Chapter 894: Sculpture of the Sea Goddess

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Chapter 894: Sculpture of the Sea Goddess

“A hall elder!” Jian Chen, Nubis, and Xie Wang were all shocked. They raised their heads to look at the woman as unconcealable amazement flooded their faces.

The hall elder before them was just too young and too pretty. The number of people who could rival her beauty even on the Tian Yuan Continent could be counted on a single hand.

“The number one hall elder of the Sea Goddess Hall—Atlantis—who was only second to the hall master.” The four experts in the Heaven’s Spirit Hall’s land all cried out as they stared at her in shock.

“Atlantis, it’s actually Atlantis. S-s-s-s-she… doesn’t she never leave the hall? Why has she come out personally today?” The three trapped Saint Kings were all pale-faced and not even a shred of blood remained in their faces.

Atlantis’ name was like thunder to the 16th Star elders. She was undoubtedly the fourth strongest among the sea realm, having reached the peak of the 16th Star years ago. She was extremely powerful, invincible among her level of cultivation. Only the three hall masters could defeat her.

In other words, without the slightest exaggeration, Atlantis was the strongest within the sea realm outside of the three hall masters!

“We’re done. We’re completely done. I never thought Atlantis would come here. Even if the seven of us work together, we’re doomed.” The three trapped experts became dejected and lost all thought of resistance. They had trespassed another hall’s territory without permission. They were bound to receive an extremely harsh punishment. Even though it was unlikely to threaten their lives, as 16th Star experts, they would actually have to be punished. This was an extremely disgraceful matter. They would no longer have the dignity to see anyone once they returned.

In the blink of an eye, the situation changed with Atlantis’ appearance. Not only did she deter the seven experts, she became the greatest safeguard for Jian Chen, Nubis, and Xie Wang’s safety.

Atlantis swept her gaze past the three of them coldly. However, she paused slightly when she saw Jian Chen and Nubis, while a sliver of surprise flashed through her remorseless eyes. She then asked Lei Batian’s group. “Are they the people that the hall master wants?”

“Yes hall elder. They are the people that she wants. This has also been confirmed by the Abyssal Bird, so it’s impossible for there to be any mistakes,” Lei Batian replied softly.

“The hall master wants to see them immediately. You four will deliver them to the hall,” Atlantis spoke as usual without any emotion in her voice. As soon as she finished speaking, the invisible force around Jian Chen and the other two disappeared. They had been freed.

“Yes, hall elder,” Lei Batian replied politely. Afterward, he waved his hand and an invisible energy immediately surrounded the three of them.

“Wait!” Jian Chen said suddenly. It caused Lei Batian to pause out of instinct. After that, he immediately looked toward Jian Chen in doubt.

Jian Chen glared toward one of the divine generals of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall and growled, “Sir, are you able to return to me the item you stole?”

This divine general had taken Jian Chen’s golden silkmail and put it away in his Space Ring. His expression immediately twitched when he heard this. He looked at the emotionless Atlantis in the sky. Fear appeared in the depths of his eyes.

However, he realized very quickly that he had not crossed over the border. Atlantis could not to anything to him even though she was very powerful. All the fear disappeared from him immediately as he thought up to there and he sneered, “Hehe, this mail sure is outstanding to be able to remain unscathed after taking an attack of mine. But if you want it back, you better exchange it for the item you took from us. Otherwise, don’t even think about that.” Throwing that down, he glanced at his companion before leaving. They flew back toward the territory of the Serpent God Hall.

The two of them paid no further attention to their other two companions trapped by Atlantis, as they already knew what their outcome would be like. Staying behind would not be of any help. Instead, it was extremely likely that they would be stopped by the other experts of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall currently hurrying over and end up just like the two of them. They would be more in for a loss than anything positive at that time. 

Jian Chen clenched his fists tightly as he watched the two divine generals fly off. A frigid light flickered in his eyes as he growled, “One day, I will make you regret what you have done today.”

The golden silkmail was made from the silk of a Primordial God Silkworm that the world had given birth to. It was an extremely rare material. Jian Chen had learned of its value from the sword spirits. It was a supreme treasure for defense.

However, the silkmail could only block attacks from Saint Rulers for some reason. Jian Chen clearly knew the reason for this, it was because the silkmail still had an endless, untapped potential within it. Its true powers were not just that.

“Let’s go,” Lei Batian called to them. Afterward, he left with the three of them, heading directly for the Sea Goddess Hall.

Atlantis glanced coldly past the three trapped experts after Jian Chen’s group had left. She said emotionlessly, “You three come with me to the Sea Goddess Hall. The hall master will deal with you.” She gently waved her staff, which immediately encased them in a ring of blue light. It sealed their strength, before turning into pieces of blue rope that was connected to her hand.

Atlantis held onto the three pieces of rope as she led the three of them toward the hall. They were met with the curious gazes of many experts along the way who all pointed and discussed about them.

In that moment, the three Saint Kings trapped by her were even willing to die. They were supreme 16th Star experts, yet they were currently in such a miserable circumstance.

Jian Chen, Nubis, and Xie Wang flew with Lei Batian, traveling at an extremely fast speed. Qing Yixuan, Mo Ziran, and Ou Yun flew beside them as escorts.

Nubis was pale and haggard. He was extremely weak right now. He had ignited his vital essence earlier to boost his speed beyond his limit, which caused him a great loss. His strength had decreased by quite the amount, falling back to the Ninth Heavenly Layer from an inch away from Saint King.

“We’re finally saved. This matter will be the proudest thing in my entire life. I actually survived the pursuit of seven 16th Star experts and escaped successfully.” Xie Wang’s heart was filled with excitement. He felt like he was in a dream when he thought about what he had experienced a few days ago as he fled. That was how thrilling it was.

Never did he even consider that mere Saint Rulers would be able to escape the pursuit of several elders from two halls successfully.

“Looks like sticking with them was the right decision for me. I heard from those elders that they seem to be the rulers of some tribe. They’re noble, so they shouldn’t be tricking me. I’ll definitely be getting my divine water within fifty years,” Xie Wang thought secretly. His flames of hope were reignited once more, no longer as despaired as before.

Jian Chen looked toward Nubis in concern and said, “Nubis, do you want to recover in the artifact space?”

Nubis nodded as he replied, “I might as well. I’ve consumed some of my vital essence, so I need to replenish it as soon as possible or it’ll leave behind long-term effects, which will affect me greatly in the future.”

Without any hesitation, the saint artifact was summoned by Jian Chen with a thought. It immediately shot out from the center of the Jian Chen’s eyebrows as a streak of golden light, landing directly in his palm. Afterward, it sucked Nubis away.

The saint artifact had been exposed already when they were fleeing so there was no longer the need to keep it hidden anymore.

The saint artifact’s appearance immediately attracted the attention of the four Saint Kings. They stared at the tiny golden tower curiously and could not help but ask, “Brother, just what is that? It can store living people. Unbelievable.”

“This was something junior obtained accidentally. Junior only knows of its abilities but not its origins or name.” Jian Chen made up a casual lie. He did not dare mention its true origins. In the sea realm, there were no Radiant Saint Masters, so they all used different types of medicines or methods of healing to recover from injuries. They were all very slow so if they learned of the artifact’s real origin, it might cause a huge commotion in the entire realm.

The saint artifact shot back toward his forehead and disappeared. The wondrous scene immediately caused the four of them to stare with wide eyes as disbelief flooded their faces.

“Brother, can you even store that object in your head?” Ou Yun said in amazement. This had completely overturned everything he knew.

Jian Chen nodded but did not give any further details.

“What a wondrous treasure,” said Mo Ziran with a sigh.

However, none of them noticed that Qing Yixuan had now become uneasy. The light in her eyes flickered as she thought of something.

After half a day of flight, they finally arrived at the Sea Goddess Hall with Jian Chen.

The Sea Goddess Hall was in the center of the territory. It was a humongous floating palace which radiated a certain pressure. At the very top stood a huge, three-hundred-meter tall stone sculpture. It stood like a consecrated divine spirit.

It was a sculpture of a woman with a blurry appearance. It was sculpted in a way where it seemed realistic; the top half of her was human, while the bottom half of her was like a fish. She was a weird combination of a fish and a human.

Jian Chen felt deluded the moment he saw this sculpture. He felt like he had seen a world, not a sculpture. Jian Chen understood that the woman must have reached an extremely high level of cultivation when she was still alive or she would not have been able to give off such a feeling.

“The sculpted person is the great sea goddess of the Sea race. In so many years, she’s the only member of the Sea race who managed to surpass Saint Emperor. She’s someone who stood beside the number one human expert, Mo Tianyun, the Winged Tiger God and the war god of the Hundred Races in the ancient times.” Lei Batian explained.

“Sea goddess,” murmured Jian Chen. He felt a familiar feeling from the sculpture.

“The hall master wants to meet you. Come with me.”

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