Chapter 900: King Armament

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Chapter 900: King Armament

Jian Chen was filled with a sense of helplessness with what the grand elder of the Turtle clan had said. He knew that he would not listen to him no matter how he put it; the inflexible grand elder had already made up his mind about the Ruler’s Qi on him. 

“Do I explain my true identity to him at all? That’s probably the only way to get him to believe that I’m not some ruler of his clan,” Jian Chen thought. He had already begun to hesitate whether to disclose his identity or not.

The grand elder sighed and spoke, “To think that we were once one of the greatest tribes in the sea realm. We were so powerful that even with the entire sea realm in perspective, we were at least ranked in the top ten. At our peak, we had a total of four rulers and every single one of them were hall elders at the peak of the 16th Star. At that time, no one dared to provoke us other than the three halls.”

“It’s a pity that so much time has passed and our strength has waned with each coming generation. The number of rulers constantly decreased and our overall strength plummeted. We’ve fallen from our initial status as one of the greatest tribes to this current disappointing state. It has been thirty thousand years since the last person with the Ruler’s Qi had appeared. If the situation continues like this, we’ll probably become weaker and weaker, before being devoured by the other stronger tribes.” A sliver of pain appeared on the grand elder’s face. As one of the older members of the clan, he did not wish to see something like that happen at all.

“Ruler, you’re the hope of our clan. Only under you can the Turtle clan return to its former glory. I hope the ruler can return to our clan. I will do everything I can to help the ruler take power.” The grand elder pleaded Jian Chen. He was filled with hope.

“Grand elder, you should stop there. I’m not a member of your Turtle clan. I can’t return with you,” Jian Chen rejected the grand elder’s pleas without any hesitation, before leaving with Xie Wang.

“Ruler, if you don’t want to go with me, then I’ll always stick by your side.” The grand elder was stubborn, immediately following Jian Chen.

Jian Chen was delighted about the grand elder following him around. With a Saint King by his side, he no longer needed to worry about Qing Yixuan looking for him again.

He flew with Xie Wang toward the hall. Meanwhile, the grand elder did not even move an inch away from his side. It had almost been a month since Jian Chen had come to the sea realm. In that time, he had always been tied up by some miscellaneous matters, preventing him from cultivating properly. That was exactly the opposite of his reason for coming to the sea realm.

As a result, he planned to devote himself to cultivation in the upcoming period. He wanted to leave for the Tian Yuan Continent immediately after he had become powerful enough.

The three of them traveled for ten thousand kilometers before a city appeared before them. Jian Chen directly flew over it.

However, just as he reached the center of the city, his gaze suddenly froze. He suddenly looked down before descending abruptly, directly falling into the busy streets.

Before Jian Chen was a castle-like structure. It was extremely extravagant, while many people passed in and out of its main entrance. It was bustling.

“Exotic Treasures!” Jian Chen mumbled as he read the beautiful words on the plaque. He then entered it as his eyes flashed with excitement.

“Esteemed warriors, how may I be of service today?” As soon as he entered the building, a member of staff who was good with people ran over by himself. He smiled as he walked around the three of them, clearly very enthusiastic.

“Take me to the fifth floor,” Jian Chen acted authoritatively, directly tossing a grand quality crystal coin at the member of staff. He behaved extravagantly, attracting the curious gazes of people nearby.

“The warrior’s tastes obviously far exceed that of ordinary people. The fifth floor of our store contains our most expensive items. Normal people don’t even have the right to go there. Only important figures like this warrior can…” The person was ecstatic after receiving a grand quality crystal coin so easily. He immediately began to butter up to Jian Chen with eloquent words.

“Shut up, lead the way,” Jian Chen said rather impatiently.

“Yes, yes, yes. This one will lead the way immediately. Please come this way, warrior.” The man immediately got to the point when he saw how Jian Chen had become unhappy. He directly led Jian Chen up the stairs.

Jian Chen arrived at the fifth floor under the person’s guidance. The space of the fifth floor was the same as the first but there were much fewer items there. There was barely anything but every item was extremely valuable. Over twenty people in luxurious clothes currently examined the treasures on that floor.

Among the people, a slender, white-clothed woman was the most attention-catching. She possessed an enchanting face, while her skin was white and extremely soft. Her eyes were limpid like autumn water, yet they were also remorselessly cold, revealing a frigidness that deterred people. Standing with those people, she seemed just like a flower among a dung patty. That was how much she stood out, how unignorable she was.

The aristocrats who had come for the treasures would glance at her from the corner of their eyes secretly from time to time. Although they stared at the treasures, their minds were elsewhere.

Beside the woman stood a well-dressed, dashing young man. A dazzling smile hung on his face as he constantly talked to the lady. His gaze toward her was also filled with infatuation, as he struggled to hide the affection in his heart.

Beside the young man stood two middle-aged men who were dressed simply. They were emotionless and cold. They were Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Masters.

It was forbidden to fight in cities in the sea realm. However, the young man had two Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master guards following him around despite being in the city, so his status was evident. He was definitely a young master of a great clan.

“Girl, I’ve introduced myself. May I learn of your name and which family you come from? And where do you cultivate?” The young man beside the lady said with a smile. His voice was soft and he was warm. He seemed extremely friendly.

The man was called Nanyun Lie, the youngest son of the Nanyun clan. His great grandfather was the current patriarch of the clan.

Probably everyone in the radius of several hundreds of thousands of kilometers knew about the Nanyun clan. They were a famed clan within the Sea Goddess Hall’s territory and possessed two 15th Star experts. They held supreme power in the region and were undoubtedly a first-rate organization. They controlled many medium-sized tribes and clans below them, which expanded their power even more.

The woman was cold, ignoring the chattering Nanyun Lie beside her. She stared unblinkingly at the 1.2 meter long sword before her with her cold eyes.

The sword was only two fingers wide. Its blade was shiny like a mirror, while it shone with a hazy glow. The presence of a vast and terrifying energy flowed throughout it.

At that moment, the woman’s expression changed. She glanced behind her suddenly, immediately locking onto Jian Chen with her cold eyes. Her eyes narrowed very moment she saw him and she now gritted her teeth.

The woman was Qing Yixuan of the eight great human experts.

Xie Wang’s expression changed instantly when he saw her. He sent a mental message. “God dammit, why is she here. Jian Chen, why did you come here without any reason? We don’t even have the time to hide from her, yet you’ve approached her yourself. Are you throwing yourself at danger?”

Jian Chen ignored Xie Wang. After glancing at Qing Yixuan and Nanyun Lie, he revealed an odd expression. However, he said nothing. He immediately walked toward Qing Yixuan, before stopping before the sword.

Jian Chen’s eyes landed on the sword and they immediately began to light up with burning enthusiasm, as if he had just seen an absolute treasure. He began to slaver over it. He knew that the sword before him was definitely a weapon countless times more powerful than the Dragon Slaying Sword.

Jian Chen touched the hilt of the sword with his trembling hands. The moment he touched it, a sharp sword Qi immediately shot out. It cut through Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body, injuring his palm. Blood immediately began to flow from the wound.

Jian Chen was secretly shocked when he felt the pain in his hand. The power of the sword was beyond his imagination. Never did he think that just a single sword Qi would be so powerful that it even broke through the defense of his Chaotic Body. If it was someone else, they would definitely suffer a much more chilling outcome.

With a thought, the Chaotic Force in his dantian immediately began to pump out strands of Chaotic Force. It boosted the toughness of his body to the absolute maximum, before he grabbed at the hilt of the sword once again.

The moment he touched it, a sharp sword Qi shot out. It left a white mark on his hand but it could not cause any damage to Jian Chen now.

A sliver of surprise immediately flashed across Qing Yixuan’s eyes as she knew exactly how powerful the sword was. She was shocked by the strength of Jian Chen’s body.

“T- this is a weapon left behind by a human expert after they passed away from age. It should be a King Armament, left behind by a human Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King.” The grand elder of the Turtle clan marveled. He stared fixedly at the sword as he observed it.

Jian Chen’s heart was filled with unconcealable excitement the moment he heard that. He lifted up the sword to examine it in greater detail, immediately revealing a pleasantly surprised expression. He murmured, “A King Armament. It sure is worthy of being a weapon left behind by a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King. It’s abnormally powerful. This sword suits me too well.”

“Leave the King Armament. You’re not worthy of it with your current strength,” Qing Yixuan said to Jian Chen as she looked at him coldly. Her hatred for him gnawed at her heart but with the grand elder of the Turtle clan present, she could do nothing against him.

“Who says I’m not worthy of it? I’m taking this King Armament. Shopkeeper, what’s the price on this weapon?” Jian Chen pooled his attention onto the King Armament. He was extremely excited. His Dragon Slaying Sword was now already slightly damaged and as his strength increased in the future, its effects on boosting his strength would decrease. If he reached the third layer of the Chaotic Body, the sword would no longer be able to withstand his Chaotic Force. The King Armament left behind by a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King just happened to resolve that pressing problem.

Additionally, King Armaments were much more powerful that Ruler Armaments. Jian Chen believed that he would be able to challenge a Saint King with it, given that the Saint King was not too powerful. 

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