Chapter 890: A Chaotic Battle (One)

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Chapter 890: A Chaotic Battle (One)

After two days of traveling, the three of them had already traversed several hundreds of thousands of kilometers. They were now at the edge of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall’s territory, only a little over two hundred thousand kilometers from the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall.

This was all because of the speed at which Nubis and Xie Wang traveled at using Spatial Force with their cultivation of the Ninth Heavenly Layer. If it was only Jian Chen, he probably would have only been able to travel a third of that distance.

“There’s another half a day before we enter the Sea Goddess Hall’s territory. We’ll be safe then and we won’t have to worry about experts pursuing us,” Nubis said as he hurried along. He constantly looked backward as a sliver of seriousness flashed through his eyes.

Several Saint Rulers tailed the three of them closely. They were all of the Eighth and Ninth Heavenly Layer and belonged to different tribes.

The three of them flew over many tribes recklessly, which was a type of straightforward provocation. As a result, it caused quite a few experts who were confident in their strengths to chase after them. They wanted an explanation from the trio and to make up for the challenge to their dignity.

They paid no attention to the people who tailed them closely as they just did not have the time to deal with them. Getting to the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall as soon as possible was the most urgent matter.

Three vast presences quickly expanded from behind at this very moment. Three elders shot toward the trio like bolts of lightning. The three disciplinary elders had almost caught up with Jian Chen’s group.

None of them possessed the power to escape the pursuit of Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings. As a result, they were stopped very soon.

All three disciplinary elders were rather old. They wore black robes and were stern. A vast presence coiled around them and even the surroundings trembled. They were extremely terrifying.

The Saint Rulers from various tribes also drew closer. They all looked at the three old men and jumped in fright from their auras. They all knew that these three old men had reached a terrifying level of strength.

However, their expressions changed when they saw the red, lock-like badge on their chests. They immediately bowed toward them and said, “We greet the disciplinary elders.”

The disciplinary elders stared fixedly at Jian Chen and Nubis while a wondrous light flickered in their eyes. One of them waved a hand at the Saint Rulers who had chased the trio and said, “You have no business here. You can leave.”

“Yes, disciplinary elders.” The Saint Rulers from the various tribes did not dare to disobey them. They bowed once again, before backing off to a distance. However, they did not leave and instead watched on from over ten kilometers away. They wanted to see just what would happen here that required three disciplinary elders to move out together.

The light in Jian Chen’s eyes flickered. Just from their presences, he already knew than the three disciplinary elders were not any weaker than Ling Yuanzi from the Yiyuan sect and Bi Yifei who he had encountered outside. They were much more powerful that the two elders who had died to his forbidden arte.

“Looks like I can only cast it again. If I offer up a thousand years of my life, it should be enough to slaughter the three of them,” thought Jian Chen as a light in his eyes flickered. The only way he could flee successfully from here was by casting the arte since matters had developed in such a way. He had killed two elders of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall before, so there was already enmity between him and the hall. It would be difficult to resolve this peacefully.

However, the price of a thousand years was just too great. It made Jian Chen hesitate. He had already coughed up a thousand years of life the last two times he cast the arte. If he coughed up another thousand years, it would be two thousand in total. He would be left with less than a thousand years to live.

“Ruler’s Qi. The two of them actually have Ruler’s Qi.” The disciplinary elders constantly shifted their gazes between Jian Chen and Nubis while their faces were filled with surprise.

“Were the two elders both killed by you people?” An elder asked the three of them after a while.

“Correct. They were indeed killed by us. You must have come to avenge them.” Jian Chen replied normally. He had already made the preparations to cast God’s Descent at any time.

The three disciplinary elders shook their heads gently. One of them said, “We won’t trouble you. The hall elders only want to see you, so please come with us. If you’re willing to join us, I believe the hall elders won’t dwell on you killing the two elders.” The three disciplinary elders appeared before Jian Chen and the other two after that. They did not wait for their reply and moved against them straightforwardly. Matching one disciplinary elder to each person, they directly extended their hands out to grab them.

A sliver of determination flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes. He immediately formed a seal with his hands, raising his head high above. He was about to cast the forbidden arte.

However, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed at this crucial moment. The corners of his lips curled into a slight sneer and he stopped his casting of the arte.

Another four tremendous presences quickly expanded from the surroundings. With four loud whistles of wind, four figures approached the area with unbelievable speed. They were at the horizon but in the next moment, they had already stopped before the three disciplinary elders. They maintained a distance of twenty meters.

There were two middle-aged men and two old men. They all had vivid serpents embroidered on their blue robes. The serpent’s eyes were red and it seemed viciously terrifying. It revealed its sharp teeth which shone with a cold light. It was enough to make people shiver.

The appearance of these four caused the expressions of the three disciplinary elders to change suddenly. One of them immediately shouted out, “Four divine generals of the Serpent God Hall, you’re members of a different hall. You dare to trespass through the territory of our Heaven’s Spirit Hall?”

The three disciplinary elders were clearly extremely fearful of the four divine generals.

“Our hall elders have already told your Heaven’s Spirit Hall. We have come in pursuit of our enemies, so we can enter your territory,” a divine general said with a normal tone. Afterward, he looked at the three people in the hands of the disciplinary elders and said, “They’re the enemies. I hope the three of you can hand them over. Once we complete our mission, we will leave your territory immediately.”

“No. The three of them recently killed two elders of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall. They’re criminals of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall. We have come under the hall elders’ command to take them back so that the hall elders can punish them. We will never hand them over to you,” a disciplinary elder growled back. He did not step down.

“We will be taking the people!” The four divine generals replied. A powerful aura began to radiate from the four of them, clearly expressing their will to fight.

“We can only fight if that’s the case.” The three disciplinary elders refused to appear weak. Battle intent surged from them. They then threw Jian Chen, Nubis, and Xie Wang to one side in unison. They all drew their weapons and started a battle with the four divine generals.

The battle between seven Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings was extremely impressive. As soon as they clashed, a terrifying residual energy exploded and wreaked havoc everywhere. It enveloped a radius of several dozen kilometers.

Jian Chen, Nubis, and Xie Wang were immediately affected by these wild ripples of energy. They were knocked far away, while the fragile-bodied Xie Wang immediately became rather pale. He had been injured by the residual ripples of energy.

Although Jian Chen was weaker than Xie Wang, his body was much tougher. The powerful ripples from the battle struck his chest like huge boulders. However, all it did was shake him a little without much effect.

On the other hand, Nubis was unharmed. As he was only an inch away from becoming a Saint King and his strength was close to that of a Second Heavenly Layer Saint King’s, the residual energy from a battle between Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings failed to harm him.

The various Saint Rulers that had followed Jian Chen’s group here did not have it as easy as Jian Chen as they watched on from ten kilometers away. A few Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers backed away pale-faced, while the other Eighth Heavenly Layer experts already had a trail of blood at the corner of their lips. Their injuries were even worse.

The region where the disciplinary elders and divine generals fought became flooded with wild energy. The space there distorted violently, forming a blurry mess. It enveloped them.

“What’re you standing around for? Let’s go.” Nubis immediately shot off as he pulled Jian Chen and Xie Wang along. The battle between the Saint Kings was extremely fascinating but they just did not have the liberty to admire it.

“I really am unlucky this time. I’m done for. I’ve managed to offend both the Heaven’s Spirit Hall and the Serpent God Hall at the same time. If the Sea Goddess Hall gets offended as well, there won’t be anywhere left for me in the vast sea realm. Following you was definitely the most stupid choice I’ve ever made.” Xie Wang swore angrily. He felt like he had been treated extremely unfairly.

He was met with the pursuit of the Serpent God Hall as soon as he was enticed to follow Jian Chen for the divine water of the world. He managed to flee to the land of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall after so much difficulty, yet he was met with the pursuit of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall instead before he even had the moment to rest his feet. He even ended up provoking the three renowned disciplinary elders and the four famed divine generals. 

Just as they had fled a hundred kilometers away, a divine general charged out of the region of battle and headed straight for them.

“We can’t let them be taken,” yelled a disciplinary elder. He too abandoned his opponent and charged out of the battle, following the divine general.

“I’m your opponent. Stay behind!” The divine generals had an advantage in numbers. One of them immediately caught up with the disciplinary elder, sticking to him like a leech and keeping him busy.

The disciplinary elder was currently busy with the divine general. He could not help but panic as he watched the divine general grow closer and closer to Jian Chen. He knew that once the three of them were taken away, they would not be able to complete their mission as they would be busy with the three other divine generals.

A sliver of cold light flashed across the disciplinary elder’s eyes as he thought up to there. He immediately cried out, “Nine Palms of Overlapping Waves!” The Nine Palms of the Overlapping Waves was a saint technique he had created himself. It was much more powerful than Heaven Tier Battle Skills, reaching the level of pseudo-Saint Tier Battle Skills.

The disciplinary elder struck out with nine palm strikes. The nine palms stacked on one another, becoming more powerful with each coming strike. The last palm strike was especially powerful, basically possessing the combined force of the eight previous strikes. It had an even greater effect that increased its power even more. 

The divine general of the Serpent God Hall successfully received the first five strikes. From the sixth to the eighth strike, he began to pale as a streak of blood ran from the corner of his mouth.

With the arrival of the ninth strike, he immediately became heavily injured, flying backward as he vomited blood.

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