Chapter 897: Ruler of the Turtle Clan

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Chapter 897: Ruler of the Turtle Clan

Qing Yixuan bristled with rage. She lifted her sword with her right hand, charging toward Jian Chen as she blushed with killing intent. She was tempted to dice Jian Chen into countless pieces.

“Qing Yixuan, don’t forget that we’re in the hall.” Lei Batian smiled but he did not show any intentions of obstructing her.

A resplendent blue light rose from the ground and encased Qing Yixuan completely. The blue light did not seem particularly impressive but it was filled with an extremely powerful energy. It formed a jail that imprisoned Qing Yixuan within. Some more blue light entered her body, sealing off her power. It cut off her control of Saint Force.

“You bastard, there will be a day where I personally kill you.” Despite being immobilized, Qing Yixuan did not calm down at all. She stared viciously at Jian Chen. From her gaze, it seemed like she was tempted to devour Jian Chen whole right there and now. 

Jian Chen forced a smile as he watched just how furious Qing Yixuan was. If Qing Yixuan really wanted to kill him, he probably would need to remain in the Sea Goddess Hall and never leave. After all, Jian Chen did not even possess the ability to run from a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King like Qing Yixuan.

“Qing Yixuan, brother Jian Chen is now a guest of the hall and he was appointed by the hall master herself. Do you really think there will be any places left for you if you kill brother Jian Chen?” sniggered Lei Batian. He snickered inside as he saw exactly how irritated Qing Yixuan had become because of a junior.

“Never would I even think that I would be able to personally witness the defeat of such a prideful woman. Qing Yixuan has really lost all her dignity this time, to have her undergarment stolen by a junior.” Lei Batian laughed inside.

Qing Yixuan’s gaze remained just as vicious as she said furiously, “Then I’ll just leave the sea realm and return to the Tian Yuan Continent.”

“Qing Yixuan, is there really any room left for you on the Tian Yuan Continent? Do you really want to return to that lifestyle of constant flight?” Mo Ziran said gruffly.

Mo Ziran’s words immediately caused Qing Yixuan to gradually calm down. The light in her eyes flickered with consideration but her hatred for Jian Chen did not decrease at all.

An old man walked over from afar. “Qing Yixuan, you can even be considered as one of the senior members of our hall. You should know the rules within the palace perfectly well so how did you make such a low-level mistake and attack someone within the palace?”

“We greet the hall elder,” Lei Batian and the others all clasped their hands at the old man.

“I greet the hall elder.” Jian Chen did not hesitate either, greeting the old man as well. He was the hall elder who had lead him to the hall master before.

The hall elder’s gaze toward Jian Chen had now undergone a huge change. As he glanced at the piece of white cloth in Jian Chen’s hand, he immediately understood what was going on. His lips could not help but curl into a faint smile, before he pointed out with a finger. The power of the hall freed Qing Yixuan.

“Jian Chen, as a Sea race ruler, there will definitely be a day where you reach the same level of cultivation as me. You should just call me elder Hong.” Elder Hong was amicable. He then glanced at the furious Qing Yixuan and said unhurriedly, “Qing Yixuan, Jian Chen is a ruler, so you should know exactly how important he is to the Sea Goddess Hall. I hope you won’t commit an unforgivable mistake over these small matters.”

Qing Yixuan gritted her teeth but said nothing. She obviously knew what a ruler meant to the hall. They represented a future hall elder. They were able to reach the peak of Saint King at the very least and even had an extremely great chance of reaching Saint Emperor.

This was proven by the fact that all three hall masters of the sea realm were rulers. Even most of the current hall elders in all three halls were rulers.

Elder Hong said to Jian Chen again, “Jian Chen, you’re a guest who’s been personally appointed by her majesty. You may not be strong enough yet but you’ll be able to enjoy the same treatment as all of the other guests. You’ll have your own hall inside the palace and receive a hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins every year.” The elder passed a jade pendant to Jian Chen as he said that before continuing, “That’s the key to opening your personal hall. You should be able to find your hall using this key and it should also allow you to control the barrier specially fitted to the hall. If you want to cultivate, you can activate the barrier and separate yourself from the outside world. It’ll prevent disruptions.”

“I thank elder Hong.” Jian Chen thanked him with clasped hands.

Elder Hong chuckled and said, “These are the things that you deserve so there’s no need to thank me. Alright, since I’ve given you everything I need to give you, I need to go complete the hall master’s mission. It’s about time I leave.” Elder Hong turned around and departed.

“Jian Chen, return the map fragment to me,” Qing Yixuan’s furious voice resounded in Jian Chen’s ears with elder Hong’s departure. All he saw was Qing Yixuan staring viciously at him with a darkened face.

Jian Chen shook his head. “Senior, Junior spent so much effort before finally obtaining the map fragment. As junior still has uses for it, please forgive me for not being able to return it to you.”

“You…” Qing Yixuan was absolutely infuriated. She pointed at Jian Chen as she could not find the right words to say. She did not dare to do anything to Jian Chen right now, so she forcefully swallowed the threat that she had just thought of.

“Jian Chen, I will never let this go just like this.” Qing Yixuan left angrily after she threw that down. She snatched the white undergarment from Jian Chen’s hand as well and ripped it into pieces.

“Hehe, brother Jian Chen is so talented to reduce such a prideful woman to that. I’d like to see whether she has the dignity to meet people in the future and I want to see if she’ll still act so aloof.” Lei Batian could not help but snigger evilly after she had left.

Jian Chen, Lei Batian, Ou Yun, and Mo Ziran then conversed casually, before they all left. Although they were extremely curious about Jian Chen’s saint artifact, they no longer dared to have any ill-intentions after learning about Jian Chen’s relationship with the Sea Goddess Hall.

At this very moment, a figure charged over from afar with an extremely great speed. He crossed over a dozen kilometers in the blink of an eye, arriving before Jian Chen.

He was a hunchbacked old man who was covered in wrinkles. His hair was a bleak gray and each strand was shriveled. He seemed to have lost the vigor of life.

“Ruler’s Qi, it’s the Ruler’s Qi. It’s the Ruler’s Qi of my Turtle clan…” The old man’s eyes shone as he stared fixedly at Jian Chen. He was extremely excited.

“This is the Ruler’s Qi of my Turtle clan. It’s the Ruler’s Qi of my Turtle clan. A ruler has finally appeared from my clan.” The old man said with a trembling voice, constantly murmuring to himself as he stared at Jian Chen excitedly.

“The Turtle clan’s Ruler’s Qi.” The old man’s words stunned Jian Chen but he seemed to think of something very quickly. He was secretly surprised as he thought, “Perhaps it’s the Ruler’s Qi of the Water Spirit’s Pearl? Did the sea goddess give me a Water Spirit’s Pearl forged from the neidan of a ruler from the Turtle clan?”

“Child, tell me. Which tribe do you belong to?” The old man said excitedly as he held onto Jian Chen’s hand.

“Senior, you’re mistaken. I don’t belong to your tribe,” Jian Chen explained. He could already see that this uncouth old man was a Saint King, not someone he could afford to offend.

“Since you’re not a member of our tribe, then you must be a ruler who has grown up in the wild. Alright, alright, that’s even better. I’ll take you to the Turtle clan this instance.” The old man left the hall as he pulled Jian Chen along. He flew toward the outside.

“Oi Jian Chen, wait for me.” Xie Wang chased from behind hurriedly. He now depended on Jian Chen. He would not part with him no matter what. 

“Thirty thousand years. A whole thirty thousand years. A ruler has finally appeared for my Turtle clan,” the old man muttered constantly. He was extremely excited.

“Senior, you’ve mistaken. I’m not a ruler of your Turtle clan,” Jian Chen constantly explained in an attempt to break free from the old man’s grasp. However, the old man’s hand clamped tightly onto his arm like a great claw. He was unable to break free no matter how he struggled. All he could do was let the old man tug him off to some unknown place.

“It’s not wrong, there’s nothing wrong. People of the same clans will feel a similar response. I can feel the Ruler’s Qi of the Turtle clan from you. There’s no doubt in you being our ruler,” the old man said confidently. 

As Jian Chen was forcefully taken away from the hall by the old man, the white clothed Qing Yixuan also appeared silently before the entrance of the palace. She stared coldly at Jian Chen’s back and said hatefully, “I didn’t think you’d leave the palace so quickly. God is really smiling at me. Once I swap the map fragment for that item, I can return to the Tian Yuan Continent.” Qing Yixuan directly leaped off the floating palace. Afterward, she erased her presence and carefully headed off in Jian Chen’s direction.

At the same time, the matter where the four divine generals of the Serpent God Hall and the three disciplinary elders of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall fought Qing Yixuan and the other three spread like wildfire through the territory of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall. In that battle, a total of eleven 16th Star experts had fought as they retreated, covering a distance of over a hundred thousand kilometers. Wherever they passed by, the ground below would be obliterated and turned into a mess by the powerful residual energy, alarming many experts. It caused a great commotion within the Heaven’s Spirit Hall’s territory as various rumors proliferated.

At the same time, a similarly-shocking piece of news spread in the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall. A disciplinary elder of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall and two divine generals of the Serpent God Hall had actually been captured by Atlantis, the hall elder of the Sea Goddess Hall. They were led away toward the hall with a rope like homeless curs by Atlantis, disgracing themselves.

These two pieces of news spread throughout the entire sea realm extremely quickly. It caused great shock to countless members of the Sea race, while various rumors burgeoned. Many people believed that the peace of the sea realm was about to be broken and war between the three halls was about to erupt once again.

“The Sea Goddess Hall was founded by the great sea goddess herself. She’s undoubtedly the greatest ruler in our sea realm. I swear to protect the Sea Goddess Hall.” Many supporters of the Sea Goddess Hall swore in their hearts at the same time. Although they lived in the territories of different halls, many people still venerated the Sea Goddess Hall as the greatest. 

The sea goddess might have disappeared for countless years but the awe she had left behind still affected many of the Sea race citizens.

Five hall elders knelt uneasily on the floor in the palace of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall. Their faces were all filled with unconcealable fear while a burly, middle-aged man stood in front of all of them.

The man’s appearance was extremely ordinary without any special features. However, he radiated with a frightening pressure.

“You pieces of trash, you couldn’t even do something so simple. You actually just watched the Abyssal Crystal get taken away right before your eyes and a disciplinary elder has even been taken by the Sea Goddess Hall. Just what use do I have for you all? The Abyssal Crystal was so important, yet you sent other people to go deal with it instead of yourselves. Just how did you miss such a good opportunity?” The middle-aged man was furious.

“Please calm your anger hall master, please calm your anger. The five of us managed the matter poorly. Please punish us, hall master,” a hall elder said with a low voice.

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