Chapter 875: The Final Owner

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Chapter 875: The Final Owner

Shocked, Qing Yixuan immediately raised her vigilance. She swung the sword in her hand and directly stabbed at the ball of golden light.

Cling! With a metallic sound, the golden light was blasted away by Qing Yixuan’s attack and revealed itself as a golden tower. However, it suddenly began to radiate with a golden light, encasing a radius of several hundred meters. Even Qing Yixuan herself became enveloped within.

The saint artifact used its power to convert the surroundings into its own domain. Although it did not possess full control over the area, it was able to suck up or let out anything that did not resist into the region.

The gold-clothed Nubis left the artifact space and appeared behind Qing Yixuan silently. He spat out a mouthful of venomous gas.

The venom of the Silver Striped Golden Snakes was ranked third in the world—as a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, his venom could even take out Saint Kings. Qing Yixuan failed to notice it and took in a breath and immediately began to feel dizzy.

“Sh*t, it’s poison!” Shocked, Qing Yixuan immediately discovered that someone had appeared behind her. Just as she was about to react accordingly, Nubis viciously grabbed her back and impaled her with his fingers. The venom surged into her body like the water of a broken dam.

Qing Yixuan cried out while great quantities of Saint Force churned within her, knocking Nubis away with her overwhelming strength. Her face was like frost and her eyes overflowed with killing intent. She directly stabbed out at Nubis with her sword.

Nubis did not fear her and immediately began to fight back. If Qing Yixuan was in her peak condition, he might have been limited to fleeing but she was now heavily injured and poisoned by him. She could only use half of her strength, not enough to threaten Nubis anymore.

The hurriedly clashed a few times, before Nubis was impaled through the chest. He was heavily injured but Qing Yixuan had also taken a fist from Nubis, which caused her to vomit blood as she was knocked back.

Before she could stabilize herself, Jian Chen appeared quietly before her through the use of the artifact. His hand snaked into her bosom like a lightning bolt and he immediately came into contact with her two soft, full breasts. They pressed against his palm, causing her clothes around the chest region to bulge.

He felt the map fragment as soon as he stuck his hand in. Without any hesitation, he snatched the fragment tightly with some force but he grabbed more than that. Jian Chen could tell from the feeling that he had also seized a piece of cloth and a portion of silky-smooth skin.

“Argh!” Qing Yixuan could not help but cry out. She became wide-eyed and stared blankly at the hand that had reached into her bosom. She was filled with disbelief.

She returned to her senses immediately. Her slightly flushed face was replaced with anger as she cried out, “You pervert!” As they were too close, she was unable to lash out with her sword so she directly threw a palm strike forward in this urgent situation.

A palm strike from an angered Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King could not be underestimated. Despite her injuries, this strike was beyond what Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body could withstand.

Spurt! Jian Chen immediately spat out a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying off far away. His hand was also pulled out from her chest, along with the black map fragment that he had grasped tightly. However, there was something else; her white undergarment had been grabbed too, which came out with the map fragment. It waved freely in the air with a lingering body warmth, giving off a slight fragrance.

Qing Yixuan became bright red when she saw the undergarment in Jian Chen’s hand. Her eyes burned with fury, while her killing intent shot into the sky.

“You pervert, I’ll obliterate you.” Qing Yixuan fell into a frenzy of rage. She charged at Jian Chen with her sword as she ignored her injuries.

“Let’s go! This woman is too powerful. She still so powerful even with those injuries!” Nubis appeared beside Jian Chen in a flash, grabbing him before shooting off into the distance. As that all happened, the saint artifact turned into a streak of golden light and disappeared into Jian Chen’s forehead.

“Where do you think you’re going! Today is the day of your death!” Qing Yixuan screamed from behind. Her hatred for Jian Chen had already reached a bone-deep level.

“You’ve been poisoned by me. If you don’t suppress its spread, you’ll die before you’ve even caught up to us. You should know very well just how powerful the venom of a Silver Striped Golden Snake is,” Nubis called back out in an attempt to stop her pursuit.

“I’ve burned the two of you into my memory. I’ll kill you even if I have to chase the two of you to the ends of the earth,” roared Qing Yixuan. She did not continue her pursuit and instead glanced at the two of them coldly. Afterward, she turned around and flew off in the opposite direction. Nubis was right; her body was indeed in a horrible condition—heavily injured and then poisoned. If she did not deal with it as soon as possible, she would die even if she was a Saint King.

Nubis traversed tens of thousands of kilometers with Jian Chen as fast as he could before finally coming to a stop. Afterward, they both entered the saint artifact.

Inside there, they healed very quickly and returned to their peak conditions under the treatment of the artifact spirit’s origin energy. Only then did they finally relax.

Stealing from a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King was an extremely risky thing to do for them. If they had lost focus for even a split second, their lives could have been in danger.

“We’ve finally obtained the map fragment.” Jian Chen smiled excitedly. He turned his hand to look at the map fragment as he did not have the opportunity earlier. However, his face suddenly froze and revealed an odd expression.

Although he had felt that he had grabbed something else with the map fragment in the situation before, he had never bothered to look at it. Only now did he discover that he had also grabbed Qing Yixuan’s white undergarment.

“Let’s see what the Octoterra Map fragment is like.” Nubis also looked toward Jian Chen’s hand but he soon locked onto the undergarment. He became stupefied while his mouth became agape. He was filled with disbelief.

“J- J- Jian Chen, w- w- what’s that?” Nubis pointed toward the undergarment as he stuttered.

Jian Chen raised it up for a closer examination, finally confirming that he had not seen wrong. He could not help but smile bitterly.

“Th- th- that’s an undergarment. Jian Chen, y- y- y- you’ve actually taken her undergarment,” said Nubis as he was dumbstruck.

“It was a critical situation. How would I have noticed things like this?” Jian Chen forced a smile.

“Woah, Jian Chen, you’re just too powerful. That person is a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King. No wonder she said she would chase us to the ends of the earth. Turns out you… you… you…” Nubis could not help but break into laughter toward the end.

Jian Chen could only force a smile as he stared at the undergarment. He carefully placed it into his Space Ring. He planned to return it to Qing Yixuan when they met again in the future. “Alright, let’s not dwell on this matter. Let’s check out the map fragment first.”

Nubis immediately became serious when they reached the matter of the map fragment. He immediately rushed up to Jian Chen to examine the fragment. 

It was a piece of black, square leather. It was extremely tough and even Saint Kings would struggle to destroy it. On it was a blurry image and with close examination, it was not difficult to see that it was an incomplete map.

“This fragment is a part of the map to the Octoterra Divine Hall, as well as the key to the divine hall. We need to collect all the pieces before being able to form the whole thing,” said Nubis.

Jian Chen nodded and immediately put it away. He pulled out the Water Spirit’s Pearl and gulped it down. “We can’t dwell here. We better leave quickly.”

Nubis nodded in agreement before swallowing his pearl too. He left the artifact space alongside Jian Chen.

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