Chapter 909: Qin Qin takes a Master

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Chapter 909: Qin Qin takes a Master

The men around Bi Jian all began to breathe heavily when they heard this. Their glances toward the Flame City that was still under construction no longer possessed any fear, now replaced by an intense greed.

“Prince Bi Jian, if the protector clan and Mercenary City really won’t be interfering, what else do we have to fear?” One of the middle-aged men immediately said excitedly.

Even with the entire Tian Yuan Continent in perspective, a city completely made out of tungsten alloy like Flame City was enough to make everyone green with envy. Let alone hermit clans with Saint Rulers, even ancient clans that possessed Saint Kings would drool at it. The reason why they never dared to move against the mercenaries was all because they feared the protector Changyang clan and Mercenary City. If it were not for these two powerful organizations supporting them, the mercenaries definitely would not have the power to keep such a large tungsten alloy mine in possession.

“Alright, as long as the Flame Mercenaries doesn’t receive any other powerful support, we, the Apocalypse Mercenaries, will also take part.”

Afterward, many of them expressed their opinions. They were each a captain of huge mercenary groups, all with at least a thousand or even thousands of years of history. Although they were only Heaven Saint Masters, there were many former captains that had stepped down. There were some Saint Rulers among them.

Most of the captains were greatly attracted by Flame City, so they all signed up for the operation to take it. Only a few of them were left hesitating and did not plan to participate.

Bi Jian looked at them with some cold intent, before looking toward Flame City once again. He said, “The city should be complete in another year’s time. When it’s complete, it’ll be time for us to take over it. I’ll invite my father and a great elder of the Yiyuan sect to personally form a Space Gate when the time comes and deliver your groups in from several hundred kilometers away.”

“That would be fantastic. With the help from the two esteemed seniors, it’ll be too easy for our people to get here.” The mercenary captains all revealed happy expressions.

Beyond the continent, the Heavenly Enchantress currently sat on the edge of a cliff at the very top of Three Saint Island. She had placed the simple Zither of the Demonic Cry on a flat, smooth surface, gently playing the strings with her white and elegant fingers. It produced a pleasant sound.

She was not wearing her veil, revealing her beauty that even the sky seemed to envy. Her hair fluttered gently in the slight breeze beside her ears, covering up a small portion of her face. It only amplified her beauty.

The zither notes seemed to contain an enchanting, sagely tune, reverberating in the surroundings. It was filled with a sorrowful, miserable feeling that was able to influence the emotions of people and make them sad.

The notes echoed gently through the area. All the small creatures who heard the sound quieted down, each and everyone stopping their foraging for food. They would lie down on the ground, listening quietly to the music that seemed to be the most beautiful tune in the world. The sadness within it even made some of the creatures tear up and cry.

“What’s with master? Why is she sad for no reason?” Xiao Yue glanced toward the Heavenly Enchantress’ location with suspicion. She was filled with doubt.

“I can feel that master seems to be very sad and very miserable. It’s so weird. Why does master feel like this?” Xiao Qian also said doubtfully as she blinked her bright eyes. They were baffled by why the Heavenly Enchantress would feel like this with no evident reason.

The sad music gradually stopped. The Heavenly Enchantress had stopped playing the zither. She placed her hands gently on the zither strings, gazing lifelessly at where the sea and sky met. Her face was a mix of emotions.

“Sigh.” The Heavenly Enchantress produced a long sigh and mumbled, “Do I hate you, or do I not?” She was currently strewn between different emotions.

Suddenly, her eyes narrowed. She suddenly looked into the distance and with a gentle motion of her hands, she immediately ripped open space. It quickly formed a Space Gate. Through the gate, a huge and boundless continent could be seen. It was the Tian Yuan Continent.

The Heavenly Enchantress disappeared through the Space Gate, having already traveled to the distant Tian Yuan Continent.

Within the Tianqin clan of Walaurent City in the Zhuya Kingdom, a young lady current sat all by herself in a pavilion. She played the zither, producing beautiful music which drifted through the garden gently.

Although Qin Qin’s zither had yet to reach the level where it could control the emotions of people, it possessed the power to influence and affect people’s feelings. It could make them become unwillingly intoxicated by her zither notes.

Qin Qin’s zither seemed exactly like the Zither of the Demonic Cry used by the Heavenly Enchantress. They were of the same color, size and had the same number of strings. It seemed like the real thing.

“Master Jian Chen, just where are you? Are you still well?” Qin Qin could not help but imagine Jian Chen’s handsome, determined face. She was filled with a deep reminiscence, and perhaps because of her emotions, the music she played possessed a sliver of longing and concern.

“Qin’er, you’re playing here again!” A heavy voice sounded from behind her. The patriarch of the clan had arrived before her, staring at her with a smile.

Qin Qin said nothing. She did not stop the gentle stroking of her fingers as if she had not even heard the voice behind her.

“Qin’er, your marriage with the first young master of the Zhuyun clan is in three days. Why don’t you go and make some preparations,” said the patriarch with a smile.

The music suddenly stopped. Qin Qin said with a gentle but resolved voice, “Father, I don’t want to marry.”

“Qin’er, you’re not young anymore. It’s about time you marry. It’s a pity that you can’t cultivate, so your life is only as long as normal people. Otherwise, your father would not force you like this,” said the patriarch. He too was filled with helplessness.

“But I don’t like the first young master of the Zhuyun clan. Does father want to force me into marrying someone I don’t love?” Qin Qin’s voice was filled with pain.

“Sigh.” The patriarch produced a long exhale. He did not know what to say in this moment.

At this very moment, a vast pressure suddenly appeared. It enveloped the entire clan. Before this pressure, all the guards of the clan felt like a boulder had come crashing down on them. It was even difficult for them to remain standing and they were now all incapacitated. Even the Earth Saint Masters were the same, immobilized by the pressure.

In the entire clan, the only person who was unaffected was Qin Qin.

At this moment, a veiled, purple-dressed woman descended from the sky. She seemed like a fairy that came from heaven. She was filled with a dignified, divine, and consecrated aura.

The woman carried a zither. She stopped three meters above in the air, staring at Qin Qin with the only thing revealed—her emotionless eyes. She said, “Are you willing to take me as your master?”

The patriarch of the Tianqin clan had been bound by frozen space unknowingly. He stared at the mysterious woman in shock as his emotions churned. He struggled to speak.

Qin Qin stared at the woman in shock, before locking onto the zither in the woman’s arms. It was exactly the same as the zither she used.

“A- a- are you the Heavenly Enchantress?” Qin Qin immediately cried out as she identified the woman through the Zither of the Demonic Cry.

The Heavenly Enchantress nodded slightly and said calmly, “You have drawn me here with your zither music. We’re fated to meet. Are you willing to take me as your master?”

“I’m willing, I’m willing. Disciple Qin Qin pays respects to master.” Qin Qin agreed hurriedly. She liked playing the zither, while the Heavenly Enchantress was equivalent to the god of zithers. She had once dreamed about becoming a disciple of hers, so now that the opportunity had presented itself, how could she let it go?”

“You will need to come with me if you accept. You will go far beyond the continent for cultivation. Are you certain?” asked the Heavenly Enchantress.

Qin Qin hesitated slightly. A strong unwillingness to part appeared on her face, but her eyes became determined soon after, “Disciple is willing to leave the clan and follow master to beyond the continent. However, disciple would like master to give disciple the chance to bid farewell to her family.”

The pressure from the Heavenly Enchantress’ body had already disappeared, freeing the people of the clan from their bindings.

The patriarch in the pavilion bowed toward the Heavenly Enchantress politely, before turning to Qin Qin. He said, “Qin’er, are you really going to be leaving the clan?”

Qin Qin nodded resolutely. “Father, you know that I can’t cultivate and that I only like to play the zither. Only by following master can my fate be changed.”

The patriarch pondered in silence before exhaling deeply. “Alright then. Qin’er, go without worry. Whenever you have time, you need to come back and visit your father frequently. As for the marriage with the young master of the Zhuyun clan, father will talk to them about it and cancel it.”

At this very moment, a large group of people rushed over from the surroundings. The person in front was the young master of the clan, Qin Xiao.

Qin Qin immediately informed them of the matter that she had taken on the Heavenly Enchantress as her master, before bidding farewell to them. She knew that once she left, she would not be returning anytime soon. Afterward, it would be a journey of tens of millions of kilometers. Even when Saint Rulers hurried without any sleep or rest, it would take them over a month of travel.

“Sister, brother respects your choice. In the future, brother will definitely become a Heaven Saint Master and come looking for you in the sea.” Qin Xiao’s eyes were filled with tears. He was extremely unwilling to part with Qin Qin.

Qin Qin’s eyes also glimmered with tears. She said, “Brother, when you see young master Jian Chen again, please give him this drawing.” Qin Qin pulled out a piece of paper from within her wide sleeves, before slowly opening it. To no surprise, the drawing was of Jian Chen. It was him wielding the Light Wind Sword, in a sword dance all by himself. His posture with the sword was sharp, as if every strike was lethal. It was extremely realistic.

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