Chapter 911: The Beast God Continent Gathers Near the Sea Realm

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Chapter 911: The Beast God Continent Gathers Near the Sea Realm

Changyang Zu Xiao’s words were like an imperial edict. It removed all possibilities of Changyang Zu Yunkong ever stepping back into the clan, which made Changyang Zu Yeyun and Changyang Zu Yunxiao pale in that instance.

This was because they knew that from now onward, their son could never enter the clan ever again.

Changyang Zu Yunkong did not seem to hear what Changyang Zu Xiao’s words. He stared blankly at the forbidden grounds in the depths of the clan while his face was filled with confusion.

“Great elders, please remove the seal in Kong’er’s head, as you have promised,” said Changyang Zu Yeyun as she endured the pain in her heart.

“Hm? He has actually broken through to Saint Ruler. How’s that possible?” A great elder said in suprised when he finally discovered that Changyang Zu Yunkong had broken through to Saint Ruler.

Afterward, Changyang Zu Yunkong narrated how he had managed to break through. The great elders’ doubts disappeared when they learned that he had actually used a stalk of hundred-thousand-year Dragon’s Saliva to temporarily suppress the seal’s power.

“Kong’er may not be able to enter the clan but he’s still a member of our clan. Let’s work together and remove the seal in his head,” Changyang Zu Yunxiao said depressingly.

“Since he has already become a Saint Ruler, there’s no need for us to worry that he’ll pass away from age for now. In my opinion, we should leave the seal in his head for now and remove it when he brings back his descendant Changyang Xiangtian. That way, he’ll be redeeming himself and he’ll be able to give an explanation to the tens of thousand clan members. After all, he has caused quite the trouble by agitating the Emperor Armament with his return,” Changyang Qing Yun muttered.

The expressions of Changyang Zu Yunxiao and Changyang Zu Yeyun abruptly changed when they heard that. Even Changyang Zu Xiao’s expression became rather ugly.

“Elder Yun, I don’t think that would be great. Last time in Lore City, we had dismissed Kong’er’s punishment before the other protector clans. Now that the punishment is gone, why can’t we remove the seal in Kong’er’s head? Do you know that the seal’s existence will prevent him from strengthening? Do you know how big of an obstruction it is to his cultivation?” Changyang Zu Yunxiao growled.

“Elder Yun, I also feel like we should remove Kong’er’s seal,” Changyang Zu Xiao said as well. The seal had originally been placed down by the seven on them, so they needed all seven of them to remove it as well.

“Everyone, I wonder what your opinions on this matter are.” Changyang Qing Yun looked toward the others.

“I agree with elder Yun…”

“I also agree with elder Yun…”

After a period of silence, all the other great elders voiced their opinions. They actually all agreed with Changyang Qing Yun’s suggestion.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao’s face immediately sunk. He became absolutely furious.

“Since everyone else agrees with me, we’ll leave it at that. The day we remove the seal in his head will come when he brings back Changyang Xiangtian,” said Changyang Qing Yun with a smile. Afterward, he left with the other elders.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao and Changyang Zu Xiao floated in the air with sunken expressions. They were enraged, while Changyang Zu Yeyun sobbed by herself. She had originally thought that the great elders would remove the seal in his head immediately as soon as she brought Changyang Zu Yunkong back but never did she think it would end up like this.

“They’ve gone overboard.” Changyang Zu Yunxiao clenched his fists tightly. He was utterly enraged, to the point where he had even begun to tremble slightly.

Changyang Zu Xiao sighed deeply. He was filled with helplessness as he exhaled. “It’s all because of the Winged Tiger God…”

In the end, Changyang Zu Yunkong’s seal was not removed nor could he return to the clan. Under these circumstances, all he could do was return to Lore City and stay there as the esteemed and respected ancestor of the Changyang clan.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao and Changyang Zu Yeyun did not return to the clan either after their disappointment. They chose to stay in Lore City with their son.

In the blink of an eye, half a year passed. Jian Chen currently sat on a small mountain completely formed from grand quality crystal coins in a secret room below the Turtle clan. The sword spirits hovered above his head, assisting Jian Chen with the refinement of the coins into the purest energy possible.

The grand quality crystal coins were all condensed from extremely pure water-attributed energy of the world. They possessed similar effects to monster cores and were able to increase Jian Chen’s rate of cultivation.

These crystal coins were all obtained by Jian Chen in exchange for an opportunity to enter the Octoterra Divine Hall. Each Octoterra Map fragment could let in twenty people and Jian Chen had already let the Sea Goddess Hall take ten of them. The other ten completely belonged to him. Nubis, Xie Wang and him would only take up three spots, so he put the other seven spots on sale. He exchanged the spots for some of the things he needed.

For these opportunities, the only two Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler elders in the Turtle clan came looking for Jian Chen. They wished to obtain a chance to enter the divine hall but no matter what they said, they got nothing from Jian Chen. This was because the two of them were under the second and third elder, a part of the group that had initially opposed Jian Chen’s succession as ruler. Jian Chen obviously would not waste any valuable spots on these people. He was more willing to exchange them for things that he needed himself.

Jian Chen did not even consider bribing them because he felt like he had no need to do that at all. He did not come to the Turtle clan to actually become some ruler but to complete the grand elder’s final wishes.

The seven spots were all sold off in a mere three months. Jian Chen used three of the spots to exchange for vast quantities of grand quality crystal coins, while he used the other four to exchange for four materials used to forge the Azulet swords.

After so many years of exhaustive search, Jian Chen had already collected more than ten of the materials. He only lacked four of them but he already had an idea for one of the four. It was the Heaven’s Soulstone from the Yama Hall of the three great assassination organizations.

“I’ll definitely be paying a visit to Yama Hall after I become powerful enough,” thought Jian Chen.

At the same time, a vast and powerful presence suddenly emerged from the ninety-eighth floor of the Beast God Hall. It was like the gradual awakening of a primordial beast, radiating with a terrifying pressure. It caused the weather to change and the entire continent was affected. All the magical beasts trembled helplessly on the ground, while great fear and dread appeared in their eyes.

In an instant, all ninety-seven other people cultivating in the hall opened their eyes. They all looked toward the ninety-eighth floor, some happy while others down.

“Kaiser’s actually broken through. Now, our disparity in strength is becoming greater and greater,” murmured a ruddy old man as he raised his head on the ninety-seventh floor to look at the ninety-eighth floor. He frowned slightly.

He was one of the three emperors of the Beast God Continent, Saint Emperor of the Peng clan, Cangqiong.

On the ninety-sixth floor, tiger king Lankyros suddenly rose from the ground. A smile formed on his face. “Five years have elapsed. Kaiser is finally coming out of seclusion.”

A burly, three-meter-tall man emerged slowly from the ninety-eighth floor of the hall. His appearance did not stand out at all but his eyes were extremely sharp, like drawn swords. Just his gaze gave people the feeling that it could pierce through steel. It was that shocking. It would have been frightening if someone stared into his eyes.

A bold aura wrapped around the man. It filled the entire hall, enveloping all ninety-eight floors with his great presence. Just his presence possessed the might to cause the world to tremble.

This man was the ruler of the Beast God Continent. He was undoubtedly the most powerful person on the continent.

“Kaiser, you’ve finally come out,” Lankyros’ voice resounded from outside.

Kaiser strode out of the hall. With his every step, the hall would tremble slightly. If it were not for the fact that the hall had been built solidly, it probably would have been reduced to dust long ago.

“Lankyros, come with me to the Tian Yuan Continent for the Winged Tiger God. Hmph, I’d like to see who’ll be stopping us this time.” Kaiser’s voice was filled with arrogance, as if he looked down on everyone in the world.

“Kaiser, there has been some changes to the situation. Jian Chen’s taken the Winged Tiger God into the sea realm, so it’s no longer on the Tian Yuan Continent anymore,” growled Lankyros.

“The sea realm!” Kaiser frowned slightly when he heard that. After some slight thought, he said, “Then let’s head to the sea realm.” Kaiser then looked toward the ninety-seventh floor and said with a heavy but clear voice, “Cangqiong, come with us to the sea realm for the Winged Tiger God.”

“The Winged Tiger God is the god of the magical beast race. We have no right to interfere with anything the beast god does, unless it faces a life-threatening danger. Otherwise, I will not be interfering with anything relating to the beast god,” Cangqiong’s ancient voice boomed from the ninety-seventh floor.

Kaiser’s eyes became slightly cold but he said nothing. He departed the continent with Lankyros, two-thirds of all the experts in the hall, and all the experts in their factions. They proceeded toward the sea realm.

Even though the Beast God Continent was extremely far away from the sea realm, it was nothing to Kaiser and Lankyros who were both Saint Emperors. They directly ripped open space and formed a Space Gate, traversing tens of millions of kilometers with a single step. They arrived in the sky above the sea realm.

Thousands of experts who were at least Saint Ruler gathered in the sky. They radiated with a terrifying might that caused the water below to sink by ten meters.

Kaiser floated above condescendingly and stared down at the seawater coldly. He growled, “There’s a barrier cast down by the sea goddess in the ancient times. I wonder how powerful it still is after so many years. Let’s find out today.” With that, Kaiser’s eyes immediately began to glow, narrowing instantly. He grabbed at the empty space and the entire region darkened with his hand. The weather conditions changed with a flip of that hand.

Vast quantities of World Force poured toward his hand, before condensing into a giant, ten-meter-long spear. It shot toward the barrier that encased the entire sea realm with a terrifying force.

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