Chapter 910: Violent Movements of the Emperor Armament

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Chapter 910: Violent Movements of the Emperor Armament

In the very beginning, the Heavenly Enchantress paid no mind to it. She only believed it to be someone else with the same name but when she saw the drawing, her eyes narrowed. She grabbed at the empty air with her right hand and the drawing immediately flew into her grasp from Qin Qin’s hand.

The group from the Tianqin clan all became surprised when they saw the Heavenly Enchantress take the drawing of Jian Chen. They all looked toward her with suspicion.

The Heavenly Enchantress stared at the person in the drawing blankly as mixed emotions appeared on her face. She subconsciously spat out a sentence, “Why do you have his drawing?”

“Master, do you know master Jian Chen?” Qin Qin’s eyes lit up, staring at the Heavenly Enchantress unblinkingly.

The Heavenly Enchantress returned the drawing to Qin Qin and said nothing. Her veiled face hid all her emotions.

Some of the people present immediately began to worry when they saw the Heavenly Enchantress behave like that. They were afraid that Jian Chen had offended her in some way, which would affect her master-disciple relationship with Qin Qin.

Although some of them had thought this, none of them dared to mention it due to the Heavenly Enchantress’ status and fame.

Qin Qin gave the drawing to Qin Xiao before leaving with the Heavenly Enchantress after a hurried farewell. They left for Three Saint Island.

The sky before the ancient mountain range was wonderful. It was sunny and cloudless, deep blue in color. Groups of flying magical beasts could be clearly seen as they soared freely through the sky. They would emit loud and clear cries from time to time. It resounded through the surroundings, echoing into the distance.

The loud roars of beasts could be heard occasionally within the forests, while magical beasts could be vaguely seen as they rushed after their prey at great speeds. There sometimes would even be the vague sounds of intense battles, coupled with powerful ripples of energy.

This was a battle between high class magical beasts and there was no lack of Class 5 ones.

At this very moment, the deep-blue sky began to distort violently. With a powerful energy, it ripped open and formed a colorful Space Gate.

Three figures stepped out of the Space Gate. The leading person was a white-robed, middle-aged man. He seemed rather ordinary but he also gave off a feeling as if he was part of the surroundings. He had fused perfectly with the space around him. It was extremely easy for others to miss his presence.

After him was a white-dressed, middle-aged woman. She was elegant and graceful. She also carried the feeling as if she was part of the surroundings. However, her presence was much more distinct than the man.

The final person was an old man who was covered in wrinkles. He seemed to be past his seventies and he easily be misidentified as the senior of the two people in front.

“Kong’er, do you still remember this place? Our clan is hidden in this space. You can finally return home,” Changyang Zu Yeyun said emotionally as tears pooled in her eyes.

Changyang Zu Yunkong looked around at the familiar surroundings with mixed emotions. He said, “I can finally return home. I can finally return home. Never did I think that there would be a time where I can return home.”

Changyang Zu Yunxiao could not help but reveal a smile as he looked at their emotions. He quickly pulled out a medallion and a beam of light shot out from it. The light directly collided with the space several hundred meters away.

The space there trembled violently, before it gradually cracked open to reveal a thirty-meter-tall gate. Through the gate, simple structures could be seen.

That was the location that the Changyang clan of the ten protector clans resided.

“Yeyun, Kong’er, let’s go in.” Changyang Zu Yunxiao immediately led the two of them into the clan.

A giant, ten-meter-long sword currently stood in the dirt of the forbidden grounds behind the clan. It shone with a bright, divine light and radiated with a powerful sword Qi. It seemed like a condescending supreme ruler. 

The sword was surrounded by an extremely powerful barrier. The barrier completely enveloped the sword, fully locking its vast presence within.

However, no one noticed that in the very moment Changyang Zu Yunxiao opened the clan’s gate, the sword had actually trembled by an undetectable amount, despite not having moved even a millimeter for hundreds of years.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao’s family entered the clan that resided in this separate space. As soon as they stepped in, an azure-robed old man flew over with lightning speed. He arrived before the three of them in the blink of an eye.

“Yunxiao, you’re finally willing to come back. I had thought you were going to spend your entire life outside,” said the old man. There was nothing special to his voice but he constantly stared at Changyang Zu Yunkong with deep old eyes. He was filled with both surprise and doubt.

“Grandfather, grandson has successfully brought Kong’er back from outside. Kong’er, why don’t you quickly pay your respects to your great grandfather.” Changyang Zu Yunxiao’s voice was filled with emotion.

The old man was Changyang Zu Xiao. He was the most senior member of the Zu branch in the Changyang clan. Although he was a great elder like Changyang Zu Yunxiao, the difference in their age was around a millennia. Changyang Zu Yunxiao was a descendant of his.

“What did you say? H- he’s Kong’er?” Changyang Zu Xiao was filled with shock as he stared blankly at the old Changyang Zu Yunkong.

Changyang Zu Yunkong took a step forward. Just as he was about to pay his respects to Changyang Zu Xiao, a supreme sword Qi suddenly erupted from the very depths of the clan. The entire space was greatly affected, beginning to tremble violently. Pitch-black spatial cracks began to crisscross in the sky, as if the entire region faced the threat of collapsing.

Changyang Zu Xiao suddenly raised his head and stared toward the depths of the clan. Currently, his deep eyes shone with a bright light as he growled, “Crap, the Emperor Armament has begun to react violently. Yunxiao, come with me to suppress the armament or the entire space is going to collapse.”

Changyang Zu Xiao transformed into a streak of light, shooting toward the forbidden grounds at the rear of the clan. At the same time, the other great elders all made their way to the forbidden grounds as well. All of them were extremely grim.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao did nothing. He stood there stock-still as he stared blankly in that direction. He murmured, “Why, why is this happening? The Emperor Armament has existed for several hundreds of thousands of years but this has never happened before. Why has it awakened violently twice in less than two thousand years? And in those two time…” Changyang Zu Yunxiao stopped talking and looked toward Changyang Zu Yunkong. His emotions were mixed.

Changyang Zu Yeyun’s expression also became miserable as tears glimmered in her eyes. She said painfully, “Why would the Emperor Armament suddenly react violently as soon as Kong’er has returned? I- is it perhaps really as the clansmen described it all those years ago? That Kong’er is really a calamity to the clan, that his existence will only bring disasters to the clan?”

The trembling of the space became even more violent. All the members of the clan were greatly alarmed as they stopped their cultivation to look at what was happening in the forbidden grounds.

“Crap, the Emperor Armament has almost broken free. Everyone at Saint Ruler has rushed over to help. Yunxiao, why don’t you come?” Changyang Zu Xiao voice boomed from within the forbidden ground. It was filled with a sense of urgency.

Changyang Zu Yunkong stared fixedly in the direction of the forbidden grounds. The light in his eyes flickered as he revealed a doubtful expression.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao’s face was filled with pain. He slowly grabbed Changyang Zu Yunkong’s shoulder and said remorsefully, “Kong’er, let’s back out.” He left the Changyang clan’s space with Changyang Zu Yunkong.

The moment they left the space, the Emperor Armament that had moved violently in the forbidden grounds gradually calmed down, before quieted down completely. It was as if nothing had even occurred in the first place.

All the members of the Changyang clan could not help but relax slightly now that the Emperor Armament had calmed down once again. Only Changyang Zu Yeyun and Changyang Zu Yunxiao were filled with absolute grief, unable to cheer up no matter what.

The great elders all walked out from the forbidden grounds, covered in sweat. Every single one of them was still in a state of shock. They were unable to suppress the armament even when they worked together earlier and once the Emperor Armament broke free, the space would have been destroyed. They all struggled to imagine just how catastrophic it would have been for the clan.

“Weird. The Emperor Armament has never behaved like this before, so why has it behaved violently twice recently? The first time was because a clansman trespassed the forbidden grounds, so why has it happened this time?” A great elder asked doubtfully.

Changyang Zu Xiao seemed to think of something when he heard that. His expression changed immediately as he cried out involuntarily, “Perhaps it’s because…”

“Perhaps it’s because what? Changyang Zu Xiao, do you know the reason why the Emperor Armament’s suddenly behaved so violently?” A great elder immediately asked. The rest of them all looked toward Changyang Zu Xiao.

The light in Changyang Zu Xiao’s eyes flickered uneasily. He said nothing, directly heading toward the entrance of the clan.

The other great elders all looked at each other, before following behind him closely.

They left the clan together and when they arrived outside, they saw Changyang Zu Yunxiao, Changyang Zu Yeyun and Changyang Zu Yunkong at first glance. They recognized Changyang Zu Yunkong’s identity very quickly.

“Yunkong, so it’s you! I finally understand why the Emperor Armament suddenly began to behave so violently when everything was well. It’s all because of you,” a great elder growled. His complexion was not good.

“In all these years, the Emperor Armament has only behaved so violently twice. The first time was because you trespassed the forbidden grounds and disturbed it, while the second time was because you entered the clan today.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao and Changyang Zu Yeyun’s expressions became extremely ugly. They were filled with pain.

“Perhaps the clansmen are right, that Changyang Zu Yunkong is a calamity of the Changyang clan? That he’ll only bring disaster to the clan? As soon as he steps into the clan, he faces the rejection of the Emperor Armament and as soon as it breaks free, it’ll be an apocalyptic disaster for the clan,” said another great elder. His gaze toward Changyang Zu Yunkong immediately became rather hostile.

“Sigh.” Changyang Zu Xiao exhaled deeply. His face was filled with helplessness as he said, “Kong’er, you can never step back into the clan again.”

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