Chapter 893: Hall Elder to the Rescue

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Chapter 893: Hall Elder to the Rescue

The saint artifact shone with a faint golden light as it borrowed the force of the seven attacks to propel itself. It was extremely fast, disappearing off into the distance in the blink of an eye.

“Chase it!” The four divine generals and the three disciplinary elders all began to pursue it. Although it had disappeared from their range of vision, they were still able to find its trace through its presence.

However, an additional thought appeared in the heads of all seven of them. Other than wanting to take Jian Chen back, they also coveted the saint artifact.

A treasure that could remain unscathed after their seven attacks, as well as store people inside it, this was enough to even entice experts of their level.

“Stop them!” Lei Batian yelled. Together with Qing Yixuan, Mo Ziran, and Ou Yun, they devoted all their strength into stopping the seven of them. However, they would also look toward the direction in which the artifact had flown off from the corner of their eyes from time to time, as a light in their eyes danced.

Even the four of them felt slightly tempted by such a wondrous treasure. However, they did not forget about their mission and did not forget that they had been personally ordered by the hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall to bring them back safely.

The saint artifact traveled several hundred kilometers before finally running out of force. It also began to slow down, which was followed up by a flash of light. The three of them appeared out of nowhere, and the saint artifact turned into a streak of golden light before disappearing into the center of Jian Chen’s eyebrows.

“The saint artifact is not as fast as us. We can’t stay in there forever, as it’ll be troublesome if the people of the Serpent God Hall or the Heaven’s Spirit Hall catch it and take it back to their respective halls,” growled Jian Chen. The hall masters of both halls were Saint Emperors, so they possessed the strength to break the artifact.

“Looks like the Sea Goddess Hall sent the four of them for us. Fortunately, you haven’t offended them as well or there’ll be no more places in the vast realm of the sea for me. We better leave fast and get to the Sea Goddess Hall’s territory as soon as possible,” Xie Wang said grimly. There was a slight worry in his voice as he found it extremely difficult to remain calm with the pursuit of seven Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings.

The trio immediately pushed their speeds to the limit. They were only a hundred thousand kilometers away from the border now.

Very quickly, three vast presences appeared from behind. Three of the seven had managed to break free of Lei Batian’s group and were currently flying at great speeds toward the three of them. Lei Batian and the other three tailed closely behind, wanting to stop the three of them. Behind them were another four experts, who wanted to stop Lei Batian’s group in return. They wanted to let the three people ahead to stop Jian Chen’s group.

As they hurried the chase, they quickly drew closer to Jian Chen’s trio.

As the eleven vast presences flew over countless tribes and clans recklessly, it alarmed many people of the Sea race, creating a huge disturbance. A great battle between eleven 16th Star experts was extremely rare in this world. It was uncommon even over the span of thousands of years. This would definitely resound through the entire sea realm.

In that moment, there were several Saint Rulers who tailed behind the eleven experts of the three halls, as well as an extremely low number of Saint Kings. They had come to watch the show. None of them interfered with it.

Jian Chen, Nubis, and Xie Wang’s hearts began to thump heavily once again when they saw the three Saint Kings were catching up from behind them. The Saint Kings were faster so the three of them were probably going to be caught up by the Saint Kings before they could even flee to the Sea Goddess Hall’s territory if this continued.

A sliver of determination flashed through Nubis’ eyes. He gritted his teeth. “I’ll burn my vital essence to flee with the two of you.” With that, golden flames immediately covered Nubis. These flames did not have any heat but they were extremely dazzling in the blue sea realm, like a sun that radiated brightly.

Nubis paid the price of his vital essence for supreme speed. Together with Jian Chen and Nubis, they turned into a golden comet that shot off into the distance. Nubis did not want to do this but he did not have the choice now that the situation was like this.

The golden flames surged around Nubis’ body as his vital essence was rapidly consumed. His flesh began to wither at a visible rate as his body shrunk. Nubis’ presence became weaker and weaker as his vital essence was consumed. His strength was waning but his speed had increased to a terrifying level in return. He was already as fast as a Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint King.

Even though he had burned his vital essence, Nubis was still not as fast as the people who followed behind them. However, it at least gave them some room to flee, preventing them from catching up temporarily.

“God dammit, how did he increase his speed so much?” The expressions of the three people behind them all changed. There were only thirty kilometers before they reach the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall.

“Go, go, go. We’re almost there. We’ll be safe once we get there.” The three of them also experienced a wave of anxiety. They stared back fixedly at the three Saint Kings were only a little more than thirty kilometers away. The three Saint Kings no longer dared to send long-range attacks at them as they were worried over the fact that it might help them instead of injuring them.

This lasted for around twenty minutes. The trio arrived at the border between the Heaven’s Spirit Hall and the Sea Goddess Hall finally. The three Saint Kings were only ten kilometers away from them just as they were about to leave. 

“We can’t let them cross over. Freeze the space,” cried out a divine general.

In that moment, the three people who belonged to different organizations worked together with tacit teamwork. They froze the space together.

Immediately, the surroundings of the trio began to quickly freeze. They wanted to trap the three of them and stop them from running.

However, it was not easy to freeze space from ten meters away even though they were Saint Kings. They needed a moment of time to complete it. The frozen space quickly spread forward, chasing up to the three of them without much time.

“Nubis, fly a little faster!” Jian Chen cried out hurriedly. They were extremely close to the border.

“Sh*t, the frozen space is almost caught up with us. Go faster!” Xie Wang was also frantic, crying out anxiously.

Nubis clenched his teeth and yelled. The golden flames around him became even brighter as they shot forward with an even speed greater than before. In the end, they successfully crossed the border before the frozen space had reached them, entering the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall.

However, before they could celebrate, the frozen space quickly crossed the border as well. It directly enveloped the three of them and bound them tightly.

Their hearts immediately sank and their faces became extremely ugly. If the people of the two halls ignored the agreement and trespassed into the Sea Goddess Hall’s land, they would be done for.

“Disciplinary elders of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall, divine generals of the Serpent God Hall, you are people of the halls. Are you trying to ignore the agreement between us three halls and want to move against people in the land of the Sea Goddess Hall?” Lei Batian’s heavy voice resounded from behind. His voice was furious.

The three Saint Kings that trapped Jian Chen’s group ignored Lei Batian’s words. They crossed the border in unison, each grabbing at one of them in an attempt to pull them out from the Sea Goddess Hall’s land.

“We’re done for,” thought Xie Wang as he sighed secretly. The flames of hope in his heart were immediately extinguished and even Nubis and Jian Chen’s faces sank. They put in so much effort and finally managed to escape into the Sea Goddess Hall’s land from the seven Saint Kings but never did they think it was still not enough for them to avoid the outcome of being caught.

The three experts each grabbed one of their shoulders. Just as they were about to drag them back across the border, their expressions changed. They became filled with shock.

They had suddenly discovered that they had actually been silently trapped by a mysterious force and could not move at all. The three of them were Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings; even among the entire sea realm, they were some of the few experts that stood on the very top. Yet, someone had managed to immobilize the three of them without them noticing. Just how powerful was this person? They were astounded.

“This is an ability of the imperial clan. It’s the Immobilisation technique that was made for controlling people,” cried out one of the divine generals. His face had already drained of blood.

“Crap, there is someone from the imperial clan helping out from the shadows. We’re stuck,” One of the disciplinary elders realized this very quickly, immediately crying out as well to alert his companions.

Lei Tianba, Qing Yixuan, Mo Ziran, and Ou Yun had all crossed the border as well, returning to the land of the Sea Goddess Hall. Meanwhile, the four experts from the other two halls stopped at the border of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall. They looked at the three trapped Saint Kings uneasily, unwilling to move forward to help out at all.

“Hmph, your Serpent God Hall and Heaven’s Spirit Hall sure are brave to trespass the land of the Sea Goddess Hall.” A gentle, lively voice lingered in the air. A blue-dressed woman who possessed a great beauty had appeared out of nowhere.

The woman had extremely delicate features, while her blue hair ran down her shoulders like a waterfall. She carried a meter-long blue staff, floating a hundred meters in the air with her feet bare. She did not have any aura but she seemed like a part of the surroundings.

The seven Saint Kings from the two halls all became stunned when they saw her. Their faces drained of blood, while Lei Batian and the other three rejoiced. They clasped their hands toward the woman together and said, “We greet the hall elder.”

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