Chapter 882: Attack of Experts

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Chapter 882: Attack of Experts

“However, what do you want me to do since I’m now following you?” Xie Wang asked.

“We’ll decide this later. We want to go into seclusion for a period of time, so go settle down somewhere ten kilometers away. Prevent anyone from approaching us. Guard us,” said Jian Chen.

Xie Wang nodded. “Alright, I’ll do that. I do hope you won’t go back on your words. You have to give me the divine water within fifty years.” Xie Wang turned around and left, carving out his own cave to settle down in.

“Jian Chen, why are you getting him to follow us? He is quite strong but he’s of no great help to us. And can you really obtain more divine water within fifty years?” Nubis asked in doubt after Xie Wang had left. He felt extremely confused with what Jian Chen had just done.

Jian Chen raised his head slightly and zoned out as he stared the deep-blue sky. “We have a piece of the Octoterra Map, so we should have the right to enter the Octoterra Divine Hall. From those experts who’ve fought over the fragment, I’ve heard that only those below Saint Kings can enter. Xie Wang’s of the Ninth Heavenly Layer and he’s not weak. There shouldn’t be a lot of people who are his opponents at the same level. When we enter the divine hall, he should be of great help to us.”

“What? Only those below Saint King can enter the divine hall? Doesn’t that mean we can’t break through?” Nubis was surprised.

“Right. Before we enter, we cannot break through. This is why you must limit your growth this time when you go into seclusion.”

“F*ck it. Since I can’t break through, then I won’t break through. Though I still can take in some of the hidden essence from that old snake. It’ll take me to a level where I’m only an inch away from breaking through. It’ll also make breaking through successfully much easier in the future. Alright then, I’ll be cultivating.” Nubis left the cave.

Soon afterward, Jian Chen also returned to his secluded cultivation. He began to refine the monster cores in the saint artifact with the help of the sword spirits.

Right now, the chaotic neidan was only the size of a pigeon’s egg. He still had a long road ahead of him before he reached the third layer of the Chaotic Body. He needed to reach the peak of the second layer as soon as possible.

“Master, you should be able to absorb the energy of the Yinyang Saint Rock once you reach the fifth layer,” said Zi Ying. His voice carried a sliver of urgency.

“Zi Ying, what layer of the Chaotic Body will I reach after absorbing the energy?” Jian Chen asked out of curiosity.

“Master’s Chaotic Body should be able to reach the seventh or eight layer, or even the ninth, after master absorbs all the energy of the rock,” Zi Ying replied after some thought. He was not exactly sure.

Jian Chen’s heart began to beat uncontrollably after he heard that. A sense of urgency ignited in his heart, tempting him to try and reach the ninth layer at this very moment.

“Just what level of strength will I have after I absorb all the energy? Will it be Saint Emperor? Or beyond that?”

“If I gain the power that surpasses Saint Emperors, I’ll definitely copy Mo Tianyun and charge into the Forsaken Saint World. I’ll cause an upheaval there and form rivers of blood from my slaughter. I’ll make it so that they will never have the ability to threaten the Tian Yuan Continent ever again.”

Jian Chen thought as he clenched his fists.

A few days later, a furious cry resounded from a grand divine hall that hung a hundred meters in the air, several tens of thousands of kilometers away from where Jian Chen was.

“You trash, you pieces of trash. You’re literally incompetent trash. You couldn’t find them even when there were the two of you!” Charlie howled angrily.

The four emissaries trembled as they knelt in front of Charlie. Their faces were filled with horror. They had spent so many days outside yet they had still failed to find Jian Chen and Nubis. All they could do was return to the hall and report this to the hall elder.

“Just wait for your death once the hall master comes out of seclusion if you can’t get it back. You pieces of trash, just how the f*ck did you screw up such an easy mission?” Charlie paced around the hall furiously. He was extremely worried.

“Charlie, that thing has its own, unique presence and it was also forged by an emperor thirty thousand years ago. It contains a sliver of the emperor’s power. That power should be the same as the power of the divine hall, so why don’t we cast the Water Mirror Technique together and see if we can find its whereabouts through borrowing a sliver of the hall’s power?” Yensen’s master said.

“Alright. That’s all we can do now. I hope the hall master doesn’t become angered when we use a sliver of the hall’s power.” Charlie nodded before turning to the four emissaries. “Why don’t the four of you hurry up and piss off?”

The four of them hurriedly climbed up off the ground and left the hall.

Around fifteen minutes later, the two hall elders walked out as well. Both of them seemed slightly weary, while Yensen’s master held a piece of paper, “We’ve found their whereabouts. Their positions are marked on the map. Immediately go with the two 15th Star elders to get the item back and redeem yourselves.

“Master, we’ll definitely bring it back this time,” swore Yensen as he took the map. Afterward, the four of them left together.

Charlie said with a deep voice as he gazed into the direction they had disappeared off to, “I hope they succeed this time.”

“Sigh, that item’s just too special. We can’t let any part of it leak out or attract the attention of the other two halls. That’s why we can’t send too many people, or I would’ve moved out personally long ago,” said Yensen’s master with a sigh.


Several days later, Xie Wang lied in boredom as he stared blankly at the ceiling of the dark cave. He was carrying out his task silently, guarding Jian Chen and Nubis. He prevented any disruptions to their cultivation.

“Can he really get me the divine water within fifty years?” Xie Wang cradled his head as he murmured on the icy-cold ground. He had already repeated similar words countless time that day.

“To think that I, Xie Wang, someone who was also renowned among the people, someone who moves alone and does what he wants, would have such a day where I fall to such a level. I’ve become someone else’s pawn.”

“Whatever. This is my only hope of reaching the 15th Star. If there isn’t even the slightest hope, I won’t have any chance at all. I’ll trust them for now. Just some temporary grievances are nothing,” murmured Xie Wang. He really struggled to yield and work below others with his personality. All he could do was constantly comfort himself and his unhappiness.

Xie Wang’s eyes narrowed at this moment. “Crap, someone’s come.” He disappeared with a flash, having already left the cave. He appeared once again floating a thousand meters in the sky this time.

Far away, six figures shot toward them with lightning speed. In the end, they stopped a hundred meters from Xiew Wang, staring at him with narrowed eyes.

“You’re emissaries of the Serpent God Hall.” Xie Wang’s expression changed slightly when he noticed their clothes.

Yensen looked at Xie Wang but did not pay any further attention to him. He looked around and said, “They should be here according to master’s map but it’s not this person.”

The two old men who followed the emissaries looked in the same direction in unison. One of them said, “There are two people in secluded cultivation right now. I wonder if it’s them.”

“Well that’s not a problem. Just get them to appear this instance and we’ll know whether they’re who we were searching for,” said the other old man. Afterward, he grabbed at the empty space and the energy in the surroundings quickly began to condense. In the end, it formed a huge palm a hundred meter wide that fell on the mountain on where Jian Chen and Nubis cultivated.


The mountain collapsed loudly. The palm strike sent countless pieces of loose rock flying everywhere, while the barrier cast down by Nubis was obliterated like tofu. It could not withstand it.

“A 15th Star Seasoul Warrior.” Xie Wang immediately revealed an ugly expression when he saw this. The light in his eyes flickered uneasily.

“Who dares destroy my dwelling?! Are you looking to die!?” A furious roar resounded from the collapsed mountain. Nubis flew out furiously from the rubble, while a cold light glimmered in his eyes. He radiated with great killing intent.

The four emissary’s eyes lit up when they heard this extremely familiar and arrogant voice. They pointed at Nubis. “It’s him, it’s him. Elders, he was the one who took the item.”

A sliver of joy flashed past the old men’s eyes when they heard this. They thought, “He really isn’t at the 15th Star. Looks like the hall elder’s mission will be a piece of cake this time.”

Boom! Loose rubble flew in all directions and Jian Chen also shot out of the rocks with the Dragon Slaying Sword in hand. He shot toward Yensen’s group with Nubis with a darkened complexion. He faced the people from the hall. They were separated by a distance of several hundred meters.

Nubis’ eyes narrowed as he examined these people. In the end, he locked onto the two old men and he could not help but become slightly stern. He said heavily, “I didn’t think two 15th Star experts would come as well.”

Jian Chen’s face could not help but twitch when he heard that two Saint Kings had actually come. He could only deal with Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers with his current strength. He was not the opponent of Saint Kings.

Yensen could not help but laugh aloud as he saw Jian Chen and Nubis’ stern expressions, “Haha, don’t you regret it now? This is the outcome of offending the emissaries of the hall. Too bad it’s all too late now. There’s no use regretting it now. Just obediently accept your deaths.”

Note: By ‘emperor’, they’re referring to Saint Emperor. It’s just that among the Sea race, they use ?? (translates roughly to great emperor) instead of ?? (Saint Emperor). So in other words, the emperor in ‘Octoterra Emperor’ has the same connotation. They’re not really an emperor of anything.

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