Chapter 886: Invitation of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall

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Chapter 886: Invitation of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall

The two elders immediately felt a sliver of surprise when they heard that they had actually been invited to the Heaven’s Spirit Hall as guests by the hall elders. Although they were elders of the Serpent God Hall, it was only a status. They had no power as ordinary elders within the hall. Why would the great hall elders of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall invite them? They found this extremely shocking.

However, the two elders frowned very quickly. One of them said, “Please relay this message to the esteemed hall elders. We are overwhelmed by your esteemed hall elder’s invitation but we currently have important matters to attend to. We just don’t have the time right now. Why don’t we pay a visit after the matters have been dealt with?”

The old Saint King from the Chenyang tribe frowned slightly and said unhappily, “Elders, that may not be appropriate. Our hall elders are waiting to meet the two elders right now. Do the two elders just want to brush the esteemed hall elders aside and keep them waiting for you or is it because you don’t even acknowledge our hall elders?” The old man’s voice became rather serious toward the end. He had received strict orders from the hall elders to invite the two elders to the hall no matter what. However, the Chenyang tribe did not have the strength to threaten them, so all he could do was mention the hall elders.

The expressions of the two elders changed slightly. They immediately explained, “No, no, no, that’s not what we meant. How would we dare keep the esteemed hall elders waiting for us? We’re ecstatic over the fact that we’ve been invited by the hall elders. How is it possible for us to not acknowledge the hall elders?” The two elders of the Serpent God Hall did not dare to offend the hall elders of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall. Every single person who could become a hall elder was a terrifyingly-powerful expert. They were all at the peak of the 16th Star and only an inch away from the 17th.

The old man of the Chenyang tribe smiled slyly and made a welcoming gesture to the pair. He said, “If that’s the case, then let’s go. The four of us will be guiding the two elders, to prevent any insignificant people from disturbing the two elders.”

The two elders of the Serpent God Hall looked at each other and both sighed gently. They could only give up their chase of Jian Chen and fly toward the Heaven’s Spirit Hall helplessly. The two of them did not dare to reject or ignore an invitation from the Heaven’s Spirit Hall’s hall elders.

Two Saint Rulers also arrived at the city where Jian Chen’s group stayed as the two elders were invited to the Heaven’s Spirit Hall by the people of the Chenyang tribe. They were of the 13th and 14th Star, experts of two different nearby tribes.

The two Saint Rulers floated a thousand meters in the air as they looked down at the city. One of them said, “The location given by the hall elders is here. They probably erased their presences and have hidden themselves in the city. We’re weaker than them so it’ll be extremely difficult for us to find them with our strength. Let’s go pay a visit to the city lord’s manor.” The two Saint Rulers directly traveled to the city lord’s manor, before disappearing into the large estate.

Soon afterward, all the guards in the city set out, rifling through each and every household in a blanket search.

The noise from below disturbed Jian Chen, who was currently healing in the inn they had settled down in.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes and frowned slightly. He was stern.

At this very moment, the door of the room was opened. Nubis and Xie Wang walked in.

“Jian Chen, there are quite a few guards conducting a search outside. Do you think they’ve come for us?” asked Nubis as soon as he entered the room.

Jian Chen sat unmovingly on the bed and slowly nodded. “That should be the case. They have indeed come for us. The hall elders of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall are searching for us.”

Nubis’ expression changed slightly. “What? The hall elders of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall? God dammit. They don’t even know us, so why’re they looking for us?”

“Surely you haven’t offended the Heaven Spirit Hall’s hall elders as well,” said Xie Wang as he stared at the two of them with suspicion.

“We have nothing to do with the Heaven’s Spirit Hall. Perhaps they’ve come with the same intention as the Serpent God Hall since they’re searching us so suddenly?” Jian Chen said unhurriedly. He could not help but think about the mysterious key which shone with dazzling blue light in the saint artifact.

“That’s probably it. The Heaven’s Spirit Hall really does have experts with great abilities. As soon as we entered their land, there has also been someone in search of us.” Nubis became grim. They had just fled from the Serpent God Hall. He had thought that they would be safe from now on and he could find a place and cultivate without worry. Never did they think that more trouble would come knocking on the door before they could even rest properly after entering the Heaven’s Spirit Hall’s land. They were stuck in a troublesome situation once again.

“Open up for search!” A rough voice boomed from outside. The door of the inn was kicked open and several soldiers in special, gray armor walked in.

The three of them all looked toward the soldiers. The soldiers immediately felt their hearts tighten under the gazes of Saint Rulers despite the fact that they had just glanced at them. It was as if the air around them had turned into a vacuum, making breathing difficult.

The leading captain forcefully maintained his cool and swept past the three of them with a fearful gaze. He said, “We’ve come under orders in search for some convicts. Warriors, apologies. We will be leaving.” The captain of the squad did not dare to stay any longer. With a wave of his hand, he led his soldiers out of the room, before gently closing the door.

Afterward, the captain immediately left the inn and shot toward the city lord’s manor.

Jian Chen slowly stood up in the inn and said, “Our exact location has been discovered.”

“We’re so unlucky. Why do I get into all this big trouble as soon as I start following you guys? Hunted down by the Serpent God Hall first and now the Heaven’s Spirit Hall is looking for us everywhere. If I had known earlier, I would have never joined you in your suffering even if I couldn’t reach the 15th Star,” grumbled Xie Wang to one side. His arms were crossed and he was filled with regret.

Nubis looked toward the whining Xie Wang and sniggered, “It’s a pity that you don’t have a choice anymore. You’ve already offended the people of the Serpent God Hall. Pretty sure they won’t let you off no matter what. Even if you hide in the territory of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall, they’ll have ways to claim your life. The only way you can survive is by sticking with us.”

“Let’s not talk about that for now. We need to leave. They’ve discovered us. We can’t stay here any longer,” said Xie Wang. He could no longer backtrack. Nubis was right. The Serpent God Hall would not let go of anyone who had become its enemy in order to maintain its dignity.

Jian Chen opened the window and stared out at the lively street in interest. He said, “The Heaven’s Spirit Hall’s looking for us for no reason, so that definitely can’t be good. We can’t stay here anymore. We need to leave here immediately and go to the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall. We might be safer there.”

“Are you sure that the people of the Sea Goddess Hall won’t cause us trouble?” Xie Wang asked worriedly.

Jian Chen hesitated. He could not help but think back to the words of the mysterious woman who had given him the Water Spirit’s Pearl. She had once told him that if he could not stay within the land of the Serpent God Hall, he could go to the Sea Goddess Hall instead, and that it would be safe there.

“I believe no one will look for trouble with us in the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall,” murmured Jian Chen. He believed the mysterious woman would not harm them.

“Alright. I hope that’s the case. Let’s leave immediately,” Xie Wang said rather urgently. He really did not want to stay here for even a fraction of a second longer. Every extra moment spent here could lead to increased danger.

At this very moment, two vast presences appeared from the direction of the city lord’s manor. Two figures directly flew towards where Jian Chen’s group stayed.

They travelled very quickly, arriving at the entrance of the inn in just a few seconds. Afterwards, they turned into a blur and climbed up the stairs extremely quickly, appearing in the room where they stayed.

They were two old men who seemed to be beyond their sixties. They both wore blue robes, while their blue hair was tied up into a bun. Their eyes were deep like the starry sky, making it very difficult to read anything from their eyes.

“I am Dahan. I greet the three warriors.”

“I am Tanishq. I greet the three warriors as well.

As soon as the two old men entered the room, they clasped their hands at Jian Chen’s group and greeted them before they could even speak. They were extremely friendly.

Jian Chen, Nubis and Xie Wang looked at each other. Afterwards, Jian Chen replied like he usually would, “May I ask why the two of you have suddenly come searching for us?”

“Warriors, we are members of two different tribes from this region. Not long ago, we received a messaged from the esteemed hall elders. They want to invite you to pay a visit to their Heaven’s Spirit Hall,” smiled Tanishq.

“Please tell your esteemed elders for me that the three of us have important matters to attend to, so we may not be able to visit. However, we will definitely visit in person and apologise in the future,” said Jian Chen.

Dahan and Tanishq revealed troubled expressions. One of them said, “Warrior, that may not be good. This is a personal invitation from the esteemed hall elders. How can you turn it down?”

“Please relay my message exactly as I said it to the hall elders. The three of us still have matters to attend to, so we will be leaving first.” Jian Chen left immediately with Nubis and Xie Wang after throwing that down.

They gained the attention of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall as soon as they had arrived. They could no longer stay there anymore. They needed to leave as fast as possible. This was because the people who invited them this time were only Saint Rulers. Next time, it might become Saint Kings and when that happened, it would be difficult for them to leave even if they wanted to.

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