Chapter 874: Battle for the Map Fragment (Four)

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Chapter 874: Battle for the Map Fragment (Four)

Qing Yixuan paled in anger, furiously stamping her feet. She said, “Those bastards of the Hao family. They actually tricked us all. Brat, tell me how you knew that the Space Ring was empty.” A vast aura radiated from Qing Yixuan’s body and tightly pressed down on Jian Chen and Nubis.

“Senior, the map fragment is still with the Saint King of the Hao family. He’s currently heading north with it. If senior doesn’t chase after him now, senior might not be able to catch up,” said Jian Chen.

“Why do you know this so well? And why should I believe what you’ve said?” Qing Yixuan cried out. She stared fixedly at Jian Chen.

“Junior has said everything to be said. Whether senior believes it or not is not my problem,” Jian Chen replied calmly.

The light in Qing Yixuan’s eyes flickered uneasily. After some deliberation, she chose to believe Jian Chen’s words in the end. She shot off north as a vague blur. The Octoterra Map fragment was just too important. Qing Yixuan was willing to delude herself than believing that the Saint King of the Hao family did not have it.

“Brat, I’ll trust you this once. If I find that you’re tricking me, I won’t let you off even if we’re of the same race. I’ll chase you to the ends of the world.” Qing Yixuan’s words hung in the air. She had disappeared long ago.

“Odd. Jian Chen, how did you know that the Space Ring did not contain the map fragment? And how did you know where that Saint King was? Do you have eyes several kilometers away?” Nubis could not resist his curiosity after Qing Yixuan had left.

Jian Chen smiled mysteriously. “Right now is not the time to be discussing these things. That Qing Yixuan is just too strong. I hope the Saint King of the Hao family won’t just fall to a single strike of hers. Though, he does possess a Saint Tier Battle Skill. If Qing Yixuan wants to take things from him, it shouldn’t be easy. Let’s go Nubis. The time for us to obtain the map fragment may be coming soon.”

Jian Chen and Nubis erased their presences, carefully advancing forward.

The lord of Jass City and the five other Saint Kings were all kept busy by the two old men, battling where they were before. However, the Saint King who had lost his finger was not present and had already disappeared.

The ripples from the battle radiated to over thousands of kilometers away and drew in all the experts in that range. There were already a few Saint Rulers spectating from several dozen kilometers away in the air.

The Saint King who had lost a finger had already separated from the Saint Rulers of the Hao family by several thousand kilometers north. He currently traveled at full speed by himself, heading for the territory of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall.

“The secret of my Space Ring will be discovered very quickly. I need to head to the Heaven’s Spirit Hall as soon as possible. I’ll be able to call on the elders of the hall to assist me in fending off people once I get there. I’ll be out of harm’s way even if a hundred 16th Star Seasoul Warriors appear,” he muttered. He had not placed the map fragment in his Space Ring and had instead carried it on him.

At this moment, a grand aura quickly appeared from far away and headed directly for him.

The Saint King’s expression changed greatly as he cried out, “Oh no, it’s a 16th Star expert. Did they discover that the Space Ring was empty so quickly?” The Saint King became filled with worry. He no longer held back anymore as a strand of faint red mist enshrouded his body. It immediately allowed his speed to skyrocket. He had cast a secret technique that cost him some of his vitality to flee.

“You old bastard, you can’t escape anymore!” A crisp voice echoed in the Saint King’s ears. Qing Yixuan had also cast a secret technique, shooting over like a lightning bolt with speed that completely exceeded the Saint King’s.

He said nothing, fleeing as if his life depended on it with gritted teeth. However, no matter how he increased his speed, he was unable to widen his distance from Qing Yixuan. The two of them gradually grew closer and closer and the distance shrunk to just one hundred kilometers from the initial several hundred, which then decreased to several dozen. 

“F*ck it!” The Saint King of the Hao family immediately stopped running seeing how it was useless. He hung in mid-air with a pale face and a grand aura immediately radiated from his body. He was like an ancient beast that was slowly awakening from its slumber.

“Tian Level Saint Technique, Three Palms of Heaven’s Annihilation!” He cried out. He cast the Saint Tier Battle Skill once again, causing the surrounding World Force to churn. It condensed into a huge, solid palm despite World Force being invisible and pressed down onto the surroundings with stupendous pressure. It locked up the region in the radius of several dozen kilometers and abruptly froze the space there.

As Qing Yixuan reached a distance of five kilometers away from him, the space around her suddenly froze and immobilized her. The powerful aura of the Tian Level Saint Technique locked onto her. She reacted violently, even with her strength of the Fifth Heavenly Layer.

Vast quantities of Saint Force surged from her body, immediately shattering the frozen space. However, the quicksand-like space around her still slowed her movements greatly.

A metallic-azure sword appeared in her hand. With a cry, she turned into an azure stream of light that shoot for the Saint King. She attempted to disrupt his battle skill.

The Saint King of the Hao family did not need much time to charge up with his strength, so he reached completion very quickly. He flipped over his hand and slammed it down forcefully.

Immediately, the enormous palm in the sky rumbled. It came crashing down with a devastating pressure.

Qing Yixuan’s dress and hair danced in the wind. She gave up her attack on the Saint King and pointed her sword at the sky. She turned into a blur and shot up, planning to use her own strength to forcefully resist the battle skill. The battle skill had locked onto her completely anyway so she did not have the option of fleeing. All she could do was take it head-on.


Qing Yixuan’s elegant body collided with the palm that was several kilometers wide. Their sizes did not match up at all but it produced a deafening boom. Violent ripples of energy wreaked havoc in the surroundings, ripping open space and destroying whole regions, turning it all into a blanket of darkness.

The giant palm fell from the sky without any decrease in force with an unstoppable manner. It left a bottomless palm print in the ground, which caused it to tremble. Qing Yixuan had been pushed into the earth with it.

However, she flew out from it very quickly. Powerful, slightly-azure Saint Force permeated her surroundings and caused the space around her to tremble because of the energy.

Forcefully taking a Saint Tier Battle Skill head on, she was unable to remain uninjured despite her strength. Her hair was in a horrible mess, while her face was slightly pale. Her clothes were quite ruffled up as well, clearly in a quite a bad shape.


A great boom resounded in the sky and a second palm fell. Its power was even greater than the first.

Qing Yixuan poured all her strength into resistance but she was still no match. She was pressed into the ground once again, this time emerging with a trail of blood at the corner of her lips. Blood had drained from her face, she was clearly quite injured now.

The third palm strike followed soon after. This was the most powerful one, enough to collapse the space it passed by.

Spurt! Forcefully enduring the last strike, Qing Yixuan vomited a mouthful of blood. She became pale, while she seemed completely disheveled. She was in a horrible shape, now heavily injured.

Even the Saint King of the Hao family found it rather hard to endure after casting two Tian Level Saint Techniques consecutively in a short time. He paled slightly and seemed extremely weak.

After he struck down with the three palms, the Saint King immediately began to flee. He paid no regards to the outcome.

A soaring sword Qi shot toward him from behind. Qing Yixuan had risen from the ground, pouring all her energy into killing the Saint King of the Hao family. She may have been heavily injured but she was still a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King after all. She had an extremely tenacious life and still possessed a strong ability for battle.

“Leave behind the Octoterra Map fragment and I’ll spare your life,” she cried out, before quickly being embroiled in a battle with the Saint King of the Hao family.

However, neither of them had detected that two insignificant Saint Rulers who were already five hundred kilometers from them as they fought. The two Saint Rulers had completely erased their presence while hiding away carefully.

They were Jian Chen and Nubis.

A golden light shot out from the center of Jian Chen’s eyebrows, before it turned into a miniature golden tower in his hand. Jian Chen turned to Nubis and said, “We need to hide in the saint artifact. Don’t resist.”

A pillar of white light flashed out and disappeared with Jian Chen and Nubis. They had been sucked away by the power of the saint artifact.

Taking the two of them away, the saint artifact then sunk into the ground, tunneling toward the battle.

Qing Yixuan and the Saint King of the Hao family fought even-handedly in the sky. In Qing Yixuan’s peak condition, she would have been able to deal with him easily but she was currently heavily injured. She still possessed a very strong battle capability but it was far from when she was in her best state.

The two of them fought for twenty minutes. The Saint King ended up being stabbed in the chest by Qing Yixuan and immediately vomited up a mouthful of blood. The mighty sword Qi turned his clothes to shreds, while a black, square piece of leather around thirty centimeters in length and width drifted into the air. It was undamaged.

The Saint King reacted violently when he saw this piece of leather. He ignored his injuries and grabbed at the leather with all he had.

However, Qing Yixuan was faster than him. Her thin fingers turned into a blur, snatching the piece of leather from the air. Her face became wild with joy as she cried out, “The Octoterra Map fragment! I’ve finally obtained it!” Qing Yixuan no longer stuck around after she grabbed it. She immediately turned around in an attempt to leave.

The Saint King roared out angrily, slamming his palm onto Qing Yixuan’s back with all his strength. A mouthful of blood spurted from her mouth and worsened her injuries even further. However, she took advantage of this strike, using the knockback to flee and increase in speed. She no longer wanted to be tied up with this Saint King.

“Qing Yixuan, my Hao family will definitely not let you go!” roared the Saint King. He was furious.

Qing Yixuan fled pale-faced. She wanted to find a safe area as soon as possible to recuperate. The situation of her body was not very great at all. Due to the intense battle before, she had not suppressed her injuries, so they were constantly worsening. It had reached an extremely horrible level; she would struggle to deal with even an ordinary Saint Emperor right now.

“I may be heavily injured but it’s all worth it as long as I can obtain the Octoterra Map fragment.” Qing Yixuan glanced at the black piece of leather in her hand and could not help but reveal a smile on her pale face. Afterward, she casually placed the map fragment into her bosom. She did not place it into her Space Ring.

A golden light shot out from the ground at this very moment, directly toward her.

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