Chapter 891: A Chaotic Battle (Two)

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Chapter 891: A Chaotic Battle (Two)

One of the disciplinary elders used his self-invented pseudo-Tian Level Saint Technique to heavily injure one of the divine generals, before immediately flying onward in pursuit of the other divine general who charged at Jian Chen, Nubis, and Xie Wang.

With a powerful enemy incoming, the divine general could not afford to pay attention to the trio. The veins on his arms bulged and ripped through his sleeves. They quickly turned into two thick claws that shone with a cold light. They were extremely tough.

The four divine generals of the Serpent God Hall were originally serpent dragons. Their most powerful weapons were their rock-breaking claws. After his hands turned into the claws, he quickly swung them at the incoming disciplinary elder.

The elder’s weapon was a five-meter-long spear. He stabbed out with lightning speed as an extremely powerful ripple of energy coiled around the spear. He became embroiled in an intense fight with the divine general.

At this moment, the divine general who had been injured by the disciplinary elder’s pseudo-Tian Level Saint Technique flew over pale-faced. He stared icily at the disciplinary elder who was busy with his companion and said coldly, “Your pseudo-Tian Level Saint Technique is still not the real deal in the end. If you had come up with a real Tian Level Saint Technique, I would’ve been injured to the point where I would struggle to recover if I didn’t die. A pity, such a pity. Mo Yan, keep him busy. I’ll bring the three people over.”

“Let me handle this person. You go get the three of them. This is the Heaven’s Spirit Hall’s land, so we can’t stick around for too long. It’ll become troublesome when other experts rush over,” the divine general called Mo Yan replied gruffly.

The other divine general immediately flew toward Jian Chen and the other two as soon as he heard that without any hesitation.

“This is the territory of our Heaven’s Spirit Hall. Don’t you dare take them away! Nine Palms of Overlapping Waves!” The disciplinary elder cried out once again and cast the pseudo-Tian Level Saint Technique once more.

“Don’t think you’re the only one with pseudo-Tian Level Saint Techniques. I know many too! They might not have been invented by me but they’re not any weaker than yours! Serpent Dragon’s Rage!” Mo Yan roared at the sky and tremendous quantities of energy immediately condensed into a storm which constantly coiled around him. In the end, it transformed into a huge jet-black serpent dragon that was hundreds of meters in length.

The serpent dragon was completely condensed from energy. The terrifying power within it shook up the surroundings, causing the space to tremble and collapse. The energy was so great that it seemed to surpass the limits of space and tiny cracks to appear everywhere.

This occurred in the sea realm where the space was tougher than outside. If an intense battle like this had occurred in the outside world, the space would have probably collapsed long ago.

Roar! The serpent dragon roared furiously at the sky. Terrifying sound waves shook up the trio’s eardrums to point where it hurt. Afterward, the serpent dragon transformed into a black streak of light that charged toward the disciplinary elder with an unstoppable force. It collided with the Nine Palms of Overlapping Waves and produced a deafening boom. The terrifying ripples of residual energy wreaked havoc in the surroundings as if it was trying to completely destroy the area.

The other two elders also reached a climax in the fight with the divine generals of the Serpent God Hall. They all struck out with their full strength, creating great booms every time they clashed. The battle was grand and earthshaking.

The three disciplinary elders were trapped well and truly by the three divine generals. They were too busy for Jian Chen’s group and were only able to watch helplessly as a divine general drew closer to them.

“We need to split up!” yelled Jian Chen. Afterward, they immediately scattered off in different directions.

However, the disparity between their strength and the divine general’s was just too great. Despite his injuries, he was still extremely powerful, catching all three of them in just a short while.

“It’s wishful thinking for you to want to escape from us four divine generals with your puny strength. I might as well beat you till you’re heavily injured since you want to flee that much. Let’s see if you still have the power to run then,” sneered the divine general as he grabbed the three of them. Afterward, he struck out with his palm thrice, hitting each of them and directly injecting the terrifying energy into them. It obliterated their organs.

Spurt! Spurt! Spurt!

All three of them sprayed out a mouthful of bloody mist each as their organs were destroyed. They immediately became extremely pale and greatly injured.

A strike from a Fifth Heavenly Layer was too much to withstand for both Nubis’ body as a beast of antiquity and Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body. They were all injured as they could not resist. All of their clothes had turned to dust, with only Jian Chen’s golden silkmail in a whole piece. It had dulled instead.

“Hm? What’s this piece of clothing? It didn’t break after taking a palm strike of mine. It must be some treasure.” The divine general was attracted to the golden silkmail on Jian Chen. Interest appeared in his eyes, before he directly ripped it off Jian Chen’s body.

With the silkmail taken, Jian Chen’s heart sunk abruptly. Although he was heavily injured, his eyes formed an extremely severe glare. He stared fixedly at the divine general and gnashed his teeth. “You will definitely regret it if you take that item away.”

The divine general’s eyes became cold. He sneered, “Regret? Right, you have the Ruler’s Qi. You’ll definitely be able to reach the peak of the 16th Star and exceed me greatly. You do indeed have the right to make me regret things. However, do you think you’ll live until then? Once we return to the Serpent God Hall, it’ll be your deaths.” The divine general did not continue to ramble after that. He locked up the three of them using his Spatial Force, before flying toward the territory of the Serpent God Hall with them.

“Now we’re screwed. I should never have followed these guys. Now I can’t even enjoy my last hundred years of life,” thought Xie Wang as he regretted inside. His face was ashen, and he was already certain that he would die.

Suddenly, a streak of blue light shot over from afar with lightning speed. It traveled directly for Jian Chen and Nubis but no one could see exactly what it was.

The divine general’s face became cold. He directly hurled a fist at the streak of blue light.

The ball of blue light avoided the divine general’s fist nimbly and arrived beside Jian Chen and Nubis. It constantly flew around them as it produced happy bird cries. Only then did they discover that the ball of blue light was actually a fist-sized bird.

The divine general’s expression could not help but change when he noticed the blue bird. He cried out involuntarily, “An Abyssal Bird!”

Four vast presences suddenly appeared at that moment. Four experts who were not any weaker than the four divine generals of the Serpent God Hall directly made their way toward them. These four traveled extremely fast, traversing several dozen kilometers in a mere second to arrive before Jian Chen’s group.

The divine general immediately revealed an ugly expression as the four people appeared. He snarled, “Qing Yixuan, Ou Yun, Mo Yiran of the eight great human experts and Lei Batian of the five great magical beast experts! Why have you come!?”

Their sudden appearances caused a slight change to the situation at hand. The three divine generals and the three disciplinary elders immediately stopped fighting. The experts of the three halls stood in a triangle, while Jian Chen, Nubis and Xie Wang lay in the center. They all watched the Abyssal Bird constantly fly about Jian Chen and Nubis, each and every one of them shocked.

“That’s an Abyssal Bird that lives in the Sea of Despair. It’s known to be the natural enemy of the Sea race, so why is it being so close with the two of them?” Similar thoughts appeared in the heads of everyone present in that moment. They were filled with suspicion and curiosity as to why the bird was acting so close with Jian Chen and Nubis.

The Abyssal Bird constantly flew around the two of them as a blue streak of light. It produced cheerful cries, before landing on Nubis and Jian Chen’s shoulder, constantly hopping around. 

At the same time, the Water Spirit’s Peals that changed their presences trembled gently. A faint presence leaked out from it.

“Has the Water Spirit’s Pearl within us attracted the Abyssal Bird?” Similar thoughts appeared in both Jian Chen and Nubis’ heads at this moment.

Lei Batian stared fixedly at the bird. He sent a mental message to Qing Yixuan, Mo Ziran, and Ou Yun. “The hall master said the Abyssal Bird can find the target. Looks like they’re the two people the hall master wants us to bring back safely.”

Qing Yixuan, Mo Ziran, and Ou Yun shifted their gazes from the bird at the same time with that and looked at the three of them. However, when Qing Yixuan saw Jian Chen and Nubis, she first became stunned, before recognizing them. She immediately fell into a rage. She stared viciously at Jian Chen as flames of anger burned in her eyes. She cried out, “It’s actually you two bastards. I have to kill the two of you!” A sword immediately appeared in her hand. Qing Yixuan had become engulfed by anger, forgetting about the hall master’s mission and the current situation. She lifted her sword as she advanced toward Jian Chen and Nubis for revenge.

“Qing Yixuan, what’re you doing!? Stop!” Lei Batian immediately stopped Qing Yixuan. The hall master had personally ordered them to bring back the people that the Abyssal Bird acted close with. How could he watch Qing Yixuan kill them off?

“Lei Batian, it’s the two of them. They’re the brats who used underhanded methods to steal the Octoterra Map fragment from me. Let go of me!” Qing Yixuan’s face was icy-cold. Her eyes were filled with coldness and endless killing intent. Having her undergarment stolen was equivalent to an invasion of her holy land. This was an inerasable shame to her. Only by killing the two of them could she dissolve this hatred.

Whether it was the three disciplinary elders of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall or the four divine generals of the Serpent God Hall, all of their gazes toward the two of them underwent some minute changes when they heard that they had actually stolen the Octoterra Map fragment from the famed Qing Yixuan.

Just the courage to steal something from the Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King Qing Yixuan as Saint Rulers was already exceedingly admirable and they had even succeeded in it. It made it seem even more unbelievable.

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