Chapter 873: Battle for the Map Fragment (Three)

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Chapter 873: Battle for the Map Fragment (Three)

The remaining two palm strikes from the Hao family Saint King fell almost at the same time, at the same place. After them, any auras from the bottomless pit had disappeared completely. No one knew if any of the hundred Saint Rulers or that Saint King were still alive anymore.

A Saint Ruler of the Seventh Heavenly Layer could heavily wound or directly kill a Saint King of the First or Second Heavenly Layer when they used a Saint Tier Battle Skill. The caster this time was a Saint King, not a Saint Ruler, so the power of the technique was naturally much greater. Even if they were not dead, they definitely would have sustained unimaginable injuries.

Jad and the five Saint Kings that had traveled over a hundred kilometers as they fought noticed this situation. Each and every one of them was shocked, revealing expressions of astoundment. All of them, even the strongest, Jad, had not grasped a Tian Level Saint Technique. The Saint King of the Hao family was far below them yet he already knew a powerful Tian Level Saint Technique. It brought disbelief to them.

Tian Level Saint Techniques were not easy to comprehend. They had all attempted the comprehension at their respective factions but they had all failed with no exception. The profoundness and complexity of Tian Level Saint Techniques made it hard for even Saint Kings to comprehend.

“Hahahaha, I’d like to see if you still have the power to take the map fragment.” Jad laughed aloud. The Saint King’s grasp of the Tian Level Saint Technique greatly strengthened his side, which made him beam with joy. Their ability to protect the Octoterra Map fragment had just greatly increased.

The Saint King of the Hao family sneered as he looked at the bottomless pit created from his three palm strikes. “A heavy price will definitely be paid when you try to take the things of my Hao family.” He then turned towards Jad and said, “Senior Jad, allow me to lend a hand of support.”

“No need. I’ll keep them busy, you leave quickly with the map fragment,” Jad replied loudly.

The Saint King of the Hao family hesitated slightly, before he clasped his hands at Jad. “I shall be taking my leave first then, senior Jad. I shall be repaying senior’s kindness some other day.” With that, he no longer deliberated and flew off into the distance with the remaining experts of the Hao family.

Something suddenly happened. A blood-red light flashed past, silently sweeping past the Saint King.

The light had appeared with no warning. It caught the Saint King off-guard and directly sliced off one of his fingers.

The pain caused the Saint King to groan in pain. However, as soon as he saw the lost finger, his expression changed abruptly. The finger was the one he wore his Space Ring on.

The Saint King of the Hao family burst into rage. Like an angered lion, he immediately roared out furiously and followed the falling finger. He wanted to retrieve the Space Ring.

The blood-red light appeared once again, quickly snatching up the Space Ring before he could get it back. It then flew off.

“Where do you think you’re going? Stay!” The Saint King’s eyes became bloodshot and he chased after the red light in a mad manner.

“The map fragment has been taken by someone,” cried out Daemon Lord Yun Feng who was battling Jad. He could no longer care and directly abandoned the battle and chased after the red light.

The other Saint Kings also stopped their fight, casting their fastest movement techniques to chase after it.

The red light only stopped after quickly traversing a hundred kilometers. A hunchbacked old woman appeared there soon after and caught the finger with one hand. She immediately removed the Space Ring from it, before tossing the finger far away. Smiling evilly, she croaked, “The map fragment is mine. Don’t even think about laying your hands on it.” Before she had even finished her sentence, she moved slightly, shooting off into the distance as a blur.

“Stay!” Jad roared and directly hurled a punch toward her. A huge fist rushed at the old woman with surging ripples of energy.

The old woman was also of the 16th Star but she was only a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King. She was a fraction weaker than Jad. She quickly turned around, pushing out violently with her shriveled hands which collided with the fist of energy.

With a violent rumble, wild ripples of energy dissipated through the surroundings. Not only did Jad’s punch fail to slow her down, she used the knockback to speed up her escape.

A white, soft hand appeared out of nowhere at this very moment, right in front of the old woman. It landed quickly but gently on the old woman’s chest.

She had just blocked Jad’s strike so she took the palm strike forcefully after being caught off guard.

Spurt! A mouthful of blood surged from the old woman’s mouth and she immediately paled. The strike was extremely powerful, already wounding her heavily after she had failed to block it.

“The map fragment is now mine.” A crisp and spirited voice echoed in the old woman’s ears. A devastatingly charming and graceful woman in an azure dress appeared before her. The Space Ring that was originally in the old woman’s hands had already fallen into hers.

She was also a Saint King, with strength equal to the old woman. She too was a Saint King of the Fifth Heavenly Layer but her aura was different from the Sea race’s.

“You’re a human expert,” the old woman groaned as she eyed the lady.

“I am Qing Yixuan. I thank you for gifting me this map fragment.” The lady gave out a crisp giggle. Her smile was extremely pretty like the blooming of a hundred flowers. Afterward, she turned into an azure flash of light and disappeared. She had already left and fled into the distance.

The old woman coughed up another mouthful of blood and stared viciously at the lady’s fleeing figure. However, she did not give chase.

“Never did I think that even Qing Yixuan of the eight great human experts would join in as well and even ambush and heavily injure me. What a b*tch!” The old woman said with an extremely resentful voice. There were very few people who did not know the name Qing Yixuan in the sea realm.

Magical beasts and humans were also present in the sea realm outside of the native Sea race. However, there were extremely few of them. All of them had entered the realm as Saint Rulers with no exception, before cultivating their way to Saint King here. 

This was why foreign Saint Kings were able to exist in the sea realm. There were eight most well-known Saint Kings among these humans, all of which who had reached the 16th Star as Seasoul Warriors and at least the Fifth Heavenly Layer. Qing Yixuan happened to be one of them.

Behind, Jad and the other five Saint Kings all shot past the old woman as blurs, tailing Qing Yixuan.

“Everyone, please calm down,” boomed an old voice from the surroundings. Two white-robed, ruddy old men suddenly appeared, blocking their paths. The two of them were also part of the eight human experts.

“Death to those who block my way!” Jad roared. He became embroiled in a battle with one of the humans while the other person faced up against the other five Saint Kings all by himself. Even though they were on the losing side, they only aimed to delay the six Saint Kings, not to fight them in a battle to the death.

Only after fleeing several kilometers did Qing Yixuan finally stop with the Space Ring. She turned back and gave out a long sigh. She muttered to herself, “Fortunately I invited two helpers or it’ll be impossible to shake them off. I may have paid quite the price but everything will be worth it as long as I’ve obtained the map fragment.”

Qing Yixuan’s eyes suddenly froze as she spoke. She turned to her side suddenly, only to see two young men who seemed to be in their twenties fly over. One of them wore tight, blue robes and had a handsome appearance, radiating with a refined aura. The other wore golden robes and had a head full of golden hair. His expression bore an unconcealed pride.

It was Jian Chen and Nubis.

“A human and a magical beast,” muttered Qing Yixuan. She could tell what the two of them were with a single glance.

Jian Chen and Nubis directly traveled for Qing Yixuan, before coming to a stop a hundred meters away from her. Jian Chen gazed at her calmlyand spoke with his hands clasped, “Junior is Yang Yutian. Senior must have taken part in the fight for the Octoterra Map fragment.”

Qing Yixuan’s face immediately twitched when she heard them mention the map fragment. Her beautiful eyes turned cold and glared at the two of them. “Are you trying to take the map fragment away from me? Brat, I’ll ignore your disrespectful attitude from before since we’re of the same race. If you’re smart, leave immediately. Otherwise, don’t be able to blame me for what I do next.”

Jian Chen smiled as normal. “Senior is mistaken. Junior has purposefully come forward to ask senior if the Space Ring really does contain the map fragment or not.”

Qing Yixuan seemed to realize something with that. Her eyes flashed with urgency and she quickly checked the Space Ring. Her expression immediately changed greatly, angrily tossing the Space Ring into the distance. She cried out, “It’s actually empty!”

“Senior has already obtained the Space Ring for some time. It may be empty but the people behind definitely won’t believe senior. They’ll definitely think senior has hidden the map fragment. Not only has senior failed to obtain it, senior has to bear the burden of being hunted down by all those Sea race experts. Senior’s current circumstances really seems miserable.” smiled Jian Chen.

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