Chapter 870: Repaying a Debt of Gratitude

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Chapter 870: Repaying a Debt of Gratitude

When he sensed the strength of the sword Qi flying over, the black-robed old man was immediately shocked. He instinctively knew very well that he would be heavily injured if he was struck by it.

The old man no longer bothered to kill the elder from the Kalor tribe. His palm for the elder was forcefully withdrawn and struck toward the sword Qi in a full-powered punch.

The old men sent out a meter-wide fist completely condensed from energy, striking the sword Qi with violent ripples of power.

Boom! As the two collided, a great rumble erupted immediately. Violent energy ripples wreaked havoc in the surroundings and sent Kai Ya and the guards flying.

However, the sword Qi completely exceeded the old man’s imagination. It had not been dispersed and instead shot through the violent energies directly. However, it was now much weaker due to the strike before.

The old man was also a 14th Star Seasoul Warrior, equivalent to a Saint Ruler of the Sixth Heavenly Layer. When he saw how the sword Qi continued toward him with no decrease in speed, he immediately became extremely stern. Afterward, he grunted and vast amounts of energy surged out, striking the sword Qi with all his power once again.

With a deafening boom, the old man finally dispersed the sword Qi thirty meters away from him. The powerful after-surges struck his body, causing him to tremble greatly.

The old man was shocked. He glared in the direction that the sword Qi came from. He wanted to see exactly who possessed such great strength. Even if the person was not at the peak of the 14th Star, he was not far from it.

All he saw was a young man with long black hair in white robes. He carried a sword that shone with dark light as he floated mid-air.

The old man’s eyes narrowed abruptly. He even experienced a false impression, as if the young man before him was not a person at all but rather a sword that radiated with soaring sword Qi like a sacred sword that stood upright in the world.

“Warrior, who are you? What do you want with me? Why did you ambush me suddenly?” The old man growled. His expression was very ugly, while he unconsciously glanced at the intense battle between Xie Wang and Nubis. With just a single glance, he realized that the two of them were much, much more powerful than him, probably actual experts who were at the peak of the 14th Star.

Jian Chen glanced at the old man coldly before flying toward Kai Ya. “Miss Kai Ya, are you fine?”

Kai Ya looked at Jian Chen with her sheet-white face. When she recognized him, shock immediately dyed her beautiful eyes. “Warrior, it’s actually you.”

Jian Chen’s face carried a smile. “Miss Kai Ya, looks like you’ve encountered some problems but fortunately you came across me. Otherwise, you probably would’ve been in danger.”

At this moment, the twelve guards that followed Kai Ya recognized Jian Chen as well. The immediately became shocked when they connected Jian Chen with the fact that he had repelled the powerful old man all by himself. Never did they think that the beggar-like person who did not even have money for the entree fee of the city was actually such a terrifying expert. It caused the twelve guards to become extremely astounded.

“I thank the warrior for his assistance. Kai Ya will definitely return the favor of saving my life,” Kai Ya said with gratitude. Her voice was slightly weak as she was quite heavily injured. The injuries were not from the black-robed old man but from the energy ripples when the two Saint Rulers clashed before.

“Miss Kai Ya is too modest. Half a month ago, I became indebted to miss Kai Ya’s kindness. Just treat it as returning the favor,” Jian Chen said with a slight smile.

Seeing how Jian Chen was actually with the people from the Kalor tribe and that their relationship seemed to be something else, the old man in the distance immediately became heavy-hearted. He knew that if the Kalor tribe had such an expert helping out, he definitely would not be able to take revenge for the years before.

On the other hand, the injured elder from the Kalor tribe was overjoyed. He forcefully endured his injuries and struggled up to his feet, calling out loudly, “Warrior, please help us, the Kalor tribe, to kill this person. We, the Kalor tribe, will be eternally grateful.”

With that, the black-robed old man could no longer be bothered with his revenge. Thoughts of retreat had already appeared in his mind but he continued to ask, “May I inquire what sir’s relationship with the Kalor tribe is?”

Jian Chen ignored him and said to Kai Ya, “Miss Kai Ya, since he’s an enemy of yours, allow me to thank you for your kindness my offering up his head.” With that, Jian Chen raised the Dragon Slaying Sword and charged at the old man. His eyes contained a powerful, unconcealed killing intent.

The old man’s expression changed greatly. Just as he was about to retreat, another three vast presences appeared suddenly. The three experts from the Menghuang tribe moved together and moved directly toward Jian Chen.

“Warrior, it’ll be difficult for you to escape today. Why not work with the three of us to exterminate this person?” called out the current patriarch of the Menghuang tribe.

A gleam of light flashed across the old man’s eyes. His intent to escape disappeared immediately and a vicious smile appeared on his face once again. “Sure. Since you don’t intend on letting me go, I can only work with these three fellows to deal with you. You dare to ruin my matters; I, Hei Batian, will let you fall here today.”

“Be careful warrior!”

When she saw the three other people rush up to be Jian Chen’s opponent’s, Kai Ya’s expression immediately changed. She called out uncontrollably and she also began to worry for Jian Chen. Although they had not known each other for very long, Jian Chen was still a person who stood on her side. Whether her group and the elder could leave here alive would all depend on him.

A sliver of disdain appeared on Jian Chen’s face and he mocked, “Let’s see exactly who falls here today. People of the Menghuang tribe, I originally wanted you to live a few more days but since you seek death, it won’t be my fault.”

“Such impudence!” The three experts from the Menghuang tribe became enraged and they all pulled out their weapons. They became involved in a great fight with Jian Chen.

“Even a grain of rice dares to try and outshine the moon.” The Dragon Slaying Sword in Jian Chen’s hand turned into a blur and was thrust out with lightning speed. In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen had struck out thrice, knocking away the weapons from the three Menghuang tribe experts. The great force from the collision of their weapons caused the three experts to experience a series of numbness in their hands.

The three of them were greatly shocked. They knew that Jian Chen would definitely be extremely powerful but according to what their beliefs, they even possessed the power to fight with a 14th Star Seasoul Warrior if they worked together. They had never thought that Jian Chen would be so powerful that in just a single clash, all three of them would lose the upper hand. The powerful energy from the Dragon Slaying Sword affected them in particular, making them experience an inability to resist from the very depths of their hearts.

Swish swish swish… 

At this very moment, the sword flashed another three times abruptly. The Dragon Slaying Sword continued to pierce at the three people, directly punching through their chests. They did not have any time to react at all.

The second layer of the Chaotic Body was equivalent to the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler. Combined with a Ruler Armament, Jian Chen’s strength in battle was equivalent to the Ninth Heavenly Layer. The three people were all below the Fifth Heavenly Layer, so they had no power to resist Jian Chen with such a great disparity.

The three people from the Menghuang tribe all produced muffled grunts, quickly retreating backward. They were astounded, no longer willing to continue their fight with Jian Chen. They fled toward the distance at the same time and disappeared far away quickly.

“Originally, I wanted to kill the three of you directly but I changed my mind for now. Leave. I’ll let you live for a few days longer.”

Jian Chen did not obstruct their departure. He had allowed the people from the Menghuang tribe to understand his strength so he believed that they would not attack the Dare tribe very soon. It just happened to earn him some precious time to steal the Octoterra Map fragment.

When he saw how Jian Chen demolished the three experts from the Menghuang tribe as soon as they clashed, the black-robed old man immediately became scared witless. He hurriedly came to a screeching halt mid-air, no longer possessing the courage to battle. He immediately turned around and flew off into the distance to escape.

“You should stay behind. I’ve let them go but not you,” Jian Chen said ordinarily. His voice was heard clearly by the black-robed old man, which caused him to shiver inside. He fled at an even greater speed.

Jian Chen did not give the old man the chance to use Spatial Force in order to escape. Using the Illusionary Flash, he appeared before the old man like a ghost. With a shake of his arm, the Dragon Slaying Sword in his hand turned into a flurry of blurs that enveloped the old man. The blurs stacked on top of one another, blotting out the sky and locking the old man in place.

“Argh!” A chilling cry emerged from the flurry of blurs. As the blur receded, the old man had undergone an absolute change of appearance in just a few seconds. He was covered in blood, while countless wounds were strewn all over his body. He was extremely miserable.

“Warrior, spare me, spare me warrior. I will never provoke people of the Kalor tribe again. Please spare my old life.” The old man had truly comprehended Jian Chen’s terror. He did not believe he could escape today so he immediately began to beg.

Jian Chen’s eyes were cold, unaffected by the old man’s actions. All the killings from the years had gradually forged him a merciless heart toward enemies because only like that could one survive in this world. Kindness toward enemies would be equivalent to taking one’s own life.

The killing intent in Jian Chen’s eyes flashed. As the Dragon Slaying Sword Swung down, it directly beheaded the old man.

The old man did not die. Under the control of his origin soul, the entire head began to flee into the distance, wanting to escape. However, he was still not faster than Jian Chen in the end. With just a flash, Jian Chen traversed hundreds of meters in an instant and directly blocked the path of the severed head. A gentle palm landed on the head, jolting the origin soul hidden inside into pieces. He directly wiped out the old man’s soul.

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