen watched the figures travel off into the distance as he stood where he was. His eyes constantly flickered with a light.

“Warriors, we’ve already obtained what you needed now. Do you think…” The patriarch of the Dare tribe said on one side with hesitance. He seemed slightly worried; he had pooled the entire tribe’s wealth onto Jian Chen. He really was worried that the two of them would go back on their words.

After glancing at him unconsciously, the corner of Jian Chen’s lips curled into a sliver of slight disdain. “Patriarch, let’s leave the city first.”

“Jian Chen, about the map fragment…” Nubis sent a mental message.

“No hurry. Let them fight a little first. Don’t worry, all their actions are within my scope of expectations,” Jian Chen replied with a mental message. His voice was filled with great confidence. He had already expanded his presence to the limits long ago, enveloping a radius of five thousand kilometers. He could sense the actions of the people extremely clearly.

“I don’t need to worry since you’ve said that then,” Nubis replied.

The three of them left Jass City together and directly flew into the distance. Just when they traveled a hundred kilometers from the city, a vast presence suddenly appeared.

Behind the three of them, the blue-robed Xie Wang chased up to them with a frosty expression. He had fused with the surrounding space, hurrying over through the use of Spatial Force. He was as fast as lightning.

“It’s Xie Wang. He’s actually caught up.” the patriarch’s expression changed slightly. He glanced over to Jian Chen and Nubis, he saw that they remained unperturbed so he could not help but relax slightly.

Jian Chen and Nubis stopped in their tracks then floated mid-air and remaining composed as they waited for Xie Wang to fly over. A few seconds later, Xie Wang stopped fifty meters away from the three of them. He glared at Nubis, while the flames of anger and killing intent burned in his eyes.

Nubis stared at Xie Wang with his arms crossed and a face of arrogance, he sneered, “What, you want to fight with me, the great Nubis?”

“Give the divine water of the world to me and I’ll leave immediately. I won’t be letting this matter drop otherwise,” Xie Wang said expressionlessly. The divine water was his only hope; he was even willing to die for it because he did not have much time left.

Nubis’ face was cold. “Before me, the great Nubis, you still don’t have the right to speak like that. Unless you’re a 15th Star Seasoul Warrior, why don’t you let me knock out all your teeth before you want to keep dwelling on this?” With that, Nubis appeared before Xie Wang with a flash. He directly hurled a whistling fist toward Xie Wang and the surrounding space trembled violently as his punch passed by.

The space in the sea realm was much tougher than elsewhere. Nubis’ punch could rip through space easily outside but it could only cause the space to tremor here.

Although Xie Wang was self-confident, he knew that Nubis was in no way weaker than himself. As a result, he did not dare to fall behind and immediately struck out with a fist that collided violently mid-air with Nubis’ punch.


A great force erupted with a muffled sound, wreaking havoc in all directions. The energy ripples from the collision of their fists reached the ground and great big cracks were immediately formed.

After the strike, Nubis remained floating mid-air with his balance. He was immovable like a mountain. On the other hand, Xie Wang was forced back ten meters uncontrollably before he regained stability. The outcome of who was stronger or weaker had already been determined.

As a beast of antiquity, Nubis’ capability for battle was already extremely powerful. Combined with his absorption of the hidden essence from a Class 8 Magical Beast, it only made him even greater. Currently, his strength was not any weaker than a Saint King; even if he encountered a First Heavenly Layer Saint King, it was not necessarily impossible for him to come out victorious. He was matchless among Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers.

Xie Wang shook his right arm which had become slightly numb from the collision. He growled, “You may be very powerful but you’re still at the peak of the 14th Star, the same as me. If we don’t fight to the very end, it’s still very hard to determine who’ll live or die. I’ll show you my true strength.” An even greater presence emanated from Xie Wang as he rushed at Nubis boldly, embroiling in a great battle with him.

In the direction of Jass City, another three people flew over, before stopping several kilometers away to watch on from afar.

The three of them were the current patriarch of the Menghuang tribe and the two protector elders. They did not interfere with Jian Chen and Nubis’ dispute with Xie Wang.

When they saw how Nubis was locked in battle with Xie Wang, their expressions became extremely ugly. Never did they think that Nubis would be so powerful, so powerful that he could battle evenly with the infamous Xie Wang and even slightly gain the upper hand.

Jian Chen glanced at the three Menghuang tribe experts in the distance but did not pay them too much attention. The three of them were all Saint Rulers of the Third and Fourth Heavenly Layer and were not people he needed to acknowledge.

However, the patriarch of the Dare tribe was unable to remain as composed as Jian Chen. He stared at the three experts from the Menghuang tribe cautiously and said, “Esteemed warrior, be careful of a sudden ambush from the three of them.”

“Don’t worry, there is me to handle everything. They won’t be able to cause any trouble.” Jian Chen was confident.

The three experts stared fixedly at the battle between the two while the lights in their eyes flickered. One of the protector elders sent a mental message, “Patriarch, Xie Wang’s already become enemies with the experts recruited by the Dare tribe. If we take advantage of it right now and assist Xie Wang, we might be able to pull him to our side temporarily and get him to deal with the Dare tribe with us.”

“That’s reasonable. Patrarich, why don’t we help Xie Wang right now? Xie Wang wants the divine water while we want the spirit vein in the Dare tribe’s possession. I’m sure that Xie Wang will be extremely willing to work with us,” added the other protector elder.

The patriarch of the Menghuang tribe hesitated slightly before shaking his head gently. “Let’s wait first. Right now, we’re not sure of the other person’s strength. We may not necessarily be his opponent even if we work together and the patriarch of the Dare tribe is another 13th Star expert. I don’t see any benefits if we clash with them right now so hastily.”

Suddenly, another dozen or so people flew over from the direction of Jass City. They were in a horrible shape; their faces were pale while residue blood remained at the corner of their lips. They were heavily wounded.

Behind them, two old men fought as one retreated. They were both Saint Rulers and powerful energy ripples would erupt whenever they clashed.

“Elder, leave quickly. Don’t mind us.” A blue-robed, slightly attractive woman yelled from the group. She pleaded with a miserable voice.

When Jian Chen heard the woman’s voice, his eyes froze immediately. He suddenly turned to the woman who had spoken and a sliver of shock appeared in his eyes. “Kai Ya!”

“I’ll block him. Leave quickly.” The old man with short, blue hair yelled out as he fought while retreating. He was much weaker than his opponent; with just a while of battle, he was already heavily injured.

“Hahaha, don’t think any of you people from the Kalor tribe will escape today. A hundred years ago, that old bastard from the Kalor tribe almost made me die. Let me take my revenge from all those years ago on the blood and flesh of that old bastard!” The black-robed old man laughed aloud from behind. His face was cruel as he struck the chest of the elder from the Kalor tribe with a palm full of great energy.

Spurt! The elder vomited a mouthful of blood and immediately became sheet-white. His face was drained of blood and he was no longer able to maintain his flight, directly falling downward.

“Hahaha, I’ll finish off that old one and then come and kill you little ones.” The black-robed old man shot toward the falling elder with killing intent and mercilessly struck toward the elder’s head with a palm that radiated with energy ripples.


Suddenly, an ear-piercing whistling of air was emitted. A terrifying, meter-long sword Qi that emanated with the presence of destruction directly shot toward the black-robed old man with lightning speed.

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