Chapter 901: Conflict

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Chapter 901: Conflict

Hearing that Jian Chen actually wanted to buy the King Armament, Qing Yixuan’s expression changed slightly. She cried out, “The sword caught my attention first, so I’m allowed to buy it first. There’s no chance for you.” Qing Yixuan was an expert with the sword. The shape of the Saint Weapon she used was almost the same as the King Armament, so it was extremely important to her. If she obtained the King Armament as a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King, it would just make her even powerful. She would totally possess the power to overcome the difference of cultivation levels to challenge Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Kings.

As a result, Qing Yixuan had already sworn to obtain the King Armament. Although Ruler Armaments were quite common in the sea realm, a Ruler Armament was nowhere near enough for her strength. Only King Armaments and Emperor Armaments could boost her strength but these two types of weapons were extremely rare even on the Tina Yuan Continent, let alone the sea realm where there were sparsely any humans.

“Senior, since you wanted the sword, why haven’t you bought it after staring at it for so long? The sword is in my hands now. I’m taking it,” Jian Chen said with determination. His uses for the King Armament were just too great, so he was also determined to obtain it. Although it would cause him to offend Qing Yixuan, the two of them already had enmity. He did not care about adding some more to it.

Qing Yixuan had already paled in anger. She stared at Jian Chen as flames of rage burned in her eyes as she said coldly, “The sword has been reserved by me, so it’s already mine. You can’t buy the sword before I give up on buying it.”

“I want the sword right now. I wonder if I can get the right to buy it before the reserver?” Jian Chen asked aloud, yet his eyes were focused on an old man who walked over. He exuded a learned presence. He was a Saint Ruler of the Ninth Heavenly Layer and Jian Chen knew that he was the shopkeeper here.

“The two warriors sure have good eyes. I’ve only recently obtained this King Armament and it’s just been on sale for three days. I originally thought that no one would buy it, so I planned on auctioning it off in the large auction in a few days. Never did I think I would meet the knowledgeable so fast. It really has surprised this one.” The shopkeeper chuckled as he walked over. He observed Jian Chen and Qing Yixuan secretly, understanding that the two of them must have very influential backgrounds, such that he could not offend them.

The shopkeeper arrived before the King Armament and continued, “This lady may have had her eyes on the King Armament but she hasn’t paid any reservation fees or discussed it with the shop. As a result, this warrior may buy the sword given the rules. As long as you pay the right price, the weapon will be yours.”

Qing Yixuan began to panic as soon as she heard that. She said with a deep voice, “Shopkeeper, I also want the sword but I don’t have enough crystal coins on me. I’ve already contacted a good friend of mine to bring over the money, so can you hold onto it for sometime for me?”

“This…” The shopkeeper hesitated slightly. He was a bit troubled.

A smile immediately appeared on Nanyun Lie’s face when he heard that Qing Yixuan did not have enough money. He said, “Since this lady likes this sword called King Armament, I’ll buy it and gift it to you. Shopkeeper, I’d like to take the sword. Bill it to the Nanyun clan. There’ll be someone who’ll come with the money.” As he said that, Nanyun Lie glanced at Jian Chen in provocation. He knew that Jian Chen was not weak but he did not care about that at all. This was because he was the youngest son of the Nanyun clan, which had two 15th Star experts.

A sneer formed on Jian Chen’s lips when he noticed Nanyun Lie’s glance. He could tell that Nanyun Lie was a hedonistic degenerate from a rich family with a single look. He probably did not even know what a King Armament was. 

“Shopkeeper, may I ask of the price?” Jian Chen asked.

“Fifty million grand quality crystal coins,” said the shopkeeper.

“What! F- f- fifty million grand quality crystal coins.” Nanyun Lie immediately jumped in fright when he heard the price. He asked in disbelief, “Shopkeeper, are you sure that’s the right price? How can a sword like this be worth fifty million grand quality crystal coins?”

“Young master Nanyun Lie, you probably don’t know about the origins of this weapon then. If this weapon was thrown onto the Tian Yuan Continent, it’s enough to cause a storm of blood. Fifty million coins is already a low price,” explained the shopkeeper.

“F- f- f- fifty million coins. How is it so expensive?” Nanyun Lie revealed an ugly expression. He became extremely awkward. He knew nothing about the Tian Yuan Continent, so naturally, he had no idea of the weapon’s value. He originally wanted to buy it and gift it to the attractive girl beside him, so that he could win her heart. However, never did he think that the King Armament would be so expensive, being at a price of fifty million grand quality crystal coins. Even to his clan, this price was a huge amount of wealth. It was not an amount he could spend.

Qing Yixuan did not even glance at Nanyun Lie throughout this. She waved a medallion before the shopkeeper and said, “Shopkeeper, this is the medallion of my identity. Are you able to give me some time?”

“T- this…” The shopkeeper’s expression immediately changed greatly when he recognized the medallion in Qing Yixuan’s hand.

“You’re not the only one with something like that. I have it too. Shopkeeper, here is the medallion of my identity. I want to buy the King Armament.” Jian Chen also pulled out his guest’s medallion.

The shopkeeper immediately paled when he saw Jian Chen’s medallion. He directly vomited a mouthful of blood, taking several steps back in retreat. His gaze toward Jian Chen was filled with fear while his heart began to toss and turn.

He had just seen a hazy figure sitting within a grand hall from the medallion. It radiated with a great pressure, capable of shaking up the world. It was like god, consecrated and undefiable. He did not recognize the hazy figure but the figure’s identity somehow began to flash through his head the moment he saw it. It was the hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall, one of the three supreme experts of the sea realm.

The shopkeeper’s gaze toward Jian Chen had changed completely. It was now filled with fear because he understood that any person who could pull out a medallion like that was an extremely important member of the hall. Even the person secretly in control of the store would not dare not to offend someone like that.

“Shopkeeper, so who will you be selling the King Armament to now?” Jian Chen put his medallion away and smiled as he looked at the shopkeeper, who had yet to recover from his shock.

“Esteemed warrior. I have been ignorant. If I had been disrespectful before, I hope this warrior can forgive me. I’ll obviously be selling this King Armament to you.” The shopkeeper’s attitude to Jian Chen underwent a complete change. He was now much more polite to him.

Nanyun Lie could not help but grow curious about Jian Chen’s identity as he saw the shopkeeper treat the young man like that. It was actually enough to even make the shopkeeper treat him so politely. Even his identity as a young master of the Nanyun clan was not enough for him to enjoy such treatment.

“And who’s this lady? She’s actually able to just say that she wants to buy this King Armament worth fifty million grand quality crystal coins. That’s not an amount anyone can pull out and yet she did not even bat an eyelid when she heard that. And what medallion did she show the shopkeeper before to make him react like that? Does that mean her identity is impressive?” Nanyun Lie began to make guesses, before he quickly thought of something. He rejoiced as he thought, “If I can bond with this lady and get her to become my cultivation partner, the status of our clan will rise up to another level.” Nanyun Lie’s heart began to swell with confidence as he thought up to there. He was the youngest son of the Nanyun clan. His background was great and he was handsome and dashing. He believed he could melt this woman’s heart of ice as long as he put in some effort.

“Girl, isn’t it just a King Armament? There are plenty of weapons like this in the sea realm. I’ll order the members of my clan to find one as soon as I get back. You should be receiving a similar King Armament without much time. May I ask for your name and where you live? If I find a King Armament, I’ll deliver it to you as soon as possible.” Nanyun Lie immediately began his intense attacks on Qing Yixuan.

However, Nanyun Lie’s lofty aspirations were destined to collapse on themselves. Qing Yixuan stared at him coldly and said, “If you dare say another word, I’m going to throw you out immediately.”

Nanyun Lie flinched slightly when his enthusiasm was met with such cold words. He said, “Girl, I am the…” Just when he wanted to bring up his clan to shock Qing Yixuan, she waved her hand before he could even finish. Immediately, a powerful force collided with his body, sending him flying. He smashed through a window and fell onto the streets outside.

“How dare you harm the young master of our Nanyun clan!” The two guards of Nanyun Lei roared out immediately, charging toward her in unison. However, Qing Yixuan waved her hand gently once more and the two of them immediately followed Nanyun Lie out. They were all knocked away by a powerful force, through a window and onto the street outside.

Although the shopkeeper watched all of this happen, he did not dare to stop her. After all, he had completely recognized her guest’s medallion.

Jian Chen had already pulled out a large pile of crystal coins from his Space Ring, before borrowing some more from the grand elder. He gathered a total of fifty million grand quality crystal coins and bought the King Armament, putting it away in his Space Ring under Qing Yixuan’s furious gaze.

“Farewell, senior.” Jian Chen clasped his hands at Qing Yixuan before leaping out the window with Xie Wang and the grand elder. They directly took to the skies.

Qing Yixuan stared at his figure sunken-faced as he flew away. First, Jian Chen had stolen the Octoterra Map fragment she had paid a price of being heavily injured to obtain and now he had taken the King Armament she had valued very much. It made her hatred for him peak.

“You’re the first brat who dares to act purposefully arrogant before me. There will be one day where I make you regret your choices. I refuse to believe that old turtle will protect you for your whole life.” Qing Yixuan gnashed her teeth. Afterward, she disappeared from the building with a flash.

Nanyun Lie charged up to the fifth floor furiously and in a horrible shape as soon as she left. He said angrily, “How dare she treat me like this. She doesn’t acknowledge the Nanyun clan at all… Hm? Where’d she go?” Nanyun Lie looked around and realized that Qing Yixuan and Jian Chen had disappeared.

“Shopkeeper, where are they? Where’d they go? Hmph, do they really think it’s so easy to flee after hitting me?” Nanyun Lie called at the shopkeeper as he had no one to vent his anger on anymore.

The shopkeeper sneered at Nanyun Lie, “Young master, those people have already done you a great favor by not crippling you. Not only do you fail to realize what’s good for you, you even want to find them for revenge. If you really do agitate them, your Nanyun clan will be pulled in as well. Do you know who that woman is?”

“Then tell me who that woman is. I’ll definitely go find her in the future,” sneered Nanyun Lie.

“That woman possesses a guest’s medallion from the Sea Goddess Hall and she’s definitely not just an ordinary guest of the hall. I think she should be Qing Yixuan of the eight great human experts, a 16th Star Seasoul Warrior,” sneered the shopkeeper.

“What! Shopkeeper, w- w- what did you say? That woman’s a 16th Star expert?” Nanyun Lie cried out in fright. Blood immediately drained from his face.

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