Chapter 888: God’s Descent Slays Saint Kings

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Chapter 888: God’s Descent Slays Saint Kings

“No wonder the esteemed hall elders sent the two of us to invite these mere 14th Star Seasoul Warriors as guests. So they possess the rare Ruler’s Qi.” A similar thought appeared in both of the elder’s heads at this moment. Their gazes toward Jian Chen and Nubis also became much softer.

They now believed that the hall elders had invited Jian Chen’s group to the Heaven’s Spirit Hall to get them to join them and had sent the two of them to express the hall’s sincerity.

After all, only by sending 15th Star experts could the Heaven’s Spirit Hall express their sincerity in inviting those who possessed the Ruler’s Qi.

“Esteemed rulers, our hall elders have invited you as guests. I hope you can return with us,” an elder said to Jian Chen and Nubis with clasped hands. His old face was full of smiles, only looking at Jian Chen and Nubis without even glancing at Xie Wang.

The three of them looked at each other sternly. Nubis asked Jian Chen through a mental message, “What do we do, Jian Chen?”

“We can’t go to the Heaven’s Spirit Hall! Kill them!” Jian Chen replied with a similar mental message as killing intent flashed through his eyes.

Nubis’ eyes became remorseless and he no longer hesitated. Powerful battle intent surged from his chest, targeting the two Saint Kings from the Heaven’s Spirit Hall.

Nubis could not match any of them in a battle but all he needed to do was keep them busy temporarily.

At the same time, Jian Chen quickly flew backward. He immediately retreated several hundred meters, before forming a seal with his hand. He lifted his head up high and pointed it at the sky. He bellowed, “God’s Descent!”

Jian Chen and Nubis did not even have the ability to run away before two Third Heavenly Layer Saint Kings. The only way out was casting the forbidden arte.

“Rulers, what do you intend to do?” The two elders were filled with confusion against Nubis’ attacks. They only blocked without retaliating.

They had no inkling about the Abyssal Crystal. All they thought was that the hall elders wanted to pull these two people to the Heaven’s Spirit Hall as they possessed the Ruler’s Qi. As such, the elders did not dare to go overboard with them, just in case they shot through the ranks and used the two of them to make an example.

At this very moment, the light in the surroundings glowed brighter. A milky-white ball of light suddenly appeared in the sky and quickly passed through the seawater toward them. It turned the sea world that was always deep blue to a snow-white color.

“W- w- what’s that!?” The two elders raised their head as expressions of disbelief flooded their faces.

Even on the Tian Yuan Continent, it was rare for someone to have seen the charging-up period of the God’s Descent, let alone the Sea race who dwelled in the sea realm. Even as Saint Kings, they had never heard of the arte.

With Nubis keeping them busy, Jian Chen completely charged up the arte. His hand seals changed once more and he muttered, “I offer five hundred years of my life to cast the forbidden technique, God’s Descent.”

The milky-white light in the sky suddenly exploded after Jian Chen finished this sentence. It flooded the entire region with light, illuminating a large portion of the sea realm. Shortly afterward, a huge pillar of white light descended from the sky and encased a radius of several dozen kilometers.

The original laws of the world were disrupted in the region encased by the light. A new set of laws were formed and their mysteries clearly appeared in Jian Chen’s head. It allowed him to control everything in here like his limbs.

At this moment, Jian Chen seemed to have become the supreme ruler of this space, a great god of the region.

Regardless of Nubis, Xie Wang or the elders from the Heaven’s Spirit Hall, all of them felt that they had lost all their abilities as Saint Rulers or Saint Kings now. They could no longer control World Force or the mysteries of space.

“W- where is this place. W- what did you do?” growled an elder. The two of them felt that something was off for the situation to develop like this. However, they just could not understand why the two people with the Ruler’s Qi would want to be their enemies.

Jian Chen said nothing. He knew that he wanted to leave the territory of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall, so he needed to eliminate the two Saint Kings before him. Otherwise, no one could guarantee that the two of them would not forcefully take them back.

Jian Chen’s mind fused with the surroundings perfectly. He controlled the laws with his thoughts. Extending a finger, the space before him undulated like water—two ripples immediately shot toward the two Saint Kings.

“They want to kill us!” cried out both elders. They could no longer afford to pay any attention to Jian Chen and Nubis’ statuses as rulers when their life was under threat, so they both pulled out their weapons in resistance.

Both of their weapons were the same type of trident. They swung their tridents wildly, shooting out two crescent-like waves of energy to fend off the incoming ripples.

These ripples were formed from the energy of the laws of this world. They directly consumed the two waves of energy and quickly pierced through the chests of two elders.

Silently, their chests were corroded to reveal a bowl-sized hole. The wounds from the laws of the world did not bleed but they could not heal either.

The two elders both groaned in pain as they looked at Jian Chen in shock. They felt that he had become exceedingly terrifying at this very moment.

“We can’t stay here. We need to leave immediately,” growled an elder. Afterward, he fell back decisively. The other elder did not hesitate either, heading off in another direction.

“Unless you break through this domain, you won’t be able to leave without my permission.” Jian Chen’s cold voice was heard by the two elders.

“We never provoked you! Why do you want to kill us!?” An elder asked loudly.

“You already provoked us the moment you asked us to go to the Heaven’s Spirit Hall. I know that if we said we wouldn’t you would forcefully take us there.” The two of them heard Jian Chen’s illusionary voice.

The two elders shut up with that because they indeed had planned it like that. The hall elders’ orders were that they had to bring the three of them back. If they failed with words, they could only forcefully take them away in order to complete the mission.

It was just that the trio’s reaction speeds completely exceeded their expectation.

Jian Chen’s eyes immediately became remorseless when he saw their expressions. Killing intent rose up in his heart as he murmured, “Annihilate!”

The clothes of the two Third Heavenly Layer Saint Kings instantly dissolved. It scattered into dust, before completely disappearing.

Shortly afterward, their flesh began to split. It cracked like pottery and quickly spread out. These cracks soon covered every inch of their bodies. Fresh blood flowed, dyeing them red all over.

The agony caused the two of them to howl uncontrollably. Vast quantities of energy leaked from their body and formed a layer of armor on their bodies to resist the invasion of the mysterious power.

“God dammit, what the hell is this thing!?”

“We can’t stay here! We need to leave!”

The thought of retreat crossed the elders’ minds after experiencing the odd domain and the weird energy. They no longer dared to stick around any longer and speeded up their escape.

Jian Chen did not let them go. With the point of a finger, another two ripples of space formed from the laws of the region. The ripples shot toward the pair with lightning speed.

Just as they wanted to dodge it, the surroundings space froze suddenly, solidly immobilizing them.

Spurt! The power of the laws directly passed through the center of their eyebrows and injured their origin souls.

The elders experienced agonizing pain as their origin souls were injured. They uncontrollably produced a chilling howl and their voices were filled with pain.

“Still not dead.” Jian Chen was bathed in a bright white light. He was like a god who had descended, a consecrated existence. With a slight gesture of his right hand, another two waves of power shot over, piercing their souls once again.

The two elders clutched their heads as they tossed and turned around painfully on the ground. The souls of Saint Kings were extremely powerful. Even after taking two heavy blows, their souls had not vanished. However, they had become extremely weak nonetheless.

At this moment, two huge palms condensed immediately above them. They fell like bolts of lightning, brutally crushing the elders’ heads.

The two elders stopped howling. Their heads had shattered and they were bleeding from all seven orifices. Their eyes also quickly became lifeless.

The palm strikes had dispersed their heavily injured origin souls, wiping them out directly.

This was how two Third Heavenly Layer Saint Kings died to Jian Chen’s God’s Descent.

Jian Chen stopped the technique with their deaths. The milky-white light that radiated the surroundings slowly dispersed and everything returned to its previous state.

However, Jian Chen’s face had already become drained of blood. It was extremely difficult for him to resist an instantaneous loss of five hundred years of life. He became extremely weak, void of all power. He even struggled to move a finger. He then collapsed from mid-air.

Nubis appeared beside him with a flash and caught his falling body. He stared at Jian Chen sternly and said, “You’ve lost another five hundred years of life. Combined with last time, you’ve lost a total of a thousand.”

Jian Chen revealed a smile. “It’s not a problem. As long as we finished off the two of them, losing a bit of life is nothing. When I make another breakthrough, I’ll just get another three thousand years of life. Though, it’s quite fortunate that none of the two could use a Saint Tier Battle Skill. Otherwise, killing them would not have been so easy.

“Let’s not talk about this for now. We need to flee. I’m sure that more experts will catch up from the Heaven’s Spirit Hall without much time,” Nubis said sternly. Afterward, he arrived before the two corpses of the elders and took away their Space Rings with a wave of his hand. He proceeded to leave with Jian Chen on his back.

“Xie Wang, what’re you staring idiotically for? Hurry up,” Nubis did not forget to remind him as he walked past Xie Wang.

Xie Wang jolted, finally returning to his senses. He stared at the corpses of the two elders, clearly still shaken. The shock in his heart had reached an absolute maximum. He could say nothing.

Never did he think that Jian Chen, who was weaker than Nubis, possessed such a terrifying ability. He had not imagined that Jian Chen could kill off two 15th Star experts all by himself in such a short time. This astounded him.

The five hall elders sat patiently in the huge hall at the center of the region, waiting for news.

At that moment, an elder stood up abruptly and cried out involuntarily, “Crap, the two elders I sent have been killed.”

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