Chapter 906: Five Year’s Agreement

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Chapter 906: Five Year’s Agreement

“We support all the decisions of the ruler…”

“We support all the decisions of the ruler…”

The members of the Turtle clan all began to chant, growing louder and clearer each time. In the end, almost all the clansmen began to participate in the chanting, showing their support for the ruler’s decision.

The second and third elder both became extremely ugly. They had never thought that the situation would develop in such a direction. This was not what they had wished to see at all.

“We’ve underestimated the ruler’s status in the ordinary clansmen’s hearts. He’s completely exceeded us to them,” the third elder sent a mental message to the second elder. His voice was gruff.

The second elder nodded slowly, remaining silent while his darkened face.

The past glory of the clan had all been brought on by rulers. At their very peak, the clan had a total of four rulers at the same time and every single one of them was equivalent to a hall elder. They were one of the few superpowers within the sea realm. As the rulers disappeared, fewer and fewer appeared. That was the cause behind the decline of the clan, making it weaken with each generation.

It had already been thirty thousand years since a ruler had last appeared in the clan. It caused them to decline from their glorious past to today. They would soon become a second-rate clan that did not even have 15th Star Seasoul Warriors or even a third-rate clan; their status was teetering. Not to mention the fact that the clan now faced the threat of being annexed by the Taihong clan, they had almost fallen into despair. As a result, the reappearance of a ruler garnered the support of many clansmen, which even made many people believe that this would be the end of their declining days. They thought that the ruler would lead them on the path to glory once again.

The members of the Taihong clan all bore extremely ugly expressions, while the ancestor’s face became as dark as a storm cloud. He had already used items that tempted the second and third elder to bribe them; annexing the turtle clan was also something he had already planned with the two of them long ago. It was supposed to proceed very smoothly, yet a nobody had appeared out of who knows where and destroyed it all just as it was about to succeed. It made him absolutely furious.

“Hmph, since the ruler refuses to become a part of our Taihong clan, we can only take action against you. After I capture you, I wonder if your Turtle clan will submit or not,” growled the ancestor. Afterward, he arrived before Jian Chen with a flash, directly extending a hand out to grab him.

Jian Chen remained calm. He pulled out a medallion from his Space Ring and placed it before him. He said, “Have a look at this.”

The ancestor’s hand forcefully stopped a meter away from Jian Chen’s throat. He stared fixedly at the medallion in Jian Chen’s hand while he revealed a doubtful expression. However, his expression changed abruptly in the next moment. He backpedaled several steps, now filled with shock and disbelief.

“H- h- h- h- h- hall…” The ancestor produced a frightened cry. He had already paled. He was unable to say the second word of ‘hall master’ no matter what, as if it had been lodged in his throat.

All the people in the surroundings became suspicious when they saw the ancestor react in such a way. Even the second and third elders were not exempted from this and they extended their necks to examine Jian Chen’s medallion curiously.

“Do you recognize this?” Jian Chen raised the medallion and asked expressionlessly.

The ancestor of the Taihong clan was still a Saint King after all, so he calmed down very quickly. He sucked in a deep breath, still badly shaken as he stared at the medallion and said, “Why do you have this medallion?” This time, the ancestor’s gaze toward Jian Chen had completely changed. 

“I think you already know why I have this medallion. Do you dare to touch me now?” Jian Chen said coldly.

Deep fear appeared in the ancestor’s eyes. He took a few steps back slowly as the light in his eyes flickered uneasily. After some hesitation, he said, “You may be a part of the hall and possess quite an impressive status in it but this is still a battle between clans. The hall will not interfere with these matters.”

Jian Chen frowned slightly as he heard this but he did not say anything.

The ancestor continued, “I’ll give you five year’s time because of this medallion. After those five years, my clan will come again. At that time, it’ll be useless even if you pull out that medallion.”

Jian Chen put the medallion away and said coldly, “Then let it be five years. I’ll fight you as the ruler of the Turtle clan in five years. If I lose, then the Turtle clan will temporarily bow down to you. But if I win, your Taihong clan will belong to the Turtle clan.”

Jian Chen’s words immediately caused a great commotion in the surroundings. A few experts could already roughly feel Jian Chen’s strength. He definitely was not a 15th Star Seasoul warrior and he definitely could not increase his strength by a lot in those short five years. They wondered just how Jian Chen would fight with the ancestor who was of the 16th Star in five years.

The two elders of the Turtle clan secretly rejoiced. They did not believe that Jian Chen could become a 15th Star expert in five years at all.

“Alright, I’ll fight you in five years,” the ancestor said with the same expression. However, he secretly rejoiced. As a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King, he had completely seen through Jian Chen’s strength. He refused to believe that Jian Chen could raise his strength to a level where he would be able to fight him in five years.

As the people of the Taihong clan left, the Turtle clan cheered in jubilation. A few clansmen who did not know about his strength really did believe that their ruler had the strength to fight a 16th Star expert. They all cheered, “Long live the ruler, long live the ruler.”

Jian Chen calmed down everyone below, before slowly scanning past the second and third elder and the Saint Rulers behind them with narrowed eyes. He said loudly, “Is there anyone else who’s unhappy with me inheriting the position as ruler?”

“We pay respects to the ruler!”

Earth-shaking cries immediately began to reverberate from the surroundings. In the blink of an eye, the area became a black mass as the ordinary clan members all bowed down. Only the two elders and the Saint Rulers remained standing.

Jian Chen said nothing. He stared calmed at them with a sharp gaze. His eyes were like two drawn swords.

“We pay respects to the ruler.” This lasted for some time, before half of the Saint Rulers also bowed down. They accepted Jian Chen’s status. Only the other half of the Saint Rulers and the two elders remained standing.

The two elders revealed ugly expressions. Their faces darkened very much, while the Saint Rulers who were still standing behind them looked toward the two of them. The elders clearly had power over them.

“Hmph, let’s go,” snorted the second elder. He turned around and left. The third elder and the Saint Rulers that followed them did not stick around for much longer either, following him away.

The two elders understood that they could do nothing now that the situation had developed like this. The ruler had already won the support of the entire clan, so even if they questioned the ruler’s identity, it was useless. This was all because Jian Chen’s Ruler’s Qi was the real thing. It was not a forgery and even the ordinary clansmen could feel it clearly.

As everything had developed like this, nothing could stop Jian Chen from inheriting the position as ruler in the clan.

After successfully inheriting the position, Jian Chen settled down in the Turtle clan. He devoted all his efforts into cultivation, hoping to break through the second layer of the Chaotic Body within five years. If he did so, he would have the power to battle a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King with his King Armament.

The news about a ruler reappearing in the Turtle clan spread very quickly. For some time, all the second-rate organizations in the surroundings all paid visits to them with rich gifts to congratulate the clan but all these miscellaneous matters were delegated to other people by Jian Chen. He did not appear at all, remaining in the beautifully decorated hall to cultivate.

The next day, hall elder Hong went to the Turtle clan in search of Jian Chen. When Jian Chen learned that the elder had come personally, he immediately stopped cultivating and received the hall elder in the hall.

“Jian Chen, is the final fragment of the Octoterra Map on you?” Elder Hong cut straight to the point and asked straightforwardly.

“Correct, I am indeed in possession of a map fragment. Has elder Hong come today specifically for this matter?” asked Jian Chen.

Elder Hong nodded with a smile. “I have indeed come because of that today. Jian Chen, the Octoterra Divine Hall will be opening in a year and only people below the 15th Star can enter. Each map fragment can permit twenty people to enter, so a total of a hundred and sixty people will be entering from the eight pieces. I’ve come today to ask you for ten of the chances. Is that fine with you?”

“That’s fine, of course that’s fine.” Jian Chen agreed without any hesitation. He only had three people that needed to enter, so he had no use for all the chances to permit people in. The Sea Goddess Hall had even saved his life after all.

Elder Hong did not stay for much longer, leaving the clan very quickly. With the elder’s departure, Jian Chen also continued his cultivation, pouring his energy into powering up. In order to revive the Turtle clan, he needed to be strong enough. Only power could determine everything.

Without him noticing, Jian Chen had already stayed in the sea realm for over a month. In the Changyang clan of Lore City on the distant Tian Yuan Continent, a tower several hundred meters in height had appeared. From the very top of the tower, one could see a large portion of the city.

The appearance of the tower in the Changyang clan had caused quite a large disturbance in the city as it had not been built up slowly. It had appeared overnight instead, as if it had just grown out from the ground.

Changyang Zu Yeyun current sat by a window in her white dress at the very top of the tower. She stared blankly in the direction of the Changyang clan’s main entrance, while her gaze was sorrowful. She would sit there almost every day, sitting for several days and nights every time this happened. She was unmoving like a piece of wood, completely petrified.

“Sigh,” a long sigh sounded from behind her. Changyang Zu Yunxiao slowly walked up to the window in a similar white robe, gazing at the misty-white sky in sorrow as well. He said, “It’s getting closer and closer to the day where Kong’er meets the end of his life. The seal is still present in his head, so he’ll never be able to become a Saint Ruler. I wonder where Kong’er is currently. Is he still alive? Can we ever see him again?”

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